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My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran AwayChapter 47.2


Translator: Callis
Editor: Walker

During the few days when he was waiting for Da Zhuang, Tang Wan drew out five designs for cat toys. After he scanned them in, he passed them onto Bo Li Qiao and the other immediately sent him the money. He really was rich and imposing.  j2cfhd

After receiving the money, Tang Wan was in an excelled moon and looked up at the blue sky, speaking to Ji Yan: “Xiao Ji, the weather today is good, windy and sunny. I’ll count them off: it’s suitable for marriage, to start building, to set off on a journey, to move houses, to pray for blessings……”

Ji Yan had a dumbstruck expression. So, just what do you want to do?

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Tang Wan tapped his finger, profoundly saying: “So, it’s just right to summon a new creature. The family needs a new child.”

Ji Yan silently tidied up the tools on the desk. As long as he was excited, it was fine.  VEPNhq

Tang Wan opened the system and took a deep breath. He solemnly opened the canines section and selected one Alaska, husky, and Samoyed. He said that he’d raise dogs a long time ago, but he never had the free time. He didn’t know what he was so busy with every day, but he wasn’t idle. Tang Wan gravely told Ji Yan: “Xiao Ji, make the preparations. The great devil kings are about to arrive!”

Ji Yan had a serious expression, like he was preparing for a battle. He didn’t know how terrible the great devil kings that Tang Wan had talked about were. 

Following the wave of Tang Wan’s hand, Ji Yan was flabbergasted. There were three plump furballs sitting in a row in front of him with confused expressions, looking back up at them. The one with the snow-white body unexpectedly had a smiling expression and was looking at him with an adorably tilted head. 

Ji Yan warily took a step back. The more cute and harmless something looked, the stronger and more ferocious its attacks would be. He didn’t know if they would bite people. 

sqA QO

Under Ji Yan’s cautious gaze, Tang Wan reached out and picked up the chubby one in the middle with three marks on its forehead, “I didn’t think that they’d be young children. That’s fine, puppies grow up quickly.” 

Tang Wan waved the husky around in front of Ji Yan, earnestly telling him: “Don’t be scared by this child’s appearance. It’s just an expert at tearing up the house. These three need to be taken out for a walk every day. In the future, I’ll be troubling you.”

Ji Yan obediently nodded. These three didn’t seem to be dangerous, so what was the ‘great devil kings’ about?

Tang Wan petted the three dogs, “From left to right, the Alaskan dog is called Manager No.1, the husky is called Manager No.2, and the Samoyed is called Manager No.3. From this day on, you three will be sheepdogs and can run with Shen Zhu Ge. You four would definitely be able to play together.”  SPO6ib

As soon as Tang Wan raised his hand, the three of them rolled over on the ground and ran wild in the field of grass. 

Then, Ji Yan understood what Tang Wan meant when he said that the great devil kings were experts at tearing up the house. The three were still a little timid before, frequently paying attention to their surroundings. They changed after being more familiar, becoming even more unrestrained than Shen Zhu Ge the alpaca and scurried up and jumped down, grabbing at the birds and teasing the cats, and nibbling at whatever they saw. They were just good-looking; their temperament was crazy enough to make people want to beat them up, as they were unable to be restrained. 

Manager No.2 went to the fish pond to roll around. When Ji Yan raised his hand, a long piece of vine tied up the husky, trembled for a moment, then pulled it back. 

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Zjcjufg Rb.1 kjr vluulcu tbifr, jcv ktfc Al Tjc gjlrfv tlr tjcv, atf ujgvfc yegra klat nlcfr, aslcu jcv gfragjlclcu fnfgsatlcu. Jtjbr kjrc’a jmmfqajyif. Yj14Kp

Kjcu Qjc rtbbx tlr tfjv. Wljb Al kjr ralii lcfzqfglfcmfv. Ca remt alwfr, pera ifa atf mjar ub. Qjr la cba mtjbalm? Ktfc atfs’v yf mtjbalm abufatfg! 

Tang Wan simply released all of the cats, placing them all onto the lawn. He yelled at Ji Yan: “Don’t worry about it! Make me a cup of tea and get me some melon seeds. I’m not doing anything today; I want to watch this unfold.”

