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This World Has Gone CrazyCh47.2 - Suspicion (Part 2)


“My friend, he’s a God!” Qi Le happily repeated what he said just now and added some other stuff too. Ning Xiao calmly bowed his head and drank, while Wan Lei listened stupidly. Would anyone in this world praise a love rival like this?

Gu Bai had just entered the door when he saw his wife sitting with a man on his left and another on his right. He immediately felt uncomfortable. Qi Le saw him and jumped off the bar stool at once. Gu Bai smiled and pulled him into his arms, caressing him, “What are you talking about that made you so happy?” NyZB6c

“Talking about a God-like man. We’re talking about how you have a good vision.” Qi Le repeated excitedly, then continued, “What, did I say something wrong?”

“You didn’t,” Gu Bai quickly eased his wife and rubbed his head. “Let’s go home.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qi Le waved goodbye to the two men, took Gu Bai’s hand, and left. The two behind him looked at each other in silence. Admitting how amazing your ex lover was in front of your current lover…. Was that really okay?

Wan Lei quickly snapped out of it and looked at Ning Xiao. “Don’t you think Xiaoyuan has become a little strange?” 30L1 k

“Mmm, there’s something wrong with his head.” Ning Xiao casually replied. He really didn’t know what the man was thinking.

Wan Lei frowned. “That’s not what I mean.”

Ning Xiao looked at him and picked up his glass to take a sip. “What do you mean then?”

His expression was a bit indifferent. Wan Lei frowned again, said that it was nothing and soon left. Ning Xiao glanced at him again and continued to sit there. He actually didn’t want Zheng Xiaoyuan to recover his memory, because he was interested in the current person, while Wan Lei liked the former Zheng Xiaoyuan. What he meant by strange was a result of using the old Zheng Xiaoyuan as the yardstick. He had no interest in this and naturally didn’t care. He wanted to obtain the current him, while Wan Lei wanted to restore the memory of that person. Aside from wanting to separate him from Gu Bai, all their other thoughts were different. dblfkF


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Soon, Gu Bai and Qi Le returned to the apartment. In view of the fact that there was an accident every time they showered together, Qi Le banned a certain someone from sneaking in when he went to take a shower. Gu Bai was helpless and had to go along with what he said. The two took turns showering. After that, Gu Bai pulled Qi Le into his bedroom. Qi Le suddenly felt a little uncomfortable. “I want to go back to my own room to sleep.”

“What for? We’re already a proper couple,” Gu Bai said as he carried him to bed and rubbed his head. “Let’s sleep together from now on.”

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Qi Le looked at him and drew back slowly. “… Overindulgence is bad for the body.” 2ZXK46

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“Ylcawfca.” Xe Djl rja bc atf fvuf bo atf yfv jcv ibbxfv ja tlw klat j rwlif, “Olf vbkc. P’ii jqqis rbwf blcawfca bc sbe.”

Qi Le reacted after a second and his cheeks immediately turned red. “… I’m not injured and my fever has subsided.” PZABHU

“It’s better to do it anyways. After all, it was your first time.” Gu Bai coaxed patiently, “Be good and lie down.”

“…” Qi Le said, “No!”

Gu Bai put down the ointment, pulled him into his arms, hooked one hand tied to his waist, while the other hand began to rip off his pants. Qi Le immediately became angry, “Erquan, Laozi said stop… Hmm en…”

Gu Bai bowed his head and kissed him, the tip of his tongue unceremoniously making its way in, wrapping and swirling his tongue around Qi Le’s. He continued to pull down Qi Le’s pants and successfully removed it. But he still didn’t let go, pressing him against the bed as he took the ointment. Qi Le gasped slightly, aware of a sudden coolness in the back. He froze at once. Gu Bai leaned over and kissed the back of his neck. “Be good and relax.” k20wHG

Qi Le lay in bed at a loss. He felt his inner wall slowly being pried open and immediately grabbed the pillow, burying his face in it. He huffed and puffed for a long time but didn’t say anything. Gu Bai watched as he blushed from his earlobes to his neck and couldn’t help laughing. He quickly applied the ointment and kissed him again. “All right, it’s done.”

Qi Le immediately pulled up his underwear and slid under the covers. Gu Bai put away the ointment, went to bed and hugged him. He rubbed his head and asked, “What’s there to be embarrassed about?”

Qi Le grunted and resentfully bit his shoulder.

