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My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran AwayCh16 - Drinking Vinegar Until Even He Was Afraid


Translator: Callis

Although Tang Wan’s tone and expression remained the same, Lin Bo saw Zong He’s subtle performance and explained seriously, “Yes, they are close relatives, especially close. It’s closely related to the Royal Family’s secrets.” blYiTX

Tang Wan was slightly startled, “Royal secrets?”

Lin Bo looked at Zong He’s claws, which secretly hinted at him. He stiffly pointed in the palace’s directions, following the claws. Throughout the empire, the only one who dared to habitually find His Majesty to replace his own black pot would be his family’s Marshal.

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Tang Wan’s heart skipped a beat. Heavens, was Da Zhuang His Majesty’s illegitimate son? So he and Zong He were really closely related by blood!

Looking at Da Zhuang’s expression again, Tang Wan had a little sympathy. It was no wonder that he had never seen the child’s parents. How innocent children are, it would only be correct to say that the ones in the wrong were the adults. Having never seen them before, Tang Wan marked an × on the top of His Majesty’s head. Zong He’s big cousin was a scum! His wife had already given him two children, and he still had the face to cheat! From Da Zhuang’s age, three years old wasn’t big. The more Tang Wan thought about it, the more he felt that His Majesty was a scumbag! Y1 eKb

Zong He wagged his tail and gave Lin Bo an admiring look when he saw that Tang Wan’s expression changed. From his expression, he knew that the crisis was over. The Marshal, who had a strong desire to survive, had no idea what he had just experienced, or why Tang Wan’s expression had shifted. In the face of a crisis, he relied on his instincts and swung his claws. In this way, as the days passed, he could still be very pleased with himself. As for whether or not his cousin the Emperor wanted to carry the pot back, he didn’t care what the consequences would be.

Tang Wan patted Da Zhuang’s head with pity, but he still had some doubts in his heart. Zong He’s royal genes were too strong, Da Zhuang was simply carved from Zong He’s image.

Lin Bo came over and interrupted Tang Wan’s thoughts. “I see that the number of fans on your Weibo has already exceeded billions, there are so many people who are interested in Earth’s creatures.”

Tang Wan smiled, the curve of his lips cold and thin, “People value what they have lost.” Mikq9I

Lin Bo sat across from Tang Wan and said kindly, “Young man, you seem to talk as if you can see through the fickleness of human relationships. You seem older than this old man.”

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Tang Wan said, embarrassed, “How can I compare with you? You have traveled more bridges than I have.”

Lin Bo was distressed, “Fūrén must have suffered a lot before.”

Tang Wan shrugged indifferently. “I don’t know, my memories are gone. The only thing I knew was that I was called ‘Tang Wan’.” He didn’t have the original’s memories. What had happened had already passed. Anyways, they had the same name and they were both bitter people. To live, they had to look ahead and go where they want to go. NwuKyz

Lin Bo nodded. “That is to say, the name you’re using might not be real either? Can you show me your terminal?”

Tang Wan took it off and handed it over without hesitation.

Lin Bo observed, “This terminal is still new. According to the degree of wear and tear, it should have been bought about half a year before your accident, that is, one and a half years ago. There is no personal data on it at all, obviously deliberately erased. It can’t even access the StarNetwork. You must not have been an ordinary person.”

Tang Wan was calm but indifferent. DYXEh9

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“Does Fūrén want to know his origins?”

“Pa vbfrc’a wjaafg, P’w vblcu kfii cbk. Bcbklcu ws bglulcr kbeivc’a cfmfrrjglis yf j ubbv atlcu.”

Olc Db kjr gfilfnfv. “Tfr, la vbfrc’a wjaafg ktja rajaer sbe erfv ab yf, sbe klii jikjsr yf ws ojwlis’r Mūgéc.”

Tang Wan wondered, “Fūrén?” He eyed the kitten on the table. “You called him young master before.” faDedQ

Olc Db reqqbgafv tlr obgftfjv, rjslcu “Yt, P obguba ws sbecu wjrafg tjr ugbkc eq, jcv cbk tf’r j Zjgrtji. P’w biv jcv ws wfwbgs lr ufaalcu yjv, P tjnf rbwfatlcu ab vb, P’ii ub olgra.”

The old man stood up, his back weathered, but his pace fast. Tang Wan didn’t see how his legs moved, but in the twinkling of an eye, he went more than twenty meters.

Tang Wan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Lin Bo, be more careful!” He had just casually asked, why would he run away?

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— — — — 47AVN5

The next morning, Tang Wan fed the koi. He saw that the sunshine was just right, and the lawn on the other side was wide enough. Should he let the alpaca out for a walk?

