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My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran AwayCh23 - If You Think You’re so Amazing, Come Investigate Me


Translator: Callis
Editor: Walker

Once Tang Wan’s Weibo came out, the entire internet was stunned. There was no other explanation, they all thought that Tang Wan had gone crazy and that he was senseless! Go5T9X

The comments all said: If you talked like this when the Marshal was still in a coma, maybe nobody would pay attention to you. Now that the Marshal is awake, you dare to use his name. Why don’t you just write down “His Majesty’s palace”?
Bragging without preparing a draft. Look at him, this man must be discouraged!
You’re too crazy, you do illegal things and still dare to use the Marshal’s name. Do you know of the Marshal’s position in the heart of the Empire’s people?
Tang Tang, quickly retract your Weibo, the Marshal’s name cannot be used, we really have to discourage you!
Go die, moron!


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Some people were like this. When something was carefully explained to them, they either wouldn’t believe it or scold angrily. If something wasn’t explained, then they would think that they had won. In both cases, they considered themselves to be the reasonable ones. Tang Wan was not happy. Speak up, what were they swearing at? What about being cultured? How were they any worse than him, an old antique?

As a result, Tang Wan replied to the comment of the person who had scolded him. He gave the other a picture of Shen Zhu Ge, cropped to the head and neck, tilted 45 degrees with its mouth pointed upwards. But its eyes looked down, arrogant and distaining ordinary people. Tang Wan sneered. When high-quality talents wanted to insult someone, they wouldn’t use dirty words! j1kYDl

The netizens were all confused. What did the picture of Shen Zhu Ge mean? Before when Tang Wan scolded people, he had also done it in the same veiled way. If they wanted to know how exactly they had been scolded, they would have to research it themselves. This time, Tang Wan was obviously scolding people, but what did he mean? Nobody knew! The netizens were angry. Damn inhumanly terrible person, searching for information was laborious!

After Tang Wan left some homework for the netizens, they quieted down and he simply logged out of Weibo and let them clamor for answers.

“You haven’t asked anything, you have this much faith in me?” Tang Wan touched his chin and looked at Zong He. No matter how he looked at it, Zong He wouldn’t be such an impulsive person.

Zong He gave a soft “en”. The afternoon sunshine was just right; he just wanted to shift back to his original form and bask in the sun. It would be even better if his partner could brush his fur again. grDTno

Tang Wan reluctantly asked: “Why?”

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Zong He responded languidly: “Why should I have so many reasons? I said that I would protect you.”

With this sentence, Tang Wan gave a warm smile, his eyes curving up. He went around to Zong He’s back and poked his broad shoulders with a finger. Tang Wan smiled and teased, “My beloved~, do you want your fur brushed?”

Zong He frowned and said uncomfortably, “It wouldn’t be good to do it in broad daylight.” ZGhD2H

Tang Wan continued to poke, “My beloved~, do you want your fur brushed?”

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Zong He took a deep breath. “Only I can spoil you like this!”

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Sticking together and acting lovey-dovey would affect their image. In addition, when the Marshal shifted to his beast form, he couldn’t resist acting coquettishly towards his partner. Tang Wan pulled Zong He to their bedroom. 0BESj8

The terrace was a large floor length French window with the ground covered in soft blankets. Tang Wan pulled the translucent curtains apart, sat on the blankets, and brushed the cat’s fur, a smile pulling at the corner of his lips. The afternoon sunshine was tranquil and beautiful. Zong He rested his head on Tang Wan’s legs and slowly closed his eyes. Only by his side could he truly feel at peace. Only then could he forget his decade of combat, unload the burden on his shoulders and peacefully enjoy the warm sunshine. How could he not afford to protect him well?

The Netizens were all busy searching for information, but the people of the Imperial Gene Security Department were all nervous and frightened, shrinking together like a bunch of quails suffering from the winter cold.

It was because Zong He had sent the report directly to the Head of Imperial Gene Security Department, Jing Yuanren.

Jing Yuanren was furious when he received the report. He rushed back to the Department from his home with the report and called back all the people who were on lunch break. cL4tKi

“Why are you fucking looking for trouble? Why are you such a fool? You didn’t bother to find out what hidden motives the other party had, how dare you?! Zhu Kun, Zhu Kun, you’re such a fool!” When Jing Yuanren thought of the soldiers in the Marshal’s mansion who had told him what the Marshal had said, his heart chilled; would they think that they were unrestrained? “You carelessly grabbed onto the head of the Marshal’s wife! What were you going to do once you pulled it down? Did you want to heedlessly arrest the Marshal’s wife for any crime?!”

