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The living room was dark. Qi Le leaned back against the door and subconsciously closed his eyes. He felt the familiar warm stirring of Gu Bai’s domineering tongue in his mouth. The light taste of alcohol spread from his lips, continuously stimulating his sensitive nerve endings, drowning him with intoxication. Qi Le couldn’t help clutching Gu Bai’s clothes as he clumsily responded.

Gu Bai felt it get increasingly harder to breathe. He deepened the kiss, sucking, refusing to let go. He knew long ago that according to Xiao Le’s character, he would get serious with him once he personally agreed to become a “proper” couple, and he wouldn’t push him away. He pressed Qi Le against the door, his hands reaching in from the bottom of his T-shirt. Alternating between firm and light caresses, his hands explored his back, kneading gently, before they slid to the front and pulled away his belt. YFSCKO

Qi Le tilted his head slightly. He could clearly hear the muffled sound of their mingling saliva and heavy breathing coming from himself. All of this was hidden in the dark but it brought about an inexplicable thrill. His head soon began to get fuzzy. Right then, he felt the person in front of him unzip his pants and stroke the most vulnerable part of his body through his underwear. At that moment, intense pleasure quickly coursed through his body and rushed into his brain. He couldn’t help gasping as grabbed Gu Bai’s arm and put a slight distance between the two of them. “Erquan…”

Gu Bai’s chest heaved violently in the dark. He didn’t let Qi Le go. He leaned over to kiss him again and whispered, “Hmm?”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qi Le leaned against the door, gasping softly. Feeling the tip of Gu Bai’s tongue thrusting into his mouth again, he opened his mouth slightly and continued to entangle tongues with him.

Gu Bai listened to his uncontrollable moans. Knowing that he was feeling good, he took his time pleasuring him while he pulled up his T-shirt, quickly removed it, and threw it aside. He bowed his head, letting out a warm breath beside Qi Le’s ear. His voice was hoarse and full of seduction. “Take off my clothes …” beRCzi

Qi Le felt his heart quivered a little. He looked at the blurry outline in front of him, gulped and pulled Gu Bai’s T-shirt. His hands trembled with nervousness. Gu Bai lifted his arm to facilitate Qi Le’s actions and kissed him on the forehead appreciatively. Then, he pulled him into his arms again. Their bodies were stuck together, skin on skin. The warm touch of soft skin intensified their breathing. Qi Le could clearly feel the heat from this person’s body and couldn’t help pushing him away. He tried to change the subject. “Aren’t you going to turn on the light?”

Gu Bai bit his earlobe gently, the hot air blowing against his skin as he exhaled. He smiled and whispered, “The curtain is still drawn. If we turn on the lights, people from the opposite building will be able to see us.”

A rush of current spread from his ear and the surrounding area instantly tingled. Qi Le repressed a moan, moving aside a little. “Then… then close them first.”

Gu Bai didn’t answer. Instead, he brought him to the sofa, lifted his chin and kissed him again. Only then did he get up and close the curtains. He turned on the lights and turned to look in Qi Le’s direction. Xiao Le was sitting on the sofa looking up at him. He looked extremely beautiful – flushed cheeks and misty eyes. Gu Bai felt as if he had been bewitched. He went over, drew him into his arms and caressed him, ready to enjoy his feast. But at this moment, they suddenly heard a loud cry that sounded especially pitiful, “Meow, meow, meow! LW7enr

Gu Bai, “…”

Qi Le quickly pushed him away. “My son! Where are you? “

“…” Gu Bai really wished he could open the window and throw the cat away. He suppressed his temper, turned around and found a lump under the T-shirt that had been thrown at the door. The Scottish-fold cat must have heard the door open and ran out to pull at Xiao Le’s pants but they were making out at the time and the T-shirt he casually threw down just so happened to cover it. Right now, it was rolling back and forth, unable to get out no matter what it did. “Meow, meow, meow!

Qi Le rushed forward, pounced on his son, and quickly rescued him. He rubbed its head and gave it a kiss. “Son!” JDniFk

Xiaoquan bared his claws, feeling extremely wronged. “Meow, meow, meow!

Qi Le gave another kiss. “Son, I was wrong. Next time, I’ll hug you first thing first thing through the door.”

