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The White Cat's Divine Scratching PostCh19 - Fight


Mo Tianliao raised his hand and threw the cat into the crown of a nearby tree. Quick as lightning, he threw nine wood thorns as a pre-emptive strike. The woman’s defences broke before she could even activate a magic weapon.

The woman was shocked and had no time to react, but the man pulled her away quickly. Nine wood thorns were neatly embedded in the place where they had just been standing. Before the two could find their footing, a smoking black orb came hurtling by. ebHxro

The male demonic cultivator took out a sharp sword and cut the ball with extreme precision. Immediately after splitting in two, oil began to gush from each half, pouring all over the two people’s faces. The little wooden ball had had a space array carved on it!

Mo Tianliao made this oil from the rapeseed tree located in the rear mountains. It was very easy to ignite and naturally removed the gamey taste from meat, which made it ideal for cooking mountain goat.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Not good!” the woman screamed. This technique seemed way too familiar; without a doubt, there were more devious moves waiting for them. She quickly made a hand seal and erected a water barrier.

Sure enough, before the barrier was even finished, a torrent of fireballs suddenly appeared. EDyFRA

The water barrier quickly extinguished the condensed spirit fireballs. This woman was a human furnace with both fire and water attributes. She was given to Mo Tianliao as a plaything by a demonic sect in the past. He had used her for many years as a forge worker and watering can. Her constitution made her progress in cultivation slow, but she had at least reached the peak of Foundation Establishment during the last three hundred years. Naturally, her water barrier could extinguish the fireballs made by Mo Tianliao.

There was a great difference in spiritual power between the Foundation Establishment and Qi Refining stages. In theory, Mo Tianliao’s fight against these two people should have been like a mantis trying to stop a carriage. However, only his internal spirit force was low; he still had his divine soul and knew some high-level magic. It was still possible to kill someone who was at a higher level than him, not to mention…

Three more small balls were thrown, but this time the two were smarter. They didn’t try to evade anymore. The male demonic cultivator rushed straight at Mo Tianliao with a broadsword. He was a Foundation Establishment cultivator, why should he be afraid of some Qi Refining small fry?

The blade imbued with strong earth power came cutting across. Mo Tianliao dodged, and the broadsword slashed the ground with tremendous force.



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Endless yellow sand burst out of the gaping hole the sword tore into the ground.

Mo Tianliao jumped quickly; he didn’t have enough spiritual power to soar. Seeing the fissure near his feet, he rolled on the ground somewhat awkwardly and kicked a falling ball towards the rift.

“Hahahaha…” The big man laughed at Mo Tianliao rolling around like a dog. He was about to finish him with final slash when suddenly, countless iron sand pellets shot out. They were so powerful that they instantly broke through his body’s defences and embedded themselves into his flesh. 3gtAYB

“Ah!” the demonic cultivator cried out in pain. He covered his body with a thick veil of spiritual power. He stamped his feet powerfully, and the earth split underneath him. The other two balls that had just landed on the ground also fell into the crack in the ground. The pressure of the spiritually-charged earth destroyed them. The space array inside them was damaged, and the compressed iron pellets burst out at once.

Because of this, the whole sky was raining iron and sand…

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The woman who had been hiding off to the side saw that the situation looked bad. She took out her jade hairpin, turned it into a longsword, and used it to draw a pair of half-circles beside her. Two water columns rose to the sky, one shooting to attack Mo Tianliao, and the other heading towards her shixiong.

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“Wood thorn!” The demonic cultivator who had been shot into a bloody mess was furious; he yelled to remind his shimei to use the magic weapons he had just bought.

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Mo Tianliao made a sign with his hands; he used his fire powers to slow down the wood thorns, then spun around and caught two with his bare hands. The huge momentum made him stagger backwards several times. Once he stabilized his body, he hurled them back without a moment’s pause. The revolving wood thorns were enveloped in a layer of cyan flame.

The two demonic cultivators ignored this and reached out for the thorns, but forgot that the oil drenching them was still there. The flames suddenly ignited their clothes and the tips of their hair. The woman quickly used her water powers to draw liquid from the surrounding streams to put out the fire. However, she was horrified to find that the fire could not be put out with water! wtjf8G

Mo Tianliao gasped for breath then frowned slightly. He stopped fighting and quickly retreated to the tree where Mo Xiaozhao was hiding. He could hear two more people breathing. If the situation turned bad, he had to grab the cat and run away quickly.

The demonic cultivators burned for a long time. Finally, the woman discovered that the only way to extinguish the fire was to use qi condensed into liquid form. She quickly put out the fire around them. Using pure qi this way utilized a substantial amount of internal force. By the time the fire was extinguished, the woman’s face had turned ashen.

Just then, a flying sword rushed out and effortlessly pierced through the woman’s heart from behind.

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Her eyes widened, and she looked behind her incredulously only to see two cultivators in cyan robes appear. One of them raised his hand, and the flying sword flew back towards him. Blood gushed from her chest as she fell to the ground with a thud. aGs9Xu

Shimei!” the demonic cultivator roared.