Jing Yuanren slammed his fist on the table, but Zhu Kun was a 180-kilogram fat man that had already been scared to death. He sat in a corner against the wall with a dull gaze and his body twitched. There was only one sentence in his heart: He was finished.

Several staff members also followed in his panic, glaring at Zhu Kun with knife-like gazes, wishing that they could stab him twice. They had a hard time getting in. Was it so easy to pass a test as a civil servant now? They were taken advantage of by this fat man! If they lost their jobs, they’d have nowhere to cry!

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After Jing Yuanren lost his temper, he finally calmed down. He looked coldly at several staff members and said, “You guys there, are you stupid? You’d do whatever he wants you to do?” nXRTiz

The staff members blinked, confused. What did he mean?

“Everyone is fined three month’s salary. From this week onwards, you will be required to plant trees on desert stars every rest day. Reflect on your actions!” Jing Yuanren looked at Zhu Kun with a frigid expression and his eyes flashed with disgust. “As for you, follow me.”

In the afternoon, Jing Yuanren personally went over to the Marshal’s mansion. Of course, he also took Zhu Kun, who was responsible for the Network’s complaints and security, along. At the sight of the soldiers standing guard, Zhu Kun already wanted to kneel down. They were all soldiers who had followed Zong He to the battlefield, with blood stained on their hands. Their eyes were cold and they stood straight, like a javelin.

Jing Yuanren frowned. He just wanted to beat Zhu Kun to death; he only had himself to blame. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have needed to suffer this fate. If the Marshal’s wife wasn’t good-natured, Zhu Kun wouldn’t be able to leave the gates today. fIu8Cw

Lin Bo came out to greet them with a smile. “Aiya, Department Head Jing has come with a welcome, we have been rude.”

Jing Yuanren smiled bitterly and greeted him. “Housekeeper xiansheng is too polite, it was us who have disturbed you. This staff member is rather unfavorable. I brought him here to apologize to the Marshal and his wife. All that had happened before were misunderstandings.”

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When they came in, they tried to enter for half an hour before the other party finally paged them in. He was an old man, but he had raised the Marshal Zong He, so he absolutely couldn’t be judged by his appearance.

Lin Bo listened with an attentive expression and said considerately, “Then it really needs to be explained. If there’s a misunderstanding, then I’m sure it can be resolved. I’ll go to see if the Marshal and his wife are awake. It’s noon, ah, you must sleep a little. How did that come about? Well, if you don’t sleep at noon, you’ll suffer in the afternoon.” glcHSt

Department Head Jing smiled. “You’re right. The Marshal had just recovered and needs more rest.”

Lin Bo smothered a laugh, then went to call the Marshal. Jing Yuanren took a deep breath and quietly swallowed his saliva. Form the housekeeper’s attitude, there was still a lot of business to be done regarding this matter. Looking at the waxy-yellow Zhu Kun, he was filled with anger. He lowered his voice and warned, “What will you say in a moment? Have you thought well about it?”

Zhu Kun nodded rapidly. What else could he not understand? Straightforwardly rehearsing until he arrived, how could he dare to play any tricks? Especially when soldiers with guns were stationed all around?

Lin Bo had taken half an hour to call and fetch them. By the time Tang Wan came down to the living room, they had already drunk two cups of tea. SQyCWH

Taking a glance at the situation, Tang Wan almost couldn’t hold back his amusement. Lin Bo was too evil; the two people looked like they had been here for a long time, but Lin Bo just went to deliver some letters for him.

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“Hello, it’s nice to meet you two. My name is Tang Wan. You’re here to check the pets’ genes?” As soon as Tang Wan had arrived, they stood up. Zong He had also followed Tang Wan in. When they saw Zong He, they tensed, especially Zhu Kun. After drinking two cups of tea, they even had the slight urge to use the restroom.

After Jing Yuanren politely greeted the two of them, he smiled and reassured, “We aren’t here to check the pets.”

Zong He raised his eyebrows, dissatisfied. “What are you doing here, if not to look at the pets?” gf8KTY

Zhu Kun quickly apologized. “We’re here to apologize.”

Zong He sat down and asked coldly, “What are you apologizing for? You should act in accordance with the law. If there’s a report, then you should check it. It must be clearly investigated today.”

Zhu Kun was almost scared into urinating. He was the one who filed the reports. Where would there be a real report? Zhu Kun really hated Alvin Keppel. If he hadn’t wanted a pet, would he have come up with such a method?

