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My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran AwayCh24 - Young Duke Tang


Translator: Callis
Editor: Walker

Tang Wan uploaded the videos to Weibo and caused a great disturbance on the internet, the netizens having an exciting discussion. Suddenly, Tang Wan’s live broadcasting studio was unblocked! Not only that, but the most amazing thing was that the Imperial Gene Security Department issued an official statement, saying that the pets didn’t have a problem and thanked the pet blogger for his cooperation. josTND

Only then could the netizens respond: washed white! It was washed white in one afternoon, it really was too fast.

Those who had said that Tang Wan was a criminal were repeatedly hit in the face. In an instant, the fans who had always supported Tang Wan stood up, fiercely fighting back. The reasonable people who were in the middle ground also gave their congratulations. Fortunately, it wasn’t faked. Otherwise, if it was faked, the scholars who studied paleontology would have cried to death in the bathroom.

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The netizens weren’t foolish. Connecting to what others had said about Tang Wan being “reported by many people”, many of them understood that there must have been something fishy going on. They suspected that Tang Wan might have been too popular. Who had he offended?

But what more people cared about was: was the testing site really at the Marshal’s mansion? What was the relationship between this blogger and the Marshal? 8O6nqC

There were a lot of people who cared about this matter. Many netizens thought of themselves the incarnations of Di Renjie or Holmes’ and Conan’s students. They tried to uncover some clues, wanting to figure out if Tang Wan was playing a practical joke or if he was really living in the Marshal’s mansion. Unfortunately, Tang Wan hardly ever talked about his personal life. There was no gossip, no love affairs, and he didn’t depend on his looks either. He only relied on a pair of skillful hands and pets that attracted many fans. In regards to his private life, besides the fact that he was a man, he might have a partner, and that partner might not be in good health, they didn’t know anything else.

Some people speculated that the blogger might be the Marshal’s wife, who was also Asian. They produced a picture of his silhouette from the news as evidence.

This statement was quickly rejected by the Di Renjis and Holmes’ and Conan’s students. Their reasoning was: the Marshal was so strong, how could he ever be in a wheelchair?

No way, Zong He’s image of invincibility was too strong in the heart of the Empire’s people. They couldn’t handle the image of their God of War in a wheelchair.


Besides, when Marshal Zong He returned to β Ursae Minoris, after he stepped off the battleship, many reporters had taken pictures of him, so admitting that the broadcaster was the Marshal’s wife was basically admitting that Zong He was weak enough to need a wheelchair. It was pure nonsense.

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Tang Wan, as usual, pretended to be blind.

Other people could say whatever they wanted to say; he was too lazy to explain, nor did he like to explain to strangers who were interfering too much with his private life. There was only one phrase: You can either believe it or not.

In the evening, he sent away the Imperial Gene Security Department’s staff. He looked at Zhu Kun, who was walking out with X-shaped legs. Tang Wan held his chin and wondered, “What happened to him? Did his X-shaped legs get worse?” ZulQMy

Lin Bo also tilted his chin with the same innocent face as Tang Wan’s. “I don’t know, young people these days just don’t pay much attention to their calcium.”

That night, Zhu Kun was found to have acute uroschesis and couldn’t urinate even when he wanted to. Unexpectedly, even after he was cured, he suffered from a subconsciously increased frequency of urination and wanted to urinate whenever he was nervous. This led to Zhu Kun being dismissed from his job. He was unable to find another job no matter how hard he looked, because when he was interviewed, he’d become nervous, and when he was nervous, he will had the urge to wet his pants. No boss wanted such an employee.

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Later, in order to support his family, Zhu Kun went to a desert star to plant trees.

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The Old Marquis, who was still catching his breath, immediately received a message from the Young Master Tang, which essentially said: This Duke doesn’t need to be bothered with the trouble-provoking waste. Don’t let me see him again in the future.

Old Marquis Keppel was really stunned. This deviate son had offended the Grand Marshal of the Empire and Young Master Tang!

The housekeeper stood behind the eldest young master expressionlessly, and exchanged a look with the young master. So far, the second young master not only failed to align himself with the big ship that was the young Duke, his position in the Old Marquis’ heart also fell sharply. The head of the family’s position could be fixed, but the cost was a little high. In the future, they would have to take pains to repair it.

