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My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran AwayCh15 - Is Da Zhuang Zong He’s Illegitimate Child?


Translator: Callis

Tang Wan placed Da Zhuang in the bathtub and washed the dirty little cat. “You’re all……” Tang Wan was helpless. “Why are there leaves?” AQ6UgI

He had bought a special bath milk for cats just for Da Zhuang. It prevented fur loss and kept it fluffy and elegant, as well as making it smell of milk. Tang Wan lathered it all over Da Zhuang’s body. “Soak in it for a while, get rid of the smell of dirt on your body!”

The kitten was obedient, trained to not resist at all. Tang Wan had already been splashed with dirty water and had no choice but to unbutton his clothes. He glanced at the kitten, “Why did your parents send you over so late? What are they so busy with every day, disregarding their children?” Towards these irresponsible parents, Tang Wan was a little angry. Giving birth but not raising them, might as well not give birth at all!

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The kitten shook his head and refused to answer the question. Tang Wan simple accepted that he hadn’t understood. He had decided that Da Zhuang’s IQ was lower than normal children’s.

Tang Wan stripped off his clothes, turned his back towards Zong He, opened the shower, and washed his body. There was a red crescent moon shaped birthmark on his shoulder, stamped on his porcelain-white skin. It was very conspicuous. Zong He glanced at it, then looked down from his shoulder. Finally, he silently twisted his face away, the tips of his ears reddening. n gVZ0

Tang Wan saw the other’s actions reflected in the mirror and doubtfully raised his eyebrows. “Da Zhuang, are you still shy?” Tang Wan was amused and deliberately teased him, “You still know how to be shy, how old are you? Your milk teeth still haven’t been drawn back yet.”

Zong He looked at his claws and felt that it was too small. It was a little hard to explain.

Tang Wan quickly washed himself, dried his body, and wrapped himself in a bathrobe. He scrubbed the kitten clean and intended to hold and blow dry him, but when he picked Da Zhuang up, he found that there was something wrong. “Da Zhuang, did you grow a lot again?”

Tang Wan suddenly discovered that Da Zhuang had grown larger! He used to be a little over three kilograms, but now he had to be five kilograms! L9zIZo

He hadn’t seen the other in two days, and Da Zhuang had grown so much? Tang Wan examined him up and down several times, making sure that it wasn’t just fat. He really had grown a little larger. He was surprised, asking, “Did you swell after inhaling water? Why do you feel so much heavier?” Tang Wan was in a hurry when he carried him in, so he hadn’t paid any attention to it.

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Zong He was silent. He had lost a little control and shifted a little. Fortunately, Tang Wan didn’t understand how beastmen shifted.

Tang Wan picked up the kitten, gently blew his fur clean, and brushed it down. He smelled the other’s milky fragrance and happily rubbed the kitten’s head. “This is what a cat should look like. Only dogs roll around in the dirt, understand?”

Zong He yawned lazily and rubbed his face against Tang Wan’s neck. He ripped open his bathrobe with his claws and looked at the birthmark again. His golden eyes narrowed slightly. g8nCvx

Sure enough, it was him!

— — — —

The next morning, Tang Wan woke up and found that Da Zhuang was no longer there, but Zong He was draped all over his back like a large cat. He had rested his head on his shoulder and was hugging him tightly from behind.

When Tang Wan struggled to turn over, the person behind him held him even tighter. Tang Wan tilted his head and save Zong He’s beautiful facial features, the tip of his nose almost touching his face and he could clearly see his long eyelashes. This large cat, as soon as he fell asleep, he would be like a super sticky glutinous cake. Tang Wan couldn’t move, so he whispered, “Zong He?” eYL7a6

Zong He opened his eyes and looked at Tang Wan, who gradually became anxious. After quietly watching Tang Wan for a few seconds, he leaned over and kissed him. Then he closed his eyes again.

Tang Wan: “…….”

Half a minute later, Tang Wan called out again, “Zong He, wake up.”

Zong He was woken up again. He idly rubbed Tang Wan’s face and buried his face against Tang Wan’s neck. He kissed it two more times and nibbled on it. pzsWUc

Tang Wan raised his eyebrows. Disgruntled, he pinched Zong He’s waist. He gritted his teeth and asked, “Are you finished?”

Zong He opened his eyes again like a lazy cat with confused eyes. Tang Wan had no choice but to struggle harder. “You’re crushing me to death!”

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Zong He buried his face in Tang Wan’s shoulder and woke up completely. The arms around Tang Wan relaxed slightly though they still remained encircled around his waist, unwilling to let go. “I’m hungry.”

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Ktf ragbcu ygfjat kjr mbdefaalrt. Kjcu Qjc’r tfjga rboafcfv, atf ylu mja kjr tecugs! muMydN

“P’ii ub wjxf ygfjxojra, ktja vb sbe kjca ab fja?” Kb afii atf ageat, atf obbv atja atf mbbx wjvf vlvc’a ajraf nfgs ubbv. Ktf qglbglas kjr ulnfc ab ceaglalbc jcv ajraf kjr rfmbcvjgs.

