The White Cat's Divine Scratching PostCh53 - Accepting a Disciple


Mo Tianliao looked at Taishi, speechless. Taishi had really learnt all sorts of things the years it had spent at various auction houses. Without saying a word, he raised a hand and rewarded Taishi with a small fireball.

“Ow! Ow! Hot, hot, hot!” Taishi was burnt until it took flight, circling around the room. 9xAni8

Mo Tianliao warned Taishi not to make any noise, then pulled up the thin quilt to cover himself and Qingtong.

Qingtong slept soundly in his arms, he didn’t wake up at all. He had not been under the quilt before, his slender jade-like hands were chilly thanks to the cool autumn night wind. Mo Tianliao warmed them with his palms and dropped a gentle kiss on the back of his hand.

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Feeling a tickling sensation, Qingtong instinctively moved his hand back, his body burrowing into Mo Tianliao’s arms again, a faint purring noise coming from his throat.

Mo Tianliao looked down at the handsome face nestled against his chest, hearing that happy purr, his heart simply melted. For so many years, the only thing he had cared about had been this cat. No matter the effort, no matter the cost, he must cure Mo Xiaozhao, they must be together for a long long time. They will ascend together, and go find the old bastard. 2BXvCs

The next day, after a good night’s sleep, the vibrant sunlight penetrated through the window opened by Mo Tianliao the night before and shone directly on the bed.

Mo Tianliao took a nice deep breath and slowly opened his eyes. In front of him were a pair of icy and beautiful eyes.

“Why are you here?” Qingtong frowned and asked him.

“My bed is too hard,” said Mo Tianliao, not a trace of a blush on his face and not a bit of a jump in his heartrate. “Besides, I can’t sleep if I’m not holding you.”


Qingtong was about to kick him out of bed, but Mo Tianliao, with stunning intuition, pressed his ankle to the bed. The delicate texture under his hand made him reluctant to let go. Qingtong stretched his hand and scratched him, Mo Tianliao simply extended a leg to press down Lord Kitty’s leg; the two played under the covers.

It was just like before. Every morning in his Mo Palace, Mo Tianliao was bitten awake by a hungry Lord Kitty, then one man and one cat would fight in bed for a while. In the end, Mo Tianliao had always ended up with teeth marks all over his face and hands, before finally getting up and feeding Lord Kitty like a good slave.

Lord Kitty’s hands were extremely fast, even without spiritual power, the dazzling speed of his scratching moves were very difficult to deal with. Mo Tianliao was a little taller than Qingtong, he caught the slender legs that kept trying to kick him between his own, flipped the both of them over, and ended up on top. He held Qingtong’s wrists with his hands and took a breath.

Haa. Quit it. It’s still early, let’s sleep some more.” Mo Tianliao bowed his head and rubbed Master’s nose. ckozBW

Qingtong narrowed his eyes slightly, opened his mouth and bit him.

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“Ouch! Pain, pain, pain!” The incorrigible Mo Tianliao was bitten on the nose yet again.


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There was a barrier on the door to Qingning Palace’s inner hall, but Tianlang Zhenren, who was the Sect Leader, could go everywhere in Woyun Sect.

“Dbk-kbk-kbk!” Kljcijcu gfjmafv jcv gertfv bnfg, ilxf j teuf, ugfs jcv oeggs gbmx rtba ys j rilcu. Lf xcbmxfv Zb Kljciljb bea bo yfv lc j oijrt, jcv atfc aegcfv jczlberis. “Kbcuabcu, jgf sbe bxjs? Memx!” Lf aegcfv j mlgmif bc atf delia, ibbxfv ja Zb Kljciljb bc atf ugbecv, jcv yjgfv tlr affat, fsfr oeii bo wegvfgber lcafca.

Damn it! I just knew that this old demon was a scoundrel. I shouldn’t have been so soft-hearted to let him stay in the first place. The Sect Leader decided then and there to bite off his head.

Mo Tianliao sensed the cold murderous intent coming from the big wolfdog and immediately called Taishi over. But, even though he called for quite a while, nothing happened. PSmzx1

“Shut the fuck up!” Qingtong sat up and slapped the dog on the head.

“Awooo…” The dog flinched and looked at his shidi in utter betrayal. It was true what they said, a grown cat could not be kept at home; he had even begun to fight against his shixiong over an outsider!

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Qingtong grabbed the dog and got out of bed. Those pure white feet were nude, they stepped on the cushions without either shoes nor socks.

Mo Tianliao stood up, took the outer robe from the nearby hanger, put it on him, and fastened it deftly. The soft black hair was loose, he wanted to take a ribbon and tie it for him, but Qingtong stopped him. gjmvb6

This stupid dog must have something to say if he came so early in the morning. Qingtong carried the giant wolf by the scruff of the neck with one hand and dragged it outside.

Mo Tianliao blinked, under normal circumstances, should it not be him who gets thrown out while Master talks with the Sect Leader? Frowning slightly, Mo Tianliao dropped to the ground in search for Taishi. This tool did not appear even after he called it for such a long time. Did it not know that its Master almost got his head bitten off?

After searching for a long while, he finally found a lump of ice under the bed, a tortoiseshell-coloured jade phallus was frozen inside it. Mo Tianliao’s expression suddenly darkened, no wonder Master had gone out to talk. This tool was an utter embarrassment.