That night, the Old Marquis and his wife went to the Marshal’s place to offer a humble apology and take the punishment. autsUb

When Tang Wan got the news, he had already laid down and was tired. He had made so many dishes at noon, and had to undergo the check and record in the afternoon. He didn’t want to move anymore, and Zong He saw that he was tired. “You don’t need to get up if you’re tired, Lin Bo can handle it.”

Tang Wan sat up lazily. “They have the position of Marquis, which isn’t low.”

Zong He disapproved. “What of it? I also inherited my father’s title. I am older than him, and you are my partner. So that means they can see you whenever they want? Even when the prince sees you, he still needs to call you ‘Uncle’.”

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Tang Wan pondered over it, then immediately lay back down again without hesitation. axRQVC

Zong He reached out and patted him on the head with a paw, satisfied. “Sleep when you’re tired.”

There was no impenetrable wall in the world. β Ursae Minoris’s circle of nobility was so large and their interpersonal relationships were complex. Soon, the nobles knew that the favorite host Tang Wan was the newlywed partner that Marshal Zong He protected.

The nobles who had wanted to investigate Tang Wan’s identity before but failed were suddenly enlightened. No wonder they couldn’t find it, the Marshal guarded him too closely.

However, for those who knew them, they also knew what they should and shouldn’t say. Zong He hadn’t acknowledged Tang Wan as his partner to the world, so they couldn’t announce it in advance. qcIG2Q

Normally, Zong He would have really wanted to make a statement to everyone, but Tang Wan wouldn’t let him. His reason was: it was too aggressive, you have to leave a way for others to live. It wouldn’t be good that way.

Actually Tang Wan had put more thought into it; he was worried that he would subject Zong He to verbal abuse. With his work as a popular internet host, the lines between right and wrong were muddled, and sometimes it wasn’t clear. Zong He was a hero to the people of the Empire. Now that Tang Wan was his partner, he must maintain the image of a hero. They could blacken him, but they couldn’t blacken Zong He. He wouldn’t allow it!

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Duke Tang was a leading noble of the Empire. Dukes of the Tang family had been marrying into the Royal Family for generations and had a prominent reputation. The whole family was dressed in subtle luxury, their identity as great nobles easily discerned at a glance.

In such a big home, the air seemed to be stale, still and dreadful. Tang Tingye sat alone on the windowsill, facing the window. He pulled up his sleeves, showing his beautiful wrists with a brush in his hand and an easel in front of him. In that moment, he was painstakingly painting a portrait. As the night went on, the portrait was gradually taking shape. Surprisingly, it was taking on Tang Wan’s appearance. 2FI69c

A calm young man, carrying a cup of hot tea, approached him and said respectfully, “Young Master, it’s late. You still have to attend school tomorrow.”

The Young Master was still painting the eyebrows, his expression cold. He had cast aside his elegant demeanor, his dark eyes as deep as the sea, like a whirlpool of hidden danger.

The young man looked at the figure in the painting and reminded him, “Young Master, you must restrain yourself.”

“Of course I know what I have to do. I can’t see him right now, it’s not time yet.” The young Duke looked down, his eyes swirling with dark and complex emotions. His hands fell gently again and stroke by stroke, the person in the painting became clearer. “But he was the mysterious broadcaster. Have I troubled him?” GC8KFk

The man behind him remained silent, quietly listening.

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The young Duke smiled. He set down his brush and looked at the man in the painting. He said softly, “I’ve always been interested in the Marshal’s wife. There is an inexplicable sense of familiarity. Looking at the silhouette on the news, I knew that it was him. But he didn’t recognize me, he must be angry at me.”

At this time, there was a series of footsteps coming from the stairs. A twenty-or-so-year-old handsome and elegant young man dressed in delicate white clothing was coming down the stairs; standing for a moment, he could see the painting at a glance. His original quiet expression changed.

The young Duke looked up and smiled. “Older Brother is still awake?” N8IFBs

Tang Yu and looked sternly at the young Duke. “Tingye, who did you paint?”

The young Duke’s lips curved up. “Who I painted, you don’t know?”

Tang Yu’s eyes flashed with a trace of annoyance. He went downstairs to the young Duke and reminded him in a cold voice, “What you are doing now is enough to implicate the whole family. Don’t touch that bottom line, we can’t afford the consequences.”

