This World Has Gone CrazyCh46 - Becoming Full Fledged


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Gu Bai slowly pulled into the neighborhood, parked his car and turned to look at a certain someone. Seeing that he still looked alright, he asked, “How are you feeling?”

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“I’m okay, just a little dizzy,” Qi Le opened the door, got down and went upstairs with him. “I don’t feel that there was a lot of alcohol in those three drinks. Is it because this body’s tolerance for alcohol is too low?”

“No, some cocktails have a high alcohol content,” Gu Bai secretly observed him. Seeing that the man wasn’t as drunk as he expected, he casually asked, “Which three drinks did you have?” He had planned to make the man drunk and dizzy, so he ordered a cocktail with higher alcohol content and placed the drink on the table but he was talking the whole time and didn’t pay attention to whether the man drank it or not. XfIFN9

Qi Le recalled what he had and briefly described the color of his drinks. “Do they have high alcohol content?”

Gu Bai thought for a moment and asked with concern, “There were two glasses of reddish cocktails on the table. Which one did you drink?”

“Oh, one of them was the same as the one you ordered yesterday. I thought that it tasted good and wanted to drink it, but the man named Ah Jie snatched it away and gave it to the doctor instead so I drank the other one,” Qi Le looked at him silently. “Is it high in alcohol?”

Snatched away by someone else… Gu Bai was silent for a moment before rubbing his head. He took out the key and opened the door. “It’s not too bad.” lp8oim

Qi Le stepped into the apartment and looked at his son who had heard the noise. He bent down to hold him in his arms and stroked him. Then, he suddenly remembered something and turned to look at Gu Bai, “Not too high? But since you asked me, does that mean that one of those glasses contained more alcohol than the other?”

Gu Bai, “…”

Qi Le stared at him for a while and became angry. “Erquan, did you do it on purpose yesterday?! Wait… did you also do it on purpose today?”

“…” Gu Bai calmly reminded, “I was the one who took away your drink earlier. If I did that on purpose, I would’ve let you continue drinking.” DsGae

Qi Le thought that sounded right, then paused slightly. “What about yesterday?”

Gu Bai said gently, “Take a shower and go to bed early.”

“…” Qi Le put his son down, rushed over and grabbed Gu Bai. Under the warm lighting, his eyes had a slightly intoxicated look. “Don’t change the subject. If you don’t answer, that means yes.”

Gu Bai smiled, took him into his arms to pacify him and looked at him up close. His eyes were gentle as he said, “It’s because I love you too much.” qk4fhS

Qi Le felt a quiver in his heart and immediately broke away from his embrace. He went to his bedroom to look for his clothes and get ready to take a shower. Lacking his usual momentum, he said, “Don’t make such excuses. Next time you trick me like this, Laozi will chop off your thing…”

Gu Bai stood in the living room in silence and soon saw Qi Le enter the bathroom with his pajamas. He couldn’t help asking, “Can you shower on your own? Do you want me to help you?”

“…” Qi Le slammed the door shut.

Gu Bai slowly drew the curtains, stared at the door for a moment, stripped himself to his underwear, opened the door and went in. Then, he quickly stripped himself naked before someone got angry and stepped forward into the shower. wmNVlJ

“…” Under the flow of the hot water, Qi Le’s body was flushed and he felt even more dizzy but his consciousness was still clear. He stared at Gu Bai and asked, “What are you doing in here?”

Gu Bai smiled and kissed him. “This way, we save electricity and water.”

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Qi Le, “……”

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“Then wait for me to finish,” Gu Bai said in a low voice, his lips slowly sliding to the front as he lifted his chin and covered Qi Le’s lips with his own.

“Mmm…” Qi Le was forced to look up. He felt that familiar taste, teasing his tongue, stirring the insides of his mouth. Maybe it was the effect of the alcohol or perhaps this scene was too similar to last night’s, his desire suddenly flared as his head was thrown into confusion. They were too close to each other, and could feel the changes in each other’s body. Gu Bai kissed him for a while, and soon let him go, gasping slightly. He asked happily, “You’re hard. Would you like my help?”

