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The White Cat's Divine Scratching PostCh20 - Cut the Weeds


Note on the chapter title dDY0ZI

“Qing- Qingtong Zhenren…” The Golden Core cultivator turned pale with fear and stumbled back a few steps, both hands raised.

These days, Taixuan continent’s ambient qi was becoming more and more impure. Even with the help of a spiritual beast, it was very difficult to reach a high level. Even a Nascent Soul cultivator could become a Sect Elder. Meanwhile, the Branch Master of Woyun Sect was a true Half-Immortal!

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Although Golden Core was a high rank, it was still a worm when compared to the great power of a Half-Immortal.

The Qi Refining cultivator was also stunned. He had attended the Inter-Sect Assembly with his sect’s Elder. Naturally, he had met Qingtong. He knew that the otherworldly beautiful ancestor had a very bad temper. bZ0JSI

“Growl…” When the still-staggering little leopard saw the beauty floating in mid-air, it was so excited it immediately cried out.

The cub’s cries returned them to their senses. The Qi Refining cultivator of Qingyun Sect took a deep breath and saluted Qingtong.

“I’ve met Qingtong Zhenren. Junior is called He Xijiu, the grandson of Qingyun Sect’s Elder Yun Song. Today, I’ve come to visit Woyun Sect. Here’s my calling card.”

There was an unwritten rule in the righteous path: those who were sheltered by their elders or masters would mention the names of their benefactors when in danger. This served both as a way to mark them as decent people and as a deterrent. If you persisted in killing them, you were bound to make enemies. This was also why Mo Tianliao had disclosed his identity early on.


This was the hypocritical attitude of the righteous path, which had ended up fostering a group of arrogant young masters. Mo Tianliao surreptitiously pursed his lips. The demonic path, on the other hand, was purely law of the jungle; strength was the most important thing, and the weak or unskilled didn’t get to do as they chose, and not all survived.

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Qingtong slowly descended to the ground, his cold eyes settling on the dusty Mo Tianliao.

“Come here.”

Mo Tianliao quickly brushed off the dirt on his body, walked over in a few strides, bowed down, and saluted, “Master.” His gaze wandered in search of the kitten he had just thrown. kZy21r

“It turned out to be Zhenren’s disciple, what a misunderstanding,” the Golden Core cultivator also reacted, touching the corners of his bloody mouth and smiling. “We saw this fellow cultivator with an unclaimed Demonic Beast, and we were simply curious…”

This remark turned the recent attempted robbery and murder into a misunderstanding, reversing the blame by pretending Mo Tianliao hadn’t introduced himself. Not only that, but it also implied that Mo Tianliao had found a Demonic Beast behind his master’s back — maybe he had even stolen it from the sect.

Qingtong raised his eyes, glanced at the Golden Core cultivator speaking energetically, then raised his hand slightly to show a tuft of white fluff inside his sleeve.

The Golden Core cultivator immediately shut up. The Demonic Beast belonged to that person’s master. What else was there to say? i5oFj8

Mo Tianliao breathed a sigh of relief; if his cat was in his master’s arms, it would naturally be safe. Only… his eyes were fixed on the white and slender hands and the bit of white fur. Lord Kitty, his cat, was actually close to someone else! Could it be that his master was keeping an eye on Xiaozhao and intended to raise him himself?

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“Do you want to settle this by yourselves or do you want this excellency to do it?” Qingtong put a hand behind him and spoke slowly in a clear and sweet voice.

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Zhenren, Xijiu is the only grandson of our sect’s Elder Yun Song. We were the ones to caused offence to your disciple just now, please… ah…” The Golden Core cultivator hadn’t finished talking when Qingtong moved his hand, creating a strong blow as if from a giant invisible palm. The slap blew him three zhangs away and smashed him firmly against the side of the mountain. w2jEJ7

“Obcu-klcvfv,” qjif, atlc ilqr rqja bea. Hlcuabcu rtbbx tlr tjcv klat rbwf vlruera.

