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My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran AwayCh48.1 - Danger is Approaching


Translator: Callis
Editor: Walker

Tang Wan had already helped Lin Bo tidy up the items. He asked, without raising his head: “What thing? Just say it.”  0DNB8d

Instead, Tang Wan’s manner left Zong He not knowing how to say it. If he directly said that he was Da Zhuang, he didn’t have to toss about. Would Tang Wan divorce him? 

Seeing how Tang Wan had excitedly prepared so many things, wanting to take him out to play, Zong He took a deep breath and calmly said, “Fine then, I’ll tell you when I return.” 

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Puzzled, Tang Wan glanced at the other. What? How mysterious. 

Lin Bo stifled his laughter, “Did you prepare these things for the Young Master?” jvSdb

“Yes!” Tang Wan said, delighted: “I received the tickets that the Good Baby Production Company gave me, so I want to take Da Zhuang out to play when he has a break. I researched strategies for bringing a baby. It said that all of these things are necessary, especially the super diapers.”

Zong He cut in with a dark expression: “Da Zhuang won’t go.”

Tang Wan’s expression also cooled: “Why?”

Zong He coldly snorted and unhappily said: “Because this super diaper looks too stupid!” 4EMX0I

Tang Wan raised his eyebrows. This was a matter of quarreling with him. Just like cats, big cats really couldn’t be spoiled. If he said he’d lose his temper, then he’d lose his temper, but the problem was that he didn’t know why he had lost his temper. “It isn’t for you to use, so why are you upset? You’re a tiger, not a cat! Did you have too much breakfast and nothing to do? Are you so idle that you’re throwing tantrums?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zong He originally wanted to leave, but he didn’t after Tang Wan’s direct attack, “You differentiate species by size?”

Tang Wan gestured with his hands, “How else?”

From Zong He’s perspective, only Tang Wan, an idiot who wouldn’t tell species apart, was dumb enough to be so confident and argue with him especially arrogantly. However, there was no way that he could correct him because he was dumb! WchkqD

Lin Bo stared at the couple who quarreled first thing in the morning, but still hadn’t managed to resolve it. He quickly collected all of the items and asked Tang Wan: “Where should I put all this?”

“Put it in my live broadcasting studio.”

“Throw it out!”

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“Qts rtbeiv atfs yf atgbkc jkjs? Gj Itejcu lr mbwlcu atlr kffxfcv! P cffv ab erf atfw!” iFSbtA

“Po sbe atgbk atfrf atlcur bea, P’ii ifa tlw mbwf.” 

Kjcu Qjc mbmxfv tlr tfjv, ecmbwqgftfcvlcuis rajglcu ja Ibcu Lf jcv tlr abeut wjccfg. Lf rbwftbk ofia atja rbwfatlcu kjr kgbcu, “Tbe……kts jgf sbe rb fwbalbcji?” 

Zong He’s expression was calm and his words were righteous: “Because these things are too ugly and it’ll affect a tiger’s attractiveness index!”

Tang Wan patiently explained: “These things really can’t be thrown out. These are essentials. A lot of parents said so, and if you don’t believe it, then you can look at the guides.” eXQPGc

Zong He remained silent with a cold expression and a firm attitude. 

“Then it’s settled.” Tang Wan’s manner suddenly changed, “I’ll throw them out and you’ll let Da Zhuang come.” 

Zong He kept his expression calm, then finally left.

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Tang Wan stood by the doorway, quietly watching Zong He leave and board an aircraft. Only then did he suddenly approach Lin Bo and take back the things in his arms, beaming. “Even if I obeyed him, these things still need to be used when we go out. This is called taking the initiative.” Jd3jdk

Lin Bo smothered his smile and gave Tang Wan a big thumbs up, amazing!

“Quickly, help me hide it. We can’t let Zong He know!” Tang Wan happily and diligently stashed the items away in the live broadcasting room. Lin Bo quickly covered it all with a piece of cloth. The two people cheerfully high-fived: They hid it all perfectly! 

