This World Has Gone CrazyCh49.2 - Looks-obsessed (Part 2)


As if he had been granted amnesty, Yi Hang quickly got dressed, thinking to himself that this bastard still had some merit.

Lu Yanbin pulled him along and picked up the condoms beside him. “Let’s go.” zs9nvl

“…” Yi Hang asked, “What are you doing with that?”

“Giving it back.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yi Hang, “…”

When the two went out, Zhong Ruiyuan and the others had already found a place to sit down and were chatting. When they all looked up, Zhong Ruiyuan smiled and said, “You didn’t do it?” 3ORHrM

Lu Yanbin nodded and put the condoms on the table. Zhong Ruiyuan put them into his pocket with a smile. “Do you want to sit down and have a drink or go back? We were just talking about you. “

Yi Hang’s intuition told him that it was regarding the original owner. He immediately came to his senses and quickly sat down. The more he thought about it, the more he felt like something was wrong. He looked at certain someone and said, “Darling, I’m hungry, can you get me KFC?”

Lu Yanbin listened to the term of endearment which he hadn’t heard in a long time and couldn’t help pausing slightly. Knowing that Yi Hang was planning to get him to leave, he glanced at his good friend, nodded and walked away. Anyway, he could ask Zhong Ruiyuan about it afterwards.

Yi Hang watched him go out and immediately turned back around. “What are you talking about? I wanna listen too.”


“Talking about your man,” Qi Le looked at him sympathetically. “Do you know that there is a word in this world called looks-obesessed?”

Yi Hang was silent for a moment, pointing to his face. “Looks-obsessed?”

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“Well, apparently there was an interviewee who was better than you at the time of recruitment, but you included photos in your resume, which happened to be seen by your man. So, in the end, they hired you. My brother-in-law said that even if you pulled out an eyelash, your man would still be satisfied with you.” Qi Le sized him up a. The man had delicate facial features, very gentle in appearance but he wasn’t the beautiful type. He couldn’t help lamenting, “Your man is really amazing, isn’t he?”

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Yi Hang, “=口=”

Face and character were all to his liking. It’s no wonder that bastard wouldn’t let him go! Yi Hang decided to go for cosmetic surgery if nothing worked. He drank to calm his nerves. “Go on?” dmLRzt

“Originally, Ah Bin wasn’t going to agree, but he did like your face and wanted to give it a try. Unfortunately, later…” Zhong Ruiyuan held the glass and stared at him with a wide grin. “Later, he found out that you had another purpose and wanted to steal trade secrets.”

“…” Yi Hang was dumbstruck. “Wasn’t it embezzlement?”

Qi Le was silent for a moment and patted him on the shoulder. “Thank your man. You’re lucky you’re not in prison now.”

Yi Hang, “…” Vq5oXf

Qi Le paid no attention to him and looked at Gu Bai. “I’m luckier than him.”

Gu Bai had been holding him the entire time. When he heard this, he bowed his head and looked into his wife’s eyes. Knowing that he was referring to transmigrating, he rubbed his head. “Mmm.”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qi Le obediently nestled in his arms and looked at his brother-in-law. “Then they split up?”

“No.” Zhong Ruiyuan said, “Ah Bin tried to find out the instigators through him but then the other party was alerted and immediately withdrew his hand and the trail was lost. Only after that did Ah Bin share the truth with him. The stolen information was all fake to lure them to the bait but the account was real. Ah Bin wanted to use this to get him to confess but he was suddenly injured and admitted to hospital. After waking up, his character changed greatly, which just to whet Ah Bin’s appetite, and the rest of you already know.” cl1JXa

Qi Le thought of the scene when Lu Yanbin went to find a certain someone in the psychiatric department to see if he was pretending to be crazy. However, he must have seen the latter blinking his innocent and pitiful eyes at himself. His soft heart was suddenly hit hard. From then on, the situation went out of control. He couldn’t help but look at a certain someone sympathetically.

Yi Hang sniffled, “Then how did I get hurt?”

“About this…” Zhong Ruiyuan took a sip of wine. “Who knows?”

Lu Yanbin came back soon but they had already switched topics. He put the bag of food on the table and caressed Yi Hang’s head. “Do you want to eat here or go back?” pRbPi4

Yi Hang thought for a moment and felt that he already knew almost everything that he wanted to know anyways, so he might as well go back and play games. He got up and said, “Go back.”

Gu Bai glanced at the time and wanted to go back for a “big meal.” He asked his wife, “Shall we go home as well?”

Qi Le looked at Zhong Ruiyuan and asked, “Does my brother have anything else besides to pass me these Buddhist scriptures?”

“I don’t think so.” bV81dr

Qi Le nodded. “Then we’ll go.”

Zhong Ruiyuan reminded, “Take the Buddhist scriptures with you and read more. Don’t end up being a murderer ah.”

“…” Qi Le said, “I won’t, thank you very much!”

Gu Bai knew that his wife was upset, so he took away the book for him and went out with Lu Yanbin and Yi Hang. The road wasn’t very wide. Tall sycamore trees were planted on both sides. The night wind blew and rattled them. Both their cars were on the opposite side of the street so they crossed the road to pick up the car. At this moment, they heard the whoosh of an approaching vehicle, which looked like it was on the verge of bumping into Yi Hang and Qi Le who were walking at the end. q7iDen

As the cars were parked in different directions, the two couples were walking separately. Qi Le and Yi Hang were five or six steps apart, and Qi Le was the first to bear the brunt. He suddenly turned around and ran a few steps forwards to avoid it.

Gu Bai just happened looked back at that moment only to see that the car had almost hit his wife. He was so frightened he pulled Qi Le into his arms at once and held him tightly. Qi Le broke out in cold sweat from the shock. He subconsciously turned and saw the car continue to move at a high speed and was about to slam into Yi Hang.

Yi Hang’s eyes were wide open. His life was flashing past his eyes and his brain was a blank sheet. He didn’t have time to react. Lu Yanbin had turned around as soon as he heard the sound, and immediately pulled him into his arms. But because he used too much force, they both fell backward and onto the ground together. The car brushed past them, not stopping at all before it turned the corner and disappeared quickly.

Lu Yanbin held Yi Hang in his arms and acted as a human cushion. He glanced at the corner where the car had disappeared, his usually calm eyes a little cold. Yi Hang’s face turned pale and he trembled all over. Lu Yanbin had gone through his information and knew that the man had died in a car accident. He rubbed his head and said, “You’re okay.” 7p3Q5z

Qi Le had already pulled Gu Bai towards them at this moment. He looked at them up and down a few times, and when he saw that they were all right, he burst out, “Fuck! What the hell is going on with that driver? Drunk driving? How drunk must he be to run into two people?”

Lu Yanbin’s expression remained unchanged. He helped Yi Hang up and caressed him again. “Let’s go home.”

Chrysanthemum Garden.

They had wasted some time due to this incident and left, one after another. Throughout the journey home, Gu Bai was holding his wife’s hand most of the way. When he returned to their apartment, he hugged him tightly, turned around and pushed him against the door, kissing him deeply in the dark living room.



P.S. I was gonna release the first part of the next chapter but it has smut and I didn’t want to break it into two parts. Also, I think the part where QL said that he was lucky was really sweet! I think the little things they say and do are the best parts.

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  1. The car is someone who was ordering the original Yi Hang to steal the secret right? That’s so scary. And I think Yi Hang would be even more scared, already gotten a second chance in life, what are the odds of having granted another chance for the third time? Maybe this will help Yi Hang starts to accept Lu Yan Bin.

  2. I really want Lu YanBin and Yi Hang’s side of the story now. How did the secret get exposed?