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My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran AwayCh26 - I’m a Face-Con, What About It?


Translator: Callis
Editor: Walker

Tang Wan was stunned speechless. The King of Heaven looked just like a child he grew up and had a good relationship with. When he left home and had nowhere to go, he ran to the other’s house. The uncle and aunt were good to him too, treating him as their son. Seeing that the other was also surnamed Luo, Tang Wan couldn’t help but wonder: He can’t really be Da Luo’s descendant! He grew like this, with his ancestor’s traits? 8DKU3k

A year later, when he saw the familiar face again in the future, Tang Wan’s heart became complex. His facial expression gradually sank, and he was lost in thought, looking at the person’s photograph. Little did he know, he fell into Zong He’s gaze this way; his own partner absorbed in watching a small star.

Tang Wan had past crimes. Before, he had looked at a little lump who had grown chubby and stumpy. Liking him was unacceptable. Because the beastman’s fur was long, Tang Wan’s heart was almost stolen away. Unexpectedly seeing Tang Wan revealing this kind of expression towards a person, the Marshal immediately became alarmed. Zong He quietly approached Tang Wan from behind and asked quietly, “This bald boy looks good?”

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Tang Wan was startled. He didn’t know if Zong He’s silent-footsteps disease was curable! He subconsciously focused his attention onto Luo Bing Jun for a few seconds; he didn’t understand. “Where is he bald? He has good facial features. Besides, he doesn’t depend on his face to eat, he depends on his voice.”

He dared to defend him?! Zong He angrily slapped his palm against Tang Wan’s light brain and closed it. G6EhVe

Tang Wan raised his eyebrows. Was he mad?

Humph!” Zong He snorted and stormed off.

Tang Wan sat down and thought about it. What was Zong He so suddenly angrily reacting towards? His eyes turned and quickly stood up, catching up with a diabolical laugh. “Marshal! Wait for me! In my heart, you’re the child with the most fur in the Interstellar!”

Zong He stumbled and his ears twitched. Tang Wan preferred those with more fur. He said that he had the most fur, didn’t he? Zong He’s footsteps clearly slowed down a bit. eOab3T

Tang Wan quickly took a few steps to catch up and grabbed the other’s clothing with one hand, following his steps. He unblinkingly soothed his temper: “Not only are you the one with the most fur in the Empire, you are also the most handsome in the whole Empire! That kind of furless, bald child is like a hairless monkey. How could it compare to you?”

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Passing servants and guards showed an aunt’s smile at their pair’s backs. They were all relieved; a while ago, Fūrén had wanted to divorce their family’s Marshal. Now, he would sincerely praise the Marshal. Not only was he handsome, but he also complimented his beast form. Aiya, indeed, they’d openly prostrate themselves in front of their family’s Marshal’s military trousers. This was the charm of the Marshal’s personality. In their hearts, the Marshal was all-powerful. It would be normal for him to conquer his partner’s heart in a second. Anyways, their feelings were so good, would a baby not be far behind? They were already imagining that, in the future, there would be a little tiger as handsome as Young Master Da Zhuang. No one knew whose child Da Zhuang was, that wasn’t important! What was important was that the baby the two would give birth to would be like that little tiger! Absolutely!

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Tang Wan laughed and explained in a good tone, “They just wanted to cooperate with me and rent my cat for a photo.” iW0pft

Zong He humph’d. “I knew that you didn’t like those bald children.”

Tang Wan continued to appease him. “Of course, he’s only 10 million people’s idol. The whole Empire has more than 300 planets and hundreds of billions of people. You’re popular amongst everyone, his could only count as a minority.”

Zong He’s expression was still solemn. “En.”

Tang Wan almost stifle it and laughed. An unexpected “en”, this big cat was really confident and a little narcissistic, brother ~ rTIe76

“Right, Da Zhuang hasn’t come in a few days. Shouldn’t he come over for the weekend?” Tang Wan’s mood dropped. “Missed him.”

Zong He’s expression changed and he turned away, not wanting to see Tang Wan’s disappointed face. “He’s going to school. He doesn’t have free time.”

“Oh.” Tang Wan was heartbroken. After all, Da Zhuang wasn’t his own child, he needed to learn how to let go.

— — — — HsceE0

In the evening, Tang Wan sent Xu Mi a private message: Da Zhuang isn’t a cat. He went to school and doesn’t have time. I have other breeds of cat, all with soft temperaments. Will that do?”

Tang Wan wasn’t looking at how much the other could give, but the other’s fan traffic. There was always a barrier between the live broadcast circle and the singing circle. There were still differences between the fans. If they cooperated, then their followings would surely increase and they would become more popular. Anyway, Da Zhuang’s temper definitely wouldn’t fit. Tang Wan didn’t want to force Da Zhuang to do something he didn’t like for his own sake.

Soon, the other replied: Hello, we will deliberate on our side a little bit more, he has taken a liking to Da Zhuang.

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Tang Wan read the message and wasn’t very happy. Aside from Da Zhuang, there was only one Jin Xiao Pang. The range that the other could choose from was too narrow. Besides, from listening to the other side, they would choose Da Zhuang. Tang Wan looked at his own system. He had spent the points from before, and he didn’t have enough points to purchase a cat. Right now, buying a ragdoll cat, a short-legged cat, or a tabby cat was very expensive, needing more than 10 million points. If he wanted to accumulate so much popularity in a short time, he could only live broadcast again. IP7bDh

Tang Wan was thinking; what could he do to get popular quickly?