After the pressing business, Lin Bo happily went to feed the fish. Tang Wan felt that he was still missing something. He attached a leash to the Samoyed and passed it to Lin Bo so he could take it out on a walk.

After the other took the leash, Tang Wan stealthily took a rear view photo of Lin Bo walking the dog and uploading it to Weibo: An elderly man and a smiling, angelic Samoyed, or elderly man and dog for short.  Fk7Dsv

— — — —

On Saturday, Da Zhuang came over wearing his backpack. Having not seen him for a long time, the little fellow had grown a lot and was over ten kilograms. He was heavier in his embrace. Excited, Tang Wan pulled Da Zhuang closer to kiss and pet him. No matter how he looked at it, he was a proper black and gold highland, “Your fur here is puffed up, so you definitely need a scarf. Then, you’ll be just as handsome as your uncle!”

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Zong He obediently allowed Tang Wan to pet him. He was very pleased; he had said long ago that his fur was the most beautiful! Thinking about it, Tang Wan really did like to brush his fur, especially around his neck. Every time, Tang Wan took special care to brush that area. Zong He’s mood was excellent and he tilted his head to allow Tang Wan to brush his fur. 

While Tang Wan brushed, he sighed regretfully. In the future, he might not have such opportunities. As the child grew larger, the amount of times he visited decreased. After smoothing down the fluffy fur on Da Zhuang’s neck, Tang Wan took out a blue bow tie he had prepared beforehand and put it on him. A beautiful gentleman had appeared.  OSMotr

The more Tang Wan looked at it, the more he liked it and he couldn’t stop taking pictures of Da Zhuang, “In the future, if my child follows his father, will he grow up like you? Zhuang ah, how are you so good looking?”

Zong He’s ears twitched and he looked at Tang Wan in astonishment. He was still thinking of children?

He really needed to seriously think about this more.

Tang Wan scooped him up, “Good! We should get going! Today, we can play to our heart’s content since you have to leave when we get back.” Tang Wan accidentally rubbed the kitten’s toe bean. He made a noise of confusion, then rubbed it again a few more times. Puzzled, he pulled the cat’s paw up so he could look at it, “Zhuang ah, what are you wearing?” rUAYkV

Zong He solemnly told him: “Combat clothes.”

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Pffft!” Tang Wan was amused, “You little brat, what combat clothes? What do you want to fight? A crab?”

These so-called combat clothes could be transformed into those that wrapped around their entire body with the press of a button when a beastman was shifting to their human form. During combat, sometimes it would be more convenient to take on a beast form that it would be in their human forms. When they needed to shift back into a human form when they encountered an enemy, they couldn’t be naked. Therefore, the army researched such equipment. Tang Wan, who was a country bumpkin several thousand years behind technological advances, was clueless about such military things. However, Tang Wan understood from the name that it was for combat use and he relentlessly teased Da Zhuang, “Have you finally caught secondary school disease? How have you caught more and more of the symptoms? Getting combat outfits while you’re still so young? Did you come from the Nicholas Empire?”

Zong He was already immune to Tang Wan’s teasing. When Tang Wan was faced with such things, he had to be mischievous. However, Zong He was only concerned about: “What’s the Nicholas Empire? I’ve never heard of it.” z9dlcI

Tang Wan solemnly spewed nonsense: “It’s a very powerful, evil, secondary school empire. All of the leaders are called Long Aotian.”

Zong He’s ears twitched, “Who’s Long Aotian?” Just by hearing it, he knew it was a man!

Tang Wan saw that he truly believed him and laughed. He carried Da Zhuang and gave him a few more rubs, “Foolish child, I’m teasing you. You believed the story that I made up. There has to be a limit on your secondary school disease. Early on, other people will think it’s fun, then it’ll give people a headache, and finally, they’ll want to kill you. Since you’re like this now, en……” Tang Wan murmured to himself, then suddenly changed the topic, “Because you’re so good looking, you’ll be cute no matter what you do!”

