This World Has Gone CrazyCh42.1 - Classmates (Part 1)


Qi Le looked at the unfamiliar boy in front of him. His looks were excellent and he smiled beautifully, so that he couldn’t feel any dislike for him. He didn’t know his purpose and sat quietly. These people didn’t know that he had “amnesia”. However, he wasn’t really friends with his classmates in university. Most of them had a better relationship with those from their dormitory but he wasn’t living in the university. According to Ye Shuichuan, the original owner had his whole heart set on Ning Xiao alone and probably didn’t have the time to pay attention to anyone else. The rest would probably only be slightly curious about his “amnesia.”

So it was really strange that those girls were so enthusiastic towards him… Thinking up to here, Qi Le felt happy again. Whatever the reason, it was a fact that he was popular with the girls. 2dDJ1Z

“You seem to be in a good mood today. Did something good happen?” That person asked with a smile.

Qi Le snapped out of his daze. “Nothing.”

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“Why are you sitting in the front row all of a sudden?”

Qi Le figured that this move might be different from Zheng Xiaoyuan’s habit and shrugged. “I want to study hard this semester. It’ll be great if I can get a scholarship.” Rax1SK

The other party visibly froze, then looked at him admiringly. “Good idea, if you have anything you don’t know, you can ask me.” He paused slightly. Noticing the second year books for this semester on the table, he immediately understood. “It looks like you have a make-up exam this weekend. How’s your revision going?”

“It’s ok. I’ve memorized most of it. God knows if I’ll pass. Apparently, the invigilator of the make-up exam is more lax,” Qi Le looked at him silently. “Do you think I’ll get caught if I bring a small cheat sheet into the exam?”

The boy didn’t answer. He just stared at him.

Qi Le was somewhat surprised. “What’s wrong?”


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“Nothing,” he said hesitantly after looking at Qi Le a few more times. “I just feel that you’re a little different from usual.”

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The guy, “……”

Qi Le coughed dryly and wanted to say that he had amnesia, but just then he saw Ning Xiao coming into the lecture hall out of the corner of his eye. Ning Xiao saw him as soon as he entered the door. The door was very close to the front row so he stopped when he passed by and casually asked, “Why are you sitting here?”

His eyes were wide open, a trace of disbelief flashing past. At the same time, Qi Le felt that more and more people were looking this way. He swept his eyes across and found that there were both men and women looking at him, most of whom were girls. Gradually, even the surroundings became quieter. His expression darkened. He thought to himself, was it such a big deal that Ning Xiao suddenly spoke to him? Oh my God, how was his life before this?

Naturally, Ning Xiao didn’t bother about what other people thought. “Answer my question.” bc4kRJ

“…Huh?” Qi Le turned around to look at him, “I want to study properly.”

Ning Xiao nodded and took a look at the other person. “You guys are chatting? Do you remember him? How much do you remember now?”


Ning Xiao looked at him coldly. “What else can you say besides this?” ix4om2

Qi Le raised his eyebrows, “Guess.”

Ning Xiao, “…”

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After hearing clearly, the other person couldn’t help asking, “What’s going on? Xiaoyuan, what does he mean?”

Qi Le explained simply. “I bumped my head during summer vacation. Although the injury wasn’t serious, I lost my memory, so I don’t recognize anyone.” WUT7yB

The guy sounded surprised. “Amnesia?”

His voice wasn’t very loud but the classroom was relatively quiet, and the audience could hear him clearly. Suddenly, everyone seemed to have received a huge shock. Then, the group of girls and the nearby crowd gathered around him and chattered, “Amnesia… Amnesia… Zheng Xiaoyuan has amnesia… Apparently, he bumped his head and lost his memory… This kind of thing seems to happen frequently in dog blood dramas… Yes, I didn’t expect it to happen. This time, I can see it happen in real life ah!”

Qi Le, “……”

Qi Le was watched like a monkey in the zoo. Different faces dangled in front of him, crying out excitedly, “Look, do you remember me? Do you really have amnesia? It’s crazy.” He pursed his lips and was about to open his mouth when he heard the girls say, “Maybe he transmigrated, that is, another soul went into his body after death. Then, he began to retaliate against the slag gong, found a gong with true feelings, and finally lived happily ever after. Aiya, this story is really beautiful.” sMB9gl

Qi Le, “……”

Qi Le was shocked at once. Although the term “gong” was unfamiliar to him, it didn’t affect the overall meaning. He was simply dumbstruck. Fuck, what happened to this group of girls? He laughed dryly, “How is it possible… Haha……”

The girl gave a charming smile. “I know it’s impossible. We’re just joking around.”

Qi Le’s forehead was covered in sweat. Damn it, your joke is too close to the truth ah! He looked at the crowd, “Don’t ask. I don’t know any of you. There’s nothing to see. Go, go… No, there’s no need to look closely. I really don’t have any impression of you all.” He only felt a headache coming on and was trying to get rid of them when the bell rang for the start of class and the crowd immediately dispersed. He looked around. Ning Xiao had already left and went to the back of the room to find a place to sit down but the guy beside him was still there. It looked like he wanted to sit beside him after all.  Si8xW

The guy looked at him. “I’m Wan Lei, don’t you remember me?”

“…Yeah, it’s true. Don’t ask me anymore.”

Wan Lei nodded and concentrated on class. Qi Le also began to listen carefully. Soon, he felt sleepy, thinking to himself that he really couldn’t stand studying a major that he didn’t like. He sighed in his heart and continued to listen with vigor. He barely survived the short class before they entered break time. The group of girls gathered around him again. His liver quivered for a moment, but after waiting a while, he saw that they didn’t continue talking about the topic earlier. He relaxed and immediately felt happy again. He thought that the original owner was really popular with girls. He smiled and chatted with them patiently.

Their topics first revolved around Ning Xiao. After confirming that he had moved and didn’t like Ning Xiao anymore, they began to persuade him to find a good gong. Then, the topic changed to clothes and cosmetics, and finally, gossip. “I heard that a freshman died during summer vacation. Do you guys know?” KH0Wc5

Qi Le paused slightly and listened carefully. Then, he heard another person reply. “Ai, isn’t it normal to die these days, especially in university? Why did he die? Because he broke up?”

“Apparently, he went to receive an express delivery package. It’s probably because of him that traffic lights are installed on the road between the dormitory area and the teaching area. The road was widened after being repaired in the first half of the year, and there were many cars coming and going, so there would be an accident sooner or later. They didn’t expect it to happen so fast. Oh, but that’s not the point, “the previous person said. “The point is that the person seems to live in the city. He specifically took a taxi to pick up his package during summer vacation because he bought an inflatable doll and didn’t dare to send it to his home.”

Her words just fell when everyone burst out in laughter. Qi Le had black lines all over his face. He couldn’t wait to see Yi Hang next time to ask him if he was the protagonist of this incident. Soon, the bell for the second class rang. They switched to a different lecture hall for but Wan Lei still sat beside him, occasionally answering a few questions that he had. He was especially patient the entire time. They got along pretty well, causing the group of girls to look at them in an ambiguous manner. Qi Le couldn’t understand them at all but was too lazy to ask. After class, they packed up and left. Wan Lei went out with him. “We only have one class in the afternoon that’s at the end of the day. Where are you going? Home?”


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  1. “Maybe he transmigrated, that is, another soul went into his body after death. Then, he began to retaliate against the slag gong , found a gong with true feelings, and finally lived happily ever after. Aiya , this story is really beautiful.”

    Is this considered semi-breaking of the 4th wall?

    Thanks for the chapter!