This World Has Gone CrazyCh47.1 - Suspicion (Part 1)


Qi Le only rested for half a day for his fever to fade but his body was still a little uncomfortable and he was too lazy to go to class, so he simply nested in bed and studied. When his cellphone rang, naturally he heard it and wanted to pick up but Gu Bai picked up before he could. He simply said two sentences then hung up, came over and held him again. Qi Le was silent for a moment. “Just say that I’ve a low fever. Why did you add the part that I stayed up too late? Would just saying up late give me a low fever?”

Gu Bai caressed him with a smile. “No one would care as long as they don’t think too much.” He squinted slightly and was in a good mood, because the person at the other end of the line… probably would overthink. oBVdFH

Qi Le harrumphed, ignored him and continued his revision.

Gu Bai kissed him, a warm smile reflecting in his eyes. After last night, their relationship became closer and more intimate than before. This change was obvious. He could truly feel that it was different from before. He figured Xiao Le could feel it too. Now that everything was developing for the better, he only felt an unprecedented sense of satisfaction.

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The five subjects that Qi Le failed all require memorization. He had already studied most of it and estimated that he should be able to pass. He simply went through them once, casually threw his books aside, then slipped into a certain someone’s arms and slept for a while. By the time he opened his eyes again, it was time to go to work.

Gu Bai looked at him, “You’re still going?” tYCrdv

“Mmm, anyways, I’m already fine.”

Gu Bai nodded and wanted to accompany him. Knowing that he had skipped class for a whole day because of him and that he still had an evening class which seemed very important, Qi Le got him to go to class and only pick him up after. Gu Bai couldn’t argue with him so he sent him to the bar first and then went to school.

Shen Shu and Baby Face didn’t come today. Ye Shuichuan had something on and wasn’t here as well. He threw his job to the new DJ. Of course, Zhong Ruiyuan wouldn’t show up here without him. Qi Le originally wanted to ask him about the idiot but he had no choice but to forget about it. He played several different songs one after another, and soon made it till 8 pm. He sat down at the bar and waited obediently for Gu Bai to pick him up. He secretly sighed emotionally. None of those weirdos were here today and there was a rare tranquility. He was just thinking that when someone suddenly sat down beside him. He raised his eyebrows.

Ning Xiao ordered a glass of wine and a glass of juice and pushed the juice over. “You’re lucky today. The teacher didn’t take attendance today.”


Qi Le was happy. “Really.”

Ning Xiao nodded but didn’t speak. He never lacked attention and had always been arrogant. According to the usual, he definitely wouldn’t go for someone like him who already had a partner. Although he loved to play around, he didn’t care to be the third party. In fact, he had started looking for new targets recently, but to his disappointment, those little zeros weren’t good enough for him to have any interest in them at all. Instead, he started to pay more and more attention to this person and was completely out of control.

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After this period of observation, he knew that talking bad about Gu Bai in front of him would have the opposite effect. He knew that every time he asked “how much do you remember” it would always annoy him, and he would answer with the word “guess.” So if he wanted to make the conversation pleasant, he had to talk about something else. He couldn’t directly tell this person that Gu Bai regarded him as a substitute for someone else because this sort of behavior was equivalent to “talking bad about Gu Bai,” so he could only get him to slowly discover the truth. He took a sip of wine, “I heard that you and Qi Le knew each other?” H93FvL

Qi Le was slightly surprised. “Who told you that?”

“Some time ago, I thought Gu Bai just wanted to fool around with you because he had someone he liked so I went to find out more.” Ning Xiao simply explained, “Later, I learned that the person he liked had passed away. Then, I heard from a girl who was close to Qi Le that you and he were friends. I’m a little curious.”

Qi Le guessed that he was referring to Xiao Ying and replied, “We are friends.”

Ning Xiao looked at him. “How do you know him? When did this happen?” qoh6DB

Qi Le immediately arched an eyebrow. “Guess.”

Ning Xiao was silent for a moment but he wasn’t angry. “You don’t remember, do you?”

Qi Le grunted and didn’t refute.

Ning Xiao suddenly felt that this person was very cute and was in a good mood. He changed the question, “Do you still remember Qi Le?” yJ96Li

Qi Le nodded, “Why?”

“What kind of person was he? How was his character?” Ning Xiao coaxed and prepared to lead this person to find out that his current personality was actually very similar to Qi Le. Even if there was a little resemblance, he could always answer “he’s quite like you” and make this person suspect that he was taken as a substitute.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“He…” Qi Le thought for a moment, coughed dryly and said with a serious expression, “He was very good, very filial. Although he wasn’t in good health, he wasn’t a useless degenerate. He was extremely handsome and had a very good figure. There were a lot of girls chasing after him. He was proficient in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, and had a very high IQ. He could get full marks in his exam even without studying. He was also very kind and helpful, willing to help others and would root out the strong to support the weak. He was the embodiment of hero and chivalry incarnate. He had both beauty and talent. Alas, he died so early. This just shows that the heavens are jealous of a heroic genius like him ah!”

Ning Xiao, “…” mgrVCk

Ning Xiao felt that in these words, only the parts about him being good-looking and had a good figure could be connected to the person in front of him. However, there were a large number of such people. Besides, Qi Le was not only this person’s rival in love but also his friend. Plus he had already passed away. Now that he suddenly mentions him, shouldn’t he appear sad or overshadowed? Why was this man so excited?

“Let me tell you,” Qi Le’s eyes were gleaming with enthusiasm. “If that person hadn’t died, he would’ve become famous in the future. He would’ve won prizes in painting and design. Awards like the Nobel Prize would’ve been a piece of cake for him. Generally speaking, Qi Le wasn’t comparable to ordinary people. You can only look up to him, get it?”

Ning Xiao, “…”

“…What’s that look in your eyes? Do you doubt what I’m saying?!” VLwTx

“No,” Ning Xiao restrained his emotions and paused for a moment. “Don’t just talk about this. Tell me about his character.”

“I already told you. He’s very good, very kind, basically, an angel.”

This was nothing close to the person in front of him ah... Ning Xiao kept quiet for a moment before saying, “Be more specific.”

Qi Le opened his mouth and continued, “Steady, kind-hearted, he could be friends with anyone, loyal, willing to die for his bros, willing to kill his bros for women… No, scratch out that last part.” 8Gsv3j

Ning Xiao, “…”

Qi Le took a sip of the juice from the bar and moistened his throat. “In short, he is unique. No wonder Gu Bai liked him for so many years!”

Ning Xiao was immediately surprised. “You don’t care that Gu Bai may still have him in his heart now?”

“It should be like this. He can’t ever forget him in this life!” Qi Le said in all seriousness, “But I don’t care. He’s so amazing, that’s not something us human… What’s that look in your eyes again?!” QRdkMJ

Ning Xiao bowed his head and drank. “Nothing.”

Qi Le huffed and puffed and ignored him. Ning Xiao adjusted his mood and was about to open his mouth again when he saw a man walking towards them. He soon reached them. Ning Xiao couldn’t help arching an eyebrow.

Qi Le said hello with a smile, “Passing by again?”

Wan Lei sat down beside him. “Mmm, I wanted to see if you were working tonight. I heard that you’re ill. Are you better now?” xXmoh1

“Much better.”

Wan Lei nodded. “What are you talking about?”

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“A God.”

Ning Xiao added, “We were talking about Qi Le.” WZfrQl

Wan Lei was dumbstruck. He looked at a certain someone and casually asked, “Oh, who’s Qi Le?”

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