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The White Cat's Divine Scratching PostCh52 - Nine-Souls


Because it contained Primordial Stone, which could absorb ambient qi autonomously, Taishi did not need to be supplied with spiritual power, so it could transform continuously and fly around without being fed anything.

Mo Tianliao frowned slightly. “What do you need a Nine-Souls Crystal for?” NRPmlK

The big mouth flew out and turned into a hoop. “Can’t you see? If you embed a Nine-Souls Crystal in me, I can become a cat collar. Hang me around the beauty’s neck, and I will be able to nourish his soul. ”

Nine-Souls Crystal could nourish the soul, this was something Mo Tianliao certainly knew and it was for this purpose that he had bought the Nine-Souls Crystal at the time. He grabbed the conceited cat collar. “Useless, of course I know that.” When he had awakened Taishi, it was not in order to listen to something that everybody knew. If this guy was so useless, might as well…

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Ah! Eep! Ok, ok. It’s actually the white fox who needs the Nine-Souls Crystal.” Taishi felt his master’s murderous intent and quickly changed his story. “I’ve met him before.”

“Mnnn…” The sleeping Qingtong was disturbed by the grating voice, he frowned slightly and made an uncomfortable little hum. zSWV1

Mo Tianliao released Taishi, threatened him into silence, picked up the beauty from the rocking chair and took him into his room.

These past few days, while Qingtong had accompanied him, he had been under constant strain. Shi Di was, after all, a Half-Immortal, and furthermore they had been staying at Shi Di’s Mo Palace. Because of this, his sleepy kitten could not rest all day long as he had done before. Every time Mo Tianliao had meditated, once he had opened his eyes, he would see either a wide awake furball or Master standing by his side.

After Qingtong was comfortably tucked in, Mo Tianliao was planning to find a secluded place to thoroughly interrogate Taishi, but unexpectedly, he was surrounded by an army of shizhi when leaving Qingning Palace.

Shishu, you’re finally back. There’re many matters requiring your input at the administration hall.” Su Heng shizhi, who was in charge of the administration hall, grabbed Mo Tianliao by the sleeve and dragged him away.


The administration hall of Woqing abode was at the moment a hub of activity, as it was the time to receive the monthly allowance and there was a queue of disciples lining up in the centre of it. Previously, this money was handed over to the disciples in charge, who would misappropriate a certain portion, but now that it was publicly distributed, there were no such problems.

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Mo Tianliao stepped into the main room of the administration hall; everyone looked over.

“Huh? Who’s that Golden Core cultivator?” Except for the few disciples in charge of various matters, many of them hadn’t seen Mo Tianliao very often. Besides, now that he had become a Golden Core cultivator, his spiritual strength had greatly increased, so it was natural that some people would not recognize him.

“That’s second shishu.” Su Wen, who was waiting in line, spoke with a smile while staring fixedly at her shishu‘s face, it seemed to be even more handsome than before. 6TfGwd

“What?” The shijies and shimeis around her exclaimed in amazement, “Didn’t shishu achieve Foundation Establishment just a few months ago?”

“To obtain a Golden Core in just a few months, what a genius!” Some people didn’t believe it, it was absolutely illogical, the tempering of one’s mind couldn’t be accomplished overnight, unless one had a fortuitus encounter, like receiving the guidance from a Great Master or obtaining enlightenment trough some spiritual treasure.

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Several male disciples nodded, they didn’t really believe this kind of thing could be possible, whispering “Maybe he even deliberately supressed his cultivation in order to enter the sect and now…”

“Pa’r cba ilxf atfgf’r yffc cb mjrfr bo qfbqif obgwlcu Xbivfc Jbgfr lc j ofk wbcatr.” Ve Qfc vlv cba ilxf atf pfjiber fzqgfrrlbcr bo rbwf bo atf wjif vlrmlqifr. Vtf rjlv mbivis, “Aera yfmjerf sbe mjc’a vb la sbegrfio, la vbfrc’a wfjc atja batfgr mjc’a vb la. Tbe rtbeivc’a rqgfjv ubrrlq, bg vlv sbe obgufa atbrf qfbqif ktb kfgf vfjia klat j ofk vjsr jub?” QTowL5

Once the talking disciples heard this, they immediately shut up.