Mo Tianliao observed the two men and narrowed his eyes slightly. The two Qingyun Sect men had been lying in ambush for a quarter of an hour. It seemed that they wanted to wait for both sides to be wounded enough before they took advantage. He immediately said, “Fellow cultivators, I am a disciple of Woyun Sect and a direct disciple of Qingtong Zhenren. I am very grateful for your help!”

After hearing this, the demonic cultivator rushed at the two Qingyun Sect men. Mo Tianliao leaned against the trunk of a tree to quietly catch his breath and quickly regain his spiritual strength.

“Meow…” The white kitten climbed down from the tree and jumped onto his shoulder. WPkKbh

Mo Tianliao rubbed the side of his face against its furry little body.

Of the two men clad in blue, one was at the Qi Refining stage and was simply enjoying the show. The other’s cultivation was stronger. He could use his spirit to control a flying sword, which meant that he possessed a divine soul: a Golden Core cultivator!

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Mo Tianliao frowned slightly, considering how to get away now that the fight was already over.

Although Golden Core and Foundation Establishment were only one cultivation realm apart, there was a great difference in strength. After all, there were few monsters like Mo Tianliao who could kill people above their level. Most Foundation Stage cultivators who encountered Golden Core cultivators could only expect to be slaughtered. 6B0sPT

The Qi Refining cultivator who stood idly by caught a glimpse of the kitten on Mo Tianliao’s shoulder from the corner of his eye. His eyes lit up, and he made a signal to the Golden Core cultivator.

“Two demonic cultivators mysteriously appeared and are now dead inside of Woyun Sect territory. Doesn’t it seem a bit strange?” the Golden Core cultivator sheathed his sword and asked disingenuously.

Mo Tianliao didn’t answer. He put the kitten in his arms, picked up the box of wood thorns, and opened it as if he were counting.

“You can keep their items; I still have things to do, so I’ll be going.” KjVD0x

“Ah, wait!” The Qi Refining cultivator barred Mo Tianliao’s way.

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“I saw a snow-white kitten in this fellow cultivator’s arms just now. Can I take a look?”

He had just signed a blood pact with the demonic leopard, so he temporarily had an acute sense around Demonic Beasts. He could vaguely feel that this was a Demonic Beast that had not yet been claimed!

The two of them originally came to visit Woyun Sect. When they heard Mo Tianliao say that he was an inner disciple, they wanted to make a good impression, and perhaps ask Mo Tianliao to accompany them to Woyun Sect. But they changed their minds the moment they saw Mo Xiaozhao. The value of a Demonic Beast was just too high. Even if this was Woyun Sect territory, it was worth it to commit murder and quickly escape with the Demonic Beast. i8LeKz

“Um…” Mo Tianliao slowly retreated half a step.

“Of course not!” He hadn’t even finished speaking before more than 40 wood thorns, all covered in a wisp of cyan wood-fire, were simultaneously launched at the Golden Core cultivator. Meanwhile, Mo Tianliao moved like lightning, palm forming a fist, charging directly toward the Qi Refining cultivator.

The Qi Refining cultivator was knocked down by his flame-covered fist.

Unexpectedly, the Golden Core cultivator dodged the wood thorns, jumped into the air, and, shaping his hands into claws, made a grab for Mo Tianliao’s chest. Mo Tianliao raised his hand to throw the kitten out in preparation to endure the blow. 6 W7nM

The man suddenly whirled around, grabbed the kitten, and soared into the air. There was a sudden flash of blinding white light and the three people instinctively closed their eyes.


The Golden Core Cultivator jerked, spewed a mouthful of blood, and crashed to the ground.

Mo Tianliao did not understand what had happened. He turned around and saw a man dressed in white, clothes fluttering, standing easily on empty air. Abundant spiritual power was surging all over his body. His face was like a jade carving, and his eyes were like Liuli crystal; he was beautiful beyond description. eNUkOn



Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


Author’s Note:

Mini Theatre

Carpenter: Getting attacked as soon as we leave the beginner village. Why so unlucky?!

Demonic cultivator: The little fresh meat I wanted to bully turned out to be a complete beast. Why so unlucky?! X2HIfK

Golden Core cultivator: I wanted to rob somebody, but I ended up encountering that person’s master. Why so unlucky?!

Master: You dare to bully this excellency’s scratching post? You are dead! Dead!!!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Edited by tintin

Am I the only one who thought MTL sounded like a product salesman? 25AWKd

This chapter was sponsored by: Rear Mountain Rapeseed Oil. All natural, perfect for cooking… and for burning your enemies to a crisp.

Translator's Note

Could also mean spray bottle

Translator's Note

螳臂当车 (tángbì-dāngchē) someone who overrates oneself and tries to hold back an overwhelmingly superior force. From a legend dated back to the Spring and Autumn Period.

Translator's Note

Green/blue/black but most probably cyan.

Translator's Note

Green/blue/black but most probably cyan.

Translator's Note

He’s referring to Mo Tianliao.

Translator's Note

Like in video games.

Translator's Note

Little Fresh Meat (小鲜肉) is an internet buzz word in China used to describe handsome young males. It is most commonly used for celebrities, particularly a rising star. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_Fresh_Meat Bassically means pretty boy.

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