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The White Cat's Divine Scratching PostCh65 - Love Vow

Note on the chapter title.


Qingtong was stunned by the kiss. My head doesn’t hurt at the moment, why is he still… Soon, he did not have the capacity to wonder about anything, the sensation of their souls touching was glorious. He could feel his spirit trembling, making it difficult for him to resist. He slowly lifted his hands and rested them on Mo Tianliao’s shoulders. Jk0e7g

Both people threw caution to the wind, Mo Tianliao simply tightened his arms around him and slowly deepened the kiss. He rubbed against those cold thin lips little by little, gently spreading them in order to taste a deeper sweetness.

Cultivators could turn their breath into internal respiration, even if they were to kiss for three days and nights, they would still not need to part. By the time their long kiss was over, the moon had already reached its zenith.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

They separated slowly. Clasping the slightly limp Qingtong by the waist, Mo Tianliao lowered his head and gently wiped the wet sheen on those thin lips with his thumb.

“Was I clear now?” He chuckled, looking at those glazed Luili eyes. Mo Tianliao was not at all worried about Qingtong losing his temper. His cat had been raised by him, he would scratch and bite him, but he would never leave him. He had despicably used his cat’s dependence on him to let Qingtong gradually become accustomed to this kind of intimacy and teasing. 3nVLwK

“Hmm?” Qingtong, who had just felt their souls touching, was still a little dazed.

Kissing those beautiful and bewildered eyes, Mo Tianliao sat them on a stone by the side of the path and simply held him, slowly patting his back. “This is the feeling that I can’t control, do you understand?”

“Mo Tianliao…” Qingtong put his chin on Mo Tianliao’s shoulder and softly called his name.

“Yeah?” Mo Tianliao replied, his face looked calm, like he was completely in charge of the situation, but his palms were sweating with nerves. It was purely by impulse that he had decided to state his intentions clearly tonight. If Qingtong could clearly understand his feelings then that would of course be great, if he did not, then… they would just have to talk about it later.


Qingtong’s lips twisted, he buried his face in Mo Tianliao’s neck, sniffed him, opened his mouth and bit down.

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Hssss.” Mo Tianliao froze and let him bite.

“I am a man, and so are you,” Qingtong said, still holding the piece of flesh in his mouth.

Mo Tianliao felt like his heart was lodged in his throat, like not only a bit of him but his whole person was held in the other’s mouth, he was in a state of complete agitation. “Um, that doesn’t really matter, I’m a man, you’re a beast.” If love required that the participants not be the same as each other, then if it was enough that the couple were of different genders, it should also be enough if the couple were of different species. Ii3a2C

The man biting his neck could not help giggling. That was true, whether a man or a beast, it did not matter, who cared at this point? “I am not your spiritual pet.”

“Of course not, we haven’t made a blood pact even after living two lives,” Mo Tianliao answered quickly.

“I’m also not one of your harem’s beauties,” Qingtong said, biting harder.

“Ow… Baby, what harem?” Mo Tianliao wanted to lower his head and look at him, but he was being held fast by his neck and could not move. 9GA1wY

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“The ones who tend the fires, the ones who forge the iron, as well as Yuan Mei, Luan Yi Ge Suxin…” Qingtong loosened his jaws and began to count with his fingers. These people were all famous beauties of the demonic path. They had used to come to his Mo Palace under various excuses, but were almost immediately thrown out. Every time he saw those women, his claws itched.

Qtfc Zb Kljciljb tfjgv atlr atf mbgcfgr bo tlr wbeat aklamt, tf tfiv atf rifcvfg olcufgr mjgfoeiis. Qtb kbeiv tjnf atbeuta atja tlr mja, ktb kjr rb yjv ja mbecalcu, kbeiv gfwfwyfg atfrf qfbqif rb mifjgis? “Djys, ktb jgf sbe ajixlcu jybea?”

Qingtong, who had been fervently counting, paused and looked up at him. “You don’t remember?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“I never remember people, you know that.” Mo Tianliao leaned close until they were nose to nose. wnJ5dd

Those cold and beautiful eyes quietly stared at Mo Tianliao, searching for something in his eyes, but he finally found that the only thing in Mo Tianliao’s gaze was his own reflection. Satisfied, he opened his mouth and bit the tip of Mo Tianliao’s nose. “Hm.”

