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The White Cat's Divine Scratching PostCh76 - Afterwards


Inside the bathroom, there was a huge pool carved from crystal, it was engraved with a water drawing array, which could attract nearby fresh water. Mo Tianliao activated the array and the pool was quickly filled with clear mountain water which was made from the melting snow on the peak of the mountain, it was still steaming with cold.

Placing Qingtong on the couch by the pool, Mo Tianliao pressed the Fire Cloud Stone embedded next to the pool. Soon, the water in the pool warmed up. There were arrays everywhere in the Crystal Palace, immortal tools usually operated on lingshi, this included this array for heating water, which was also fed by the several top-grade lingshi Mo Tianliao had inserted when he had come in. Wq73of

Qingtong sat on the couch and looked around curiously.

Taishi flew over, turned into a foxtail grass stalk and swayed back and forth. “According to my calculations, this palace will consume three top-grade lingshi per day.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The tortoiseshell-coloured foxtail grass stalk, with spikes as hard as steel needles, did not look like a fun toy at all. Qingtong snapped his fingers and instantly froze it into an ice lump.

“Ng…” Suddenly there came a gnawing pain from inside his body and Qingtong could not help bending down, one hand clutching at his heart. Cz kGY

“Qingtong!” Mo Tianliao turned back and held him, seeing that he was so affected, he quickly squatted down to take a closer look at him. “What’s the matter? Does it hurt?”

The pain passed after a moment, Qingtong loosened his hand and shook his head. His internal injuries had not healed completely and his Dantian had just been repaired, so it was very fragile. It was to be expected that using zhenyuan would cause pain.

Mo Tianliao also realized this, he kissed his forehead, feeling distressed. “Don’t use zhenyuan again before your injuries heal.” When the spiritual power of Half-Immortal cultivators passed through the Dantian, it would be transformed into zhenyuan; if zhenyuan could not be used, it meant that Qingtong would be like a mortal for the time being, he could neither fight nor fly.

The cultivation world was full of dangers, for now, things like what had happened at Liuyun Sect would not be so easy to solve. If they were to go out, there was bound to be trouble. Mo Tianliao, who had been planning to return to their sect, suddenly changed his mind and decided to stay on the snow-capped mountain for a few more days until his beloved cat recovered. Anyway, the sect had Tianlang Zhenren.



Achoo!” At the Woyun Sect, Tianlang Zhenren sneezed.

“Father, your nose is too sensitive, don’t go near the flowers.” A young man dressed in a black and white Taoist robe came and took the chrysanthemums in front of Tianlang.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

“Lfs, vbc’a, P kjr ublcu ab erf atfw ab wjxf afj.” Kljcijcu abbx yjmx atf mtgsrjcatfwewr. Ktfrf Zbbcila Jtgsrjcatfwewr tjv yffc ulnfc ab atfw ys atf rwjii rfmar, atfs kfgf rjlv ab mbcajlc wbbciluta frrfcmf. OAkMwo

“Kfj wera yf vglfv olgra, ojatfg.” Ojcuhl fzqgfrrlbcifrris ugjyyfv atf mtgsrjcatfwewr jujlc jcv abbx atfw ab vgs.

Tianlang pursed his lips, his son was really getting less and less cute. When had the once soft little furball become like this? He would have to go and ask Master what he had been teaching this boy all these years.


The water in the pool was almost a little too hot, perfect for soothing a tired body. mIdnZ4

Qingtong sighed lightly and leaned against Mo Tianliao. Mo Tianliao smirked and scooped water to clean his cat.

The white skin was now covered with little red marks, spreading all the way from his neck to some unspeakable areas, it made Mo Tianliao’s insides hot, he could not help making the touch of his rubbing hands firmer.

“Ahh…” Who knows where he had touched, but Qingtong suddenly moaned and his slender legs jerked, causing a splash.

The sweet seductive moan excited him, Mo Tianliao’s throat felt dry, he could not resist lowering his head and lapping at a red hickey on his neck. XQxwil

Qingtong pushed him away. “I want to bathe!”

“Isn’t this bathing?” Mo Tianliao asked with a laugh, his hands kept moving, cleaning him thoroughly.