Given Mo Tianliao’s powerful divine soul, he naturally heard the disciples’ whispered conversation clearly; he turned and asked Su Heng shizhi, “Something happened a few days ago?”

Before, when the people from Qingyun Sect came looking for a fight, they had known a lot of inside information. Things like the direct disciple of one of the abode Masters shockingly having a mere dual root, and so on. Therefore, someone must have betrayed the sect and leaked information. After Mo Tianliao’s group had left, the Sect Leader had ordered a thorough investigation, which indeed uncovered some spies. Unexpectedly, it had not been the disciple who often looked at Mo Tianliao with absolute disdain, young Cheng Xi. Instead, it had been two ordinary disciples with single spiritual roots newly accepted by the Sect Leader. They had been jealous and had wanted to join a different sect.

“How were they dealt with?” Mo Tianliao sat down, looked at the account books which were piled up one chi thick on the table, and rubbed his brow. VdMG9Y

“They have been expelled from the Sect,” Su Heng replied. Because these people had not yet come into contact with the sect’s main secret, they did not know much, so whatever they revealed would not truly matter after all. The Sect Leader was merciful, he did not destroy their spiritual roots, he just expelled them from the sect.

Those people who dreamt of going to another sect did not know that the three major sects would never accept disciples who had been expelled by their sect. They would go to Qingyun Sect and be rebuffed, and then they would go to Liuyun Sect, only to be humiliated again. They could only go to some unqualified minor sect.

Mo Tianliao nodded, the Sect Leader had been too kind, had it been him, he would have destroyed their spiritual roots and then thrown them out. This type of people were evil, once they had the power, they would surely come back for revenge. Moreover, this sect had too many secrets, if they didn’t make an example out of someone, things were bound to be found out.

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The number of things waiting for his input at the administration hall had piled up into a mountain. Mo Tianliao found that his da-shixiong had only dealt with the urgent matters, and left everything else for him to take care off. 58Ec6g

By the time Mo Tianliao had settled everything at the administration hall, it was already dusk.

Mo Tianliao took Taishi to the rear mountains; he planned to cut some fruit trees for Lord Kitty’s dinner and, at the same time, to carefully question Taishi.

The rear mountains were still full of lush vegetation; Mo Tianliao found a suitably thick fruit tree. With a thought, a tortoiseshell-coloured felling axe appeared in his hand. He swung it toward the fruit tree.

A big tiger came scampering out of the woods, carrying a white fox on his head. He turned into a human to greet Mo Tianliao, “Shidi, cutting down trees again, huh?” L7mkul

Crack. The tree, which was as thick as a tea bowl, was felled by the axe. Mo Tianliao answered him and kept on chopping, splitting the trunk into several sections, which he then divided further, into firewood that was two fingers thick.

“Your axe is pretty good.” Meng Hu took the little fox off his head. “I have to go see the Sect Leader. Take care of him for a while, I’ll come get him later.”

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“Why don’t you just take him with you?” Mo Tianliao glanced at the fox sitting on top of a rock and huddling into a little ball. This fox could escape from the auction house by himself, he did not think this guy was so weak that he needed constant care.

“He is afraid of people,” da-shixiong said helplessly, then he gave a wave with his hand and left. Y7MGhN

Mo Tianliao glanced at the fox; Lord Kitty had used him as a pillow constantly on the way back, even refusing to sleep on his legs. Inwardly disparaging his own jealousy, Mo Tianliao picked up the firewood and carried it to an open space.

The little fox followed him, turning into a white clad boy and crouching near him.

“What’s your name?” Now that Mo Tianliao thought of it, he had not spoken to the fox for a very long time.

Shuang Ren,” replied the boy, holding his knees and watching Mo Tianliao work for a while. He suddenly asked, “I heard that you bought some sort of purple crystal at the market, can I see it?” uEBTLA

Mo Tianliao raised his eyebrows. “Do you know what it is?”

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Shuang Ren pursed his lips. “I don’t know if it is what you’ve got, but I’m looking for a Nine-Souls Crystal.” These past few days, he could see that Mo Tianliao was a very powerful craftsman. He had sworn a blood oath that he would not betray Qingtong. Qingtong forbade him to tell others about Mo Tianliao, he could not even mention him in front of anyone.