Zb Kljciljb rkjiibkfv rbwf rjilnj jcv vfmlvfv ab yf yglfo ktfc ajixlcu ab tlr wjrafg lc atf oeaegf. Yatfgklrf, tf kbeiv yf rijqqfv lcab j kjii… Pa ibbxfv gfjiis qjlcoei.

Zhenren, spare me my life, I know my wrongs, I- I would like to offer all these treasures to Zhenren!” Seeing that Qingtong had no intention to respect Elder Yun Song’s name, He Xijiu was trembling with fear. He pulled out his storage amulet, poured out all the things inside, and in his panic, also threw the little leopard.

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“Oh?” Long eyelashes quivered; the cool, beautiful eyes slowly moved towards the trembling little furball. “All right, but it has already formed a pact.” krgxj5

Hearing this, He Xijiu slapped himself lightly. “Junior is confused.” A spiritual beast that had signed a blood pact could no longer sign a pact with anyone else, and once the owner died, the spiritual beast would die with them. This was why when Mo Tianliao died, he was glad that he had not made a blood pact with Mo Xiaozhao.

Qingtong suddenly shot out his hand, grabbed He Xijiu’s neck in a stranglehold, and looked into his eyes.

“Ahhhhh” The man let out a piercing cry. At the same time, the little leopard’s eyes began to roll back.

Mo Tianliao had a strong divine soul, so he could see a wisp of bloody fog flying out from between He Xijiu’s eyebrows and into the little leopard. jOwK6C

Once he was let go, He Xijiu immediately fell limply to the ground, unconscious. The little leopard lay on the ground, weakly called out twice, and closed his eyes.

“Pick it up.” Qingtong pointed to the dusty bundle of fur.

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“Yes.” Mo Tianliao rushed forward and picked up the little leopard. The little fellow was weak and his soul was very unstable. Mo Tianliao touched the little leopard’s forehead and clearly sensed that there weren’t any lingering soul ties between it and He Xijiu — he was once again a free Demonic Beast!

Was the blood pact severed? 3NsZao

Mo Tianliao was shocked. Three hundred years ago, when he was very poor and bored, he had thought about creating a special item that could cancel blood contracts. It was feasible in theory, but blood pacts were actually a partial exchange of souls between Demonic Beasts and people. For it to be severed, it was necessary to cut the soul of one of the contract’s parties. This, however, would result in them losing their mind. At that time, he had made a prototype but didn’t have time to refine it. Who would have known that there would be a spell to cancel a blood pact three hundred years later?

The dazed Mo Tianliao suddenly received a slap on the back of the head. He looked up and saw his master looking at him coldly. His beautiful eyes, like Liuli crystal, showed a little repugnance.


“Disgustingly dirty.” The clear and melodious voice was indifferent and proper. Once he finished speaking, he flicked his finger, sending an ice blade flying towards the Golden Core cultivator who had just extricated himself from the mountain wall, cutting him in half. 1tAG6w

Mo Tianliao’s eyes curved in a slight smile. He greatly appreciated Qingtong’s swift and decisive behaviour. He hated the so-called morality of the righteous path. Endlessly nagging about benevolence and kindness, boasting about their own moral principles, yet forgetting them when it was their turn to kill and steal treasures. If his master had come any later, he would have been robbed of his Demonic Beast and sliced in half.

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Mo Tianliao took a look at He Xijiu, who he supposed was now brain-damaged, and decisively used the sword of the demonic cultivator to end his life. Keeping him alive would only attract the hatred of Elder Yun Song. It was better to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots. Then he clapped his hands, held the little leopard, and quickly followed his beautiful master.

“Master, wait for me!”

“Throw it to the Sect Leader,” Qingtong stopped and glanced at the little leopard in Mo Tianliao’s hand. “Meet me at Qingning Palace later.” m5dtbY

Throw it to the Sect Leader?

Mo Tianliao frowned slightly.

“If the Sect Leader asks…”

“Tell the truth,” Qingtong dropped this sentence, gently pointed his toes, and transformed into a ray of blazing light. Just like when he had first appeared, he stepped on air and, riding on the wind, disappeared in an instant. 3PjTCJ

“Master…” Mo Tianliao looked at the dozens of li of mountain roads, his mouth opening and closing uselessly.