Qi Le was dizzy from the kiss and his cheeks were flushed. It took him a few seconds to snap out of it. With a stiff expression, he shuffled out silently. “Now we’re still in the probation period. Laozi wants to fire you. Over…” 8in013

Gu Bai laughed and clasped his waist from behind. With one arm around Qi Le, his other hand reached in front to take ahold of his desire, rubbing him slowly. Then, he heard Qi Le’s uncontrollable gasp and asked softly, “What did you say?”

Qi Le grabbed his arm and tried to push him away but failed after several times. Instead, Gu Bai’s touch made him more and more weak. Finally, he simply gave up the struggle and leaned on his shoulder obediently.

Gu Bai bowed his head and kissed his shoulder, asking once more, “What did you say?”

“Laozi wants to fire you…” CkGq2H

Gu Bai’s hand didn’t stop moving. He asked with a smile, “Can you bear to?”

Most of Qi Le’s attention was focused on Gu Bai’s hand. He felt his body grow hotter and hotter and couldn’t be bothered about anything else. Gu Bai felt the pulsing hardness in his palm and couldn’t help increasing the speed and strength of his movements. Indeed, as expected, Qi Le grasped his arm tightly, his voice coming out in broken gasps and breathy moans. Gu Bai continued moving his hand for a while. Then, feeling that it was just about right, he suddenly stopped. “Can you bear to?”

A little more and Qi Le would’ve reached climax. Right then, all he felt was an indescribable discomfort. He subconsciously moved his hips, blinking his misty eyes at Gu Bai, looking just like a pitiful puppy.

Gu Bai suddenly felt that it was hard to breath. All he wanted to do was to pounce on him and swallow him up but the tools he needed weren’t at hand. It really wasn’t convenient now. He moved his fingers and looked at the man who was leaning against him again. He planted a kiss on his lips. “If you don’t answer, I’ll take it that you can’t bear to.” G0TnbW

Qi Le opened his mouth slightly, short of breath, but he didn’t refute him.

Gu Bai pulled his chin close and looked at the gleaming tip of his tongue. He couldn’t help covering his lips with his own, tenderly entangling their tongues. He felt the tightness in Qi Le’s body and sped up his movements knowingly. Then, he saw Qi Le lie limp in his arms and gave a comforting kiss. “Go help me get my underwear, the white one.”

Qi Le’s eyes were misty and he was still a little out of it. After resting for a while, he nodded and grabbed a towel to wipe himself clean, put on his pajamas and went out. When Gu Bai saw him leave, he quickly grabbed the shower gel and washed up. Qi Le drifted lazily into a certain someone’s bedroom, opened the closet and looked for Gu Bai’s clothes. After a long time, he muttered, “There isn’t a white one ah…” He searched for a long time. Finally, he lost his patience, simply picked one and walked out. But at this moment, he heard a click. The door opened and a certain someone came in with a towel around his waist. “I’m done with my shower.”

Qi Le threw his underwear at him. “I didn’t find it, just wear this one.” ldcz6

Gu Bai nodded, tore open his towel and began to put it on. The object below his waist sprang up energetically.

“…” Qi Le said, “I’m going to bed. Goodnight.”

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Gu Bai quickly rushed to close the door before he could leave. He picked him up and threw him on the bed, smiling as he suggested, “Sleep here tonight.”

Qi Le sat up suddenly. “No.” m3bAug

Gu Bai embraced him and stretched out a hand to turn off the lights. “What are you afraid of? I said I wouldn’t force you.”

Qi Le struggled uneasily, but his hips were forcefully held in place. He heard Gu Bai say in a hoarse voice, “Stop moving.”

He behaved at once, clearly feeling a certain hard object. He couldn’t help but mutter, “You…”

“Want to help me?” Gu Bai asked with a smile, pulling his hand into his underwear, “Be good.” DuIjJ2

When did you hear that I would help you… Qi Le pursed his lips and looked at Gu Bai’s dim outline in the dark. He remained silent for a moment but ended up moving his hands obediently. The pleasure made Gu Bai groan uncontrollably. He removed his underwear, hugged Qi Le and kissed him while his hand reached into his pajamas, teasing and stoking the flames of desire. Qi Le had just cum and was still very sensitive. Plus the fact that he was a little drunk, his breathing soon became disordered. He quickly stopped Gu Bai’s hand and said, “Erquan, that’s enough.”

