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The White Cat's Divine Scratching PostCh13 - Refining Weapons


There were seventy two Heavens, each with a different purpose, such as refining weapons, alchemy and sword fighting, etc. If Mo Tianliao went to Thousand Buds Heaven, after two years, he might be lucky enough to be selected to go to Red Flame Heaven where they specialized in refining weapons.

Red Flame Heaven was in the southeast, where there was Chiyang fire accumulated by the previous sect leader. Although it was not comparable to the Duantian fire in Mo Tianliao’s palace, it was also considered a top-grade type of fire. Chiyang fire burned endlessly in Red Flame Heaven, it was very suitable for refining weapons. OE6d a

The seventy two Heavens were very different. Red Flame Heaven was a stone mountain filled with stone caves at the top. Some disciples had set up a table at the entrance. When they saw Mo Tianliao, they stopped him, “Who is here?”

Mo Tianliao showed them the jade token at his waist: “Woqing Cove’s first-generation of disciples, Mo Tianliao.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The jade token was embedded into the center of a mountain protection array, and fit perfectly. The array emitted a blue light, then immediately turned calm.

The guard returned the jade token to Mo Tianliao, and smiled kindly, “Shishu wishes to refine weapons?” Although the status of the young person in front of him was not high, he was still a Cove master’s direct disciple, and couldn’t be offended. jKSVZf

“I want to rent a forge.” Mo Tianliao bowed respectfully.

There was a long scroll on the table. The guard lightly waved a hand over it and many grids appeared on it, some were lighted up in red while the rest were dim.

“Presently, there is still one high-grade forge available, three mid-grade forges and fourteen low-grade forges.” The guard smiled and said. The prices for using each forge was clearly shown on the scroll.

The disciples in Red Flame Heaven could refine weapons at no cost for a duration of time every month. For other disciples who wanted to use the forges, they needed to use lingshi to pay. To rent a low-grade forge for a day, Mo Tianliao needed three pieces of low-grade lingshi, seven pieces for a mid-grade forge, and one mid-grade lingshi for a high-grade forge.


Mo Tianliao frowned slightly and calculated the time it would take for him to finish what he needed to refine, it would take at least ten days, “Give me a low-grade forge with more fire.”

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The guard nodded in understanding. Refining weapons required flawless control of spiritual power. In his opinion, this direct disciple was probably only here for fun. After all, he had never heard of anyone who could refine a weapon when they were still in the Qi Condensation stage. Therefore, a low-grade forge would suffice for him.

“All the way to the south, close to the mid-grade forges, the price is slightly higher at four pieces of low-grade lingshi are required.” The guard smiled.

Mo Tianliao bowed and threw  to him: “Place the daily meals at the door of the forge, if there are no problems do not enter and disturb.” JbvERK

After that, he took the jade token to the forge and walked toward the south.

“Tsk tsk, really undeserving of being a direct disciple. Not even blinking while spending this much lingshi.” After waiting for Mo Tianliao to walk away, the guard complained to his martial brothers with him.

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“He has three times more monthly allowance than you, plus his shizun’s extra help. How can you compare?” The two pursed their lips. For those who were sheltered by their shizun, they… could only envy.

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Ktf obguf kjr nfgs mifjc jcv mbwqifafis fwqas, atfgf kjr bcis j ygbchf oegcjmf qijmfv lc atf mfcafg. Fcvfg atf oegcjmf, tba rabcfr uibkfv, klat rqjgxr oilmxfglcu, la kjr lcvffv j olgfrabcf.

Mo Tianliao walked over and inspected the bronze furnace. It only took a glance to see that the difference in this forge was not only the intensity of the fire, but also the type of tripod holding the furnace. This bronze furnace was the most ordinary one. It had no special function and it was easy to use.

However, he did not come here intending to refine any high-level spiritual treasures, the bronze furnace was considered enough.

