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Very HappyCh74 - Take the University Entrance Examination


Only two days before Shadow of the Sky started filming, Li Zhao was at home all day… doing papers.

The chef aunty changed the menu to make fish soup for him and the first thing Yan Ting did after coming back from work was to open the paper Li Zhao finished and to tell him 18 solutions to a problem. EaMtAY

Only then did Li Zhao understand that anyone who could work for the president of Cang Huan must be a top student.

“The question is very simple. You only need the auxiliary line to find the method to solve the problem.” Yan Ting wrote down the problem-solving process on the paper. “You are already great. You haven’t studied in two years and you can still answer so many questions.”

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Yan Ting didn’t forget to encourage Li Zhao while lecturing Li Zhao.

It was now popular to encourage students when educating them. He had to keep up with the education trends and stop his child from falling behind on the learning path. Z1mCzd

“Ting Ting, you’re really great.” Li Zhao did it again in accordance with Yan Ting’s problem solving method. “I think that if you go to tutor someone, the parents will definitely pay you a high salary. Why did you go to a hotel to work as a waiter?”

He was almost taken advantage of by a drunk, greasy old rouge.

Yan Ting raised his hand and pointed to a certain question. “This question is a class type but there is a universal formula for this type of question. If one question passes then all questions will pass. Solve this problem once.”

“Oh.” Li Zhao worked to solve the problem and his mind was filled with various mathematical formulas. He couldn’t care about other things.


Only the examination candidates themselves would understand the suffering of university entrance examination candidates.

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After doing the math homework, Li Zhao received a baptism of English at dinner. Everyone in the household spoke English to him, including the gardener planting flower seedlings in the yard.

“Ting Ting, does a person still need to be fluent in English to be your gardener?” Li Zhao had just heard the housekeeper speak English and was shocked by the fluent and standard English.

“This atmosphere is more effective than rote memorization,” Yan Ting explained. “In the English exam, the proportion of listening questions is very large.” tanLl1

Li Zhao, “……”

Everything the top student said was right and he chose to be obedient.

One was willing to teach and one was willing to study seriously. For a time, the atmosphere of home learning was very rich.

In the morning, Qin Xiao went to Yan Ting’s office to give information. He saw Yan Ting sitting at the desk and looking at the collection of previous university entrance examination papers. “Sir, why are you looking at these?” 7zkhvg

“Zhao Zhao is doing some questions at home. I’m worried that he can’t do some of them so I’m going through it myself.” Yan Ting read the university entrance examination questions and was more serious than when he read documents.

Seeing that the boss had finally found the joy of life, Qin Xiao was very happy. However, a child doing the university entrance examination…

“Didn’t you say that Mr Li’s health is the most important thing? Should you be giving him these papers?” Yan Ting was getting better recently and Qin Xiao dared to talk to him more to adjust the atmosphere.

“I originally thought so but Mani Li said the pain is just before the university entrance examination and your child can be happy for the rest of their life. If you indulge the child for a while, they will live a life of pain.” Yan Ting didn’t raise his head. “I think his words make sense.” PWs0KA

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Most importantly, Manager Li’s daughter was admitted to the nation’s top Tsinghua University.

Hlc Wljb, “…”

Vegf fcbeut, jii qjgfcar lc atf kbgiv kfgf atf rjwf. Ktfs rjlv atfs kbeivc’a qijmf abb wemt qgfrregf bc atf mtliv yea atfs kfgf cfnfg rboa ktfc yeslcu qgjmalmf qjqfgr.

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“Qtfc vlv sbe yes la?” aCdxKQ

“Kkb clutar yfobgf.” Tjc Klcu aegcfv j qjuf lc atf ybbx yfobgf qeaalcu vbkc tlr qfc. “Itjb Itjb abbx atf qglhf jcv P ybeuta tlw atfrf ybbxr ab gfkjgv tlw.”

Qin Xiao, “…”

‘I know that Li Zhao won the prize but I didn’t expect you to give him papers as a gift.’

“Did Mr Li… like your gift?” dYZ0Vz

“He has been working hard on these questions for a few days and intends to bring the papers to the crew.” Yan Ting was pretending to be calm but he was actually showing off. “However, it is only a few books. In fact, he doesn’t need to cherish it so much.”

“Mr Li… is really broad-minded.” Qin Xiao had nothing to say.

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A 20 year old man happily took back a trophy only to get a pile of papers as a gift. His mentality must’ve collapsed on the spot.

If this wasn’t love then there was no true love in the world. 16JSTE

“Sir, you must cherish a young man like Mr Li.”

There weren’t many people in the world who could accept such gifts.


Although the movie Shadow of the Sky was a bad movie in the hearts of everyone in the industry, the starring role was Li Zhao so many reporters came to interview him on the day of the opening ceremony. qI5rlc

However, the reporters weren’t interested in the movie Shadow of the Sky. They only wanted to know about Li Zhao’s private affairs.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Zhao Zhao, it is said that there is no emotional drama in this movie. What type of person would you like?”

“It is too early to talk about this issue. I haven’t reached the legal age for marriage.” Li Zhao laughed. “It is hard to say when it comes to feelings. If I meet the right person then it won’t matter how they look.”

“There has been a lot of discussion about this movie in the outside world. It is said that many crews offered you scripts. Why did you choose this movie?” JTiCa2

The reporter actually wanted to ask how much water was in Li Zhao’s head that he would choose this bad movie from a pile of scripts.