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Gu Bai didn’t tease him anymore. He held him snugly in his arms, “Why did you guys suddenly talk about yourself earlier?” 6lnU1W

“I didn’t bring it up…” Qi Le narrated what happened briefly. Gu Bai was surprised. “They know you know Qi Le?”

“Mmm, Xiao Ying must’ve been the one who told them. Didn’t I bump into you guys when I came home last time? Then you went back to the apartment and I spoke with her for a while. Why?”

Gu Bai was silent for a moment and sighed helplessly. Instead of discussing Xiao Ying, he told him to stay away from Wan Lei. Qi Le blinked and retorted, “He isn’t gay ah.”

“Believe me, he’s definitely gay,” Gu bai looked at him. “He likes Zheng Xiaoyuan and knows him well. Stay away from him in the future in case he finds out anything.” xNPTbG

Qi Le pursed his lips. “Even if he found out, what can he do to me?”

Gu Bai didn’t answer. He stared at him unblinkingly, eyes sinking deep. Qi Le clearly felt Gu Bai tightening his arms around him and he couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“I’m afraid that he will hit you in the head in a moment of madness,” Gu Bai whispered, tightly holding him. He wished he could swallow him into his body. He rubbed his head, “Anyways, just stay away from him. If you leave me again, I’ll lose my mind…”

Qi Le’s heart quivered, muttered an “Mmm” obediently, and stretched out his hands to hug him. xOaeUq

Life continued. Due to Gu Bai’s warning, Qi Le began to deliberately stay away from Wan Lei. The latter was vaguely aware of it, but showed nothing. He still secretly observed and tested him. He found that the man had none of Xiaoyuan’s memories. He frowned at that. The fact that this person remembered Qi Le proved that his memory must have recovered a little. But surprisingly, he still didn’t remember anything regarding Xiaoyuan. And since Qi Le was so outstanding, why didn’t Ye Shuichuan or even him ever hear Xiaoyuan mention that he was friends with such an amazing person?

Xiaoyuan liked spicy food but this person didn’t like it. Xiaoyuan didn’t like coriander, but this person did… They were like two separate people. Wan Lei had already guessed a possibility vaguely but the man was about to take the make up exam, so he didn’t say anything. He didn’t find a chance to stop him until the weekend after the makeup exam. “I want to talk to you.”

Qi Le immediately asked warily, “What do you want to talk about?”

Right now, they were standing in the corridor. Wan Lei suggested, “Let’s talk elsewhere.” UGy3d8

Qi Le shook his head fiercely. “Here is good.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I don’t mean you any harm,” Wan Lei looked at him and explained patiently. “I don’t know if you know what happened to your body, but I checked a lot of information and wanted to talk to you calmly.”

Qi Le took a moment to respond, “What happened to my body?”

Wan Lei nodded, his gaze a little complicated. “You need to prepare yourself. Listen to me calmly.” He paused, “Xiaoyuan… Have you ever heard of Dissociative Personality Disorder?” tX bqB

Qi Le, “……”

“I know you probably won’t believe me. I consulted a doctor. If you don’t believe me, you can talk to him. I also hope that you can calm down and talk to him,” Wan Lei said, taking out his cellphone. “A doctor in the hospital I went to was curious about this sort of problem. I decided to give him a try. I’ve already set an appointment with him. He’s in school now.”

Qi Le, “……”

Wan Lei quickly dialed the doctor’s number, reported their location and hung up. “It will only take up a few minutes of your time.” Mg6Xdu

Before Qi Le could speak, he saw a man running towards him from the other end of the corridor. He quickly reached them, grabbed a small notebook and asked seriously, “Where is the person you were talking about… What a coincidence, you’re here.”

Qi Le, “……”

Wan Lei was surprised. “Do you know each other?”

The doctor nodded. “I’ve seen him several times. Where’s the person you mentioned?” LwETbh

Wan Lei pointed at a certain someone and the doctor was immediately shocked. “The person he was talking about is you?”

Qi Le, “……”

Qi Le shook his hand and pulled out his cellphone. He was about to call his brother-in-law and ask for Yu Mingjie’s number.

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Translator's Note

The direct translation is rub him into his body but I use swallow because rub sounds weird. This is kind of hard to explain. But it’s the feeling you get when you really love someone so much you just want to pull them so close to you that you become one (something like that…).

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