Xiaoquan slowly calmed down from the scare and rubbed against him. “Meow~

Gu Bai, who had been mercilessly ignored, sat on the sofa, trying to hold back his temper. “Xiao Le.” kvLRCQ

Qi Le paused at once, looked up at him and blinked his innocent eyes. “…..Huh?”

Gu Bai smiled and hooked his fingers. His gentle eyes had a dangerous glint under the light. “Be good, come here.”

Qi Le reacted after a second and thrust his son into Gu Bai’s arms. “Accompany him. I’ll go take a shower.” As soon as he finished speaking, he ran away, quickly found a change of clothes and went into the bathroom without looking back. Gu Bai held the cat in his arms and rubbed its head, thinking to himself that he would really throw it away if it dared to ruin his good plans in the future.

Xiaoquan had long calmed down. Seeing its owner leave, it mercilessly stretched out a paw, patted a certain someone’s hand away and jumped out of his arms. Then, it cocked its head proudly and leisurely returned to its nest. knPdXN

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Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qi Le grunted softly and ignored him but Gu Bai didn’t mind at all. He leaned over, lifted his chin and kissed him while he took advantage of him, touching her, stroking there. Then, helped him wash the soap off of his body and pulled him away.

“Wait, aren’t you going to shower?” 8PuXIc

Gu Bai grabbed the towel and wiped him dry. He said thoughtfully, “I’ll have to shower again later anyways.”

Qi Le, “……”

Naturally, Qi Le knew what he meant. He walked away quietly, refusing to look at him, and was just about to put on his clothes. But before he could even stretch out an arm, Gu Bai pulled him out of the bathroom in their naked state.

Qi Le, “……” RpxG7g

Gu Bai closed the door behind him, put his wife in bed, and with both hands propped on the bed on each side of Qi Le, he looked at him unblinkingly. Qi Le was made uncomfortable by the unabashed look in his eyes and shrank back quietly. “…Are we going to do it?”

Gu Bai gave him a kiss and pointed to the head of the bed with as smile. “Choose.”

Qi Le turned around to see two bottles of lubricant lying on the bedside table. One bottle was the same as the one he threw away, while the other was one he had never seen. After the last incident, he knew that he had thrown away the ordinary lubricant. He was surprised. “When did you buy another bottle?”

“A few days ago.” Gu Bai pulled him into his embrace and kissed his lips. “Choose one.” W2igha

“…” Qi Le said, “No!”

Gu Bai pressed him under his own body, bit his earlobe, and laughed softly, “Then I’ll simply pick one.”

“…The ordinary one.”

Gu Bai felt his chest tighten. He pinched Qi Le’s chin and covered his lips with his own, his hands roaming his entire body. Gu Bai’s touch set his body ablaze. The two men’s breathing soon became heavier but Gu Bai didn’t allow Qi Le to get to the point of no return. When he felt that it was enough foreplay, he poured out a little lubricant, reached behind and slowly stretched him. ZBaQrP

The strange sensation brought a tingle to his spine. Qi Le subconsciously grabbed Gu Bai’s arm but didn’t push him away.

Gu Bai comforted him with a kiss, patiently expanding him. Feeling the warmth from the narrow tunnel, his breathing grew heavier at once. He coaxed in a low voice. “Be good, relax.”

Qi Le lay down with his back on the bed, frowning slightly as he tried to adjust his breathing so that his body wasn’t so stiff. Gu Bai’s gaze deepened at the sight of his wife’s whole-hearted cooperation. He quickly withdrew his fingers, his eyes not leaving Qi Le the entire time. Xiao Le held his head sideways. Due to the pleasure and desire that he felt, teardrops overflowed from the corners of his eyes, painting an especially enchanting picture. Qi Le sensed Gu Bai’s gaze and looked at him. Before he could open his mouth to say anything, he felt something hot and hard entering his body, little by little. Gasping, he grabbed Gu Bai’s arm. His voice trembled as he pleaded, “Be gentle…”

Grabbing onto Qi Le’s hips, Gu Bai soon fully entered. He closed his eyes to enjoy euphoric pleasure that seemed to send his soul flying out of his body. Then, he bent down to share a lingering kiss as his hips forcefully thrust forward and began to move. After their previous passionate embrace, he was already familiar with his wife’s sensitive spot, and at the moment, he unreservedly hit that point, over and over again. 5JICg9

Qi Le’s breathing suddenly grew disordered, his voice coming out in broken moans. The pleasure was strong and persistent, capable of driving him crazy. He shook his head in confusion. “Erquan… don’t… ahh… uhm… uh… don’t, don’t…”

Hearing Qi Le call his name in rapture, Gu Bai felt even more aroused. He forcefully slammed deep inside Qi Le, continuously taking possession of him as he sped up his thrusts, growing more and more urgent.

