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The White Cat's Divine Scratching PostCh23 - Sansang


Note on the chapter title.

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Meng Hu looked around and pulled out a chartreuse jade box. This type of jade had a wood attribute and was usually used to preserve attribute-free spiritual plants.

“This is…?” Mo Tianliao didn’t reach out his hand to open it, and instead just looked at his shixiong. 2rt9zF

“It’s a long story.” Meng Hu raised his hand and opened the jade box. “This was the main goal of shixiong‘s travels. It was very difficult to obtain; Mo Xiong also suffered.”

The jade box was covered with a layer of ice crystals. After opening it, there was a slight chill. There was a bright red fruit nestled between the ice crystals. Perhaps because of the long journey, it looked a bit withered. Though it looked ugly, it did not prevent Mo Tianliao from recognizing it. The Soul Condensing Sansang!

Sansang was a kind of extremely rare divine tree. It had no branches, yet the grooves along the trunk produced fruit every 30 years. This kind of fruit had the extremely rare ability of condensing the soul and preventing a divine soul from dispersing.

“This fruit looks rare. What does da-shixiong want to use it for?” Mo Tianliao looked at Meng Hu quietly.

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Meng Hu smiled and did not explain the purpose of the fruit to Mo Tianliao — he did not even mention its name. He laughed and said, “Ah, it’s quite rare, you don’t know how much trouble I went through. This fruit will be of great use to Master. I want to give it to him. ”

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Mo Tianliao’s heart thumped. An intact soul was like an egg; it would not disperse unless it had been damaged. But once this happened, just like a cracked egg, its contents would slowly dry up and evaporate in the sun. Even the Soul Condensing Sansang could only add a flimsy layer of protection to prevent further loss.

In that case, Master’s soul was already damaged.

“Since it’s such a good thing, shixiong should be able to give it to Master without any help.” Mo Tianliao felt suspicious, and the wood thorns at his fingertips were not put away. “Why did you need to bring me here?” dlQuTA

Meng Hu scratched his head, got up to pace around the room, then sat back with a thud. “I noticed that Master liked you very much, so I thought I’d have you take it to him.”

Mo Tianliao lowered his eyes and did not answer.

Aware of his brusqueness, Meng Hu jumped up and turned another circle around the room. He hadn’t yet explained what the fruit was for. Shidi couldn’t possibly think it was something bad that he was using in order to frame him, could he? “Shidi, to tell you the truth, this is a divine fruit that is good for the soul. It has become like this only because of the long journey. You also know Master’s temperament; he won’t eat anything that doesn’t look good. I thought we’d go together and you could help me persuade Master to eat it.”

He indeed had a terrible temper. Mo Tianliao looked at his shixiong lying prone on the table with those big eyes of his looking at him pleadingly and wanted to bully him even more. “There are so many Demonic Beasts in the rear mountains. If Master’s soul is unstable, he just needs to find a Demonic Beast to tame. Why-” XRfrOF

“He himself… has a Demonic Beast,” Meng Hu paused. “You have just started cultivating, so there are some things you don’t understand yet. Demonic Beasts can only appease internal demons and restlessness; there are some things that they cannot cure.”

Master already had a Demonic Beast? Mo Tianliao was very curious; how come he had never seen it before? Before he could keep teasing Meng Hu, the man had already stood up; he didn’t want to talk anymore. Meng Hu intended to drag Mo Tianliao to see Master.

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“Qjla j wlceaf.” Zb Kljciljb abbx atf pjvf ybz jcv abemtfv atf klatfgfv ogela klat tlr olcufgalqr. C atlc ragjcv bo kbbv dl ribkis oibkfv lcab atf ogela. Lf delmxis klatvgfk tlr tjcv. “Zjsyf P mjc wjxf atf ogela ogfrt bcmf wbgf.” Ir5jxN

“Really?” Meng Hu’s eyes sparkled. Just as he had thought, shidi was definitely special.

“I’m not sure. Can shixiong give me a few days?”  Mo Tianliao returned the jade box to Meng Hu.

“Tfr.” Zfcu Le vlv cba ajxf atf ybz, lcrafjv qertlcu la yjmx ab Zb Kljciljb. “Tbe mjc ajxf la jcv mjii wf ktfc la lr gfjvs.” Ycmf tf rjlv atja, tf gjlrfv tlr tjcv ab klatvgjk atf yjgglfg jcv gertfv bea lc j teggs, jogjlv atja Zb Kljciljb kbeiv ags ab ulnf tlw atf ogela jujlc.

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Is this how you hand over such treasure? Was he not afraid that he would try to steal or damage the fruit? Mo Tianliao really didn’t know what to say to this pure-hearted da-shixiong. He raised his hand to put the jade box into his storage bracelet. d FVTQ

“Oh!” Meng Hu, who had just walked out of the door, suddenly exclaimed.