After he said that, Shuang Ren took out a handful of silver fragments. “This is the Sheltering Silver I stole from the auction house. With this, you can craft a magical tool capable of resisting the Soul Subjugating Horn.” nUdYIq

Mo Tianliao took the silver fragments; he was a little astonished. It truly was some very rare Sheltering Silver. “You want me to make this for you?”

Zhenren’s soul is damaged, I expect he also needs it very much.” Shuang Ren met Mo Tianliao’s eyes.

Mo Tianliao’s gaze suddenly turned cold, he flashed closer in an instant, grabbed the youth by the neck and said, “What are you trying to do?”

“I am a Frost Soothing Fox. Hkk. Naturally, I can tell.” Shuang Ren didn’t resist and let himself be choked. “I’ll give you the Sheltering Silver, you just have to promise to make me a magical tool that can defend against the Soul Subjugating Horn.”

Divine souls were not easy to restrain, Frost Soothing foxes had a soothing effect on souls, and were among the Demonic Beasts which were easier to capture. No wonder Xiaozhao used him as a pillow, sleeping on the calming fox would relieve his headache.

Mo Tianliao loosened his hand, he frowned at the boy; his gaze unwavering. He had already left the auction house, why was he still obsessed with the Soul Subjugating Horn? X0nqB2

“My younger sister, she was also caught.” Shuang Ren bit his lips. “I have to find her.” They had only ever lived on the snowy mountains and were extremely reclusive, if someone forced his strong-willed sister to make a blood pact, she might do something stupid. He had to find her as soon as possible.

Mo Tianliao stared fixedly at the boy for a while. Slowly, he raised his hand and rubbed his head. “OK, I’ll try.”

In the nearby forest, a beauty dressed in snow-white mermaid silk stood behind a tree, quietly watching this scene. He silently turned around and left.

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Mo Tianliao took the roasted pheasant to Qingning Palace, but learnt that Master was still sleeping, so he could only give it to the undeserving da-shixiong, who had just returned. Mo Tianliao went back to his small courtyard and stared pensively at the Sheltering Silver in his hand. Nine-Souls Crystal could be made into something to nurture the soul, and it could also be made into something to guard against the Soul Subjugating Horn. Could both functions be combined? XjY7GV

“What? It’s a long dark night and you can’t sleep alone?” Taishi, that big mouth, flew around his head, “Ow! Hot, hot, hot!”

Mo Tianliao ignited his woodfire in one hand while he caught Taishi in the other. “You still owe me some info, don’t you?” He had asked it how to cure a soul in the morning, but this thing kept evading the subject.

“Don’t do it, hero!” Taishi shouted. “Although I know of the mysteries of heaven and earth, I haven’t mastered them yet. You have to let me think for a bit!”

Mo Tianliao dropped Taishi and went to lie down, lost in thought. cRZOUm

Taishi turned into a candlestick on the bedside and played dead. After waiting for a while, it could not help muttering, “How can you even sleep without holding the beauty? Beauty, beauty… ”

Moments later, Mo Tianliao suddenly sat up and rolled over to get out of bed.

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“What are you doing?” Taishi flew up and followed him, out of the courtyard, through the bamboo forest and entering via the window.

“Sleeping.” Mo Tianliao climbed the soft big bed in the inner hall of Qingning Palace and gently held the sleeping beauty in his arms. Qingtong unconsciously rubbed his face against the warm chest. iP9D0s

Taishi fell slowly on the bed. Looking at Mo Tianliao who obviously wanted a kiss but did not dare to do anything, it jumped around excitedly and whispered, “Do you want me to help?” As it said this, it turned into a tortoiseshell-coloured jade phallus.

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Translator's Note

自作多情 (zì zuò duō qíng) to imagine oneself as the favourite of one of the opposite sex; be under the hallucination that the other party is willing; self-sentimental; proffer a love which is not reciprocated.

Translator's Note

霜刃 (shuāng rèn) Frost blade.

Translator's Note

蔽 (bì) to cover / to shield / to screen / to conceal

银 (yín) silver

Translator's Note

寒霜安寒 (hán) cold / poor / to tremble/ fright kWhabv

霜 (shuāng) frost

安 (ān) content / calm / still / quiet / safe / secure / in good health / to pacify / to harbor (good intentions) / security / safety / peace

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