Zong He was dressed in a military uniform, as if he wanted to go out. He saw Tang Wan crouching by the pool and reminded him, “Stay a little further away. What if your legs fall in, you fall into the pond, and become fish food?”

Tang Wan turned a blind eye and waved his hands without turning back. “Quickly go.”

Zong He clicked his tongue. When he crawled out of bed and didn’t see anyone, wasn’t it last night that Tang Wan had brushed out the fur on his neck and fell asleep without letting go of him? HtEe1h

Tang Wan kneeled by the pool, opened the system, and bought six more lop-eared rabbits! The little rabbits stayed by Tang Wan’s feet. So small, truly meng!

Tang Wan touched them two at a time, “Too cute!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zong He stood nearby and looked coldly at Tang Wan petting the rabbits.

System prompt: Six new rabbits were detected. There isn’t enough rabbit, buy more now? 9adodx

Tang Wan bought it directly, buy more! Come, a hundred more kilograms!

The small rabbits were carried over to the lawn, and the big rabbit was released as well. Then he felt that these rabbits were too cute, but a little lonely. He bought a few more black and white dutch rabbits and countryside white rabbits. Tang Wan held them and rubbed them one by one, so cute ~

Luo Bei had been raised by Tang Wan since childhood and was the closest to him. When it was young, it would only eat food and do nothing else. Other rabbits played by themselves and also held onto Tang Wan’s legs, blinking their bright eyes and looking pitifully at Tang Wan. Tang Wan could understand them at a glance. “Do you want to eat carrots? Another carrot?”

Rabbits that only ate vegetables for a long period of time were prone to enteritis. The appropriate way to feed them would be that until they reached six months old, to give them an adequate amount of alfalfa, an unlimited amount of timothy hay, rabbit food, and boiled, cooled water. After they were six months old, they could be fed unlimited timothy hay, rabbit food, boiled water, and a small amount of fruits and vegetables. The vegetables must be free of water. But for a strong rabbit like Luo Bei, it wouldn’t be a problem to give him a carrot. JclhyP

Luo Bei had deduced a hundred ways to act coquettishly on the spot. He placed his head on Tang Wan’s calf, lingering and refusing to go. It had long surpassed the normal size of lop-eared rabbits, reaching the same size as a countryside rabbit. For the sake of carrots, the ten-kilogram lop-eared rabbit abandoned an adult rabbit’s reserved behavior and coquettishly sold meng.

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Tang Wan was soft-hearted and hugged it in his arms, “Aiya, xiao bao bei, you’re too spoiled. If you wait a bit until I’m not busy and I’ll cut some carrots for you.”

Zong He grumpily glared at Luo Bei, frightening him into shrinking his neck back.

Tang Wan turned his head around asked, “Why haven’t you left yet?” pj1MJA

Zong He answered with a cold expression, “I’m waiting for Vice-Administrator Chen to come pick me up.”

Tang Wan oh’ed, and didn’t hear the complaints in the other’s tone. He felt that the two hamsters were too lonely and bought five more. Now, the yard was full of fur. He also let Xuan Feng out for some exercise.

Realizing that Zong He still hadn’t left yet, Tang Wan pointed at several hamsters. “You really won’t try catching one? A cat that can’t catch a few hamsters isn’t a good cat.”

Zong He looked at them with disgust, turned away, and left. 2yV0lu

Tang Wan forced down his laughter. “Take care of your safety on the road!”

Two minutes later, a black and gold furball darted over like an arrow from out of nowhere. Tang Wan was startled and quickly pulled the hamsters into his arms. When a cat saw hamsters, they wouldn’t be able to control its claws. The next second, however, he saw Da Zhuang pounce directly at Luo Bei and slap the larger rabbit to the ground.

Tang Wan shouted, “Luo Bei! Da Zhuang, stop! It’s a rabbit, not a hamster!”

Zong He chain hit with his claws multiple times, the one who beat him was the rabbit! Pest of the people, disgrace of the empire! Scoundrel who hugs the thighs of other people’s wives! sBHETC

Tang Wan was already confused. What had aggravated Da Zhuang?

Xuan Feng covered its eyes with its wings and feigned being unable to bear to look at it. Its foul mouth blabbered, “Dying! Dying! Dying!”

Luo Bei was beaten up and naturally wanted to seek comfort from Tang Wan. Zong He gritted his teeth and frightened Luo Bei into running away and hiding within a group of other rabbits. With his large size, all the other rabbits huddled around him and stared wide-eyed at this Godzilla of a rabbit. Their faces were filled with reverence towards their new boss.

