This World Has Gone CrazyCh45.1 - Discussion (Part 1)


Qi Le had no idea that Gu Bai intended to get him drunk. Instead, he asked stupidly, “My brother-in-law looked friendly just now. Nothing will happen, will it?”

Gu Bai looked at him and couldn’t help holding him in his arms. “Just take a look and we’ll know. But don’t learn from them.” AFlK9e

“You’ve already said it once, thank you.” Qi Le reminded him and walked towards the room.

“What are you guys looking at? I want to look as well.” Yi Hang shuffled over and then was suddenly reminded of something and immediately glared at him. “Oh yeah, I haven’t settled scores with you guys yet! You’re both too evil…”

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“Shh… Human life is more important. We’ll talk about that later.” Qi Le interrupted him, stretched out his hand and pushed the door. Then, he quickly pulled him in. Yi Hang didn’t know what was going on. When he looked up, he saw all kinds of toys scattered on the sofa while Ye Shuichuan was carrying a whip in his hand. At this moment, he heard the door open and looked sideways. His eyes were still glowing. Yi Hang suddenly shook, shrank behind Qi Le, leaving only his head exposed, “What’s going on?”

“It’s nothing.” Qi Le replied him and looked over there. F3TUqe

After a round of merciless torture, the drunkard had just about sobered up. Right now, he was putting on his clothes under everyone’s gaze and his legs shaking a little. “How dare you do this, I won’t let you go…”

Zhong Ruiyuan stood in front of him and asked in a kind tone, “I heard you wanted to rape my wife?”

That man glanced at him and seeing that he looked like a good-natured person, he feigned toughness. “So what?”

“You’ve good vision.” Zhong Ruiyuan walked over and patted him three times on the shoulder before he grabbed his shoulder hard and with his other hand clenched, pounded his fist into his stomach.


The man immediately cried out, his facial features distorting in pain. His face suddenly turned white, cold sweat dripping from his forehead, which only served to show the strength of the blow.

Zhong Ruiyuan’s expression remained the same throughout the talk and beating. He continued to pat him amiably, as if all that was just an illusion. “Young man, you have great vision.”

The man, “……”

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“Oh, you didn’t mean it,” Zhong Ruiyuan walked over and gave him the third punch, loosened his fist and watched him convulse while he held his stomach. Then, he crouched down and gently educated him, “We’re all still young. You were drunk so it’s easy to be impulsive, which is understandable, but next time it’s best to ask if that person has a partner. If this brought about a misunderstanding, it would be a problem. Not everyone has such a good temper as I do, got it?” XWr7aq

“…” The man held his tummy, answering painfully, “Oh…”

“Good, looks like I’ve persuaded you.” Zhong Ruiyuan walked over and stretched out his hand to pat him. The man could see clearly and his face turned paler. He shrank into the corner, looking terrified. When Zhong Ruiyuan’s hand met an empty space, he withdrew it and stood up to look at the crowd. “Let’s go, there’s been a misunderstanding.”

Shen Shu muttered an “Mmm,” packed up his things and went out with Baby Face and the bag in his arms. Zhong Ruiyuan hugged his wife’s waist and walked out, turning sideways to kiss him, “Are you injured? Are you scared?”

Ye Shuichuan threw the whip at Shen Shu and said boldly, “He doesn’t scare me.” nWmz h

“Baby, don’t force yourself. It’s okay to be vulnerable once in a while.”

Ye Shuichuan thought for a moment and leaned against him, “Yuan, I was so frightened.”

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Zhong Ruiyuan hugged him more tightly. “It’s okay baby, I’ll comfort you tonight.”

“Mmm!” u0XHJ3

Qi Le, “……”

Qi Le stiffly watched them go out, then turned his line of sight back, watching the drunkard struggle to get up and run away miserably. He shuffled towards Gu Bai and said, “He should be ok, right?”

Gu Bai looked at the man a few times. “He should be alright.”

Qi Le nodded. “He’s still alive. Let’s go home.” eOb1QM

Gu Bai paused slightly and asked tentatively, “Don’t you want to sit down for awhile?”

“Nope. Didn’t you hear what that idiot said, they switched locations to meet.” Qi Le pulled him out, “A big wave of nutjobs is approaching. Quickly run.”

Gu Bai, “…”

“You’re the idiot!” Yi Hang heard him clearly and became angry at once. Seeing that he was going to leave, he rushed forward and stopped him, “You can’t leave, I haven’t settled scores with you yet!” wnTBPo

Qi Le looked at him, “Is your chrysanthemum gone?”

“No,” Yi Hang proudly looked up. “I managed to pull through!”

Qi Le rolled his eyes and asked, “Then what are you settling scores for? You didn’t lose anything.”

“Who said so?” Yi Hang whispered with some difficulty, “What I meant by pulling through is that we didn’t do until the last step. The rest…” As he spoke, he swept his gaze across and looked at Lu Yanbin who was at the door, and fell silent at once. JN2Hnr

“Oh, that’s to say, he also gave you a handjob? Feels good doesn’t it?” Qi Le’s back was facing the door, so he completely didn’t know that there was someone there. He side-eyed Yi Hang, “What’s the big deal? He didn’t fuck you anyways.”

Yi Hang remained quiet.

“Why don’t you say something…” As Qi Le spoke, he saw someone familiar walk to his side and immediately shut up.

Lu Yanbin walked past him towards his wife but he suddenly turned back halfway. “Just now, you used the word ‘also’ when you talked about the handjob, right?” 2WKnrw

Qi Le, “……”

Liu Yanbin’s expression was calm, his eyes moved back and forth between him and Gu Bai, and finally landed on the hickey on his neck. He felt that he had discovered the truth, so he went to get his wife.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qi Le, “……”

Fuck man, you’re really a gossipmonger ah! 2ieoD0

Lu Yanbin touched Yi Hang’s head. “Let’s go, my friends are coming.” He looked at the two, “Let’s sit down and chat together. I’ve saved you a seat.”

“Alright.” Gu Bai said with a smile. They had given this man some ideas last night, and judging from Yi Hang’s words, the result seem to be rather good. He had counted on the fact that this man would invite them and was right. He immediately agreed.

Qi Le moved his lips, but didn’t say no. Since he had already saved them a seat, they still had to join them out of courtesy and forget about the problem of their abnormal brain circuits. They were all successful people in society. Making friends with them should have some benefits…. right?

Lu Yanbin nodded and brought his wife out. Yi Hang broke away from him at the door. “You go first. I’m going to the restroom.” Lu Yanbin muttered an “Mmm,” touched his head again, and turned to leave. Yi Hang looked back at Qi Le with an innocent face and asked, “Did you really use the word ‘also’ just now?” D2O3Zd

Qi Le, “……”

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  1. Yi Hang! Worry about yourself first before being involved with other people’s gossips! XDD

    Thanks for the double update~!

  2. Brother in law is so scary. Never provoke someone who looks kind and amicable, when they’re angry it’s terrifying. And Qi Le admitting to public that he got a handjob and acted like it’s not a big thing. Another proof that Gu Bai method is very effective. LYB might listen to him more.

    Thanks for the translation.

  3. I love these crack heads. We’d be awesome friends. 😏sips wine