“Mrow!” The small kitten in his arms curiously poked his head out and felt that the warm temperature here was very comfortable. He became happy and stretched out his paws, wanting to climb outside. 98mLjX

In the past when in Mo Palace, when Mo Tianliao refined weapons, Mo Xiaozhao liked to follow him. He was obviously a water attribute spiritual beast, but the kitten ironically liked warm places.

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Once the little white furball touched the ground, he immediately ran to the fire and lifted his paws to rest on a hot stone. One paw rested on it, and there was a “hiss” sound, the originally steaming stone was instantly frozen into ice. QePG4f

Mo Tianliao sat down beside the furnace and took out the materials he needed for refining from the storage bracelet.

A few days ago, Mo Tianliao regularly went to seek an audience with his shizun, but he did not manage to see him. He then went to curry favour with the maidservant dressed in white, and accidentally learnt that his clothes were sewn by these attendants.

Elder sister’s hands are really skillful, you can actually sew three sets of robes in one day,” Mo Tianliao smiled charmingly. “I wonder if there are any scraps left over?”

“What do you want to do with them?” The maidservant couldn’t help but ask. W47cdR

“I want to make a few money pouches and put some loose items.” Mo Tianliao scratched his head and looked embarrassed.

The materials used to make storage bracelets were expensive, and disciples still in the Qi Refining stage normally were unable to use them, so they would carry a money pouch like a mortal.

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The maidservant looked at the shy and beautiful youth and her heart could not help but soften. “Tell the servants to bring them to you.”

The next day, Mo Tianliao received five exquisitely-made money pouches, each embroidered with different patterns. ti8G9

Mo Tianliao took out the five pouches and poured out the things inside. All of them were scrap materials that he had picked up in the rear mountains. There was black iron, cordierite, various crystals, etc. The size of the biggest stone was only around the size of a baby’s fist, they were all debris that had fallen off the mountain.

If this was seen by other weapon refiners, they would probably laugh their teeth out. The failure rate of refining weapons was much higher than that of alchemy. If you wanted to refine a dagger, you needed at least one foot of black iron. What could he make from these scraps that were the size of a baby’s thumbs?

“Meow!” The white kitten pushed the round ice stone over and shoved it beside Mo Tianliao’s legs.

Mo Tianliao picked up the ice stone, and felt the coldness seeping into the skin. He could not help but shiver. He put down the ice stone and picked the kitten up, stroking his little pink paws. 3spC8l

Behind the kitten’s paws were pure white fur, and in the center of his paw was a perfect pink circle. When pinched, it was soft and warm, only slightly colder than the temperature of Mo Tianliao’s own hands.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“So it was like this.” He put the kitten on the lap and stroked his fur. Mo Tianliao finally understood. Before, in Mo Palace, the kitten was still small. He could only conjure a water ball to throw at him. Now that he had grown up, his special attribute began to show. The kitten was not simply a water attribute but a water-ice attribute, the strongest variation of all water attributes.

The temperature of the body would be slightly affected based on different attributes. For example, Mo Tianliao was a fire attribute, his temperature would be slightly higher than the average person. The kitten’s body temperature was naturally lower than other cats. This was exactly the reason why the small furball liked warm places.

“Be obedient, I have to burn things now, play by yourself, don’t play with fire.” Putting the kitten aside, Mo Tianliao took out a small knife, this was a knife for carving radish he had taken from the small kitchen of Qingning Palace, a sharp knife with a big handle. ncBxNQ

He opened the furnace, picked up two stones that felt warm and knocked them in his hands. The two stones caught fire and Mo Tianliao quickly threw them into the furnace, the bottom was connected beneath the forge. The fire stones fell into the ground and ignited a huge blast of Chiyang fire.

“Boom!” The fire blazed, temporarily turning the bronze furnace a deep red.

Mo Tianliao closed his eyes, used his powerful spirit to control the fire and uncovered the furnace. He threw a small stone into it and covered the furnace. He immediately used his fingers to imprint a handprint on the cover to make the bronze furnace rotate evenly.