The young Duke smiled, his eyes fixed on his brother’s. His eyes shone and gained a gentle and elegant appearance. “Older Brother, you just have to be a good wife to the Crown Prince. Regarding family matters, I have let them go, you can rest assured.” M1qdRt

Tang Yu had never seen this expression of Tang Tingye’s before. He was frightened by the shadows in his eyes. He stood in the same place in a daze, as if his feet had been rooted in place. He couldn’t move at all.

When he first saw him, Tang Tingye was a clever child, docile, filial, and clever. He had grown up in these past years and grew up graceful and quiet, becoming the perfect heir to the Duke. His eyes remained gentle. He had always treated his family with kindness and courtesy. Tang Yu never thought that Tang Tinye could have such an expression. Looking at him again, he was still an elegant and gentle teenager smiling back at him, as if everything had just been an illusion.

Then he thought of the thinly-veiled taunting in his words. Tang Yu’s expression turned cold. He was sure that he had seen correctly, Tang Tingye did not like him.

Tang Tingye carefully put the portrait away and told Tang Yu, “It’s late, and Older Brother should also sleep earlier. Father and Mother haven’t been home these last two days, you shouldn’t relax your studies either.” 4Cyb2E

“Tingye!” Tang Yu took a deep breath, and his voice could barely hide his sadness, “For so many years, I have always regarded you as my brother. In your heart, you don’t even have a little……”

The young Duke looked back and gently smiled. “I know. Older Brother, go to bed early.”

Tang Yu body froze. He squeezed his fist tightly and couldn’t say a word. He understood. In Tang Tingye’s heart, his brother was that person. This half-brother of his was always the enemy of his own brother’s perfect life. However, he couldn’t say these words, because the whole family had been deceived by Tang Tingye’s acting skills. Even his own mother felt that Tang Tingye did better than him. He was just the wife of the Crown Prince who wanted to stand on his own feet, but in the future, he had to rely on his younger brother.

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After Tang Tingye went up several steps, he suddenly stopped and placed his index finger against his lips with a smile. He said softly, “Don’t say it, otherwise……haha.” THy3kz

Tang Yu nodded, his face pale, and he nodded minutely.

— — — —

After the “False Meng Pet” storm, Tang Wan didn’t broadcast for a week, nor did he publish anything on Weibo until the starving fans panicked, fearing that Tang Wan would no longer be broadcasting under the stimulation he had faced. Everyday, they were choking up blood on Weibo begging for Tang Wan to appear. Only a week later, Tang Wan languidly popped up on Weibo: Going live at 3pm~

Fans finally saw the light of dawn, weeping and holding on to Tang Wan: You returned, we thought you were going to retire!
What is the relationship between you and the Marshal? Just what is the relationship aaaahhhhhhh!!
Hundreds of millions of letters written in blood, begging for a live broadcast!
The observation report hadn’t been written in several days, please let the pets out!
I am studying the living habits of ancient Earth’s creatures. Up till now, the information hasn’t been filled in completely. Please broadcast live!
Live broadcast, must live broadcast! I’ve been thinking about Jin Xiao Pang so much that I can’t sleep!
What is your relationship with the Marshal? I really want to know!
Is the Marshal in good health? When will he formally return to the Military Department?
Upstairs, don’t ask. He’s already offline.
The fans: “……” xPvIMj

Tang Wan took a nap at noon, and it wasn’t until it was nearly 3 o’clock that he finally slowly got up. After a brief brushing, he hugged Jin Xiao Pang and opened the live broadcast. He lazily greeted everyone, “Hi~ good afternoon everyone~”

Comments rolled by so quickly that people couldn’t tell what the audience was saying. They had many, many questions to ask! What is your relationship with the Marshal aaaahhhhh!!! Was the checking site really at the Marshal’s mansion???

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Ohh more intrigue (・□・;)


Translator's Note

狄仁杰, known for his noble character

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      Original!Tang Wan is Tang Tingye’s full biological brother, and Tang Yu is their half brother. Stuff happened before our Tang Wan transmigrated, and the Tang family conspired to have Tang Yu replace Tang Wan and basically booted him out. Tang Tingye is trying to get Tang Wan back and has been searching for him all this time.