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My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran AwayCh4 - Daddy, Your Little Cutie is Online


Translator: Callis

Early in the morning, a strange electronic sound suddenly resounded in Tang Wan’s mind, which frightened him into sitting straight up. cz5jdi

The Marshal, who had been sleeping for a long time to recover his spiritual strength, was startled awake by his partner. Zong He looked at the panicking Tang Wan with an irritated face. He placed his paws on Tang Wan’s forehead and gently kneaded. What a stupid fellow! He was here, what was there to be afraid of?

Tang Wang looked around carefully, he seriously suspected that he had just experienced an auditory hallucination. He found the cat in front of him, and Zong He wasn’t there. Tang Wan breathed a sigh of relief. “Da Zhuang, when did you come?”

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Tang Wan’s face softened. He gently touched the kitten’s head, pacifying him, and then lay back down. He put the kitten on his chest and let him continue to sleep.

At this time, the strange electronic voice in his head rang out again: “The Earth Pet System has been upgraded successfully, and has now become the Earth Animal System. This system can exchange animals based on the owner’s popularity. Previously, there had only been starting pets, but now they can be classified according to their evolutionary process and shape, from invertebrates to vertebrates. aSz5kg

The order of exchange was: protozoa → coelenterata → platyhelminthes → roundworms + annelids → mollusks → arthropods → fish → amphibians → reptiles → birds and mammals.

For many other side missions, the host is invited to explore freely.”

After Tang Wan heard what the system said, he pressed his lips together. Was it serious about the protozoa? Like paramecium, solar worms, plasmodium, that kind of thing?!

Looked again, fuck! All his points were deducted! Garbage system! Automatic deductions! You have such nerve! lOyP9d

The system was not binding, and its function was relatively simple. High popularity would unlock new animals. He had already unlocked an alpaca. The next step was to buy a lion that he would call Simba.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Now all the points had been used to upgrade the system!

Tang Wan thought of clicking open the system button and couldn’t help himself: Seriously, paramecium and earthworms? What would he want these things for?

How hard would it be to find a person that could look at an enlarged paramecium and exclaim: Aiya~ what a perfect shoe horn ah~
Licking the screen for this slap-on insole creature~
What a lovely worm~ Give me a kiss~
Wa~ The head is as cute as the butt, I can see the perfect five facial features on it, beautiful and moving~ NWLciZ

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Memx! Qtbfnfg mjc rjs atja wera tjnf jc jycbgwji ygjlc!

Vmgbiilcu yftlcv la, Kjcu Qjc ugjvejiis mjiwfv vbkc. Ktfgf kfgf ralii wbgf oegatfg bc, mbnfglcu jiwbra jii bo atf rqfmlfr bc Sjgat. Mgbw rwjii ab ijguf, atfs fnfc tjv ofilcfr ilxf Vlyfgljc alufgr jcv pjuejgr, jcv fcvjcufgfv jclwjir, remt jr Crljc fifqtjcar, Jtlcfrf jiilujabgr, ubivfc wbcxfsr, uljca qjcvjr……uljca qjcvjr?!

There were giant pandas!! 5NuzL1

Tang Wan sat up again excitedly: too powerful!

Zong He, who had been sleeping on Tang Wan’s chest, was tossed off once again. A claw was pressed to Tang Wan’s neck and his teeth were bared. Golden eyes cooled without a trace of warmth, as if they were looking at prey that was about to die under his claws!

Tang Wan reached out, grabbed the kitten’s tail, and pulled him down ~

“Baby, where are you going?” Mtf9dq

Zong He struggled unhappily and tried hard to climb out from under Tang Wan’s chest. He couldn’t use his claws against Tang Wan. With this body’s strength, he couldn’t struggle at all! Zong He even thought of suddenly becoming larger and scaring Tang Wan to tears. However, if he did that, then Tang Wan would know that he was the little milk cat. Tang Wan would know all the disgraceful things that had been done to him when he was weak. This dark history, the Marshal didn’t want to think about it at all! Too shameful!

Tang Wan saw two small paws struggling to pull themselves out, rustling the scratched sheets. He cackled and hugged the kitten tighter, a sentence squeezed out between his teeth: “Baby, you can’t escape from me!”

The fur on Zong He’s head suddenly stood straight up. Dared to tease him?!

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Tang Wan thought it was too funny. He picked him up with a smile and gently smoothed out the fur on the top of his head. “Alright, alright, I won’t tease you anymore. You continue sleeping.” oMOrmi

The kitten climbed to the bedside, looking as if he wanted to stay away from him and to leave at any time. Tang Wan quickly moved, indicating that he really wouldn’t tease, you sleep.

Looking back at the system, Tang Wan was even more shocked. There were even ancient, extinct creatures like the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the saber-toothed tiger. However, these required a lot of points, as much as 100 million. Tang Wan took a deep breath. Since he could see it, he had hope. How he could say that? Yes, people must have dreams. What if they came true?

First, he wanted to have a panda!

Looking at the round face, he could forgive the paramecium and earthworms. G0n7Ro

Now with the further development of technology, unlike the past where people could only watch live broadcasts and interact with each other only with words and messages. Now, the touch, taste, smell, etc. functions had already been activated. In a specific range, after opening the function, viewers watching the live broadcast were fully immersed. For example, if he cooked, the audience could breathe in the aroma and even feel the heat. If he held a cat within the range, the audience could even feel the fur. Under these conditions, as long as he worked hard and became more popular, he wouldn’t believe that he couldn’t buy a panda!

Feeling the fighting spirit from on top of him, Zong He raised his head and gave a strange ‘ah-wu’ sound. What happened now?