Gu Bai had already pressed his entire body on top of Qi Le’s and unbuttoned his pajama top. He removed Qi Le’s pajama pants, pulling it down with his underwear as he nibbled on his lips. “You’re hard again.”

“…” After being stripped so quickly, Qi Le was silent for a moment. Then, he rolled over and climbed out, “Laozi wants to go back to my room to sleep.”

Gu Bai held him down and kissed him again, not giving him any opportunity to resist. This kiss wasn’t demanding, but gentle and tender. Qi Le tried to push him away twice but failed and eventually let him do as he pleased. Gu Bai felt his acquiescence and held him with one arm while his other hand reached out towards the head of the bed and groped around for something. Very quickly, he found the thing he needed to commit his “crime” and poured out a little. Qi Le frowned slightly, turned to the side to dodge his kiss and gasped, “What are you doing?” kLl Wa

“Nothing.” Gu Bai smiled and kissed him again, hugged his waist and moved his hand across, exploring his body. His hand reached behind and pressed tentatively. Qi Le protested in shock, “Erquan, you… Mmm……”

Gu Bai sealed his lips with his own and slowly squeezed his finger in.

Qi Le could clearly feel his own body being opened slowly. His hair stood up on end at once as he anxiously struggled. Gu Bai only had one finger inserted. He pulled it out and turned on the light. Blinded by the light, Qi Le closed his eyes and quietly moved his body away from him. Gu Bai pressed both his hands against the bed, trapping Qi Le in his arms. He looked at Qi Le without blinking, his eyes sinking deeper and deeper. Qi Le’s eyes met his and for the first time, he felt that this man, who was usually gentle, actually had such an aggressive side to him. He gulped nervously, “What do you want?”

“I want you.” EiUsXw

Qi Le’s heart trembled slightly. “You said that you wouldn’t force me.”

“So that’s why I’m asking you what you want.” Gu Bai stared at him. “Is it okay?”

Qi Le was a little disconcerted by the undisguised emotions in his eyes and muttered, “You’ve managed to endure all these years…”

The implication was, why haven’t you been able to endure it lately? Gu Bai kissed him. “I don’t know why,” He paused for a moment. “Maybe it’s because I lost you once so I don’t want to endure anymore.” h0PaTe

Qi Le kept quiet, thinking to himself that these past couple of days, the feeling of them getting along wasn’t bad at all. He figured that he wouldn’t be separated from this person for the rest of his life. He struggled to make a decision and finally took a deep breath. He slowly relaxed and lay down properly again.

Gu Bai’s gaze deepened at once. “Xiao Le?”

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Qi Le was a little uneasy and his cheeks were flushed. He avoided his eyes. “If you want to do it, then do it quickly. I still want to sleep after you’re done…” Suddenly, he stopped talking. He felt a surge of dry heat in his body that was enough to drive a person crazy. He looked at Gu Bai, his eyes misty. “Erquan, what did you give Laozi?!”

“Lubricant,” Gu Bai poured out a little bit more, lowered his head and kissed the corner of Qi Le’s lips. He slid his hands to his back and slipped his fingers in, slowly opening him up. “They say that the first time is more uncomfortable. I wanted to make it better for you.” lctmrg

“…” Qi Le panted and gritted his teeth. “What if I didn’t agree just now?”

Gu Bai pondered about it, “Yes ah, what to do then?”

Qi Le, “……”

“Be good. Don’t be angry.” Gu Bai kissed him and added the second finger. D1OIqQ

Qi Le groaned unbearably, his eyes growing more misty. Looking at him, Gu Bai felt irrepressible desire. He quickly pulled out his fingers and adjusted his posture, placing his shaft at Qi Le’s entrance. Gu Bai looked into his eyes. “Xiao Le, let’s become a full fledged couple.”

Qi Le felt his entire body burn uncomfortably from the aphrodisiac but it just so happened that someone refused to take the next step. He gasped, “Quickly…”

Gu Bai’s eyes darkened. “You agree then?”

“…Mmm.” mvVwnN

Gu Bai almost couldn’t breathe. He slowly slid his desire in, entering Qi Le inch by inch. The overwhelming pleasure from that warm, tight channel made it impossible for him to hold back any longer. Looking down, he saw that Xiao Le didn’t look uncomfortable so he grabbed his hips and slammed into the deepest part of him.

