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My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran AwayCh3 - Dividing My Bed and Giving Half To You


Translator: Callis
Editor: vvreath

The reason why the Marshal sat in a wheelchair was, first, because his body was still weak and standing would tire him out, and second, well. The Marshal didn’t want to say. 9ng8h6

After their brief encounter, Tang Wan gained a deeper understanding of his partner’s personality. No wonder he had never lost in war. Nevermind his combat capability, his heart and mind were too much!

When Zong He saw that Tang Wan was stunned speechless, he asked again. “Where do you say we aren’t suitable?”

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Tang Wan took a deep breath. This position stressed him out. Zong He was half a head taller and still wrapped around him. As soon as he looked up, Zong He’s face was even closer to his. This time, Tang Wan was also a little nervous. “This……The two of us aren’t suitable in many ways. You’re a soldier, I’m a businessman. You want to protect your family and your country, and I want to make money. Our innate characteristics are different.”

Zong He listened quietly and replied, “Then we’re perfectly complementary.” E8xe6Q

Tang Wan: “……”
What you said makes sense, but I am speechless.

Tang Wan thought, then smiled and retorted, “There is another reason. I don’t like men, I like gentle, cute girls.”

Zong He conscientiously told him, “You don’t like girls, you like men.”

Tang Wan: “……”
You know too much! Owgk4L

“I don’t like your aggressiveness either. I like the little cute type, clever and obedient.”

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Zong He coldly listened. “You like the furry ones. Between those with fur and humans, you would choose the fuzziest ones.”

Tang Wan took another deep breath and wanted to curse: You know absolutely everything. You bastard, even the fur of your tail is different from other people’s, why don’t you go stick your tail up towards the heavens?!

Zong He smiled softly and looked down into Tang Wan’s eyes. He told him at a slow drawl, “You want to divorce me so you can fly away and live your life. After all, in your heart, you don’t trust me, you don’t trust anybody. You only trust yourself. Is it because your family treated you poorly?” SbH1Vn

Tang Wan’s body tensed and he stared up at Zong He with wide, guarded eyes like an aggressive little hedgehog. He would not have come to this world if his life had gone smoothly.

At this moment, a large hand suddenly touched the top of his head, rubbing Tang Wan in the same way that he did to Da Zhuang. Tang Wan shook his head, in a bad mood, and shot a frigid glance at the man above him. Zong He was sick, ah!

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Kjcu Qjc kjr rlifca. Lf tjv ibcu gfjilhfv atja atlr ybvs’r bglulcr kfgf qgbyifwjalm. xZODi0

His skin was soft and tender, but he was on a garbage planet, his ID was new, and he had no information from before. Who had the ability to deceive the StarNetwork’s power?

Under such a large power, he had been missing for so long. However, no one had ever gone to look for him. It was a delicate situation. As for his past life, Tang Wan didn’t want to mention or even think about it. He would only say that he wanted to keep cats. Faced with private interests, family could betray you. Only animals wouldn’t.

Since he had already talked with Zong He, Tang Wan stopped jumping for divorce. He sat by the window of the top floor all afternoon, quietly looking outside. He was very conflicted! Zong He was right. For his future safety, staying at the Marshal’s mansion as his wife would be powerful protection. But when faced with his own interests, would Zong He pull him out and sacrifice him to the heavens? Tang Wan wasn’t sure, nor would he believe that an unfamiliar person would protect him.

Just when Tang Wan was about to be lost in his thoughts, a furball suddenly jumped up from behind, kicked once with its hind legs, and lept onto Tang Wan’s shoulder, startling him. 0MmreP

“Da Zhuang? You naughty child!” Tang Wan couldn’t help but laugh and held the kitten in his arms. He gently smoothed out the fur that had fluffed up. “Not angry anymore?”

The cat in his arms lazily yawned and looked sleepy.

Tang Wan stood up and went downstairs holding the cat. When he arrived at his bedroom, he remembered that his belongings had been moved to Zong He’s bedroom. There wasn’t even a bed here.

