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My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran AwayCh40 - The Ring is on Your Finger!


Translator: Callis
Editor: Walker

Tang Wan was completely clueless. Zong He hadn’t told him where the ring had come from or how much it had cost; he thought that Zong He had sought someone out to make it. Now that technology was so advanced, he was used to it being able to do anything. FzVTg2

Looking at the audience’s current reaction, it seemed that it wasn’t so. “National treasure? What do you mean?”

Tang Wan had a confused expression, and the audience became even more inflamed: Ahahahah, being angered to death! Simply spending excessively and wasting resources!

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How much does your partner love you? Being able to put such a valuable treasure on your finger, 1.3 billion, 1.3 billion!

You really don’t know! A few days ago, the Imperial Museum suddenly took out this pair of national treasures, which had been in the collection for a long time, and auctioned them at the Royal Auction House. Finally, a mysterious man obtained it for 1.3 billion yuan. Of those extremely valuable rings, one is on your hand right now! GtYjP5

Ahahah national treasures ah!

They’ve been in the Royal Museum’s collection for two hundred years! Two! Hundred! Years!

Your partner must love you very much, they must have sold all of their family’s belongings to buy it for you!



Tang Wan saw so many people hysterically explaining to him, and stupidly stared at the ring on his finger. This ring was unexpectedly so valuable. Once he thought of Zong He casually spending 1.3 billion, Tang Wan’s heart thumped, and he turned his head and ran out.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

All of a sudden, it was the audience’s turn to be stupefied: What was going on?
Knowing the price of the ring, finding a box to conceal it in!
He was probably too moved and went to find his partner, saying ‘Darling, I want to have a baby with you!’
Upstairs, how naughty!
Xiu’er, is that you? How are you so xiu?


Up next, part of the audience’s attention had shifted over to the cats. After all, Tang Wan had left a room full of cats and left the touch function on. All the cat-loving friends moved their hands. What said that a dispute couldn’t be settled with the touch of fur? If so, use two touches! Ue4sSZ

There were other people who went to publicize the big news: Shocking, shocking! The “Love Across a Thousand Years” that had been auctioned off a few days ago in the Royal Auction House is now being worn by one Meng Pet broadcast host! It really is ultra-pretty, a very impressive and luxurious style! Come quickly and look!

The cat lovers couldn’t be outdone: Extra, extra! Earth’s Meng Pets broadcasting host ‘Eating, sleeping, and scolding Da Zhuang’ summoned again! Summoned a room full of different cats! Everyone, come quickly and watch!

Some of them were starting to work out the records, guessing how much property Tang Wan’s family had. Having the ability to buy such expensive rings, what else wouldn’t they dare to buy?

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“Zong He!” After Tang Wan called out his name, he suddenly discovered that he unexpectedly didn’t know what to say.

Zong He turned around and subtly tilted his head, waiting for Tang Wan to speak like a curious cat.

When Tang Wan saw this movement, his heart suddenly relaxed. The question he had been holding in suddenly slipped out and he laughed, “How much did you spend to buy the ring?” AqGrTN

Zong He was expressionless, “1.3 billion.”

The corner of Tang Wan’s lips twitched. “Don’t you feel that it’s too expensive?”

Zong He disagreed, “The wedding ring was to make it up to you, so naturally it should be good.”

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A simple and direct reason, ‘just wanted to give you something good to make it up to you.’ SielcU

Tang Wan pursed his lips and almost managed to suppress his moved heart, wanting to take the ring off. Zong He reached for his wrist and asked discontentedly: “Didn’t you like it very much?”

“But it’s too precious!” Tang Wan inexplicably felt that his fingers were heavy, “What if I lost them somehow? What if it gets stolen?”

Zong He confidently asked: “Who would dare to rob you?”

Tang Wan blinked, relieving the sting in his eyes. “Then if I don’t have money in the future, I can sell the ring.” LZczDY

Zong He stared, “Sell?!”

