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My Vegetative Partner Opened His Eyes in Anger After I Ran AwayCh14 - Pounce and Hold Him!


Translator: Callis

The live studio and the bedroom faced each other and Zong He had already reasonably taken off his shirt at the door. After taking it off, he turned and went into the bedroom, only to discover that Tang Wan was still idling and being ‘shy’. He warned out loud, “Do you still want to see?” h6rxAl

Tang Wan quickly followed, his curiosity piqued. He wondered exactly how much bigger the cat that was supposed to be ‘many times larger than Da Zhuang’ would be.

When Zong He returned to their bedroom and closed the door, he continued to take off his trousers. Tang Wan was shocked. “Why are you still taking it off?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zong He stared at Tang Wan as if he was an idiot. If he didn’t take it off, should all his clothes just burst off?

Then Tang Wan knew how foolish his question had been. There was a flash of white light, and even without looking at his tail, his body was more than two meters long. The big black and gold cat impressively appeared on the bed. Without undressing, all the clothes would surely be destroyed. XlDhaf

Tang Wan’s brain had already stopped working. Usually, the men in the army might still be ridiculed. Wouldn’t they be collectively streaking? Looking at Zong He now, there was only one thought: pounce and hold him!

Could you imagine what holding a warm big cat with a lot of long fur would feel like? The cat was large enough to be a sofa that his whole body could nestle in, and it was soft to the touch. Thinking about that feeling, his whole heart and liver melted!

Although he had always said that he was a tiger, Zong He wasn’t like the tigers Tang Wan has seen at the zoo at all. Zong He, a variant tiger, had no ‘王’ on his forehead, his body was much bigger, his frame was stronger, and he had long fur. He undoubtedly was like a grown-up Da Zhuang. It was just that his body was many, many times larger, and was completely devoid of Da Zhuang’s milky smell and secondary disease attitude. This was a true king.

Tang Wan took a deep breath, looking at the other’s smooth fur draped on the bed. He couldn’t help but reach out and touch the other’s stomach, and his fingers trembled. Wasn’t this breaking the rules? Growing into such a big cat, how could he bear it?! 042nfT

Tang Wan couldn’t help but want to pounce on and roll with him!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Zong He raised his paw and waved impatiently, “Come on, don’t you want to come? Why are you being aloof?”

Having said that, the long tail flicked slightly and his long, elegant fur swayed in front of Tang Wan’s eyes. Being hooked like this, Tang Wan couldn’t control himself and immediately buried himself in the fur. Tang Wan was about to cry, it was already the pinnacle of his life! He was holding a big cat over two meters long!

Zong He lay still, letting Tang Wan’s whole body lie on top of his, plastered together from head to waist and rubbing his face against his neck. He had spoiled Tang Wan, who was quite pleased with himself. tfcsMU

He had already said that he had the best and the most fur in the galaxy. All the other beastmen were bald compared to him.

Tang Wan rolled back and forth several times on Zong He before he finally got up and sat beside the other. He looked at the rubbed and messy fur apologetically. “I’m sorry, I got too excited.”

Zong He shook his neck, but the fur didn’t flatten much. However, he wasn’t angry. “It doesn’t matter, I’m your partner.” He looked at his own fur and said, “Messed up like this, no wonder married men don’t pay any attention to their appearance. They can’t stress about it at all.”

Tang Wan coughed, embarrassed, and went to find a brush. “Sorry, I’ll brush it for you right away.” VbdlYu

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

Mbg atf olgra alwf, atf Zjgrtji fcpbsfv tlr qjgacfg’r ugbbwlcu rfgnlmf, tlr fsfr cjggbklcu lc mbhs rjalrojmalbc. Kjcu Qjc’r ktbif ybvs kjr cfrafv lc Ibcu Lf’r jgwr, mibrf ab tlr rabwjmt, jcv fcpbsfv atf offilcu bo yflcu reggbecvfv ys oeg. Lf abbx jvnjcajuf bo atf ylu mja jcv yfujc ab ygert lar oeg. Ktf mbgcfg bo tlr wbeat delgxfv eq, lc j ubbv wbbv. Ktf qjlg bo vlwqifr bc tlr ojmf kjr frqfmljiis rkffa.

After brushing for more than half an hour, Zong He felt that it was enough. He knew that Tang Wan had secretly stolen and collected some of his fur. He knew that he liked his fur! The Marshal hummed, pleased. His partner had already indulged himself in his fur. Zong He opened his eyes and was domineering, telling Tang Wan, who was still in his arms, “When I recover, I’ll take you to the mountains behind us to run, and you’ll sit on my back.”

