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My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran AwayCh5 - You Don’t Have a Father!


Translator: Callis

As soon as Xuan Feng came out, the atmosphere immediately became lively. The audience applauded and tossed out praises and fireworks. They hadn’t heard Xuan Feng’s singing in so long! It was still so magical! NGtuHS

Hahaha Xuan Feng’s singing voice is unmatched!
The magic of love goes round and round~ Pick up Xuan Feng and turn round and round~
How cute! Five more stars!


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Tang Wan looked at the rows of gifts and couldn’t help but laugh. Xuan Feng was good for the warm-up. His mouth was always running, running and foul!

As soon as the audience saw Xuan Feng on stage, the questions came in a barrage: Is Xuan Feng playing games live for everyone again? Come for a round! 5f6TKY

The audience’s game was similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Now, technology was so advanced, games could be played with a spiritual link. It was like actually being on the battlefield, quite exciting. After entering the game, a random planet would be selected with different landscapes and seven-person teams could randomly matched or self-organized. Each team would be randomly transported to a different location. With a total of 300 people, the team that survived till the end and planted the red flag in the designated place would win. Before, his audience had tricked Tang Wan into a game. He didn’t know how to operate it, so he couldn’t do anything. Adding in Xuan Feng’s babbling mouth, he got a lot of laughs, and the audience loved it.

Tang Wan saw that it was still early. “Just one game. First, I’ll make it clear, I still don’t know how to play. Don’t expect me to win.”

The barrage of comments all said: We’ll see if you win!

Tang Wan: “……” R26DYh

These words gave him a complicated feeling.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

As soon as Tang Wan went online, he matched with six random teammates. Xuan Feng stood on Tang Wan’s shoulder and watched, fluttering his wings. He wasn’t excited. He could see that it would be a bad time, he was full of things to say, but couldn’t fly in an artificial environment.

The audience all followed, kicking up a fuss: Go! Go! Go!

Tang Wan was helpless, “If you guys continue on like this, sooner or later, you’ll be invited to tea by the network administrator.” CUewfm

Scholar Xuan Feng said: “Please go and have tea! Please go and have tea!”

After entering the team, all the teammates could hear what they were saying. When Xuan Feng spoke, all the teammates howled, “It’s over! No. 3 is a little student!”

“What about little students? Nowadays, a lot of students are much better than adults. Isn’t that right, little brother No. 3?”

“No. 3? Why isn’t No.3 talking?” 7OKbw6

Tang Wan coughed softly and said, “I’m here.”

“Eh? It’s not a kid, No. 3 has a good voice. Do you want to add each other as friends?”

“Add me, add me, I’ll take you to fly ~ Want to meet?”

Xuan Feng didn’t recognize the words, didn’t know that they were No.3, but understood after Tang Wan spoke. Xuan Feng: “Shut up! Won’t add! Won’t meet! Won’t see!” 1y8eDC

Tang Wan: “……”

The live studio audience: “Pfft!”
Hahahaha, well said! Correct, won’t add, won’t meet, won’t see!
Guarding against us and daring to hook up with our Tang Tang, you really don’t want to live, humph!
In other words, those six people know each other.
Fuck! It really is! Look at this name, it’s a team.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

After entering the game, Tang Wan only picked up a large knife and ran behind the team. He watched as others picked things up. When the others threw down the equipment they replaced, he picked it up and played with it especially carefully. L3DSdl

Ktf jevlfcmf lc atf ilnf ygbjvmjralcu raevlb ijeutfv jcv mglfv: Lbk mjc atlr asqf bo ujwf yf qijsfv ilxf atlr, ub eq jcv vb la, vbc’a kbggs!

Ca atlr wbwfca, tf tfjgv tlr afjwwjaf rjs, “P bglulcjiis kjcafv ab xffq tlw ab ufa wbgf fdelqwfca, yea P vlvc’a atlcx tf’v yf remt j obbi.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll sacrifice him later!”

Someone reminded them: “You two, this is not our team channel!” fohHkl

“Fuck! Change the channel!”

“He’s just a rookie, doesn’t even know how to use a gun.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tang Wan looked at the knife in his hands, turned off the game, and asked the audience: “What is a ‘sacrifice’?

