This World Has Gone CrazyCh51.1 - Matters From The Past (Part 1)


In the face of Gu Bai and Qi Le being affectionate with each other, the most uncomfortable one was Ning Xiao, especially at such a close distance. But he had always been proud so he slowly got up and went back to his original seat. It was impossible to see any anger from his expression and he seemed especially calm. He knew that if he continued to sit next to them, he would only be making things difficult for himself. Naturally, he wouldn’t do such a stupid thing.

Class hadn’t started yet. There were many people looking in their direction, including Wan Lei. Ever since he learned that this person had multiple personalities, he treated Zheng Xiaoyuan as another person. At this moment, he didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. He just glanced at them and continued reading. hR27Y8

Qi Le sat in silence, noticing that the looks coming from the group of girls were getting hotter and hotter. Loud clicks sounded. Some of them even left their flash on. His mouth twitched. “Look… I really am popular with the girls…”

Gu Bai smiled at once and rubbed his head under the gleaming eyes of the group. “Mmm, you’re so popular.”

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“But this doesn’t make sense,” Qi Le was a little horrified. He rubbed against him slowly. “I feel that they don’t only regard me as their close friend. Why on earth is that… Oh, I recall that even Xiao Ying knows me. That makes even less sense!”

Gu Bai search the term “fujoshi” on his cellphone and handed it to Qi Le. Qi Le looked at it in confusion, then paused slightly and began to read carefully. His face was full of black lines. Gu Bai laughed and asked, “Do you understand now?” UWk9ZS

“I see,” Qi Le paused for a moment. “Why did Xiao Ying and her friend also know me? Is my reputation so widely known?”

Gu Bai was surprised. “Ye Shuichuan didn’t tell you about the confession?”

Qi Le responded after a second. “What’s that about?”

Gu Bai regretted mentioning this matter. He thought for a moment and said, “It’s nothing. Zheng Xiaoyuan made a confession that was filmed and spread everywhere, so that’s how they knew.”


Qi Le asked suspiciously, “What kind of confession?”

Gu Bai glanced at the door. “The teacher is here. Class is starting.”

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Qi Le knew that this meant that someone posted every day and there were people who had shared it. He quickly took out his cellphone to look on the Internet. Even if such posts were inactive, he should still be able to find it now. Gu Bai glanced at him and stretched out a hand to stop him. “Pay attention in class first. His matters have nothing to do with you.”

“No,” Qi Le stubbornly looked for the post. “I have to find out. No matter what, it’s his body I’m using.” He opened the search, entered some keywords, found the post quickly, and immediately clicked in. He didn’t have headphones but there was a screenshot below. He looked at the picture and almost spit a mouthful of blood onto the screen. Fuck, this was at school! Zheng Xiaoyuan was made up to look like a vixen and even wore such sexy, see-through clothing. What the fuck was up with the loudspeaker in his hand?! Did he fucking use it? Was he afraid that others wouldn’t hear him?!

Gu Bai looked at him and explained, “Although he has a soft temper, he’s the type of person who is bold in love. Especially since the object of his love is Ning Xiao, that could also be thought of as an advantage.”

Qi Le didn’t answer. He continued to look at it, then went silent instantly, the veins on his forehead throbbing violently. Gu Bai held him down and pulled him into his arms to prevent the man from bursting into rage. He patiently coaxed, “Be good, listen to your class. This has nothing to do with you.” 8dDdMa

“Fucking hell! Nothing to do with me, my ass! I want to kill someone right now!” Qi Le gnashed his teeth and said in a low voice. Ning Xiao fucking threw the cake directly on Zheng Xiaoyuan’s face and walked away without looking back. So many people were watching. Where was he to hide his face ah?! Damn it, he’s been walking here and there in school for several days ah. This was too fucking embarrasing!

“Sit properly. The teacher is looking at you.”

Qi Le huffed and puffed as he turned to face the front again. He put away his cellphone and thought for a moment. “Who was the one who came up with the idea?”

“I don’t know, I’m not familiar with them,” Gu Bai said. “You can ask Ye Shuichuan.” OdKqW1

Qi Le sent a text to his older brother. After waiting for awhile, he got a quick reply. “Xiaoyuan?!”

Qi Le’s mouth twitched. “It’s me.”

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“How do you know about this? And which Xiaoyuan are you?”

Qi Le replied patiently, saying that he was the current personality, heard about the confession and wanted to ask. sitedN

“Why are you asking about this? Do you want to kill him? Xiaoyuan, put down the butcher’s knife and become a Buddhist. If you’re free, look through the books I gave you. It’ll benefit you.”

Qi Le, “……”

Gu Bai saw that his wife was about to lose his shit. He quickly opened the textbook and told him to listen to the teacher’s lecture. Then, he pulled out his cellphone and texted Ye Shuichuan, saying that nothing would happen because he was watching Qi Le. Finally, he managed to get ahold of the man’s identity. “It’s the one who threw the cake at you in the bar last time. Anyways, you’ve taken your anger out on him. As for Ning Xiao… that’s just how his character is. If you want to take revenge, I don’t object to it, but I don’t want you to be too involved with him. It’s best if you treat him like air all the time.”

Qi Le arched an eyebrow. “Why?” Q4lF9O

“I’m jealous.”

Qi Le, “……”

Qi Le looked at him in the eye, glanced at Ning Xiao again, let out an irritated grunt, then bowed his head and looked at his book. He thought to himself that he could always do something about this in the future.

Class passed quickly. Gu Bai had class in the second quarter and could no longer accompany him. Qi Le sent him downstairs, looking especially obedient. Gu Bai took him into his embrace and caressed him. “I’m leaving.” ilQPJs

“Mmm, be careful on the road.”

Gu Bai nodded and felt that this scene was so warm. Subconsciously, he wanted Qi Le to call him “husband.” But on second thought, this man would definitely not do it, so he had to forget about it. He decided to make him call him that the next time they rolled in the sheets. With that, he left.

Qi Le turned back to the main building, found the room for his second class, went in and sat down. Then, he saw the girls surround him and immediately fell flat on his desk. “I have nothing to say and nothing for you to fantasize about, so you can all go.”

Those people didn’t manage to pull him even after a long time, so they all dispersed helplessly. NAY2rd

Ning Xiao was sitting in the same row as him, separated by four or five seats. When he saw him sitting alone again, he couldn’t help falling into a struggle. Although he knew that this man had someone, he really wanted to get him, especially since this man had multiple personalities. Perhaps this personality would disappear one day and he wouldn’t be able to find another person who attracted him as much. He thought about it and felt that he could start as ordinary friends and take it slowly from there.

Qi Le was reading a book when he saw a certain someone coming back from the corner of his eye. He was immediately upset. “Get lost, I don’t want to talk to you now.”

“…” Ning Xiao looked at him coldly. “What the hell is up with you?”

“Back then, you threw the cake on my face in front of so many people. How else do you want Laozi to treat you?” Qi Le narrowed his eyes at him. “If you want me to stop being angry with you, how about you buy a cake and let me throw it in your face?” fFJvAL

Ning Xiao said coldly, “You shouted my name at school with a loudspeaker that day. Do you think I wasn’t embarrassed?”

“You can leave if you’re not happy. No one’s stopping you,” Qi Le said. “Anyways, Laozi is upset. Get lost.”

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Ning Xiao’s patience was completely exhausted at this point. He looked at him coldly and turned away. He didn’t look like he would talk to him again anytime soon.



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