“Anything is fine, no preference.” The Marshal felt that he was especially well provided for.

Tang Wan suggested: “Do you want seafood porridge?”

“No fish fillet, I want shrimp.” 790Jzu

Tang Wan’s mouth twitched. He was picky when he said that anything was fine?

“And a steamed dumpling.”

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“No vegetable stuffing.”

“Meat, meat, meat, you always eat meat.” Tang Wan said and rubbed Zong He’s head. After he rubbed, he was stunned. For a moment, he had regarded Zong He as Da Zhuang. They both had the same tastes and were particularly sticky when they weren’t fully awake. e9ksTp

When he smelled the familiar scent on Zong He, Tang Wan doubtfully asked, “You, you carried Da Zhuang?”

Zong He raised his eyebrows and wondered what Tang Wan meant. The best way to deal with it was not to answer.

Tang Wan stood up to get dressed, “Da Zhuang’s bath milk is milk scented, you have a strong milky fragrance.”

Zong He faintly hummed. “I carried him.” f3Qj9y

Tang Wan was surprised. Actually carrying the cub with Zong He’s temperament, it was too strange!

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Burying the doubt in his heart, after Tang Wan brushed his teeth and washed his face, he made breakfast. Zong He followed soon after. Now standing at the kitchen door, he watched Tang Wan bustle about, his eyes slightly narrowed and the corners of his lips quirked up.

Tang Wan placed the dumplings in the pot, rubbed his hands, and said, “I’m going to make some meat jerky for Da Zhuang, fatten him up, and sell him the next time I do a live broadcast.”

Zong He’s face soured. 4OZ30g

Tang Wan gave him a wicked grin. “I’m playing with you. I’ve noticed that you’re very protective of Da Zhuang.” Tang Wan looked Zong He up and down and stared at him suspiciously. “And you carried him.”

Tang Wan had never seen Zong He carry Da Zhuang, but the scent on his body was too strong. Could it be that after he fell asleep, Zong He had rubbed Da Zhuang, who was cute enough to make his heart explode, bald? No matter how he thought about it, there was something odd.

“Both of your fur colors are very similar.” The more Tang Wan thought about it, the odder he felt it was.

Zong He casually said, “It’s genetics, we’re the same species.” 59R6gz

Tang Wan frowned and accepted the explanation for now.

After breakfast, Tang Wan made some jerky. Thinking that the large cat was also still a cat, he packed a box and gave it to Zong He, who was reading a report in his study. “Here, you can chew on it.”

Zong He held one between two fingers, tentatively tried it, and nodded. “Not bad.”

Tang Wan smiled and leaned against Zong He’s desk, and confidently said, “Of course, whatever I make tastes good, guaranteed to keep the stomachs of cats.” k9nvp5

Zong He looked at the jerky and said slowly, “Reportedly, there is a saying that you Asian people have, ‘If you want to capture a man’s heart, you must first capture his stomach’……”

“Stop eating!” Tang Wan’s expression was cold. He picked up the box on the table to leave, not going to give Zong He even one to eat! Let him starve!

The corner of the back of his coat was grabbed, and Tang Wan was tugged back. He angrily glared at the person behind him. Could he afford not to use such great strength?

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“Mine.” Zong He rustled Tang Wan’s coat, his expression very serious. vqpsMm

Tang Wan paused and automatically imagined Zong He’s expression as being the same as when he was a big cat, it was a coquettish look! Tang Wan took a deep breath, knowing that it was wrong to look at Zong He with a filter like this, but he couldn’t resist at all! After he saw Zong He’s beast form, the filter couldn’t be removed.

“Fine, I’ll let you eat it then. There’s a lot more in the kitchen anyways, and Da Zhuang can’t eat it all.” Tang Wan yielded to the big cat’s beauty and put down the jerky.

Then, Tang Wan noticed that Zong He had not been idle for the whole day. He was reading reports and eating!

Going for a walk and eating! hwpa2H

When he entered the treatment room, his mouth was still moving. When he came out, his hand unconsciously touched his pocket and continued to eat!

Tang Wan wondered, the box was so small, how could he be eating for so long? He had a sudden realization, went to the kitchen and looked, stunned. He made ten boxes, all of them gone!

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Tang Wan kneaded his head and calmed himself down. He was speechless, “Marshal, it seems like a burglar has broken into our kitchen.”

“No.” Zong He took the last box out of the drawer. “I took them.” 2dMoB4

Getting a particular happiness from being recognized, male beastmen had a natural desire to possess their partners. Zong He believed that Tang Wan was his and the food that Tang Wan made was also his.

Tang Wan snatched it and grumbled, “Leave a mouthful for Da Zhuang!”

Zong He looked calmly at the angry Tang Wan. Seeing him acting unrestrained, with an ‘I won’t bother with you’ expression, he gave him a forgiving look. Tang Wan felt that no matter what he said to Zong He, he would be making trouble out of nothing. He had no choice but to carry the box away, anger unable to rise.