Mo Tianliao walked out quickly and saw the white kitten sitting on the fence with da-shixiong squatting in front of him.

“Ah, er… you also came to play with shidi, ah ha ha,” Meng Hu said with a smile.

Lord Kitty glanced at this stupid disciple and gave him a slap. DyU643

“Well then, if you’ll excuse me. I haven’t seen those little brats for a long time, I have to check if they’ve been practising,” Meng Hu said as he ran away.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Xiaozhao,” Mo Tianliao walked over and picked him up. Da-shixiong was very friendly with the kitten; it seemed that the little furball had had a good time in Woqing Abode all these years.

“Meow…” the white kitten replied lazily, then climbed into Mo Tianliao’s arms and yawned. Zk0uSv

“Where have you been? I roasted fish but couldn’t find you, so I gave it to Master.” Mo Tianliao leaned down, kissed the fluffy head, took the kitten into his arms, and left.

His self-taught “Spring Comes to the Withered Tree” technique was different from other people’s. Presumably, it had to do with his Everlasting Wood body. He must consult the ancient tomes and restore the Sansang fruit as soon as possible. Master’s soul was damaged. There wasn’t a moment to lose.

Between Woqing Abode and the rainbow bridge, there was a bottomless pit that must be crossed. One could not ride a flying sword before Foundation Establishment, but it was inconvenient to be carried by Master or to rely on his shizhi’s help.

A few days ago, Mo Tianliao had built a simple and crude small flying vessel that could fly using lingshi. It was only the size of a plate and could only fly a distance of a few zhangs. However, it was enough to cross this natural barrier. EVDtM

He pulled out the oddly-shaped plate, stepped on it, and embedded a low-grade lingshi. The plate slowly started to fly.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The ability to control flying swords and vessels depended on two different things: sufficient spiritual strength and a divine soul. Flying swords relied solely on spiritual power, and before Foundation Establishment, there was just not enough qi to support them. Flying vessels, however, consumed lingshi. Since Mo Tianliao possessed a divine soul, he could naturally use them.

After crossing the rainbow bridge, he headed directly to The Paradise of Infinite Knowledge.

The rocky cliffs were stacked one upon another like rows of bamboo slips. The Paradise of Infinite Knowledge stood nine stories tall, with black and gold walls and a roof made of crystal. It was magnificent. Using one’s jade token and a few lingshi, one could enter to consult the books inside. gdoPju

“Qi Refining disciples can only read the books on the first floor. You can’t climb the stairs, remember,” the gatekeeper accepted Mo Tianliao’s lingshi and urged him repeatedly.

Mo Tianliao nodded and went inside with the cat.

Most of the books stored on the first floor were paper books, and many inner disciples were leafing through them. Cultivation required a lot of knowledge, and those without a teacher could only research it by themselves. The shixiongs and shijies who taught had no patience to give individual lessons.

Mo Tianliao glanced around. Most of the things written here were very simple and of little use to him, so he went straight to the second floor. K4rCXT

The second floor was for Foundation stage cultivators. There was no one to guard it since the things here were of no use to someone in the Qi Refining stage. Mo Tianliao didn’t stop to look and continued moving up.

A barrier that detected whether one possessed a divine soul was set up between the second and third floors. This was also to protect low-level disciples since the jade slips inside were inscribed with divine knowledge. Cultivators who had not yet formed their divine soul would not be able to read them. If they persisted in trying, their soul would be damaged.

Mo Tianliao walked in unhindered after pressing his forehead on the long jade at the stairway’s entrance. This was obviously where the ancient books were located.

Mo Tianliao soon found the records about divine trees. He picked up the old jade slips and pressed them between his eyebrows. flpBvO

Divine trees were different from spiritual trees; the so-called divine trees had survived from ancient times until now. There could only exist one of every species of divine tree. Spiritual trees, on the other hand, were plants that were of use to cultivators, had different properties according to their age, and could be grown by cultivators.

At present, there were less than 20 species of divine trees in the Taixuan continent.

The kitten emerged from Mo Tianliao’s arms and climbed onto the tall bookcase. It raised its paws and pushed the little jade slips that were neatly arranged in a row. They came down with a crash. It flicked its tail; how amusing.

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When Mo Tianliao finished reading and opened his eyes, he found that the whole set of jade slips in front of him were in a mess on the floor. Lord Kitty was sitting proudly on top, licking its paws. Iyz8Q7

“…” Mo Tianliao was speechless for a long time.

“What is going on here?” A stout Golden Core cultivator appeared. He spoke slowly, “These jade slips all have their place. How could you mess them up?”

Even if his eyes were wide and he looked both a little angry and surprised, he still couldn’t manage to speak quickly.

Mo Tianliao stood up and quickly thought about how to escape. x0HhrS

“Meow!” The white furball jumped down and pushed down a row of jade slips in front of the cultivator.