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Those few thrusts of his were particularly accurate, hitting Qi Le’s sensitive spot over and over again. Qi Le cried out in pleasure and even curled his toes uncontrollably. His consciousness began to drift off. Finally, at a certain point when he could no longer withstand the waves of pleasure, he suddenly clung onto Gu Bai as his entire body tensed up involuntarily. And after a brief moment, his body softened as a sudden onslaught of pleasure swept through him like a storm. He was soaked with sweat, gasping for air. And for a long time, he still couldn’t extricate himself from the dreamlike pleasure, relishing in the afterglow.

Gu Bai pumped in and out of him, his movement’s becoming faster and more intense. Very quickly, he erupted inside of him, his hard shaft pulsating cum. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the lingering sensation of his violent orgasm. Only then did he slowly withdraw and hold Qi Le in his arms contentedly. nLu5AN

At this moment, Qi Le was too lazy to move. He pulled him away. “We’re both sticky. I want a shower…”

“What’s the rush?” Gu Bai kissed him with a smile and slowly stroked him, ready to do it again. Qi Le was completely out of it. He pushed Gu Bai’s hands away several times but it didn’t work. Instead, Gu Bai had teased him to the point where his breathing became chaotic. Gu Bai pressed his body onto him, looked at his pale, flushed body under the warm light, and said, “You’re gorgeous.”

Qi Le heard him clearly and stared at him. “Tell me the truth, did you accept all of this so quickly because Zheng Xiaoyuan looks good?”

Gu Bai froze at once, losing his smile. “Why do you think like that? If the soul inside wasn’t you, I wouldn’t even look at him.” Xy sIc

“I know. What I mean is that the fact that you accepted this so quickly has something to do with this body’s appearance.” Qi Le said, “If I become a muscle man, oh, like Nezha from 100,000 Cold Jokes before he was reset by the system, would you still sleep with me?”

Gu Bai was just about to get things started when heard this and went a little soft. “Can you talk about thing that will kill the mood at such a time?”

“I’m very serious about this question… Ahh… Erquan, not so hard…”

Gu Bai grabbed his hips and continued to enjoy his delicious feast, forcing all of Qi Le’s words back down. JaiLdH


After being brought back to the apartment by Lu Yanbin, Yi Hang had already recovered from the shock, but he still didn’t look very well. Lu Yanbin comforted him by rubbing his head and pulling him to take a shower. Usually, at such a time, Yi Hang would be struggling. But this time, he was actually obedient. Lu Yanbin was very satisfied and bowed his head to kiss him. By the time Yi Hang snapped out of his daze, he found himself standing in the bathroom. He went to take a shower. When he casually swept his gaze across, he noticed that a certain someone had a huge bruise on his back. He grabbed Lu Yanbin’s arm in shock. “How did this happen…” He shut up before he was done speaking. Earlier, they had fallen on the edge of the road, near the stone pavement. In order to catch him, this person must have knocked against the pavement. He was silent for a moment. “Thank you for saving me.”

Lu Yanbin rubbed his head. “Give me a kiss.”

Yi Hang, “…” lcaCL7

Lu Yanbin moved closer and pointed at his face.

“…” Yi Hang took a deep breath, thinking to himself that it wasn’t like he hadn’t kissed him before. He placed his lips on him, planted a quick kiss, then stayed away from him while he took his shower. Lu Yanbin didn’t mind at all. After showering with him, he pulled out the first-aid kit and said, “Help me rub some ointment.”

Yi Hang glanced at him but didn’t think that he could do anything to him. He nodded and obediently rubbed on some ointment. Lu Yanbin turned around to look at him but didn’t say anything, his eyes calm. Yi Hang felt uneasy. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I just want to look at you.” eNCHEM

Yi Hang remembered the word “looks-obsessed” and immediately kept quiet. He continued to rub his bruise but he suddenly felt that the atmosphere was a little too warm and ambiguous and couldn’t help but shrink to the side. “I’m… I’m done..”