Tang Wan laughed, but his eyes were getting warmer and warmer. “Yes, I’ll sell it so I’ll have money. I can escape to a faraway place without worrying about food or drink for a lifetime. Are you afraid?”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Zong He silently looked at Tang Wan’s expression. He raised his hand and pinched his cheek, unhappily saying: “You look so foolish now, really shameful.”

Tang Wan frowned, why say such a thing in such a moving atmosphere?! VwLDT8

Zong He didn’t wait for Tang Wan to speak. He stood up, and suddenly pulled him into his arms. When Tang Wan leaned on a firm shoulder, he felt that this embrace gave a sense of security. He suddenly couldn’t help the tears that silently flowed down. He had never before felt the warmth of a home. Zong He had given him a home. His family had never remembered what he liked before, but Zong He remembered everything.

The other’s words might not be pleasant to hear, and were even poisonous at times, but his heart openly expressed his care for him. Tang Wan knew that, at this moment, he really was moved. He didn’t want to leave anymore, he just wanted to stay by Zong He for a lifetime. He had won the gamble; following Zong He to β Ursae Minoris had been correct. He had once felt that if he won, then he would receive a lifetime of happiness. If he lost, he would be done with this life.

Tang Wan didn’t have life goals at all. In fact, he didn’t hold any hope for the future. He just didn’t want to compromise with this life, only working hard to survive. Now, he had found his goal.

Zong He sensed Tang Wan’s emotional state of mind, and softly patted his back. With the clumsy attempts to comfort him, Tang Wan wanted to laugh but said with a small, stuffed voice, “After spending so much money, don’t you have a small amount of assets left?” jTGNMa

Zong He muttered to himself for a moment, “The money I used was the money my father set aside for me. As for the future……didn’t you say you wanted to raise me?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tang Wan’s eyes widened. “You spent all of it?!”

Zong He remained silent, neither confirming nor denying it. Tang Wan immediately interpreted it as tacit agreement. He was moved, but also a little angry. There was no need for this; he had unexpectedly spent all his money on buying the rings. In the future, wouldn’t the Marshal’s expenses fall under his responsibility? How much did the Marshal get paid in a year?

Tang Wan suddenly felt like he was bearing a heavy responsibility, if he was a man then he would stand up and endure it! He couldn’t hem and haw, he needed to raise a big cat and the entirety of the Zong family! This artificial island needed a lot of money for maintenance every year. Tang Wan instantly felt like Alexander the Great! lnwWxO

Tang Wan raised his head and cupped Zong He’s face. Once again, he solemnly pressed a kiss to the other’s face, then hesitated before softly kissing Zong He’s lips. He earnestly said: “I’ll go make money, I’ll raise you.”

After speaking, he took wide strides and left, becoming more aggressive! This time, Tang Wan finally had a goal, full of hope for life. He would eagerly and enthusiastically go and make money.

Zong He felt the lips that had just been kissed, his eyes narrowed slightly. He called Lin Bo and asked him to come over. Then, he placed all of his assets into Lin Bo’s account for the time being. Lin Bo was dumbfounded, “Marshal, you…?”

Zong He gravely said: “My wife said that he would raise me.” 9ncR3E

Lin Bo pursed his lips. In his heart, he wanted to say ‘Then isn’t your heart black!’ How had he raised this child?! The Duke had been gentle and elegant, not like this.

Tang Wan went to wash his face, looking lively and full of enthusiasm. In fact, as long as he was wearing his mask, the audience couldn’t see his expression. Tang Wan still felt that he needed to focus 100% of his spirit into making money!

“Sorry everyone, I have returned.” After Tang Wan sat down, he solemnly apologized to everyone, thinking that everyone would be angry. How could he leave the audience alone after he started the live broadcast? He would have never thought that the audience hadn’t cared that he left at all. There was a barrage of comments about how cute and soft the cats were, and asking Tang Wan to continue to go make a baby, so there really was no need to worry about them.

Tang Wan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Who’s going to make a baby?” hAJyGL

The barrage all rolled in unison: You!!!

Tang Wan raised his eyebrow and clicked his tongue. This time, they were very united. How bad was his popularity for all his fans to attack him?