Tang Wan persuaded himself in his heart. If he hadn’t, then Zong He would keep on doing it. Could he still leave? What reasons would he have for divorce? Write about how much his partner ate? eoT9jg

— — — —

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In the afternoon, after Da Zhuang was released from school, he was sent back by his family. Tang Wan held the little furball and happily took out the jerky.

“Zhuang ah, do you have a school bag? You can bring what you don’t finish today home, or your cousin will eat them all for you.”

The kitten in his arms was silent. He jumped onto the table with the jerky and ate quietly while Tang Wan brushed his fur. It was messy every time, but long fur was good-looking. It took time to maintain a high-level appearance. 4m vdY

After the kitten had eaten a piece and licked his mouth, Tang Wan turned his head and asked, “Do you want to drink water?”

The kitten nodded, sitting on the table and waiting elegantly.

Tang Wan rubbed a hand on his head, put down the brush, and poured some water. “When I get old, you must remember that when you were a child, I raised you like this. You must also pour me a glass of water to drink.”

The kitten wiggled his tail, not refusing. Tang Wan took it as his agreement. lE8QMf

When Tang Wan came back from pouring the water, he found that the table was covered with debris and that the entire box of jerky had been eaten up, the little fellow’s belly bulging. Tang Wan was shocked. “How did you eat it this quickly? The meat is bigger than your stomach!” Tang Wan quickly pushed Da Zhuang down and touched his belly. “Are you ok? Does it hurt? Does your stomach ache? Are you worried? Will you have diarrhea? Why are you as good-for-nothing as your cousin?!”

Zong He gritted his teeth. Good-for-nothing?

Speaking of cousins, Tang Wan was also stunned. “You call Zong He your cousin, you can’t be royalty……that’s not correct.” From what he saw online, the prince was twenty years old, the second prince was sixteen years old, and neither had such a small child. Where on Earth had this nephew come from? In the past, he had wanted to leave and didn’t want to remain here to live out his days, so Tang Wan never thought about it. Now that his mentality was different, he thought more freely. Whose child was Da Zhuang? Why did he look so similar to Zong He? And Zong He still secretly carried him. Tang Wan frowned. He really hadn’t been an adoptive father to Da Zhuang?

Zong He found that the look in Tang Wan’s eyes was wrong but couldn’t figure out what it meant. He reassuringly patted Tang Wan’s face with his paws. Relax, he wouldn’t eat himself to death. 72s 8a

Tang Wan rubbed the kitten’s head, but there was a bit of an odd feeling in his heart. If he went to ask, it would seem like he cared a lot about Zong He’s past when he was the one who stirred up a lot of noise about a divorce.

— — — —

In the evening, Tang Wan strolled around the garden path with Da Zhuang in his arms. He came to his usual table and placed Da Zhuang on top of it. He swung Da Zhuang’s arms, “You really grew larger. In a bit, I won’t be able to carry you.”

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Lin Bo laughed and said, “Tigers grow fast. The young master was also small when he was a child, and then he grew quickly. It was soon after that I couldn’t carry him anymore.” wkngSj

Zong He’s face twisted and he flattened his ears. He didn’t want to hear what had happened when he was a child.

Tang Wan was interested and asked, “He was also this small when he was a child?”

“Yes.” Lin Bo replied. “The young master is a mix of human and beastman, and his genes mutated. When he was young, he was very different from the normal beautiful tigers. At the time, they thought that he wouldn’t be able to survive. In kindergarten, he was often provoked by the older cubs, but they didn’t win.”

Tang Wan asked again, “Why?” xZH4jE

Lin Bo hummed proudly, “Because they weren’t as fierce as the young master. My family’s young master dared to use his claws.”

Tang Wan raised his eyebrows. The Marshal was fierce from young till now ah.

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“Unexpectedly, after he was three and a half years old, he grew very fast and six months later, he was the strongest child in the entire Royal Kindergarten.”

Tang Wan laughed, “And then?” 69E4jF

“Then the cubs who provoked the young master were beaten into dogs……cough, they all became the younger brothers of the young master.” Lin Bo looked serious, as if the one who has said that the royal cubs were dogs wasn’t him. Tang Wan was amused and brushed away two stray strands of fur on Da Zhuang’s body. “Zhuang ah, are you the weakest cub in your kindergarten? Is anyone bullying you?”

Zong He impatiently shook his tail. Don’t mention his childhood follies.

Tang Wan smiled and asked Lin Bo, “Does Da Zhuang have a genetic mutation like Zong He? How are they so similar?”

Zong He’s ears quivered, but his tail didn’t shake. His intuition told him that if he didn’t answer properly, he would be in danger. m6N1Vd

The author has something to say:
Zong He: Wife, you calm down, I am innocent! I would never stray before marriage!

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Da Zhuang is Zong He’s illegitimate child +1

And he lost control of his cat form after seeing Tang Tang naked ha


Translator's Note

Translator's Note

Can also mean to hug or cradle

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Get them to stay

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