Lu Yanbin muttered an “Mmm,” put away the medicine, put on his pajamas after the ointment on his back was dry, and went to bed while holding a certain someone. These past few days, they had been sleeping separately. Yi Hang couldn’t help stiffen a little. He turned to look at Lu Yanbin.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Don’t worry, I won’t do it. I’m afraid you’ll have nightmares so that’s why I’m sleeping with you.” Lu Yanbin caressed him, adjusted his posture, hugged him and patted him on the shoulder. “Go to sleep.”

Yi Hang lay in his arms and the scent that filled his his nasal cavity was familiar. He looked at the blurry outline in front of him and for once, he didn’t hate it. He closed his eyes and soon fell asleep. Lu Yanbin waited for a long time. When he noticed that the person beside him was breathing evenly, he knew that he had fallen asleep. Then, he slowly let go of him and went out to make a phone call. rjyb8k

Yi Hang slept soundly. When he opened his eyes the next day, a certain someone had just bought breakfast and was carrying a bag of potato chips. He got up, washed up and went to eat.

Lu Yanbin looked at him. “Public security hasn’t been very good recently. Stay at home and play your video games, eat potato chips, and don’t run around.”


Lu Yanbin rubbed his head with satisfaction and went to work after breakfast. Yi Hang watched him leave and went to play games in his study. He sat in front of the computer and was ready to turn it on but at this moment, he looked at the face reflected on the screen and thought of the word “looks-obsessed”. He blinked and blinked again. A flash of inspiration shot through his mind and he quickly turned on the computer and went online to buy some stuff. Pu4Tjy


Of late, Qi Le had been busy with his make up exam. He was a little tired and sex was great for destressing and relaxing. Therefore, although he had been “tortured” last night, he still felt refreshed after waking up the next day. Of course, the premise was that he could ignore the pain in his back. Gu Bai took a look at his expression and massaged his back with a smile. It could even be said that his service was very attentive. Qi Le sprawled in bed, groaning as Gu Bai massaged him. He took his cellphone to look at the time. “That’s enough. I’ll eat and then go for class.”

Gu Bai served his wife breakfast, then sent him to school. He watched his figure disappear completely from his line of sight before he left. But when he was about to reverse the car, he suddenly stopped. He remembered that his schedule was arranged in such a way that they would rest on alternate weeks. He didn’t have any class in the first quarter for today. He glanced at the main building, thought for a moment and took out his cell phone. Then, he turned to Xiao Le’s schedule to check where he was having his class, opened the door to get down from the car and slowly walked.

Qi Le walked into the classroom with his books in his arms. The first thing he saw was Wan Lei sitting in the front row. The man smiled at him and pointed to the seat beside him. “Do you want to sit here?” rBgKhc

Qi Le shook his head and walked past him. A few days ago, he was afraid that this man took things too hard and hit him on the head. Now that Wan Lei thought that he had multiple personalities, he wasn’t afraid anymore. However, his favorable impression of the man had fallen because of this incident. Naturally, he didn’t want to be involved with him. He found a seat in the middle, sat down and opened his book.

Ning Xiao was here early. He glanced at him a few times, thought for a bit, then got up and sat down beside him, completely ignoring the looks from around him. “Your older brother didn’t force you to see a doctor?”

Qi Le pursed his lips. “No, he just give me a bunch of Buddhist scriptures.”

Ning Xiao was amused but his face remained expressionless. “Did you read it?” DafBsn

“What do you think?”


“Then why are you asking?” Qi Le paused slightly and looked at him. “How many people know that I’m sick now?”

“I didn’t say anything but I’m not sure if Wan Lei will or not…” Ning Xiao eyes turned cold as he looked at the door. G9SsUp

Qi Le followed his gaze and looked in that direction. He was surprised. “What are you doing here?”

Gu Bai glanced at Ning Xiao, walked to his wife and calmly sat down beside him under the gaze of everyone. He hugged Qi Le’s waist and kissed him as if there was nobody else around. He smiled and replied, “I’m here to accompany you.”

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