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The White Cat's Divine Scratching PostCh15 - Doing Business


Mo Tianliao went to Qingning Palace to give a report, leaving a voice talisman for his shizun saying that he would be going down to look around the city, and would return in a few days. He then took the kitten with him and left Woyun Sect.

Woyun Sect was very strict normal disciples. To leave the sect, they had to report it in advance, and the duration for leaving the sect was restricted. For disciples who were on the same level as Mo Tianliao, at the sixth stage of Qi Refining, they could leave the sect for at most six days a year. lmwOHj

However, for direct disciples, there were no such restrictions. As long as their shizun agreed, they could leave the sect any time if they wished. Additionally, Mo Tianliao’s shizun‘s orders for him were, “Whatever you want to do, just do it”.

Mo Tianliao had found out from his shidi that 50 miles below the mountains of Woyun Sect, there was a town of cultivators.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

On the way down the mountains, there were many clusters of wildflowers along the road, with butterflies flying around. The kitten struggled in Mo Tianliao’s arms, wanting to go down. Mo Tianliao had no chance but to put him down, “I will walk slowly, be obedient and follow me. Don’t run around too much.”

Mo Tianliao rubbed the kitten’s head, then walked forward slowly. He took a few steps forward and turned back, finding that the kitten was still in the original place where he placed him down. Catching sight of a blue butterfly flying overhead, the white furball suddenly leapt up. He captured the butterfly in his paws in one catch, and feeling bored, released the butterfly. The frightened butterfly shakily flew away to escape. Seeing this, the kitten was once again interested and jumped up to capture it in one grab again. WKw2H5

Playing around in the flowers, the kitten’s white fur quickly got dirty with many petals and grass stains and was unhappy. He jumped out of the flowers and furiously shook his body, trying to get them off.

“Don’t play anymore, let’s go.” Mo Tianliao said helplessly, standing a few steps away.

The kitten looked back to glance at him and ignored him. He squatted in his original position to lick his fur, and when he tried to lick his paws, realised that his paws were stained with soil. Disgusted, he flicked it off and turned around to run to Mo Tianliao’s side. 

Mo Tianliao was pleased and smiled, the furball was finally following obediently. He took a step forward, but suddenly felt a weight pulling at his waist and looked down. The white furball was hanging onto the hem of his robes.


After a moment of silence, Mo Tianliao accepted his fate and bent down to place this Lord Kitty in his arms.

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“Mrow!” The kitten raised his dirty paws to show Mo Tianliao.

Mo Tianliao understood, and took out a handkerchief and a water bottle. He poured water on the handkerchief and wiped the kitten’s paws. The greyish-brown paws quickly became pink again, but the kitten did not want to go down. He clutched onto Mo Tianliao’s sleeve and climbed up to the top of his head.

“Meow!” The kitten happily meowed, and Mo Tianliao’s lips twitched. He could not help but feel that the Lord Kitty was saying, “Ride!” His original fantasy of him, the owner, walking in front while the kitten chased after him from the back, seemed impossible to fulfill… m4EV I

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With the Lord Kitty perched on his head, Mo Tianliao widened his stance and walked down the mountain. He was still at the sixth stage of Qi Refining and could not fly down the mountain on a sword yet, but his body was already as light as a bird. In less than two shichen, he will have reached the borders of the town.

Along the main road to a sect entrance, there were always various cultivation towns, big and small. These towns were protected by the sect. There were usually few mortals in the towns, and these mortals often lived in scrap houses. Disciples from the sect also often visited these towns to trade for materials they needed for cultivation.

The town at the foot of the mountain was named Ruyi Town, it was actually a long street. There were two market squares at each end of the street. The whole town was shaped like a jade scepter, so it was thus named Ruyi Town.

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Of course, most of them were unclassified stalls, selling many kinds of items. Most of these stalls were set up by disciples who had left their sects to gain experience and gained items they didn’t need. The items they were selling could be bought with lingshi or exchanged with other materials.

Mo Tianliao looked around casually, and did not stop to do much. He went directly to a stall on the street which sold refined weapons and devices.

After three hundred years of not being in the trade, Mo Tianliao first visited a few shops to get a rough gauge on the current price of a storage pouch. The prices they gave him were all around the same range, and he finally chose Xiang Rong Zhai, a stall that was relatively more refined than the others, and which prices were also slightly higher. dpQ8CR

“What is this patron looking to buy?” The shopkeeper, a mortal looking to be around forty to fifty years old, asked with a smile, “Our Xiang Rong Zhai’s items are of the best quality in Ruyi Town.”

“I have some mink fur, I want to exchange it for some good wine.” Mo Tianliao said lightly.

The shopkeeper froze for a while, and immediately changed the smile: “Over here, we also sell good wine, please come in.”

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This was the slang of refiners. “I have mink fur to trade for wine, and I can buy a sword.” This slang was created for two uses, one was to protect refiners with spiritual treasures from outside and possibly malicious intentions, and the other was to remind the store that this was a refiner who knew the market and thus needed to be given a fair price. kU0Luv

Inside housed a small tearoom, with refined and tasteful decor.

The shopkeeper poured a cup of tea for Mo Tianliao and sat down opposite him, “This small friend is young, yet can refine devices, your future is definitely bright.” A pair of slightly narrowed eyes swept over Mo Tianliao’s body, flashing with hidden meanings.