What does “Hm” mean? Mo Tianliao was so nervous that he could not even feel any pain. He asked tentatively, “Baby, are you… saying yes?”

Qingtong let go of his nose, moved his chin to Mo Tianliao’s shoulder, and gnawed at the side of his neck. After a long time, he languidly replied, “Hmm.”

A sort of electric feeling spread all over him, starting at his neck. Mo Tianliao’s whole body was suffused with joy, he wanted to run around the mountain three times with his baby in his arms. Excited, he hugged Qingtong and kissed him wildly. xhmoMw

“Mmm…” Qingtong shoved the big head that was rubbing against him. “Didn’t you come here to steal something?”

Mo Tianliao froze, he had completely forgotten that he still had something to do. Being slapped on the heart by his cat, Mo Tianliao coughed dryly, and stood up, pulling his baby along. His eyes, however, were not on the road, he turned to gawk at the beauty under the moon.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qingtong frowned slightly, promptly turned into a snowy kitten, and jumped onto Mo Tianliao’s shoulder.

With nothing to stare at, Mo Tianliao behaved at last and diligently started walking again. The kitten sitting on his shoulder had his ears pinned back, they had turned a faint pink. tszLo0

Mo Tianliao still remembered the way to Yushan very clearly. He had been analysing the array during the day, and he could roughly tell how to unravel it.

Because people had great confidence in that array, there were not many disciples standing guard, only two cultivators at the middle stage of the Golden Core level stood at the entrance.

Mo Tianliao drew back his divine soul and his body gradually turned into a tree, which merged with the mountain forest. The kitten in his arms was wrapped in his trunk, only his head remaining outside.

“Hey, did you see a tree moving just now?” A guard said to his colleague. bCoLrY

“The wind is blowing.” His companion did not pay him any mind.

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A bare Everlasting Tree with no branches or leaves approached the garden step by step. Once it was close to the two guards, it suddenly turned back into a human, and the powerful divine soul of a Half-Immortal instantly attacked the two people’s minds.

Before the two guards had time to scream, they fell into a brief state of unconsciousness, their eyes staring emptily.

Mo Tianliao quickly rushed toward the Yushu tree. BQu806

There were arrays all over the place, but Mo Tianliao walked as easily as if they were not there. During the day, he had recorded the array in the jade slips, so every single step had already been precisely planned and considered countless times inside his mind. He quickly made his way to the Wenyu tree.

There were also several arrays on the trunk itself, which caught the power of the divine tree. It was very aggressive, if any living being approached, it would instantly be met with a powerful attack. Only by holding the corresponding array disrupting token would one be safe.

Mo Tianliao raised his hand and released Taishi. He directed it to fly to the branches, and touch the leaves lightly. The jade leaves made a clinking sound, but the array did not activate. Mo Tianliao was relieved, it seemed that the array did not view Taishi as a living thing. This would be simple. yEwWCj

Taishi, as a divine weapon bound to its Master, could not be more than one zhang apart from Mo Tianliao. Even if it was thrown as an arrow or hidden weapon for dozens of zhangs, it would instantly return once its strength had been consumed. This was why Taishi had not run away even after being barbecued every day, the truth was that it simply was not able to!

Therefore, Mo Tianliao had to bring it here himself and stand within one zhang of it.

Taishi excitedly circled the tree and turned into a big mouth. Chomp. It bit off a Wenyu fruit. Crunch, crunch. It devoured it all. The fruit was hard and brittle, little chips of jade came raining down, glittering in the moonlight. All heavenly materials and earthly treasures could be considered sustenance for the divine weapon, but pitiful Taishi had to follow such a tight-ass Master, who, in all of this time, had only fed it a small piece of Nine-Souls Crystal. When it finally saw a rare divine fruit, of course it would eat a few.