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“That hurts!” Qingtong suddenly frowned and pushed him away, but because he was sitting on Mo Tianliao’s lap, this push made him fall into the water, even his furry ears on the top of his head got wet, looking soft and silky. He looked very pitiful.

Mo Tianliao quickly took him into his arms again and helped dry his ears. “Did water get inside your ears?” tnDBPr

Qingtong was about to say no, when he suddenly froze, he raised his hand, touched his head, and found that there were two ears atop of his head. His expression promptly darkened, the ears twitched twice and disappeared with a pop.

“Why did you hide them? There is no one else here.” Mo Tianliao looked at him with eager eyes.

Qingtong ignored him and shrank back to one side of the pool to wash himself.

“Did it hurt just now?” Mo Tianliao swam over and held his darling cat, frowning slightly. He had wanted to help Qingtong clean up what he had left inside his body, but he had only been up to the first knuckle when he had shouted that it hurt. It was not supposed to be so rough when that stuff was left inside. 8GFDbt

Ignoring the scratching of the cat in his arms, Mo Tianliao reached out to touched that place again. It was very dry outside, there was nothing left. After kneading for a moment, he slowly inserted a finger using water as lubrication, the same was true for the inside. He could not help but blinking. “Where is it?”

Qingtong raised his hand and gave him a slap. The sap of the Everlasting Wood contained a very strong vital force, it was a rare treasure for other living creatures. His body was no exception, it would naturally absorb every drop of it, otherwise his internal injuries would not have healed so quickly.

Seeing his cat become angry from embarrassment, Mo Tianliao, who finally got a clue, wisely shut his mouth and held his angry Master in his arms to appease him. If it was like this, they would only need to dual cultivate several more times to completely cure Master’s internal injuries. Thinking about this, he could not help making a slightly obscene smile.

He had tasted Master for the first time last night and that deliciousness made him not want to stop. If it had not been for Qingtong’s injuries that made him cautious, he would not have stopped even after a fortnight. But now it seemed… PqDxc4

Qingtong sensed that Mo Tianliao’s expression was not quite right, he raised his hand, pushed the handsome face that was getting closer, and splashed it full of water.

The two played in the bath for a long time, until Qingtong got tired of it, Mo Tianliao carried him out, dried his body, wrapped him in a wide cloth towel and carried him back to bed, meticulously drying his hair. Qingtong lay on his lap, making pleased purrs.

“There should be rabbits or elk on this snowy mountain. Do you want to eat something? Wait a bit, I will go out and have a look.” Mo Tianliao gently caressed the long and silky snow-coloured hair. Qingtong was tired and did not want to dual cultivate with him, although Mo Tianliao wanted it so much, he could only be patient, so he tried to find something else to do.

“Hmm.” Qingtong answered and slowly closed his eyes. ft6OAc

Mo Tianliao tucked him into bed and kissed his forehead, summoned Taishi, and went out to hunt.

The Crystal Palace was an immortal tool, as long as it was activated, not even Half-Immortal cultivators would be able to break in, it was safe. Once Mo Tianliao left, Qingtong opened his eyes, he dazedly stared through the transparent wall, looking at the dark figure amid the snow and slowly buried his face in the quilt.


Author’s Note:

Mini Theatre

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Master: Why did our relationship suddenly change? I’m still not used to it

Carpenter: What was our relationship before? EW1Msw

Master: Cat and scratching post

Carpenter: What about now? *shows back like notebook paper*

Master: Master and scratching post

Carpenter: See, it hasn’t changed OHq9u0

Master: …

Unedited, please point out any mistakes:blobaww:

So MTL’s “sap” is a treasure huh?:blobidea: He could make a fortune just filling a couple of these per day and then selling them, I’m sure he has the stamina.


Translator's Note

真 (zhēn) real / true / genuine
元 (yuan) first / original / primary / fundamental / constituent
According to Baidu 真元力 (zhēn yuán lì) is a term that appears in cultivation webnovels. Zhenyuan is obtained after collecting ambient qi in its gaseous form and then condensing it into liquid qi, after which it is further condensed into a solid form.

Translator's Note

福至心灵 (fú zhì xīn líng) When fortune comes, one’s mind is alert — luck brings wisdom.

Translator's Note

长毛鹿 (cháng máo lù) Lit. long haired deer, I think it could be elk but I’m not sure.

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

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