Tang Wan also agreed with Zong He. “Since someone had reported it, it would be better to check. I can’t afford the charges of detaining young cubs, using illegal drugs, and abusing cubs. My live broadcasting studio is still blocked. If you don’t have evidence, the StarNetwork wouldn’t dare to unblock me. You can rest assured that it would be better to check. I would also be reassured.” zbQGHi

Zhu Kun was terrified and broke into a sweat, not daring to speak. Jing Yuanren gave him a disgusted glance. Then he smiled. “Okay, then we’ll check it out. If there aren’t any problems, I will report to you immediately. The authorities will prove you innocent. As for the personnel involved in this matter, I will deal with it according to the law.”

Zong He snorted, too lazy to deal with them.

Tang Wan laughed. “Thank you, Department Head Jing. It would be wise to do so.” As for Zhu Kun, Tang Wan didn’t even look at him, pretending not to know what he had done. This buffon was doomed a long time ago, the Department Head having drawn him as cannon fodder.

Soon, the personnel in charge of the testing came and Tang Wan took them to the back, towards the garden. First, he released ten pets, which were recorded and uploaded to Weibo. ‘Eating, sleeping, and scolding Da Zhuang’: The Imperial Gene Security Department’s staff has arrived. It’s clear whether or not the cubs have been shifted. 18B4aL

The comment area quickly became a wave of hundreds of millions of messages. The netizens were divided into three groups. The first believed that Tang Wan committed the crimes and whatever he did was to wash himself white. The second firmly supported Tang Wan, saying that they would give evidence to cast the fools off. The third merely observed the development of the situation and tried to face it rationally.

After testing the ten, Tang Wan released ten more were. The video was also uploaded to Weibo, broadcasting it live to everyone. When the identity of the Marshal’s wife would be exposed, no one could say that Zong He used his identity to suppress others.

Many people praised Tang Wan’s straightforward operation, and the reasonable ones stood behind him in succession: since he dared to do it in this manner, they could see that he had a clear conscience; when the results came out, the people who had once accused him of committing a crime would be beaten in the face.

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Tang Wan didn’t read the comments, nor did he reply to any of the news. He recorded all of the staff’s sampling, 40 minutes passing like this. The workers used equipment to test them on the spot. There were many pets to be tested and they had only brought one piece of equipment. On the mobile test ship, they arrived one by one, each one taking up ten minutes. The whole afternoon passed by. bUPeCq

The staff gave the report the moment they finished: “These pets are definitely not cubs. They have genetic defects, a short lifespan, and no traces of drugs were found in their bodies. The genetic data matched those of Earth’s biological database. In the absence of protection, exposure to 3HT radiation might cause mutation or death. It is recommended that they remain at home and not leave the protective ring.”

Tang Wan recorded it and asked the staff member with a smile in his eyes, “Can I upload this video to the internet?”

When the young man saw Tang Wan’s beautiful smile, his face turned red and he quickly nodded. “No, don’t worry. Feel free to do so.”

Nearby, Zong He subconsciously raised his eyebrows and uncomfortably glanced over. After receiving the Marshal’s cold gaze, the young man ran away, bowing his head. He pretended to be so busy that he couldn’t lift his head. qxV73A

Zhu Kun, who stood by waiting for the results, was pale and trembling. His legs were clenched together, his posture extremely unnatural. Tang Wan thought that he was too scared to hear the results. He smiled at the other with a kind heart and laughed, “Ha ha!”

Zhu Kun’s cold sweat came out in full force. He unconsciously tightened his legs even more and stood more oddly. Tang Wan was speechless, but in his heart, he thought that they were still X shaped legs.

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Zhu Kun was about to collapse. As soon as he arrived, he had been nervous. He even drank two glasses of water. He had held in the desire to urinate for a long time. However, he had no respite this afternoon. He had always been nervously staring at the staff while they did the testing. He was afraid; his nerves were wound tight like a string and he had no chance to relax. He had a stomach ache and wanted to urinate in his pants. Now that the results had come out and he looked at Tang Wan, he was so frightened that the urge was held back.

At that moment, Lin Bo placed a pot of tea on the table. When he put it down, he enthusiastically greeted everyone, “You all must be tired. Have a drink and rest.” uMjK9N

Zhu Kun knelt immediately.

Lin Bo hurried to him but didn’t help him up. He asked, concerned, “Only you aren’t gathering forward, are you tired?”

The old man happily carried over a glass and placed it into the other’s hand, like an enthusiastic elder encouraging shy children. “Child, help yourself and drink some water.”

Under the old man’s seemingly mild and practical attitude, Zhu Kun could only hold his cup and tearfully drink it down. xETdOk

Lin Bo good-naturedly handed him another filled cup, his eyes filled with pity. “There’s still more. Don’t worry, just finish drinking it.”
Zhu Kun wanted to die!

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Lin Bo showing his blackened side (*≧▽≦)ノシ))

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