At least give me a ride back! Walking such a long distance, it is going to be sundown again before I arrive!

While in the air, Qingtong took out a white jade bottle from his sleeve, poured out a Heavenly Soul Condensing pill, and quickly swallowed it.

When Mo Tianliao arrived at the sect’s gates, it was, as expected, already dusk. FXszd3

“You said that Qingtong dissolved the blood pact on this leopard cub?” Sect Leader Tianlang Zhenren pondered while touching the still-lethargic leopard.

“Yes,” Mo Tianliao replied honestly, obediently following his master’s instructions. He told the whole story, only omitting his selling of magical weapons and explained Mo Xiaozhao as a kitten he had met in the rear mountains. He had not known that it was a Demonic Beast.

He had just started cultivating, so it was normal that he would not recognize a Demonic Beast. After all, he had a very unreliable Master.

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The Sect Elder didn’t say anything and allowed him to leave the cub and go back on his own. gzPuO5

“Master, shouldn’t we give this little leopard to Woqing Abode?” Yan Lie came in and poked at the dirty little guy with a smile.

“Where would Qingtong find the time? Here you go.” Tianlang Zhenren touched his beard and raised his hand to throw the little leopard into Yan Lie’s arms. “Also, dispose of the mess in the foothills of the mountain.”

As the oldest disciple who always helped the Sect Leader with everything, Yan Lie silently swallowed the words “Why are you throwing this to me again?” and answered with a smile.

Mo Tianliao remembered that Master had asked him to stop by Qingning Palace. Remembering Qingtong’s look of disdain at the young leopard, he took a meticulous bath and changed into clean clothes before going to the main hall. 2fOMNG

It was getting late, and all the Liuli lamps in Qingning Palace were lit, making it look like a crystal palace from a distance.

When he slowly walked into the hall, a maidservant dressed in white motioned for him not to make any noise. Mo Tianliao looked up; his Master, who should have been sitting on a soft couch waiting for him, was lying on a big cushion, beautiful eyes closed, sleeping soundly.

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“You came at the right time.” The maidservant pointed to the door of the inner hall. “This servant did not dare wake up Zhenren, but it is too cold in the hall.” The meaning was obvious: please help wake up Zhenren and make him go back to his room to sleep.

Looking first at the slumbering beauty on the couch and then at the eyes of the pleading servant, Mo Tianliao slowly walked to the edge of the couch and knelt down. The light of the Liuli lamps shone on the beautiful jade-like face, the long and thick eyelashes casting a small shadow. 2I5VXm

He lifted his arms gently, embracing the beauty, and in front of the servant’s shocked gaze, positioned his master for a bridal carry.

A cultivator’s five senses were acute. Mo Tianliao was only pretending to hold him at first. He was ready for him to suddenly wake up and beat him to a pulp. However, when he did not wake up, he ended up picking up the man. Qingtong leaned against his chest quite naturally and nuzzled against it unconsciously.

Mo Tianliao’s heart suddenly started thundering. He swallowed convulsively and repeated to himself, “This is Master. This is Master.” He took a step and headed for the inner hall.



If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Author’s Note:

Mini Theatre

Carpenter: This is Master. This is Master Zsd2WM

Master: I’m your master. So what?

Carpenter: I have no impertinent thoughts, no impertinent thoughts

Master: *nuzzles* Meow…

Carpenter: *nosebleed* I think I’ll have to become a Buddhist monk instead QAQ 76buAi


Edited by tintin

Click for some fanart by the translator. (Very minor spoilers for future cuteness)


Translator's Note

From 斩草除根 (zhǎn cǎo chú gēn)

to cut weeds and eliminate the roots meaning to eliminate completely/ eradicate.

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Here it specifies he is a grandson descending from the first wife as opposed to a concubine.

Translator's Note

拜帖(bàitiē) a full-size paper bearing one’s name, used in former times as a visiting card.

Translator's Note

纨绔子弟 (wán​kù​zǐ​dì)​ Hedonistic sons of rich parents.

Translator's Note

1 zhang = 3.58 metres (11 feet 9 inches)

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

1 li is 500 meters or 1,640 feet.

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