A large scale cat-dog war could erupt any minute. A dozen cats surrounded the little milk dogs, which weren’t much bigger than they were. It was immediately a one-sided battle. Mulan gracefully strode over. It was disgusted by the dirt on the ground and was afraid of being dirtied. Mulan simply jumped up on Tang Wan’s table, looking down and everything beneath it. It was like the arrival of a queen. 

All of the cats obediently dispersed, finding spots bathed in sunlight where they could lick themselves. Even the three dogs could feel the Mulan’s murderous aura and were very cautious.  w8geF9

The husky looked at Mulan with wide eyes. Its paw was still pressed on the head of a little short kitten. The short-legged kitten was also small. Being pressed into the ground, it meowed delicately. 

Murder flashed through Mulan’s eyes. It immediately jumped down from the table and pushed the husky down to the ground with a paw, then followed up with a chain of 18 strikes, beating up the husky until it had a stupefied expression. 

Chrysanthemum Garden.

After its attack, Mulan bared its teeth, scaring the three dogs so much that they recoiled. They were all as obedient as a quail. There was no more pulling up fish, digging holes, rolling around in the mud, gnawing on trees, biting flowers, or scratching tables. 

Mulan returned to Tang Wan’s side, cool and elegant. Queen Mulan had one doctrine: Whoever was unrestrained would get beat up! nZQVgA

It didn’t matter if the other was bigger, or what species they were, as long as they were disturbing it and Daddy Tang’s rest, it would go beat them up! 

Tang Wan took the cup of tea Ji Yan offered and muffled his laughter: “Little maiden, I still want to see a big cat-dog war. When you make such a fuss, no one else dares to be noisy. How are you so fierce?” 

Ji Yan looked at the little cat with an admiring gaze. When it came to supervising animals, he was unexpectedly inferior to a pet.

Tang Wan had also bought a lot of toys. Balls that dogs like to play with, hemp ropes, and other things were all tossed onto the lawn so that they could all play together. As long as they didn’t bite, play fighting wasn’t a problem. Tang Wan picked up Mulan and sat down under the sun, growing sleepy.  c2JDW

After drifting off for 10 minutes, Tang Wan was woken up by a dog’s bark. Because Manager 2 and 3 were fighting over the same toy, they were fighting in a frenzy of barks. Mulan stood up again, wanting to go over and beat them up. 

Tang Wan yawned, taking a video of Mulan teaching the two dogs a lesson and uploading it to Weibo. 

Eating, sleeping, and scolding Da Zhuang: Queen Mulan smacks again, disciplining two disobedient little brothers and using its strength to convey the truth — — In the world of Kung Fu, speed defines power!

The comments came very quickly, the fans wanting to know what kind of meng pets the three new ones were. Their guesses weren’t very accurate.  0cbxuC

These three look like canines!
Is the one that was beaten up and doesn’t dare raise a paw anymore a wolf? It sounds a lot like one!
Why do I feel that it only dares to bark and doesn’t dare to raise a paw?

Tang Wan was just making a joke. In the legends, huskies never won in a physical fight, but had never lost in an argument. Its cries were as powerful as an earthquake. Extended claws? They didn’t exist!

At this time, there was a person who asked: What kind of species is the one that’s the biggest and the chubbiest? A hybrid between a dog and a pig?

Tang Wan subconsciously glanced at Manager No.1. This Alaskan dog really was chubby, so chubby that it looked like a little piglet. “No.1, there’s someone saying that you look like a little piglet. What do you think?” r31dCR

No.1 licked Tang Wan’s fingers, not understanding at all. 

Tang Wan rubbed its head, sincerely saying: “Child, it’s really good to not understand what people are saying.”

Another fan asked: This white one is really beautiful, is it a mythical fox?

“Fox?” When it was mentioned, Tang Wan had a bright idea. He opened his system and bought an Arctic fox. He placed the Arctic fox and Samoyed together and took a picture from behind, putting it online. He asked everyone: Guess which one the fox is, and which one the Samoyed is.  Q7NGgf

The fans all flipped a table: If we knew, we would have long since become paleontologists! Would we have time to spend on the Internet with you?!

Tang Wan solemnly gave that comment a like and very kindly told everyone: Then do you guys want to know the answer?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The fans thought that he wanted to start a live broadcast, so they all shouted: Want want want! Please announce the answer!