Mo Tianliao downed the cup of tea, “This shopkeeper has misunderstood, I have merely refined qi a little, I came here today to represent my master to sell these small items.”

The shopkeeper understood, and the smile could not help but deepen: “It turns out that you’re actually a great master’s disciple, whatever you have brought to sell, please take it out, over here at Xiang Rong Zhai we offer higher prices than other stalls.” Ps80C1

Mo Tianliao also did not make any small talk, he had refined five storage pouches, he left two for himself and took out three pouches. The bag was finely crafted and the fabric was also high-grade fine silk, extremely beautiful.

The shopkeeper’s eyes brightened, many storage pouches had a lot of space inside, but the outer appearances were very ugly, and were unable to sell for a good price. On closer examination, the space was not big, but it was very stable. The inside was filled with spiritual energy, and there was totally no leakage.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“Excellent craftsmanship!” The shopkeeper couldn’t help but marvel. This special technique of painting the array could only be used by the masters who had totally perfected the skills of refining, but the space was obviously not big…

“The array was painted by the master, and the pouch was filled with spiritual energy by the lower-ranked disciples.” This shopkeeper was halfway through Foundation Building, Mo Tianliao said that lower-ranked disciples also had a hand in making the pouches. JdW0N5

The shopkeeper no longer had doubts, “This array is certainly a good one, it’s a pity that the space inside is too small.”

The first storage pouch that had been interrupted by the Lord Kitty sold for six pieces of mid-grade lingshi, and the remaining two which were the size of two and a half houses each sold for fifteen pieces of mid-grade lingshi.

Mo Tianliao nodded and agreed with the price offered, and gave the shopkeeper a discount of one mid-grade lingshi, only wanting thirty-five, “I would like to inquire with the shopkeeper concerning a matter.”

“Please ask.” The shopkeeper kept the one piece of lingshi, and had a very positive impression of this little cultivator who was so generous. cVJ6a3

“Have you ever heard of Lord Duantian’s divine weapons?” Mo Tianliao lowered his voice.

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The shopkeeper frowned slightly, “Naturally I know, this small friend is wishing to inquire about the whereabouts of the divine weapons.”

“Master is very obsessed with the path of refining. He only wants to see the divine weapon once in this lifetime.” Mo Tianliao said helplessly.

“Of course, who does not yearn for a divine weapon?” The shopkeeper smiled and looked around, and also lowered his voice. “That year, many high-level masters died at the volcano, and even the bones of Duantian were unable to be found. Later when others went, they could only occasionally manage to find some treasures. Duantian did not bring the divine weapon with him at all. It was still at Mo Palace’s Fentian Taiji furnace, but it was already long taken away by someone else, really a pity.” MqZd6K

Once the divine weapon was finished, everyone naturally fought for it madly, once causing a huge hunting storm. However, people later discovered that no one knew how to use the weapon, and even the sect leader of Qingyun Sect lord was unable to do anything, and the competition for it gradually subsided. The divine weapon was actually still in experimental stages, not yet refined perfectly. It was said that because it had been removed from the forge early, there was an irreparable fracture, and even the best refiners of the orthodox path were unable to repair it.

The shopkeeper lamented, “In this world, except for Lord Duantian, unfortunately no one can successfully refine a divine weapon.”

As for the whereabouts of the divine weapon, the last time I heard, it was at the Sect Conference a hundred years ago. Then, it was in the hands of Qingyun Sect. After that, no one knows where it went. It was said to be stolen by the first thief in the cultivation world, then sold at black market auctions.

“I have been in Ruyi Town for many years, the news here is not that reliable. If this small friend wishes to inquire, you can go to a distant town to ask.” 10XYqA

Mo Tianliao thanked the shopkeeper and kept the newly earned lingshi in his storage pouch. He threw the storage pouch into the storage bracelet and walked out of Xiang Rong Zhai.

The usual storage pouch could not be placed in other storage pouches. This bracelet that was made by Lord Duantian, although the space inside was small, it not only was resistant to lightning, but also had the added benefit of allowing other storage pouches to be placed inside. However, except for him, no one knew about this. After all, it was a much more valuable selling point for a pouch to be lightning-resistant than to be able to contain more items.

Although the so-called lightning-resistance only applied to the bracelet alone…

“Mrow…” The kitten woke up and stretched, then started to climb up. fMd9v2

Mo Tianliao hurriedly pressed on the opening of his robes, preventing the kitten from exposing his head. The kitten couldn’t get out and was very unhappy, he began to scratch Mo Tianliao’s waist through his inner robes.

Mo Tianliao’s waist felt ticklish, and he tried his best to contain his laughter, afraid that others would notice a spiritual beast with him. He couldn’t move freely, and had to walk upright stiffly. He walked expressionlessly into a stall selling robes, bought a black cloak and covered himself, then took out the troublesome furball and rubbed the kitten’s head furiously.

tl note: 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

mo tianliao is so indulgent towards his little kitty! thanks for all the well wishes QEtX5C

Translator's Note

he widened his legs to walk in a funny way to be more stable, so it’s easier for lord kitty to keep his balance

Translator's Note

scraps vaguely resembling a structure of a house, something like squatter settlements?

Translator's Note

如意: Ruyi is a curved decorative object that serves as either a ceremonial scepter in Chinese Buddhism or a talisman symbolizing power and good fortune in Chinese folklore. looks like this:

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

焚天: burning the sky, 太极: tai chi

Translator's Note


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