After eating three of them in a row, Taishi belched, and turned into a sharp sword. It cut off a bunch of Wenyu fruits with a couple of swishes, then quickly turned into a wicker strainer, which securely caught the fruit before they landed. It then diligently flew over and handed them to Mo Tianliao. TrBnxt

Mo Tianliao caught them and stuffed them into a storage bag. Under normal circumstances, one Wenyu fruit could make three Nascent Soul Pills. Cultivators would break their heads trying to find a way to obtain a single Wenyu fruit, meanwhile one person and one tool had stolen a full sack of it before stopping themselves. Looking at the half-bald Wenyu tree, Mo Tianliao touched his nose. He stuffed the storage bag into the storage bracelet on his cat’s paw, and recalled Taishi. They had to hurry.

Taishi looked from its Master to the Wenyu tree, then it turned into a big mouth. If they had to go, then it would eat just one more. Woohoo!

Pulling down the last Wenyu fruit, Taishi proudly carried it away in its mouth, only to find that the array on the Wenyu tree had suddenly activated!

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“Ow, ow, ow!” Taishi screamed and fled. With the tremendous power of the array heading towards him, Mo Tianliao quickly erected a shield in front of his body. FsBZGO

The fruits were heavy, Taishi had only picked fruits from one side, it caused the Wenyu tree to start sinking on the other side. When the last one was picked, the crown tilted, touching the array.

The sky was completely covered with a rain of fire, it burned down the surrounding flora. Mo Tianliao quickly took back Taishi, turned into a stream of light and fled toward the outside of the garden. The rain of fire would burn down the vegetation cover, he will have nowhere to hide and Half-Immortal cultivators will be here within three breaths.

He trampled on the array on the garden in order to rush out within the space of two breaths. It activated, several streams of light bounced around, there was no time to dodge, Mo Tianliao used his own body to protect the cat in his arms, and was forcefully carried by a ray of light.

Cough” He spit out a mouthful blood, the force of the impact launching him out of the garden. XfQmPc

“Who goes there?” The two Golden Core cultivators had already regained consciousness, they raised their hands to attack. Then, there came a monstrous power, enough to blot out the sky and cover up the earth, the Half-Immortal Elder had arrived.

Mo Tianliao instantly turned into a withered tree, held his breath, and sealed his divine soul inside his trunk. From the outside, he did not look like a living thing.

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The kitten was also covered, sitting inside a pitch-dark space inside the tree trunk, and looking at a green shoot as tall as himself.

Taishi, knowing that it had screwed up, sat meekly in a corner holding the Wenyu fruit, not daring to make a sound. 6T BwD


Author’s Note:

Mini Theatre JLwsVy

Carpenter: I am a small sapling

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden.com

Xiaozhao: Do you need daddy to make you wet, meow?

Carpenter: Yes! Yes! Come on, baby!

Tianlang: I’ll do it, I’ll do it *lifts leg* *drenches* VemXIi

Carpenter: …

Unedited, please point out any mistakes:blobaww:

I feel like the further this novel gets, the more typos it has:blobcry: It’s hard

I procrastinated a whole bunch with this chapter, it’s cold and getting buried in a pile of kitties makes me sleepy:blobsmilesweat: VGCcS6

Translator's Note

The title is 定情 (dìng​qíng) to exchange love tokens or vows / to pledge one’s love / to get engaged.

Translator's Note

七上八下 (qī shàng bá xià) like a well in which seven buckets are drawn up and eight dropped down — an unsettled state of mind; be agitated (excited; perturbed); in a mental flurry of indecision.

Translator's Note

鸢 (yuan) Kite

媚 (mèi) like; love; curry favour with; charming; enchanting; fascinating; lovely.

Translator's Note

鸾 (luán) legendary bird in Chinese folklore of the phoenix type. Wikipedia link.

仪 (yí) etiquette; ceremony/ rite; present/ gift; appearance/ bearing; admire; yearn for,

Translator's Note

葛 (ɡé) kudzu (vine); poplin

苏 (rū) qfgliij (Ktlr lr jmaejiis atf Vef lc Zjgs Vef) x NovL

昕 (xīn) dawn; daybreak

Translator's Note

如履平地 (rú lǚ píng dì) (tread the water) as though walking upon flat ground; as easily as though walking upon a level road; (One may traverse the river) as easily as walking on firm earth.

Like those scenes in heist films where they walk through those security lasers.

Translator's Note

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