This World Has Gone CrazyCh45.2 - Discussion (Part 2)


Gu Bai finally couldn’t help laughing and Qi Le’s face turned a little red. He immediately turned and walked away.

“Wait a minute,” Yi Hang quickly grabbed him. “It wasn’t easy to get away from that bastard. I have something to talk to you about.” iwd1kt

“My dear, you can settle scores any time.” Qi Le reminded, “But if you don’t watch him now, he may get new ideas from his friends.”

“No, we agreed that he wouldn’t start until I’m there.” Yi Hang looked at him silently. “I don’t want to settle scores. I really have something to talk to you about. Can you ask your brother-in-law something? Now he knows that the original owner of this body wasn’t a good person. For the sake of money, he deliberately got close to him, and then misappropriated public funds. He should really hate me. But why did he suddenly fall for me?”

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“Yes,” Qi Le said. “If it were me, just seeing your face would make me angry.”

“Exactly,” Yi Hang looked sorrowful. “Ask your brother-in-law why, so even if I die, at least I know why.” SfBo4g

Qi Le pondered over his brother-in-law’s character in silence. “It’s not difficult. I think he’ll tell me.”

“Mmm, then I’ll hand this to you.”

Soon, they came to the main hall and found Lu Yanbin and his friends in the corner. Zhong Ruiyuan had just appeased his wife and came back to sit down. Besides Yu Mingjie and the hot-blooded doctor, there were two other people he didn’t know sitting on the sofa. As usual, the doctor was holding a small notebook. When he saw them, his eyes lit up instantly and he was about to get up. Yu Mingjie held him down. “Where are you going?”

The doctor was excited, “I’ve a job to do!”


“I remember you said that you don’t have to be on duty today,” Yu Mingjie looked at him. “Now, your job is to observe.”

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“No, I’ve some other stuff,” the doctor looked at the two. “Wanna talk?”

Qi Le had long calmed down and completely ignored him. He sat down, leaning against Gu Bai. He secretly looked at the two strangers and found that they both looked like decent, promising men. Suddenly, he felt despair for this world. Damn it, they look really normal.

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Doctor, “…”

To be on the safe side, Qi Le did not gloat like Yi Hang, but slowly shrank to Gu Bai’s side and quietly watched them. Gu Bai looked at him with a smile, grabbed him by the belt and pulled him into his arms and, holding him tightly. When Qi Le was pulled over by Gu Bai, he couldn’t help but look up. He instantly met Gu Bai’s gaze and felt that his eyes looked even more warmer and brighter than usual. The dark atmosphere and soft lighting suddenly brought upon some ambiguity. His heart quivered as he unknowingly leaned his head in.

Gu Bai stared at his red earlobes, smiled again and continued to hold him closer. mtMXVw

Qi Le quickly turned his attention back to the table and observed the situation. Yu Mingjie looked at his wife, got up and returned the pen and small notebook back to him. Then, he leaned into Lu Yanbin’s ear, and started whispering in a low voice.

Lu Yanbin paused slightly, then thought for a moment. “I’ll give it a try.”

Yi Hang was shocked and immediately rushed over. “What did he say?!”

Lu Yanbin said calmly, “He suggested to take you to the theme park.” 6PMlNA

“…” Yi Hang said, “It can’t be such a normal idea! What the hell is it?”

Lu Yanbin looked at him. “When have I ever lied to you?”

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Yi Hang thought that he was right. He kept a watchful eye on Yu Mingjie. Eventually, he quieted down and sat beside Lu Yanbin. Qi Le glanced at them, holding up his glass to take a sip. He thought to himself, idiot, show off then! You won’t even know how you end up dead in the end.

Over there, the doctor who had gotten back the two items, was once again revived of his enthusiasm. He looked around, his gaze going back and forth between Yi Hang and Qi Le. Finally, he resolutely chose Qi Le and looked at him. “Let’s talk!” EyQYsn

“Our matter isn’t urgent,” Qi Le patiently persuaded, “Get back to whatever you’re doing first.”

“No need, I think he’s quite normal.”

Yu Mingjie immediately chimed in, “I’m not normal. You still need to observe.”

The doctor looked puzzled. “I really don’t think you’re sick.” KC Ncb

“No.” Yu Mingjie insisted, “I’m sick. Every part of me is unwell.”

“…What exactly is this disease?”

“You’re the doctor. Observe it yourself.”

The doctor rummaged through his notebook and murmured, “What I have found so far is that you like to hug me to sleep, kiss my face, touch my head, and take a peek when I’m bathing… Fine, this can be considered a breakthrough… I’ll think about it…” wbQ9P

Qi Le, “……”

Qi le put down his glass, turned his head and hugged Gu Bai’s waist, drilling into his arms as he laughed out loud. He really couldn’t take it any longer. Damn it, this doctor really wanted to die. Even if he wanted to stop him, there was no way ah!

Gu Bai felt him jump into his arms and couldn’t help but be surprised. His eyes darkened as he quickly tightened his arms around Qi Le and held him firmly.

Qi Le didn’t laugh for long. He adjusted himself and sat down properly again. At this moment, the topic had already ventured into business. He listened to all kinds of strange ideas. He immediately threw Yi Hang, who was in a miserable state, a sympathetic look. He sat silently, holding his glass in his hands as he turned to Gu Bai and warned, “You can’t learn from them.” SYIcHl

Gu Bai laughed, “Okay.”

Qi Le was satisfied. He continued to listen to their conversation. Then, he saw Gu Bai join them. He quickly took a few sips of his drink to suppress his nerves. He wondered what to do if Erquan learned the wrong things from them. However, they were still chatting and he couldn’t pull him away just like that so he had to listen to them talking in resignation while he continuously drank to suppress his anxiety. His cocktail tasted very sweet, just like fruit juice. He finished it quickly and got another glass.

Gu Bai was discussing countermeasures with the others with fascination. When he finally snapped out of it, there were already several more empty glasses on the table. He quickly turned around only to see a certain someone drinking. He snatched his glass away. “Don’t drink anymore.”

Qi Le looked at him. “I’m not drunk.” c k71d

You’re not drunk now. But it’s hard to say later on when we get home… Gu Bai was a bit at a loss. He hadn’t had the chance to get him drunk and he had already gotten drunk all on his own. He rubbed Qi Le’s head and said, “Be good.”

Qi Le didn’t mind at all. He sat down quietly again. Gu Bai’s attention was focused on him once more for fear that the alcohol might get to him. He looked at the time and talked with the others for a while more, then got up and left. Qi Le was pulled up from the sofa by him. “Looks like I’m a little dizzy.”

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“It’s okay,” Gu Bai comforted, “Just sleep a bit and you’ll be fine.”

Qi Le muttered an “Mmm,” wobbled two steps forwards and leaned against him, then walked out of the noisy bar together, ready to go home. gbA2Je

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  1. In another setting, the doctor could be considered as the mad scientist. Anything for knowledge, anything for discovery! He’s the one who will be happy to die as long as it’s for science. 😂😂 Thanks for the translation.