Mo Tianliao: “…”

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Golden Core cultivator: “…”

When the kitten finished pushing the jade slips, it joyfully jumped onto Mo Tianliao’s shoulder and shook its tail. I67GNq

The plump cultivator smiled slowly. “I am Yuan Hai, the eldest disciple of Yu Li Zhenren. Are you Qingtong shishu’s new disciple?”

“Mo Tianliao has met Yuan shixiong,” Mo Tianliao gave a hurried salute. “This kitten has no manners, I’m sorry to have troubled you.”

“Ah… it’s no trouble,” Yuan Hai gave a wave of his hand, slowly walked in front of the shelf, and started sorting the jade slips. “I’ll take it from here, please go down quickly. It’s not good for a Qi Refining cultivator to be seen on the third floor.”

“Thank you, shixiong.” He didn’t know why Yuan Hai was so kind to him, but since he didn’t need to stay and tidy up, Mo Tianliao was only too happy to escape from work and was thankful. Holding the kitten, he was ready to leave. “By the way, would shixiong happen to know which shixiong is good at alchemy? I have something to ask.” xE8Tn4

Yan Lie had told him at the last banquet that if he had any questions he was embarrassed to ask his Master, he could ask his shixiongs. Although they had different masters, they could communicate with each other at any time.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Yuan Hai took one look at the kitten in Mo Tianliao’s arms and slowly put his hands together, smiling, “You can go ask Hua Qing. He is an alchemist.”

Hua Qing… Mo Tianliao remembered the extravagantly dressed shixiong he saw last time and pursed his lips. He gave a respectful salute, turned around, and left.

There were limited records about the Everlasting Tree. The only information available was that this divine tree had the power of eternal growth. As for how to use this power, no one knew. After all, no one could become a divine tree. In order to examine this power, he had to find some spiritual herbs to test it on, and the person who had the most spiritual herbs was naturally an alchemist. Vl5FNL

Hua Qing, who was in his workroom grinding medicinal power, sneezed and touched his nose. For some reason, he felt like there was someone scheming against him. Surely nothing bad would happen today, right?


Author’s Note: W5H30B

Mini Theatre

Xiaozhao: Is it bad for this excellency to come and see you?

Hua Qing: There is nothing worse!

Xiaozhao: *quietly flashes claws* Say that again. 7vgIoz

Hua Qing: Shishu has come to see me, such a great honour. I was so happy that I almost fainted QAQ.

Edited by tintin

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Translator's Note

Sansang 三桑 is another way of saying 扶桑 (Fú​sāng) A legendary tree of life (probably mulberry or hibiscus). It may be because the number 3 三  (sān) sounds like 生 (shēng), which means “to live” or “life” so it’s considered a good number.

Fusang is also where the 10 suns that appear in the legend of Hou Yi rise from, and it also refers to a legendary land where these trees grow which later became associated with Japan because of its geographical location. bqUl8m

Basic info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fusang

Note that in this story however Sansang and Fusang are two distinct divine trees.

Translator's Note

Internal Demons (心魔 xīnmó) – literally translates as “Heart Devils”. Rather than standard demons or devils, these are a practitioner’s negative emotions and other mental barriers which hinder their training/cultivation. Internal Demons, in some cases, can even attack the practitioner from the inside, and failure to adequately resist them may result in Qi Deviation.

Info taken from: https://immortalmountain.wordpress.com

Translator's Note

兔崽子(tù​zǎi​zi)​ brat; bastard.

Probably not a coincidence this might be read as little rabbit.

Translator's Note

万册福地 (wàn​ cè​ fú​ dì) Paradise of ten thousand books. I really wanted to translate it as booktopia :blobrofl:

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

This soul is not the same as the one above. It’s 魂魄 as opposed to 神魂.
魂魄 is the regular soul mortals have.
神魂 is the one cultivators have after some time practising cultivation.
Info for the curious: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hun_and_po

Translator's Note

花枝招展 (huā zhī zhāo zhǎn) refers to women, to be gorgeously/seductively dressed.
lit. lovely scene of blossoming plants swaying in the breeze.

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  1. I thought there was something wrong with the Master’s soul when he had to take a soul condensing pill after the fight. Now, the question is – did he damage his soul while protecting Mo Tianliao’s soul all these years back? That would explain his sleepiness and lack of energy.

    Thank you for the chapter! ❤

  2. hi, i find a lot of this kind of comments in the middle of a sentence and some words are not translated: [/ tn] inside were inscribed with divine knowledge. Farmers who had not yet formed their divine soul would not have been able to read them. If they persisted in trying, their [tn content = "soul"] This soul is not the same as the one above. It is the opposite of 神魂.魂魄 is the normal soul that mortals have.神魂 is what growers have after practicing cultivation for some time. Information for the curious: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hun_and_po [/ tn] Can’t they be canceled or put in another place? I find reading very uncomfortable.
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