Mo Tianliao melted a layer of ice, with barely the head poking out, Taishi began to blather non-stop, “Your cat is too aggressive. Before I could even speak, he froze me into an ice lump. Ow! Ow! Hot, hot, hot!” a01xSl

Taishi was once again barbecued by his Master’s woodfire. It shouted while being encased in the flames, but it did not transform, still looking like a jade penis while wriggling back and forth. Mo Tianliao could not stand to look at it and used the blood pact to force it into a ball shape.

When he had first created Taishi, Mo Tianliao had integrated a wisp of his own divine soul into it, and later when he finished refining it, he gave it a drop of his heart’s blood. Taishi was completely connected with him, and they could communicate mentally. With only a thought, Taishi could change its form according to Mo Tianliao’s whims. It was just that Taishi preferred to open its huge mouth to talk.

“What about your fox? Let me see him.” The Sect Leader, who had finally recovered from the tremendous blow, turned into a man with a sage-like appearance, and sat in the main hall.

Qingtong asked the servants to call the fox. He took a warm cloth towel handed over by a maidservant and wiped his face. “He just gained the ability to shape-shift and is in the beginning stage of the Golden Core level. He’s still very young.” nMItVT

“Are you planning to let him stay?” Tianlang looked up at him.

The scene he saw in the woods yesterday flashed in front of his eyes, the handsome Demonic Lord rubbing the delicate boy’s head. Qingtong frowned slightly. “No, you take him.”

“I have met both Zhenren.” Shuang Ren came in, knelt down and saluted. Qingtong had not accepted him as a disciple yet, so he could only call him Zhenren.

Tianlang squinted at the young man, then snapped his fingers. A powerful force headed straight towards the youth. c2RhbO

Shuang Ren was frightened, seeing that Qingtong did not intend to stop this, Shuang Ren supressed his fear and stayed on his knees, motionless. The force didn’t hurt him, it just pierced straight through his façade. He felt his whole body going soft, with a pop, he turned into a fox.

“Awoo!” The little fox panicked, once the Sect Leader saw that he was a Beast cultivator, he would surely take him and give him away. What was he to do?

Tianlang picked up the little fox, watching him struggle frantically with all four limbs. He thought for a moment and said, “Frost Soothing Fox?”

“Mm-hm,” Qingtong answered, gargling with the water handed over by the maidservant. pGgVIR

“You keep him, he’s the perfect pillow.” Knowing that this furball could relieve headaches, Tianlang did not hesitate at all to leave the little fox behind. Since Qingtong seemed a little resistant to the idea, he quickly added, “If you don’t feel like teaching him, have him learn from Yan Lie.”

“Mm-hm,” Qingtong answered again, finally agreeing.

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“Little fox, would you like to join Woyun Sect?” Tianlang put the little furball on his lap, and smoothed his hair.

“Awoo…” Shuang Ren was somewhat lost. eTAVtD

The Sect Leader simply turned into a giant wolf, he sat in front of the little fox and unfathomably said, “Ever since the ancient Great War between gods and demons, my sect has protected Beast cultivators. Any Demonic Beast who is unwilling to make a blood contract with others can enter my sect, but keep in mind that you must not divulge the secrets of the sect, otherwise…”

“Awoo!” The little fox suddenly threw himself into the Sect Leader’s fur. “I- I am willing to enter the sect, even if I become an outer disciple, I’m willing!” They had always lived in the snowy mountains, always afraid to venture anywhere full of people. Who would have thought that there would be a sect which protected Demonic Beasts, it was truly fantastic.

“You have a good spiritual root, so you can be an inner disciple. Qingtong will be your Master for the time being, but he is very busy. If you have any questions regarding cultivation, you can also go find my eldest disciple, Yan Lie.” Once the Sect Leader finished speaking, he saw Qingtong beginning to yawn, so he picked up the little fox with his mouth, intending to take him to meet Yan Lie.

“What did you say to Mo Tianliao yesterday?” Qingtong asked, seemingly nonchalant. WmjOHC

When the big wolfdog carrying the fox heard this, he turned around again.

“Replying to Master, I asked er-shixiong to forge a magical tool capable to defend against the Soul Subjugating Horn,” the little fox said, looking depressed. “I have to save my little sister.”

The Sect Leader put down the fox, spat out a mouthful of fur, and earnestly advised,

“The Sect has rules. If you encounter a Beast cultivator, you can try to help, but your priority must always be to keep yourself safe.” IhZmND

“Disciple understands…” The fox said, looking down.

The Sect Leader cocked his head, he felt very sorry for this child. He stuck out his tongue and licked the fox’s head. “But since it is your little sister, we will think of something.”

The Sect Leader carried the excited fox in his mouth and went to see Yan Lie. Qingtong, however, narrowed his eyes, deep in thought. Now you’re crafting gifts for other people?

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Translator's Note

屡教不改 (lǚ jiào bù gǎi) Refuse to mend one’s ways after repeated education; incorrigible; turn a deaf ear to sb’s repeated criticisms and refuse to mend one’s ways.

Translator's Note

猫大不中留. It’s a play on女大不中留 (nǚ dà bù zhōng liú) A grown girl can’t be kept at home. Meaning that when a girl is of age, she must be married off.

Translator's Note

The word used to refer to Taishi is 货(huò) something that can mean either goods or idiot, depending.

Translator's Note

仙风道骨 (xiānfēng-dàogǔ) Bearing of a transcendent being; ethereal bearing; divine/sage-like demeanour.

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