Slender hands were clasped together and the ten fingers flew, the seal was quickly imprinted. Three handprints were successively imprinted on the furnace one after another. gl19DH

The small stone in the bronze furnace gradually split and were individually suspended in the furnace to be heated evenly. Mo Tianliao wiped away a drop of sweat on his forehead. His spiritual power during the Qi Refining period was very limited, after imprinting four handprints he had to take a break. While catching his breath, he let the Chiyang fire refine the stone. During this time, he could then do other things.

The kitten squatted beside the bronze furnace and watched it rotating intermittently. After he looked for a while, he got tired and climbed down, yawning. He continued to watch the furnace, head rotating together with the furnace.

Mo Tianliao did not pay attention to it, he laced his hands at his dantian and meditated for a while.

In the forge, the spiritual energy from the fire was abundant, Mo Tianliao quickly absorbed the energy. He opened the furnace, and took out a piece of pyrite. The stone was originally grey, extremely easy to refine, only putting this much of effort and the stone was refined into a liquid. After refining, it became transparent, floating above the palm of his hand. VFTh69

Channeling spiritual energy to his fingertips, Mo Tianliao dipped his fingers into the liquid and inverted the cloth pouch, quickly using his fingers to paint the interior. After a while, a flawless space array was engraved inside the pouch. Inverting the pouch once again, he gathered spiritual energy in his palm and started to fill the bag. Fire spiritual energy was constantly being poured into the bag, the interior continuously expanded and enlarged.

“Mrow!” The sleepy kitten stood up and walked over slowly, clinging onto Mo Tianliao’s knee while staring at him.

The constant flow of spiritual energy was suddenly interrupted, the pouch had already been filled to the size of two wooden boxes. Once the spiritual energy was interrupted, there was no possibility of adding more into the pouch. Mo Tianliao looked helplessly at the storage pouch in his hand, and estimated that he could only sell it for five pieces of mid-grade lingshi.

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“Meow!” The kitten saw that Mo Tianliao was still looking at the broken bag. Dissatisfied, he started to scratch Mo Tianliao’s knees. BX6uY2

Mo Tianliao threw the finished storage pouch aside and lifted his hands to pick up his Lord Kitty: “Lord Kitty, what are your orders?”

The white kitten yawned, he was obviously sleepy.

Hooking his lips, Mo Tianliao held the kitten and stroked his fur, then gently tucked him into his clothes, putting him into his inner robes. The kitten that was so sleepy that he could not open his eyes felt the familiar body temperature and comfortably cuddled closer to Mo Tianliao’s soft body. Inside Mo Tianliao’s robes, he slept peacefully.

tl note:  XIqYmx

was really busy this week, so had to rush majority of this chapter all in a day zz 

there were so many descriptions in this chapter which really is a pain to translate orz

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

mo tianliao made a storage pouch!! step 1 of his journey of earning money for his xiaozhao~

hope you enjoyed, see you next week! jtxHuv

Translator's Note

赤阳: red sun

Translator's Note

煅天: celestial sky. original translator left mo tianliao’s title as lord duantian hence i’ll also leave this in pinyin form 

Translator's Note

imagine this but more red i guess

Translator's Note

olden day kind of table

Translator's Note

阵盘: array, essentially magic circles which cast a continuous area-of-effect spell on the location the formation encompasses. (source: wuxiaworld)

Translator's Note

竹简: bamboo scroll

Translator's Note

鼎炉: looks like this, couldn’t find any other word that fit orz

Translator's Note

魔: magic/demonic, there are many translations for this so i’m leaving it in pinyin form 

Translator's Note

attendant to his shizun 

Translator's Note

姐姐: jiejie 

Translator's Note

变异冰: meaning he can change water to ice and vice versa

Translator's Note

 丹田: core where qi is concentrated, don’t confuse with duantian!

Translator's Note

to clarify, it’s sort of like larva from the melted stone

Translator's Note


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