“En!” Tang Wan didn’t hesitate to agree, nodding hard. He had been conquered by the fur and his brain was completely offline, unable to respond. Why were the Marshal and Da Zhuang so similar?!

— — — — NGsuHF

For the next two days, the ‘transplanting’ incident remained hot. The focus of attention had shifted to Jin Xiao Pang. They also discussed Tang Wan’s situation. How much money did they have to offer for Tang Wan to sell the cat? That was also a matter of concern to many people.

Many children liked Jin Xiao Pang, and begged their parents. They wanted that chubby cat!

In the end, their parents rejected their demands. Seven million yuan was heart-wrenching, who had that much money to buy a cat? Even if they could buy it, could they keep it in their hands?

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

There were others who felt like they had the financial means to buy it, and they kept trying to get information on Tang Wan. One such person was the second young master from Marquis Keppel’s family, Alvin Keppel. I fAKl

The nobles of the Ender Empire, excluding the Royal Family, ranked from top to bottom: dukes, marquises, counts, viscounts, and barons. As far as β Ursae Minoris was concerned, if they were above the rank of Marquis, then they were already great nobles. There were only a few families with the title of Duke in the entire empire. They were all closely related to the Royal Family, and their descendants had the right to inherit the title. Most of their children’s future partners were members of the Royal Family. For example, the prince’s partner, who had been arranged in childhood, was from Duke Tang’s family. They come from three hundred years of noble glory.

Alvin held a picture of Jin Xiao Pang. The person he wanted to curry favor with was Tang Tingye, the future heir to the Duke’s family, who was just sixteen years old. His older brother had been designated as the wife of the crown prince and lost the right to inherit. The identity of the young master had been established. There were many people at school who fawned over him and wanted to befriend him with ulterior motives. Alvin was one of them.

Tang Tingye was only sixteen years old with black hair and eyes. His five senses were still unable to shake off their youth. His exquisite androgynous form was irrefutable. He was dressed in a black ceremonial robe, sitting elegantly on the school’s highest loft, drinking black tea and reading. The attendant stood behind him silently, as if he were invisible. From this, the profound background and harsh lifestyle of old nobility could be seen.

When Alvin saw Tang Tingye, his body tensed. Although he was two grades higher than Tang Tingye, who was two years younger, he still felt the pressure. But for his own interests, Alvin walked over with a smile and cozied up to him. “Young Master Tang, I found something very interesting.” QMd8eR

Tang Tingye raised his eyebrow slightly and asked with slight curiosity, “Oh? What is it?”

As soon as Alvin saw the other party’s interest, he quickly showed him the picture of Jin Xiao Pang. “It’s a cat, a cute pet that had disappeared with the ancient Earth more than a thousand years ago. I heard that Young Master Tang’s ancestors were immigrants from Earth. With an Asian bloodline was pure as yours, you must like it very much.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tang Tingye glanced at it and gave a faint, noncommittal smile.

Not a refusal! Alvin’s eyes lit up. Sure enough, he liked it! Alvin suddenly thought of getting the cat. Regardless of whether the broadcasting host agreed or not, he had to get the cat. jauGl1

After Alvin left, Tang Tingye shook his head and said disdainfully, “This second young master isn’t as good as his older brother, and can’t support him.”

The attendant asked tentatively, “Then, should we let him seek you out in the future?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Tang Tingye said casually. “A wise man needs to use it, and we need to leave a few unintelligent ones. Whether he is pretending to be silly or not can be seen from if he can get the cat.”

“The broadcasting host’s identity is very mysterious, and many people couldn’t uncover it. So it isn’t easy to find the other’s identity.” UqAQfg

“It’s no concern. It has nothing to do with me.” Tang Tingye looked at his book, eyes cold.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When Zong He heard that someone was investigating Tang Wan, he frowned, unhappy. “Who is it? What do they want?”

To those who wanted to pursue Tang Wan, the Marshal promised to issue a challenge on the StarNetwork under hundreds of millions of witnesses throughout the Empire, saying that he would beat them until even their relatives couldn’t recognize them. Although his body hadn’t fully recovered yet, even by himself, beating them would be like defeating children.

Lin Bo urged him to be calm, “Their goal isn’t Fūrén, but the cat in his hands.” zIWSTt

Only then did Zong He snort, “Obviously.”