Zong He burned with suppressed anger. Every time they got to this point, he would say coaxing words. This devious human! FsU74m

Tang Wan asked Ji Yan to bring along the prepared items. All of the foods, drinks, and other items were pushed out in a little cart, and Tang Wan happily placed Zong He in it. He immediately took out the super diaper, “Good child, come put it on!”

Zong He: !!!

Hadn’t it been thrown away?

Tang Wan saw the refusal in Zong He’s eyes. He moved close and used a good natured, cajoling voice: “Good babies need to wear this. What would you do if you needed to use the bathroom? We can just solve it on the spot, right?” wNd638

Zong He angrily bared his teeth, fumingly squeezing out three words: “I won’t go!”

“Alright alright alright, if you won’t use it then you don’t have to use it. Don’t be angry.” When Zong He was in his human form, Tang Wan would always argue back a bit, but in his current form, Tang Wan would discuss it with him. In other words, if you were good looking, then you got what you wanted. Tang Wan stroked the kitten’s head, “Then you must tell me in advance if you want to use the bathroom. Did your teachers teach you how to do this?”

Sensing the difference in the treatment, Zong He was angry, “I’m not stupid!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tang Wan also felt wronged. “I was just afraid that you’d forget while you were having fun. Why are you so fierce?” CYAndh

Zong He remained silent. He wasn’t being fierce, he just bared his teeth a little, nothing more.

The corner of Tang Wan’s lips curled and he unhappily asked: “You don’t love your daddy?”

Zong He had the beginnings of a headache. How had he married such a foolish wife?

While on the road, Tang Wan still felt extremely wronged and he continued to tease Zong He, “Do you not love your daddy? Could you have forgotten how good your daddy is to you? Do you love your daddy?” 0WQHaU

During that time, Zong He had bared his teeth a few times, quickly being rubbed mad by Tang Wan. He would have admitted that he loved him if he hadn’t included the ‘daddy’ part. Love you, love you, I only love you, is that enough?! Stop shaking already. Yet Tang Wan kept at it, everything always going back to “Do you love daddy?”. Now, Zong He wanted to hit him. 

Even though they had already arrived at the theme park, Tang Wan still hadn’t gotten the response that he wanted. He despairingly carried Zong He down the aircraft. When his feet touched, the ground, he was stunned by the large cat climbing tree standing at the front gates: “Fuck! Too spectacular!!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This cat climbing tree was one which he had designed. It was over a hundred meters tall, and the cat bowls were over two meters in diameter. There were countless cat bowls and countless ladders creating a network. It was about 10 floors tall! The most incredible thing was that there was a pillar reaching towards the sky that was one meter in diameter. There was rope winding around it at the top. There were many people surrounding it, wanting to give it a try and rolling up their sleeves to get ready to climb up. As the designer, Tang Wan was actually the one who was the most surprised, “This cat climbing tree is too amazing!”

Ji Yan had already handed in the ticket, obediently saying: “We can go in and see it.” aZA Cf

Tang Wan pulled the cat in his arms closer and reminded him: “Don’t run around all over the place by yourself. There are a lot of people and it won’t be easy to find you if you get lost.”

Zong He rubbed his own nose, “I can find you by your scent.” 

Tang Wan used all his strength to tighten his grip on the cat in his embrace, “I’m just reminding you not to run off, so don’t argue with me now!”

Zong He gasped for breath, his tail stuck out straight. This was someone who wanted to murder his husband! Fry105

Tang Wan entered the theme park and, at a glance, could see that his own name was on the sign next to the cat climbing tower, Designer: Tang Wan. 

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tang Wan’s lips couldn’t help but curl up a little. At the time, he hadn’t known that it would be so big. No wonder Bo Li Qiao had asked him what they should do if it was very large. He had replied without thinking: “Stack it infinitely with a lot of identical ones. It’s fine to just pile it on.” 

And they actually stacked it!

Tang Wan looked at the cat in his embrace, encouraging him: “Do you want to go play?” WkpUXv

Ah Zong He….. ლ(。-﹏-。 ლ)

Translator's Note


Translator's Note

龙傲天 -> Dragon-arrogant-sky (an OP name, if you will)

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