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The White Cat's Divine Scratching PostCh59 - Breeding


The corners of Mo Tianliao’s mouth twitched, it was really a… good idea to use his own shell as his spiritual pet.

“Awoo…” A faint cry came from under the tiger rug. Meng Hu, who had been sleeping soundly, got a fright and lifted his paws. Immediately, a snow-white fox emerged from under the tiger’s belly. 7qhJa3

“Shuang Ren?” Mo Tianliao picked up the fox. “Weren’t you at the sect?”

The little fox had just recently recovered from his injury, Yan Lie would not let him participate in the intra-sect competition, so it was reasonable to assume that there was no chance for him to come. Everyone clearly remembered that they had seen him still lying on Yan Lie’s shoulder when they had boarded the flying ship.

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“Sneaking out is wrong.” Xuanji poked the fox’s ear with the hemp rope.

The little fox buried his head in his big tail and shrank himself into a ball. He had heard that his sister had been sold at Liuhe market, most of the people from the righteous path should be at this conference. Not only the people from the three major sects, but also those from other small sects would be participating, he had a much higher chance of finding his sister there than by staying at the sect. VUSMAE

So, while people were not paying attention, he had clung to the tiger’s fluffy belly, and been carried into the flying ship.

Zi Mo turned into a man and held the little fox in his arms. “Oh, just in time, I hadn’t yet found a spiritual pet.” He had wanted to have bunny Bai Luo as a spiritual pet, but that Bai Luo liked fighting so much that he would definitely want to participate in the coming matches, he would not let him hold him.

“Yip! Awoo!” The little fox scrabbled with his four paws and would not let himself be held. A sable was a very fierce animal, what if it bit him?

“No one wants to be held by you.” Bai Luo became human; he still had some rope fibres hanging from his mouth. He snatched the little fox away.


Rabbit! The little fox eyes lit up, chomp, he bit Bai Luo’s neck.


Mo Tianliao bit his lips to contain his laughter, he lowered his head and continued picking the bones from the fish.

Qingtong raised his hand, picked up the fox, and stuffed it under his neck as a pillow. It finally became quiet. YLzOQA

A great distance separated the three major sects, mainly because every major sect needed a large territory so it could develop. This territory included the small sects affiliated to them, the cultivator cities under their jurisdiction, the mortal countries that paid tribute to them, and so on.

This kind of large flying ship could carry many people, but it flew slowly, so it would take nearly a month to arrive at Liuyun Sect. Because all the people coming were Golden Core cultivators and above, they could practice inedia, so they did not need to stop for supplies along the way, and could go straight to Liuyun Sect.

The good thing about not stopping on the road was that it was safer, as enemies would not be able to track them, but the bad thing about it was that it was comparatively boring.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Da-shixiong and Master, as big cats who loved to sleep, would not feel bored even if they had to take a nap on the observation deck every day. Because the fox was a stowaway, he did not dare complain, and obediently became a pillow for Master. Mo Tianliao, besides serving Lord Kitty, used the rest of his time to train diligently. hCpJms

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“Why does second shibo like hemp rope so much?” Mo Tianliao rubbed the tiger cushion and whispered in Master’s ear.

The burning breath blew on the ear, making it itch faintly. Qingtong turned his face and pressed his ear into the tiger’s fluff. “Because–” daUvgd

“Chicken legs are ready, come and get your chicken legs!” Zi Mo came out with a big tray of roasted drumsticks.

“Yipyip!” The little fox under Qingtong’s neck suddenly wriggled out and became a young man, he eagerly looked at Zi Mo. The big tiger also awoke, his pair of fierce eyes stared at the chicken drumsticks.

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Mo Tianliao took one, put it in a jade plate, cut it into small pieces with a knife, and fed it to Qingtong bit by bit. The drumstick was fat and juicy, and Lord Kitty had never liked getting the fluff around his mouth dirty.

Xuanji watched another Master’s disciples being so helpful and was incredibly envious. He looked up in search of his own disciples. Suddenly he saw Hua Qing appear on the second floor, he got up and stood at the railing. uV5b4p

“Master, this disciple’s newly refined Bigu Pills have several different flavours. Care to try some?” Hua Qing waved at his Master.

When the rest of the disciples on the second floor saw Xuanji Zhenren standing with his hands behind his back, they all bowed and saluted. Xuanji gave Hua Qing an inscrutable glance, turned around and left without saying a word.

The Bigu Pills refined by Hua Qing usually had flavours like pollen, mud, heartbreak grass and even worm. After eating them once, he did not want to taste them again for as long as he lived.

Xuanji looked at the big tiger who did not forget to be a cushion for leaning on even while eating chicken legs, at the tree which was feeding mouthfuls of chicken and tea, and at the fox who conscientiously returned to his role as a waist cushion after eating his chicken legs, and sighed; he really could not help but envy other people’s disciples. Q4JHia

The journey was so boring that the weary Xuanji had almost grown mould by the time they had finally arrived at Liuyun Sect.


At Liuyun Sect, as its name suggested, there were countless hazy mountains, enveloped by flowing clouds; probably because of the wind blowing from the east, the clouds kept endlessly moving and changing. The main gate, which led directly into the pass, was carved in the shape of a drifting cloud, it was made from an unbroken piece of white jade and measured 10 zhang. It was lofty and majestic, filling the hearts of the observing people with awe.

There were some disciples who were visiting Liuyun Sect for the first time, they could not help but marvel at it.