“Ah…” Feeling the thick, swollen hardness slam into his body, Qi Le couldn’t help but moan out loud. The hand on Gu Bai’s shoulder instantly tightened. Qi Le’s voice trembled as he pleaded, “Gently…”

Gu Bai took a deep breath. This wonderful feeling made even his fingertips tremble. He bowed his head and kissed him passionately, entangling, refusing to let go as he began to slowly move his hips.

The sensation from the back was a little strange, but under the influence of the aphrodisiac, Qi Le didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Soon, his voice came out in broken moans and short pants. Gu Bai’s eyes sank to the very depths as he continuously left kisses all over his body. Their movements gradually grew fervent and even the air around them seemed to have heated up. Gu Bai bowed his head and slowly caressed Qi Le’s face, his voice sounding hoarse. “Thank God you came back.” ZSE8 u

Qi Le’s consciousness had long turned blurry but he somehow caught this sentence. He looked up at Gu Bai, glittering teardrops staining the corners of his eyes. Gu Bai was covered in sweat that slid down from his forehead to his temples. He looked extremely sexy like this. Qi Le stared at him for a moment. “Then… what were you feeling?”

“Death was better than being alive.” Gu Bai planted a kiss on Qi Le’s forehead and said hoarsely, “When I heard the doctor say that your operation failed, I really wanted to go with you.”

Qi Le froze slightly, then hugged him tightly.

The two stayed up, their bodies entangling till early in the morning. Gu Bai was too worked up. Once wasn’t enough for him, so he pulled Qi Le to do it once more. Qi Le couldn’t resist him and could only resign to being eaten. As a result of overindulgence, he woke up very late the next day and felt an ache in his back. Gu Bai had class in the first period, but it was more important to accompany his wife than to attend class so he kept watch over him. Seeing that Qi Le had woken up, he pulled him into his arms. “Lie down, you have a slight fever.” CPWQd

Qi Le was a little muddled after waking up. After a long time, he finally remembered what happened last night and stared at Gu Bai gloomily, “Erquan, where did you get that bottle of lubricant from?”

“…” Gu Bai asked, “Is your back sore? I’ll massage it for you. “

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“Stop trying to change the subject!” Qi Le burst out angrily.

Gu Bai rubbed his head. “Are you hungry? I made porridge. Have some porridge before you go back to sleep. Don’t go for class today.” bXT4rc

Qi Le, “……”

“Stop glaring at me,” Gu Bai kissed him. “Be good. Call me husband and I’ll tell you everything.”

Qi Le, “……”


Qi Le didn’t have any classes in the first and second period this morning but he had two sessions in the afternoon. Wan Lei saved him a seat in the morning, but didn’t see him. He thought that Qi Le would come in the afternoon but he didn’t so he picked up his cellphone and called him during break time. Ning Xiao glanced at him and sat down beside him. “What’s wrong with him?”

“Gu Bai answered, saying he slept too late last night and has a low fever.” Wan Lei’s expression was rather ugly.

Ning Xiao’s eyes turned cold. Naturally, his thoughts progressed in that direction. He was so angry he was burning up. Clearly he should’ve been his a long time ago. How did it turn out like this?

Wan Lei glanced at him. “What have you found so far?” v7puC

“I asked Qi Le’s classmates. They said that he had heart disease, didn’t live at school, and few people were close to him. I asked about his character and they all said that he was a cheerful person.”

Wan Lei frowned, “That’s too general.”

“I know,” said Ning Xiao. “I asked around and found out that Qi Le was rather close to one of the girls. As it turns out, I had a classmate who’s in the same class as she is, so I went and asked her. Her answer was also very general but she said that Xiaoyuan and Qi Le were friends.”

Wan Lei paused slightly, “Do they know each other? Before this, Xiaoyuan always revolved around you. Basically, he would go wherever you went. How could he have the chance to know Qi Le?” KvHa3E

“I’m not sure. I asked Ye Shuichuan and Shen Shu, and they have never heard him mention the name of Qi Le.”

Wan Lei immediately frowned. He felt that there was something strange about the matter.

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