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The kitten in his arms timely jumped out of his arms and strutted into the Marshal’s room. Tang Wan followed closely and watched him find the big bed, jump up, close his eyes, and then fall asleep. Tang Wan walked over with a smile and sat down on the side of the bed. He looked down at the little fellow’s carefree, sleeping face, feeling relieved. He’d take it one step at a time. At the very least, if he stayed, he could still see Da Zhuang. Either he left on his own, someone found him, then sacrificed him, or Zong He would pull him out to sacrifice him. Either way, he would be sacrificed. He chose the one that would let him see Da Zhuang. qXYDUF

As a cat lover, such fervent devotion scared even himself!

After thinking it over, Tang Wan felt sleepy and saw that Da Zhuang slept particularly well. He had learned from Lin Bo that Zong He had gone back to the treatment room again and he wouldn’t be back for the night. Tang Wan didn’t linger on it for too long, he just hugged Da Zhuang and fell asleep.

Tang Wan slept from 4 p.m. until around 3 a.m. and waking up thirsty, found that the kitten in his arms was no longer there. Outside of the window, a bright river of stars dotted the sky. Tang Wan got up and took a glass of water. He stood by the window to look at the stars.

He hadn’t seen this kind of night sky in a long time. In the past, the capital was heavily polluted and the air was filled with smog. He had to cross rivers and mountains to see a single star. After his rebirth on a remote garbage planet, the air was even worse. The sun could only be seen for several hours a day. TQPJkq

At this moment, a knock came from the door and Tang Wan slowly went to open it. A boy, sixteen or seventeen years old, stood at the door with a dinner plate and asked, “Fūrén, are you hungry? This is the food that the Marshal left for you.”

Tang Wan was stunned, then reacted by taking the plate. “Thank you. Is the Marshal still in treatment?”

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The teenager smiled. “The Marshal had just woken up. He is currently recovering, and must continue treatment.” He bowed slightly to Tang Wan. “When you finish eating, please leave it on the table outside the door. A robot servant will take it away.”

Tang Wan looked at the four dishes and soup and sighed. He ate in a particularly complicated mood. He was really hungry. After he took a few sips of the soup, his stomach warmed. To Tang Wang’s surprise, Zong He even knew what his tastes were. Nowadays, in order to better keep the nutrition, some meals were even half-cooked. In the pursuit of their future health, many people had abandoned the pursuit of taste. For this reason, when he was cooking live on the internet, he attracted a crowd of little gluttonous cats. fsidBd

Tang Wan was full and rested for a while. He opened his terminal and went to his blog. Tang Wan was now at the top of the live broadcasting circle. His fans wouldn’t lose to those of A-list stars’. Even without showing his face, he gained billions of followers. Tang Wan was absolutely the most magical existence in the circle.

Ten days ago, he hadn’t been in the mood to live broadcast. At that time, he posted to his Weibo, ‘eating, sleeping, and scolding Da Zhuang’: There’s something going on at home, I’ll broadcast after wrapping it up, kiss (づ ̄3 ̄)づ╭~

The comments below on Weibo were quite reasonable at first, all leaving messages like: Tang Tang jia you! We’ll be waiting for your return ~
Don’t worry, take it easy. We’ll wait for you ~

…… 9nbQ1e

A few days later it was: Why hasn’t there been any news, Tang Tang, are you ok?
Is my family’s cockatiel still ok?
Luo Bei, have you eaten today?
I’m thinking of my family’s alpaca.
Are they being washed and brushed well?? I really want to wash and brush them!

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Now it’s: With ten billion letters written in blood, I’m kneeling and asking Tang Tang to breathe! Are you still alive? Give a chirp if you are alive! Give! A! Chirp!
We’re going to call the police! Call! The! Police!
Crooked! The Imperial Guard? My family’s broadcasting host suddenly disappeared ten days ago, I don’t know what he looks like. Please! Find! Him!


Tang Wan had no choice put to post on his Weibo late that night: Thank you for your concern, the situation has been resolved. Tomorrow night, 7:00 live broadcast, I’ll be waiting for you all ~

The comments followed like an explosion, it could be seen that many viewers of live broadcasts were night owls: What the fuck! Late night scam!
Wa! Canceling the police report, he returned, he returned ~
The whole world celebrates ~ Come back, my ancestors!
Tomorrow evening at 7 o’clock, I won’t leave without seeing you ah!