His partner was so good, and the other party had put all his energy into finding a cat; they were blind and foolish! In short, the Marshal wasn’t satisfied with any of this.

Lin Bo said, “To be honest, if the other party can find it, it would save us a lot of effort. I’m afraid they wouldn’t be able to find it.”

Presently, they still hadn’t ascertained Tang Wan’s identity. kuXpNq

“Fūrén appeared on an abandoned garbage planet. The only people on that planet were criminals, fighting for scraps to eat with their lives. There were often star pirates there, and countless murders took place. And apparently, Fūrén wasn’t from there. I’ve tested him, he doesn’t know how to fight. He couldn’t have survived in a place like that. All the nearby planets had been searched, and his origins are still unknown.”

Zong He muttered, “No need to look around the planet, directly search through the nobility of β Ursae Minoris, from high ranking to low.”

“The only nobles surnamed Tang on β Ursae Minoris of pure Asian descent are Duke Tang’s family.” Lin Bo smiled. “Duke Tang only has three children. One of them died young, and the blood of the other branches aren’t pure. With Fūrén’s black hair and eyes, he can’t be from a Tang branch family.”

Zong He calmly asked, “No, don’t you think his appearance is like a certain someone’s?” Bk lKj


Zong He’s eyes were dark. “Tang Fūrén, who passed away many years ago. I mean Duke Tang’s original wife, the daughter of one of the old generals of the Chinese Navy. I had the pleasure of meeting her when I was a child and she gave me a piece of candy.”

Lin Bo’s face slowly sank. If it was true, it would be a big deal and the consequences would be devastating.

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— — — — rWO4jA

Tang Wan, who knew nothing about it, spent the night in bed, scrubbing through Weibo. Zong He had gone into the treatment room again, so there was no one to steal the bed from him. Tang Wan was beautiful, happy and relaxed.

Seeing that a lot of people knew what ‘transplanting’ meant, Tang Wan smiled and randomly selected 20 people and sent each 10,000 star coins, adding a congratulations on his Weibo: Congratulations on the following 20 small partners, sending a good luck koi attachment! If you didn’t get it, don’t be sad, we’ll engage in such activities often in the future.

As for those who asked about buying his pets, Tang Wan pretended to be blind, jumping past them as if he couldn’t see.

Fans interacted with Tang Wan on Weibo, leaving a lot of messages. Tang Wan responded successively to dozens of questions, and then sent out on Weibo: Let’s cook next time, the food I make is delicious. T4AU0h

The comments refused: Every time we see you cook, we lose half our lives from ravenous hunger!

Tang Wan was disappointed. Why didn’t these people from the future know how to enjoy life? Eating should be a priority.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Many fans also asked Tang Wan what he was doing, why wasn’t he live broadcasting now? Others broadcasted once a day, spending three days fishing and two days basking in the sun. Not diligent, not good!

Tang Wan fed Xuan Feng a melon seed, recorded a video of it and posted it on the internet. He responded to the fans: I’m teaching Xuan Feng to speak. If he says it right, I’ll give him a melon seed. b67SVn

Fans saw his exposed hand and cried: Please feed him!
Please show your face!
What on Earth do you look like?!
I don’t care what you look like, I want to marry you, little brother asking for marriage!

When Tang Wan saw this, he averted his eyes and pretended to be blind. He quickly left the comments.

Countless fans flipped the table in anger!

When Tang Wan’s head finished spinning, a small figure with black and gold fur strolled through the door. His fur was a fluffed up as Zhang Fei’s beard, his body covered in dirt, and every step leaving a paw print on the floor. uD4dQ5

“Da Zhuang!” Tang Wan coldly seized the scruff of his neck, picked him up, and rushed to the bathroom, leaving no time to ask the other how they had gotten there. “Where did you go? How did your entire body get covered with dirt?!”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

For some ulterior purpose, the Marshal who saw that the soil in the garden was good and capriciously rolled in it: ▼_▼

Sorry for the later chapter! I was super busy yesterday and could only upload it today.

Also we’re finally getting a bit more of the original Tang Wan’s background! Anyone else got bad vibes from Duke Tang’s family??? (๑•̀д•́๑) OH9wbm

Translator's Note

running around naked

Translator's Note

傲娇 has more of a ‘tsundere’ meaning

Translator's Note

三天打鱼两天晒网 -> being idle and lazy

Translator's Note

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