The audience had also heard the game team’s words and explained to Tang Wan: ‘Sacrifice’ means selling you, killing you, stealing your equipment, using you as a shield during fights, leaving you behind when they retreat, letting you become the same as an orphan.
That’s all right la~ That’s the way this game was. Many veterans used newcomers as cushions, the road of growth for the little rookies aren’t easy.
You could distance yourself from them a little, but you would be easily caught by other teams after leaving.
Next time, our team will lead you, I am a professional gamer, Mother despises bullying children!
Upstairs, bragging! Ujhtr3

Tang Wan took a look at the ID of the person who said that they were a professional gamer: Crazy Luo Bei. They should be a fan of Luo Bei’s. Tang Wan noted it down. At this time, they encountered an enemy in the game, and his teammates already ran away, really leaving him behind. Tang Wan looked at the big knife in his hands and resolutely ran after them. He didn’t have any equipment, he was a lightweight and ran as quickly as a thief, while asking, “Where are you going? Wait for me!”

The teammates were in a hurry, “**! Don’t follow us!”

“You’re leading the enemy over!”

“Look for a bunker, that *** brought the enemy!” 3DwFht

Tang Wan raised his eyebrows, dissatisfied, and asked, “How could you not have a sense of unity and love, still swearing? Is this a team?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Someone on the team channel yelled, “Who’s on a team with you, rookie?”

“Not only a rookie, but also a pit!”

Originally, the fans wanted to have a good time, where everyone could play games, relax, rookies were often pitted by teammates, but the personal attacks were too much. Just looking at Tang Wan, they didn’t want to see him be scolded: These teammates were sick ba! They wanted to sacrifice Tang Wan from the beginning, and when Tang Tang found out he didn’t scold them! BEdAvj

It’s just playing a game, why pay attention to quality?

They sold Tang Tang out first. They’ve seen teammates sell another out before, but they’ve never seen teammates do it and still curse afterward. This could already be reported. This was the last week for the qualifying rounds, Tang Tang, quickly report them, deduct their points so that they can’t play!


“Finish playing, then I’ll consider it.” Tang Wan had already almost caught up to his teammates, and copied them, lying down on the ground next to them. He put his big knife away and pulled out a gun. He only had ten bullets. Tang Wan tried to aim and fired three shots. Without a doubt, all of them missed. 06cO3J

Tang Wan was embarrassed, “This is really difficult.”

The captain angrily stomped his foot: “No. 3, don’t shoot! You’ll expose our position!”

“Oh!” Tang Wan quickly collected his gun and took out a quantum bomb. He pushed himself back, hiding behind a rock.

The audience laughed and smacked the table: Tang Tang, you really are a pit! 5cmqaw

At this moment, the snipers across from them found Tang Wan and the team’s positions. A single hit of a bullet smashed through 80% of their HP. A teammate cursed, “Damn!” He quickly hid behind the rocks, intending to recover some HP and try to hit the opposing side. Unexpectedly, he tried to retreat and found that he couldn’t. Tang Wan was laying right behind him and blocked his path.

No. 4 exploded, “No. 3, you ***, don’t block —”

A gun banged and the opposing sniper made a shot. No. 4’s body crashed down straight in front of Tang Wan’s eyes. Facing the ground, a large piece of equipment fell down in front of him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tang Wan looked at the few quantum bombs with a blank face. What happened? UNsPE9

The audience roared with laughter: Tang Tang, jia you, jia you! Hahahahaha, wanted to sacrifice our Tang Tang! And the outcome was that they were pitted to death by the rookie!

Tang Wan really was innocent, so what happened?

No. 4 already scolded within the team, “No. 3! You ***, are you ***?! I already told you to ***, why don’t you ***?!”

In this game, no dirty words could be spoken. They needed to be civilized, set a positive atmosphere, and all dirty words would be censored. E2iMu8

Tang Wan blinked, “What is he talking about? Is he scolding me?”

Audience: “Not important! Baby, don’t listen to him, keep fighting! You can win!”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Tang Wan was speechless, he really didn’t know what happened!

No. 4 was still cursing, “ *****, *****, ***** ”……Anyways, every sentence was censored, he didn’t know what No.4 was saying. 0Y8aP6

The captain couldn’t listen anymore, “Don’t make any more noise, we’ll talk after we finish. Do we have any quantum bombs left? Throw it at other side!”

Several quantum bombs were thrown and sure enough, two enemies were killed.

At this time, No.2 was on the team channel and said, “No.3 give me your quantum bombs. There’s no use in keeping it!”

Tang Wan raised his eyebrows, dissatisfied with the tone of the other party’s voice. Still, in the spirit of camaraderie and friendship, he asked patiently, “I have three, how would I give it to you?” iEcVAe

“Crawl here, put it on the ground!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tang Wan crawled over and tossed all three quantum bombs onto the ground.

Then they heard No.2 shout, “Run! The rookie threw three bombs!!!”