The audience was also very shameless. While petting the cats, they teased Tang Wan: Didn’t you just go to find your partner and act coquettish?
Did you cry? Tell us, you won’t lose face, tell us. Tell us and let us have some fun!
You really didn’t know its value, don’t you normally surf the Internet? The Internet had been stirred into a frenzy by this situation!
Hahahahahaha Tang Wan is so stupid, I feel like he’s a little bumpkin from a small star.

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…… oq72R

Tang Wan forced a laugh. He really was a country bumpkin, a bumpkin from more than a thousand years ago. But the name of this ring was so unexpectedly beautiful. It really was appropriate. Perhaps it was fate.

In a short amount of time, the news that the ring was on Tang Wan’s finger had already spread through the internet. Even those who weren’t interested in meng pets paid attention to Tang Wan. They wanted to know what kind of power Tang Wan’s backer had, being able to spend so much money. It definitely wasn’t as simple as a small businessman. Tang Wan’s following had once again leapt up.

In the studio, after the fans teased Tang Wan for a while, they asked: Just how do you make the felt figures so well? Why is that when I made so many, they weren’t good? The head is still flat!

A flat head isn’t a big deal! Mine’s eyes are crooked, the ears aren’t the same size, the nose is pointed towards the sky, and the chin looks like a snake! LlQ21s

Don’t speak anymore, I already cut my husband bald, but I still haven’t made one that looks good!
Only then did Tang Wan realize that the felt products had begun to be sold, and after it hit the market, the business was flourishing. Unfortunately, these kinds of handicrafts couldn’t be made well with just one or two attempts. They needed to accumulate experience. Tang Wan knew that they made a kind of eye-searing ugly things. Now that the audience was asking how he did it, Tang Wan couldn’t just indiscriminately take so much money from the companies. He responsibly explained the technique to everyone. The atmosphere gradually changed, and the broadcasting studio gradually became Tang Wan’s felt handiwork classroom.

The audience wrote down what Tang Wan said that he had experienced while praising him: With such ample family property, but you came and did a live broadcast to make money, aren’t you simple and honest?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In his heart, Tang Wan grumbled that this ring had already cost all of Zong He’s savings. How could he support his family if he didn’t go and make money?

When they finished the class, half an hour had passed and the audience had been petting the cats for nearly an hour. Tang Wan looked at the time and smiled: “It’s nearing the end for today. Rest early everyone and we’ll continue another day.” Qtncf8

The barrage rapidly flooded past, thanking Tang Wan for sharing his experience. There were others that tossed him presents, thanking him for not abandoning his position as a broadcasting host even though he had so much money, and for sharing his meng pets with everyone, letting them pet the cats and raise the birds.

Tang Wan thanked everyone. When he logged out, he accidentally saw the number of people that had logged in. This inadvertent glance shocked him; at its highest point, it exceeded 20 billion!

The entire Empire was quite large with a population of more than 100 billion, but the live broadcast had attracted one-fifth of the entire Empire’s population. It had already broken the Empire’s record!

Tang Wan himself was shocked. Was he really this popular now? ZjLQM

After a calm analysis, Tang Wan understood that some of the people had come to see the meng pets, some had come to see his ring, and still others wanted to ask how he had made the felt figures. With so many people gathered together, it should be people from all different ages and all kinds of backgrounds.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Either way, his popularity value had gone up. Tang Wan excitedly went offline and planned to carry and pet all these cats before he received a message.

Bo Li Qiao (Good Baby Toy Company’s Manager Bo Li Qiao): Thank you for the publicity you gave our company, it was truly impressive. We’re considering giving you a wave of advertising fees.

Tang Wan laughed, his heart expressing that this crafty little plump fox definitely had something to request. 5l6PX7

Tang Wan: If you have something to say, be frank, old friend. You don’t need to cover it.

Bo Li Qiao: Aiya ~ cooperating with you is such a delight!

….was that their first kiss????? I don’t remember (*´ ˘ `*).。oO ( ♡ )
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Translator's Note

“秀” -> Excellent or wonderful, used as a praise

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