It was only during dinner that Tang Wan finally figure it out. He could issue a raffle!

He could call out all his meng pets, take many beautiful pictures, then gift the portraits to the winner of the raffle. The new generation of the new age didn’t know what the wisdom of an internet celebrity was. It seemed like no one had ever raffled things off before.

That evening, Tang Wan released the smaller children, like Luo Bei and the hamster brother and took pictures of them under beautiful lighting. He took photographs of them playing with toys, eating things, lying asleep, and in all kinds of meng states, until 11 o’clock. Zong He noticed that he hadn’t come to sleep, and personally went to capture him. Only then would he drop the subject. NaoGnF

Tang Wan woke up early the next day and released the big fur children, chasing after their butts for photographs. When he took pictures of Shen Zhu Ge, he changed its hairstyle several times. He picked some flowers from the garden and wove them into garlands to wear around its neck, but Shen Zhu Ge was convinced of his own beauty and ran away in the garden. Tang Wan couldn’t pull him back. Tang Wan once again recited in his heart: Won’t raise a husky! Won’t raise a husky! Won’t raise a husky!

After all the photos were taken, Tang Wan made several photo albums, one for each pet. Then, he meticulously retouched the images, uploaded them to his Weibo, and issued the raffle: it was for his followers; he’d pick out one hundred people and there would be a calendar of designated photos for each of them!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In an era of emphasized intellectual property rights, it had never been heard of for a person to send out their own things. Tang Wan had immediately opened a big new door in the broadcasting circle: it could also be this way?!

In order to get a calendar of cute pictures, everybody crazily forwarded it. Tang Wan’s fans excitedly slammed on a table: If you can do this kind of manipulation, why didn’t you do it earlier? What were you doing before? We won’t only forward it, we’ll forward it 10,000 times! I want a complete set! Want! Complete! Set! vzpl2V

When Tang Wan saw this, he wanted to ask: “You wouldn’t go to wash in the sauna late at night, you want what complete set?”

Fans: I feel like someone is driving, but there’s no evidence.

Of course, some people despised Tang Wan’s disruptive manipulations, thought that his table manners were bad. In order to raise his number of fans, he could do this kind of thing. Did he not want face? It didn’t count if Tang Wan couldn’t see it. If the comments had relatively more likes, they would be bumped up for him to see, he would just paste a picture of Shen Zhu Ge under the other’s comments!

After being trampled by Tang Wan several times, no one dared to say anything about him. He cursed people without vulgar words. In the event that he scolded them, they would have to look up that information. If you couldn’t find it and someone else did, it would be even more humiliating. 0goC8w

With the increasing number of forwards, the fans surged forward again. Countless people rushed towards the stage with a ‘hold-and-try’ attitude. What if they became one of the 100 lucky ones? They wouldn’t be able to resist carrying them on their shoulders!

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A day later, Tang Wan looked at the system’s popularity. He wanted to buy a ragdoll cat, a short-legged cat, a tabby cat, a Scottish fold, and an Angola. He was still many points away. In order to buy the cats, Tang Wan decided to broadcast live again!

In order to cooperate with the big stars and gain more popularity, he wouldn’t mind implementing the Creating a Star Program, and turning his meng pets into Interstellar-wide big stars! As long as the population value went up, he would raise 100 pandas in the future, so that his home would become a fluffy paradise!

However, what could he broadcast to quickly increase the number of fans? Tang Wan stood underneath the flower bridge. He leaned against it with a cup of black tea in his hands. He looked into the distance, lost in thought. If Da Zhuang could come, then it would be good. He would have been able to give him a lot of inspiration. As expected, the face-cons’ world would need to be rocked by his attractiveness index. lB2JNi

At this time, Zong He became a small kitten. He unhappily took strong and vigorous steps to find Tang Wan. He smacked his paws against the floorboards. Because he did so with force, every step came with a thump.

Zong He was angry with himself. What did his habits make him become? Too unruly! Too finicky! The more this happened, the worse it would be! But when he thought of Tang Wan’s disappointed look when he couldn’t see ‘Da Zhuang’, he couldn’t help but be soft-hearted. He left behind his reluctance, kneeling to gain favor.

Tang Wan heard the movement and slightly turned to the side. The moment he saw Da Zhuang, his eyes lit up. “Zhuang ah, Daddy missed you!”

Tang Wan happily ran over, spun Da Zhuang in a circle, and picked him up, rubbing his face. He suddenly had an idea. “I really am a face-con!” Tang Wan really admired himself. Da Zhuang’s attractiveness could really inspire him! HClUDP

When Zong He looked at Tang Wan’s scorching eyes, he immediately regretted it. He had a bad feeling, did Tang Wan want to sell him off?!

When they introduced the flower bridge I thought that we would actually get some CP action but…bamboozled again ( ´•̥ו̥` )

Translator's Note

姨母笑 -> A popular Internet word, often used to describe a kind of loving, and spoiling smile that girls show when they see people and things they like

Translator's Note

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