All the teammates and Tang Wan were still muddled. “Didn’t he say to throw it on the ground? I threw it.” MwhH 7

The audience laughed so hard that they couldn’t speak, leaving only rows of laughing and crying expressions. Tang Wan, a rookie, didn’t know the difference between throwing it out and just dropping it. When No.2 told him to put it down, he obeyed.

No.2 had just crawled back up when he heard a bang and the screen went white.

Meanwhile, a series of announcements came on the world channel of deaths from quantum bombs. There were settings in the game that prevented teammates from shooting each other, but high quality quantum bombs could cause large-scale explosions. If they were injured by mistake, then they would die. Now the whole world was in an uproar, lettings out huge guffaws: “The whole team was blown to death! Killed by their own people, this operation was too arrogant!”

After the battle ended, the team disbanded, the whole team had been pitted to death by Tang Wan. They went to the channel screen and started stomping: Pitted! What a pit! ******! d3oSxr

After playing for so long, I have never seen such a pit *** rookie! ***!

Lao Zi’s most grievous death, if I see him in the future, I’ll give him a beating!

Tang Wan opened the channel. He felt wronged and directly asked the world channel: “When you said you wanted to sacrifice me, I didn’t complain. You asked me to throw it, and I threw it. What else do you want?”

The world channel: Right! You asked him to throw it and he threw it, what else do you want? VETzJI

You wanted to sacrifice the rookie, but didn’t expect that he would be so stupid that he would catch the entire team!

I could laugh at this joke for a week hahahaha ~~~~


If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

The team angrily scolded Tang Wan, telling him not to act like a ! Go to the arena alone! Wanted six games to kill him! h1nbqP

The lively audience felt that this team was a bit bullying. Everyone liked to bully rookies, and often sacrificed them. Everything was mutually reinforcing. The rookie is new, if it was pitted, then it would be pitted. It’s just entertainment, just be happy.

A peacemaker followed up, suggesting: No need, don’t bully people too much. What if the rookie grew up to be a god?

Alright, alright, let’s be more tolerant of rookies and just play games. You said you sacrificed people, other people wouldn’t be angry?

The audience in the live broadcast room wouldn’t quit, especially Crazy Luo Bei: Come, brothers come online, fuck! Remember these IDs, see them once, beat them once! P2ZXp9

At this time, Xuan Feng, who had been silent, suddenly shouted and scolded, “Shut up, you bald man!”

The live studio went silent and looked at Xuan Feng. He had raised his wings and jumped with his legs straight. He jumped left and right, in a wrestling posture.

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They were still in the game, angrily cursing, “You **** are **** ! I ****** !”

Xuan Feng pushed his head forward, and said with a sharp mouth, “Bald man! Orphan!” v3PwGL

“You ***** ! ! !”

Xuan Feng: “You don’t have a father! No father! No father! Pah! Orphan!”

The world channel: “…….”

They were as quiet as a chicken! r27Uy0

After five seconds of silence, someone on the world channel asked: “What does he mean, you don’t have a father?”

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Pu! ! !

This really won!

You don’t have a father hahahaha~~ 9OGtfE

The live studio threw rewards: our Xuan Feng released the big moves!

Xuan Feng’s aggressiveness! Hahahahahaha! God, you have no father!

The teammates were obviously provoked by Xuan Feng and did not know what to scold. They were warned directly by the system.

Before Tang Wan spoke, he had already won the battle. qvT3iu

Later, this exchange was captured by the audience and posted to the official forum of 《Battlegrounds》, which made Xuan Feng even more popular.

#How did a little bird from the ancient world scold the whole team until they were vomiting blood?#

People who saw the battle rushed to leave messages, but they didn’t expect that a bird was doing the scolding!

It was an extinct pet bird summoned by its owner with a power! PFSZ7O

The six people hadn’t scolded this type of antique bird before!

With that ability, you could summon earth creatures. At present, there was only one in the whole galaxy: a hot internet star that had never revealed his face, Weibo ID: ‘eating, sleeping, and scolding Da Zhuang’!

Thus, Tang Wan had become famous, everyone that played this game knew that ‘eating, sleeping, and scolding Da Zhuang’ was the stupidest《Battlegrounds》rookie in the entire empire!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Please don’t give Tang Tang any more trust issues  (๑•﹏•)⋆* ⁑⋆*
All the ***’s were a joy to translate mZh0MN

Early update, bonus kofi chapter #1!

We also have an Indonesian translation from Akai! (First chapter to be released soon)

Translator's Note

A battle royale style game, very popular

Translator's Note

老子 -> arrogant way of referring to yourself

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