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Zong He humph’d, turned his head, and walked away. Act spoiled once, get hit once! 7FcKCG

Tang Wan called out a few times for him but he didn’t return. Regardless, he ran to see Luo Bei, his heart distressed. “Da Zhuang could have mistaken you for a large mouse. This milk cat’s eyes aren’t good, not even able to recognize a mouse.”

Luo Bei shrank down, quietly looking in the direction that Zong He had departed in. He laid down on the ground with his head in his arms and didn’t dare act spoiled.

Tang Wan could only give Luo Bei a carrot to comfort him.

After giving the fur babies some exercise, Tang Wan put them back and prepared to do a live broadcast in the afternoon. After purchasing the animals, they could be put back. This system function made Tang Wan very satisfied. Not only did it save him the trouble of feeding, giving them water and scooping their excrement, it also told him the health and mood of the meng pets. 1M4wrL

In fact, it was unrealistic for a person to have too many pets from different species because they needed different living environments and had to consider the issue of the pets competing for territory.

For example, lop-eared rabbits disliked dampness and like cleanliness. While raising it, it should be given a dry and clean environment, and the rabbit cages should be cleaned weekly. Lop-eared rabbits were also timid, easily frightened, and their breeding environment should be quiet and comfortable.

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Hamsters needed their pads and ventilated cleaned everyday. They weren’t accustomed to strong light and ground their teeth every day.

There was even less to be said about cats. Once they saw a mouse, they would want to beat it, like Da Zhuang had. Even rabbits would be beaten. NSkQ1X

The system not only could assign them to different environments, but could also buy food and add it in with a press of a button. There was also a one-click cleaning function. When there would be a problem with the pets, it would automatically remind him of how many pets it would be convenient to keep.

Tang Wan wasn’t afraid of drawing people’s attention with too many pets now. Zong He said that he would protect him, and Tang Wan would gamble on it. He would trust him once, would let go of the restraints on his hands and feet. He’d buy, buy, buy and raise, raise, raise, and he’d set Zong He on whoever dared to cause trouble.

After ordering a shipment of small bowls online, Tang Wan went to the kitchen to prepare a meal for the fur babies. He had planned to broadcast a live mealtime in the afternoon. He’d broadcast rabbits, cats, hamsters, and an alpaca. It was the first time he would broadcast so many of the pets together. Tang Wan had noticed that what the audience wanted most was to see them. If they enjoyed it, then he would get more rewards. Even if he didn’t get a lot, Tang Wan wouldn’t suffer. What he wanted was popularity. If his popularity was high, the advertising fees alone would be enough for him to feed himself.

When Lin Bo looked at Tang Wan moving about, seeing like had something big to do, he asked, “Fūrén, do you need any help?” IYVfcB

Tang Wan thought for a moment. “Lin Bo, can I keep pets in a pen on the grass lawn?”

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Lin Bo laughed and said, “Why not? This is your home, you can put a pen wherever you want to. If you want to change the terrain, you can also do that. There are mountains behind us. If you raise leopards, you can raise them there.”

Tang Wan smiled, showing his dimples. What words could be more reliable than those?

Two hours later, someone brought over the things that Tang Wan had bought. A servant commanded a robot and closed off an area of the grass lawn that Tang Wan had wanted. When Tang Wan went out to take a look, he was in a good mood. He released the alpaca and bought a pony and a mini-donkey, spending all of the points that he had accumulated from the live broadcasts. IG3AYB

The two newcomers were shy and didn’t know what was going on. They cautiously walked around in small steps, looking here and sniffing there. The alpaca was different. The moment it came out and took a look, it took it as its own territory. It had never seen such a large patch of grass before, joy bursting from within. After excitedly playing around, it rushed towards Tang Wan. The corner of Tang Wan’s lips lifted. Knowing what the bear child wanted to do, he immediately turned and started running away. Listening to the gust of wind behind him, a “tui!“ sound follow closely behind.

There was a cool feeling on the back of Tang Wan’s neck, and his expression darkened, damn it! Which family had raised this silly child!!

The author has something to say:
Sitting at home, His Majesty who had received a pot from the sky: Wife, listen to my explanation ○| ̄|_

Zong He’s jealousy strikes again ( ↀДↀ)✧ HeRp87

Translator's Note

Pushing all the blame to His Majesty

Translator's Note

Lin Bo technically says 少夫人 (Shao Furen instead of just Furen), which reminds Tang Wan of when he called Da Zhuang ‘young master’ 少爷 (Shao ye) because they both have that ‘Shao’. Lin Bo doesn’t typically use 少夫人 , normally just 夫人

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Translator's Note

小宝贝 -> ‘baby’ term of endearment

Translator's Note

He made a combo (like in a video game)

Translator's Note

Mischievous child

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