Tang Wan beamed and replied: I also can’t distinguish the two just by looking at the butt. You guys are really honest.  y3GAOc

The fans were teased until their fur puffed up: We’re angry! The kind that can’t be coaxed!

Tang Wan uploaded the photo he had taken of the cool and elegant Mulan, and the fans immediately caused a scene. They all licked the screen for Mulan’s flourishing beauty and shouted, “Long live the Queen!” After being so angered by Tang Wan that their fur puffed up, they were fully coaxed in the next minute.

Tang Wan laughed, no longer sleepy. These cute people of the future were like kittens. Once teased, their fur would puff up, and it would be fine once they were coaxed. They were especially energetic. 

At this time, Tang Wan’s communications device rang. He temporarily pulled away from Weibo and glanced at the message on his communications device. Bo Li Qiao sent: I sent you two tickets to the β Ursae Minoris theme park. You can bring Da Zhuang to the theme park to play with the tickets! You don’t need to wait in line! RTKf9i

Tang Wan was excited after reading his message, and he asked Ji Yan: “Is the β Ursae Minoris’ theme park fun?”

Acting as a little encyclopedia, Ji Yan was quickly ready with an answer: “The β Ursae Minoris theme park is one of the largest theme parks in the Empire. Recently, a cat climbing tree that’s over 100 meters tall has been added. It would be difficult to climb even for adults. Supposedly, a lot of people take up the challenge every day. There is also the children’s entertainment castle. In order for the children to have fun, there is a limit of 100,000 people per day and the tickets are also very expensive. After all, those who lived in  β Ursae Minoris didn’t lack money.” 

Tang Wan thanked Bo Li Qiao. He decided to wait for Da Zhuang to arrive so he could take him out to play. Da Zhuang definitely hadn’t had the time to play before. Now that he had grown and could speak, there wouldn’t be any communications problems. 

When Tang Wan thought of taking Da Zhuang to the theme park to play, he was so excited that he couldn’t sleep. He started making an itinerary, and he didn’t want to lose him when he’d run around on the road. Should he buy a leash for Da Zhuang?  UeMfH8

Tang Wan went online to the children’s shopping center. After asking customer service, he swiped a large shopping cart to get the essential good for children: Water bottle! Medicine! A cap! A little umbrella! And a magical item: A super diaper!

A super diaper was almost the same as a disposable diaper. The technology for it was better than a disposable diaper. Upon wearing it, it could perfectly solve the problem of a child using the toilet at any time. Tang Wan felt that, at Da Zhuang’s age, he was unlikely to defecate, so they only needed to dispose of the pee. He would need to be prepared since he didn’t know if there would be a line for the bathrooms. 

Early on the next day, when he received the goods, the entire household was shocked. Lin Bo happily went to Tang Wang again, “Are you two getting ready to have a baby?”

Tang Wan stared back blankly, “What?” g7m5UT

Lin Bo placed the goods in front of Tang Wan. If he didn’t want children, then what were all these goods for?

Zong He unhappily glanced at it and gravely told Tang Wan: “I don’t want children.” 

Tang Wan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “You all really think too much. I prepared all of these for Da Zhuang.” 

Zong He: “……you’re dead in my heart!!”  FunK B

“What ‘you’re dead in my heart’? I already said that I didn’t want children!” Tang Wan was also unhappy with Zong He’s attitude. How would making a child with his genes provoke such resentment? Even if he didn’t want children right now, Zong He also shouldn’t have this attitude. 

Zong He opened his mouth, left speechless by Tang Wang’s tough attitude. He also couldn’t give an explanation. His stifled expression became more and more unsightly. 

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Lin Bo sighed. He helped Tang Wan tidy up the items, saying: “The Marshal was just worried that you don’t like him if you have children. From childhood till now, he’s always been awkward. You don’t have to bother with him.”

Zong He grit his teeth, wanting to say that it wasn’t true. However, if he said it, Tang Wan would be even angrier. Unless he told him right now that he was Da Zhuang.  tqCrQe

Tang Wan resentfully gazed at Zong He for a while and found that he didn’t contradict him. He angrily said to him: “Are you stupid?!”

Even drinking his own child’s vinegar, how could an adult be so immature?!

Zong He’s expression was calm and steady; he really couldn’t pretend anymore. He said with a cold voice: “I, I have something that I want to tell you.” 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) LI6tDv

Translator's Note

掐指一算 -> Calculate by using the fingers

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