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Tang Wan looked at the milk cat in front of him. It was the first time that he heard Da Zhuang cry out. He had always thought that there was something wrong with Da Zhuang’s voice. Towards this ‘ah-wu’, Tang Wan couldn’t hold back: ‘Pffft

Tang Wan laughed and smacked his thighs, “Hahaha, you cat, you can’t even ‘miao’! What is ‘ah-wu’? Hahahaha ~~” SUws8F

Zong He’s eyes grew increasingly darker. He pressed his paws against Tang Wan’s mouth, the tips of his claws partially revealed. He was a tiger! Not a cat! Who would be calling out ‘miao miao’?! A second later, Zong He was seized under the armpits by Tang Wan and raised straight up into the air.

They looked at each other, eyes parallel. Tang Wan’s glinting eyes were very close. Zong He angrily raised his paw again, pressed it against Tang Wan’s mouth, and held it down! Laugh! I’ll let you laugh! Zong He’s fur bristled, agitated. The kitten’s two ears were pressed backward, almost completely flat. Airplane ears, how terrifying!

Tang Wan was amused again. He placed the kitten back on his lap and rubbed his head. “You still dare to give me airplane ears? You kitten, why are you so fierce? Be fierce again, let me see?”

It must be said that ignorance is terrible. Tang Wan, a person who had left behind more than a thousand years, was the first person who dared to rub the Marshal’s head and lived to tell the tale. jnr7UV

Zong He looked at expressionlessly at Tang “Seeking Death” Wan and gave another black mark against him in the little book in his heart.

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Tang Wan laughed, shifted the kitten’s head, and smoothed out the mussed up fur on the other side of his head. He coaxed him with sincere words, “Baby, you ‘miao’, not ‘ah-wu’. Cats ‘miao’, ‘miao’ once for Daddy to hear.”

When Tang Wan saw that he didn’t move, he pinched the kitten’s paw. “Although you’re a cub, you’re too weak. Why do you still not know how to speak? Not even a sound. Come, learn with me, ‘miao miao miao miao’ ~”

Zong He impatiently ground his teeth, “Ah-wu!” G9HXgC

From Tang Wan’s perspective, the baby in his arms cried out ‘ah-wu’ in a milky voice, milky and murderous!

“Hahaha~” Tang Wan couldn’t help but kiss the kitten a few more times, “Aiya, such a cute baby~~”

Zong He let out a sigh of relief, simply closed his eyes, and went back to sleep, still in Tang Wan’s arms. If he looked closely, he could see the pinkness under the soft fur of the ears. Under the constant storm of kisses. The Marshal, with his burning temperament, had always adhered to the principles that “the hard fist is the truth” and “if you can do something, don’t use force”. Under the storm of kisses, the Marshal couldn’t hold it in anymore. He silently retracted his claws. Husbands shouldn’t argue with their wives. He accepted his fate, being married to a fool that couldn’t even tell species apart.

— — — — o5fY4m

In the afternoon, Tang Wan began to prepare for his broadcast. He had packed away all of his pet supplies and asked Lin Bo to send them to him after he settled down. Unexpectedly, he didn’t divorce, and the things still had to be used. Tang Wan asked a few people to help him take things out of the warehouse. He had his fur babies’ small toys brought back, leaving the larger toys behind. After all, they had to move to the Marshal’s mansion on β Ursae Minoris tomorrow.

Tang Wan’s bedroom was already empty. He spread a large rug on the floor and placed some small toys and food bowls on it. This should be enough.

He hadn’t broadcasted live for more than ten days. Fans weren’t thinking about anything new, they just wanted to see the fur babies. Tang Wan followed the public opinion and intended to appear tonight with the lop-eared rabbit Luo Bei brothers Da Mao and Er Mao, and the talkative, foul-mouthed cockatiel Xiao Xuan Feng. Raccoons liked to play with water and alpacas were too big, so he would broadcast them on another day.

He ate dinner in advance so that he punctually arrived at the live broadcasting studio: Earth Meng Pet Broadcasting Studio. The name was simple and direct, so that people would understand it when they looked at it. wrYTni

When Tang Wan went online, the number of viewers rose to 1.5 million in half a minute and was rapidly growing.

Tang Wan, who had used the advanced technology to place a cat mask on his face, heard his fans wail: we thought you were snatched up by a vixen!

Tang Wan laughed, “Cats are the only ones that can capture me. Isn’t that right, Da Zhuang?”

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The cat sleeping outside of the live broadcast studio yawned, strolled out of the door, and went back to the bedroom to continue sleeping. Tang Wan pouted. This lazy boy, just uncooperative! F0JsWl

Tang Wan extended his hands, palms facing down, as if summoning. He had falsely claimed that he had a summoning power, calling upon exotic, never-before-seen meng pets. Otherwise, it would be too easy for people with bad intentions to get a glimpse of where they came from.

An elegant and gentle voice carried over: “Your cutie has gone online, please pay attention to what is enclosed~”

“Little sister, a kiss ~mua!”

“Little beauty, mua!” NKLBmy

“Little brother, mua!”

“Daddy, do you know how to sing “Little Star”? I do! The magic of love goes round and round~”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

When a long and beautiful cockatiel appeared, cocked its head, and chattered loudly, Tang Wan immediately regretted it. He should have released this bear child last!

Who’s really taking advantage of whom here? Tang Wan sure likes messing with Da Zhuang(*^ワ^*) ox9ujW

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

The thing that you use to help take off your shoe

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

The ears are flattened like the wings of an airplane

Translator's Note

奶凶 -> means both cute and scary

Translator's Note

Translator's Note


Translator's Note

Cockatiel -> 玄凤鹦鹉 (Xuán fèng yīngwǔ), so he named his cockatiel ‘Little cockatiel’)

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