“We respectfully welcome Xuanji Zhenren and Qingtong Zhenren,” two disciples of the Liuyun Sect, dressed in red wide sleeved Taoist robes embroidered with white flowing clouds, greeted them. Looking at the wonder in the eyes of the Woyun Sect’s people, they couldn’t help but puff up their chests. 2lKYGZ

Liuyun Sect was secretly engaged in the breeding and trade of Demonic Beasts, so it was very rich.

Qingtong glanced at the two Liuyun Sect disciples, snorted, and stopped walking at the mountain gate. Xuanji, who had just stepped one foot over the threshold, shrank back again.

Hua Qing, who had participated in several conferences, immediately understood, he stepped forward and said coldly, “The Woyun Sect has arrived. Fellow cultivators, please go and announce us.”

The two Liuyun Sect disciples looked at each other in consternation, one of them smiled and said, “Of course we recognise our Woyun Sect friends, there’s no need to announce you, just go in directly.” ilfCbT

“Humph!” Qingtong snorted again. His clear and melodious voice was very quiet, but it resounded in their ears like a clap of thunder. The two late stage Golden Core Liuyun Sect disciples couldn’t help but take a step back.

“Our sect’s two abode Masters came, yet they only sent two mere Golden Core disciples to received them.” Zi Mo took out a chicken drumstick and stuffed it into the mouth of the Liuyun Sect who had tried to offer some justification. “Tsk-tsk, it seems that you guys are so poor that you don’t even have one Half-Immortal Elder. Let me give you guys some chicken.”

When other sects came to visit, they had to be greeted by people of the corresponding status, as a matter of respect for the guests. This sect just casually sent two Golden Core stage cultivators; it made the disdain they held for Woyun Sect perfectly clear.

From behind, people from some small sects were gathering, when they caught sight of the conflict ahead, they stopped in order to watch the show. Fysl2C

“I was momentarily occupied, please excuse me, please excuse me!” Just then, a deep voice came from the mountain pass, in no time at all, a man wearing an embroidered blue Taoist robe with cloud patterns came flying. His beard reached his waist and his hair was white but he had a youthful complexion, next to him was a leopard with flame patterns. This was the elder in charge of the administration of Liuyun Sect, Elder Qiu.

He was second only to the Sect Leader and had a high status in the sect. Having him receive the Woyun Sect was not improper.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Qingtong looked at him coldly and said nothing.

Elder Qiu patted his beard awkwardly, to the two Liuyun Sect disciples he said, “Hurry up and apologise properly to your martial uncles from Woyun Sect! Who taught you to be so impolite!” 4ORcDq

Qingtong did not wait for the two disciples to speak, with a flick of his sleeves he started climbing the white jade stairs.

Elder Qiu had to scurry behind him. He turned to Xuanji, wanting to converse with him, but when the other raised his cold and cruel eyes to look at him, he gave Elder Qiu a fright. He had heard that Xuanji Zhenren of Woyun Sect had a mercurial temperament, he seemed even more difficult to get along with than Qingtong Zhenren. He needed to find a topic of conversation.

Turning his gaze to Qingtong, he saw the colourful tiger next to him, and his eyes brightened. “That young tiger is already full grown, as it happens, my leopard is also an adult, why don’t we take this opportunity to breed them.”

Once a Demonic Beast had made a blood pact, their offspring could only make a blood pact with people related by blood to the original Master, they could not be bought nor sold, but they were perfect gifts for younger family members. XYUeGA

Mo Tianliao suddenly choked on his own saliva. Were they going to offer da-shixiong as a stud? He looked down at Meng Hu and, as expected, the dumbfounded tiger tripped on the stone steps.

The Flame Leopard looked at the big tiger with some disgust, seeming to disdain him for being a bit of an idiot.

“No need.” Qingtong refused without even thinking about it.

The big tiger breathed a sigh of relief and rubbed against his Master’s legs. AQ32Fq

Elder Qiu was stunned speechless at his rudeness and his eyes almost rolled back in anger. He was already being so kind; how could the other man embarrass him like this? “There will be at least two leopards in a litter, just once is fine, you will also get one…”

Qingtong raised his hand and interrupted this endlessly prattling pimp. He said coldly, “In order for him to concentrate on his cultivation, this excellency has castrated him.”

The big tiger froze with his front paws halfway into the air, his whole body turning into a statue, the mountain winds of Liuyun Sect blew, dishevelling his fur.



Author’s Note:

Mini Theatre

Demonic Beast A: Have you heard? That tiger has no penis! NuwvG9

Demonic Beast B: Ah, so he turned out to be a eunuch tiger

Big wet chest: …

Chrysanthemum Garden.

Taishi: Divine weapon brand tiger penis available for rent, only ¥ 998 per day!

Unedited, please point out any mistakes:blobaww: eblvfF

Did anyone else’s mind go to… certain places after reading this tile?

Next extra chapter will involve :eggplant: going into :kiss:

Translator's Note

Probably a play on 别人家的孩子 “other people’s children”, a phrase frequently used by Chinese parents when criticizing their own children for not doing well enough. Link with a nice explanation.

Translator's Note

Gelsemium elegans, a poisonous plant of the family Gelsemiaceae found in China and other Asian countries. It contains toxic alkaloids such as gelsemine, gelsenicine, gelsevirine and koumine. From:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gelsemium_elegans

Translator's Note

This can mean insect, bug or worm.

Translator's Note

This sentence could mean that the journey was dull and Xuanji was so bored that he almost grew hair, or that the journey was depressing and Xuanji was so disheartened that he almost grew mould.

Translator's Note

流云 (liúyún) Flowing/drifting cloud.

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