Tang Wan couldn’t sleep now. He just sat by the window and stared at the stars, replying to the fans. This excited the fans, boasting that Tang Wan was too grounded. No matter how famous he got, he still remained true to original aspirations, even late at night ~~~ Answering fan messages, who else would do it?! wk9Rvn

Tang Wan laughed. Sure enough, animal lovers were very kind; they were too good and easy to satisfy. Tang Wan interacted with his fans for half an hour, then turned off his terminal and looked at the time. It was already three o’clock, and Zong He still hadn’t come back. Tang Wan guessed that the other party would not come back to sleep, so he simply opened the closet and took out his pajamas in preparation for a bath.

Zong He had few things, most of which were military uniforms: from shirts to trousers to overcoats. Even the socks were identical. Tang Wan was more casual, owning mostly comfortable home clothes. Most of their clothes were put in a cabinet, highlighting how incompatible their styles really were. Tang Wan sighed, just say that they’re not suitable. Their living habits were too far apart.

After he finished the treatment, Zong He went back to his bedroom, exhausted. He found the bed empty. Instead, there lay a set of pajamas and a pair of underwear. Looking inside, the light in the bathroom was on. Through the frosted glass, he could see the silhouette inside.

He raised his eyebrows but didn’t speak. He changed into his own pajamas, placing Tang Wan’s clothes on the inner side of the bed, while he lay on the outer side. His spiritual strength was not fully restored. The best way was to use medicine and to sleep more. GI4Xhw

After Tang Wan bathed and brushed his teeth, he casually wrapped his bathrobe around himself and blew-dry himself in the drying room. When he came out, he saw someone already lying on the bed. Tang Wan was slightly surprised, then saw Zong He’s closed eyes. He opened his mouth before kind-heartedly remaining silent. He wouldn’t wake up Zong He, who was still ill.

However, the pajamas he had prepared lay past Zong He’s body. If he wanted to wear his clothes, then he had to climb over Zong He. When he thought of the shameful posture, he pressed his hands to his forehead. How could he climb like this? What if he climbed halfway and Zong He woke up? What was the difference between him and the coquettish young vixens that crawled into beds in the middle of the night?

When Tang Wan hesitated, Zong He suddenly turned over and faced inwards, his breathing still even.

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Tang Wan was quietly relieved, so he went over, carefully stood by the bed and raised his feet, trying cross to the other side. Just as his foot landed on the inside of the bed, Zong He, who had been sleeping soundly, suddenly opened his eyes and looked blankly at Tang Wan, who was stretched out on top of his body. His eyes swept over the bare skin underneath Tang Wan’s robe and he frowned, “Why aren’t you wearing any clothes?” mDphWN

Tang Wan panicked and stumbled into the bed, putting on a cold face to cover his embarrassment, “Just bathed.”

Zong He calmly analyzed: “You crawl too slowly. You wasted ten seconds in front of the bed, three seconds getting into bed, and two seconds lifting your legs.”

Tang Wan put his clothes on and pulled the quilt over to sleep. He was stupid, his movements weren’t as flexible as a beastman’s, and he didn’t have any powers. He was just a common human! And he was proud of it!

Tsk~” Zong He’s eyebrows furrowed, and his temper grew worse and worse. Did he have any unspeakable shortcomings? Zong He pulled at the quilt. Tang Wan sneered and wrapped it even tighter around him. A single person wrapped a quilt two meters wide and five meters long around him. He rolled himself into an old Beijing chicken roll! zZgBHL

Zong He calmly watched Tang Wan roll into the bedside, raised his hand like a kitten playing with a ball, and pulled on it twice. Tang Wan felt like he had been pulled back by a great force, rolled twice in succession, and the quilt was loosened. Zong He pulled his partner, who had little fighting power, into his arms and said with a cold face, “If you lose your temper again, I’ll let you fulfill your marital obligations now.”

Tang Wan’s entire body stiffened.

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It seemed that there was such a law, and failing to fulfill marital obligations would break it. Fuck! Thinking of his own socialist society were everyone was equal and free, the laws here were almost inhumane in their desire for children and producing future generations! What garbage!

Nothing more was said that night, and in the next morning, Tang Wan was awakened by something strange! OEF5Cn

Thanks to Zeyna, enryia, and Persa for the kofi’s! Bonus chapters will be coming out soon. ヾ(๑╹◡╹)ノ”

Please read the chapter titles, they are such a delight~
And he got to peek under Tang Tang’s robes…what an opportunity!

Translator's Note


Translator's Note

加油 -> cheering someone on

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