“The script is good. It is very innovative and the crew is also sincere.” Li Zhao laughed. “Therefore, I want to break through myself.”

The reporter looking at Li Zhao with pity, “……”

Most artists who said this ended up with a tragic fate. LYsemI

“Zhao Zhao, Xiao Yu and Xu Bei have a disagreement in a program. As Xiao Yu’s friend, what do you think about this?”

All the reporters held their breaths because they were afraid of missing Li Zhao’s answer.

“Everyone knows that Brother Song and I are friends. What can I think?” Li Zhao smiled. “I naturally hope that he can be happy when recording the program.”

“What about Xu Bei? The news from My Immortal Girlfriend is that your appearance doesn’t conform to the original comic and they chose Xu Bei as the star. Is this true?” fmsXt

“The excellent comic My Immortal Girlfriend is being adapted into a TV series?” Li Zhao smiled more gently. “ Congratulations to the original author. I wish that the TV series can perfectly present the essence of the comic.”

The reporters, ‘Dang!’

LI Zhao was almost saying that he didn’t pay attention to this TV series at all. So how could the story change?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The crew of My Immortal Girlfriend and the main actor were touching porcelain. 9iIXO

Out of all the interviews Li Zhao had given, these words were very welcome.

Once the interview videos came out, the Yu fans felt that Li Zhao was aware that Xiao Yu and Dog Bei didn’t have a good relationship, so he didn’t give Xu Bei any face.

The Li fans also felt relieved. What cat and dogs were running to touch porcelain? Didn’t they look in the mirror? They should see their own faces and become sober.

The original fans of the My Immortal Girlfriend comic were equally happy. Didn’t Li Zhao praise the original comic for being an excellent work in the media? d1RwOg

Most importantly, the comic fans weren’t satisfied with the actor selection for the drama. After the crew released news that Xu Bei was more suitable to be the male lead than Li Zhao, many of the original work’s fans were scolding the crew for being blind and scolding Xu Bei for bringing money into the crew.

Anyone with eyes could see that Li Zhao was more suitable for the original role than Xu Bei.

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“I thought the crew was just blind. I didn’t expect them to be shameless and to step on Li Zhao’s hype every day.”

“My eyes are hot after seeing Xu Bei’s ugly face. After Green Pepper Video’s happy night, Xu Bei’s team bought articles saying that his style was so beautiful that he overwhelmed Li Zhao. My god, didn’t the team blush when buying these articles?” j7oETs

“The red carpet videos for Green Pepper’s happy night have come out. Almost all fashion bloggers are focused on Li Zhao yet Xu Bei can step on him with a cheeky face?”

“It isn’t just Green Pepper’s happy night. Even in variety shows, Xu Bei doesn’t forget to step on Li Zhao. He says that he is a prince of the Qing Dynasty while Li Zhao is a kid from the mountains. Isn’t Li Zhao selection to endorse the Cangshi watch a mistake?”

“What does the articles of marketing accounts have to do with our Bei Bei?”

“Is the upstairs a Bei fan? I advise you fans who have abnormal aesthetics to have some clarity in your minds. Don’t learn from your artist. Although I’m not a fan of Li Zhao, in all fairness, your artist’s face value, body shape and acting skills aren’t enough to even touch Li Zhao’s heels. After touching porcelain and stepping on Li Zhao, the passersby aren’t blind.” Sns0dB

“In the two shootings of Seclusion Mountain Forest that Li Zhao participated in, the ratings for Love completely dropped yet Xu Bei dared to step on him. How thick is this face?”

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The passersby had long been annoyed by the various articles bought by Xu Bei and they taunted Xu Bei in the comment area. Fans of Xu Bei couldn’t control it even if they wanted to.

In the My Immortal Fairy crew, Xu Bei was irritated by the online remarks. However, the company had already used all the budget for his promotional expenses and Chen Hang wasn’t picking up his calls.

However, Xu Bei forgot that when the passersby had a bad impression of an artist, the more the artist controlled the critics, the more the passersby hated him. qanIY1

This type of annoyance might not be vented straight away but if it accumulated to a certain extent, it was fatal for the artist’s career once it broke out.

“Don’t care about public opinion on the Internet. The netizens are forgetful.” His assistant comforted Xu Bei. “Once the heat of the issue is over, they will turn around and scold Li Zhao or Song Yu and they will experience the sad times.”

Xu Bei took it for granted. Once My Immortal Fairy aired and became popular, he would become tomorrow’s Li Zhao. Perhaps by then, Li Zhao wouldn’t be as good as Xu Bei’s current self.

Shadow of the Sky was a type of bad movie that died halfway. It was too good that Li Zhao received it. h6iXUK

Once the director committed suicide, Xu Bei had a way to let Li Zhao’s reputation fall to the bottom.

However, the Shadow of the Sky crew had received enough investment and was very good. Due to the heavy shooting task, Director Yang occasionally gave meals to the actors of the crew.

“Zhao Zhao, this is your chicken leg today.” The elder sister responsible for the meal was particularly warm to Li Zhao and gave Li Zhao the biggest chicken leg every day.

This big sister had probably watched Li Zhao’s life show and gave Li Zhao a lot of chicken legs. zoDudO

If there were no chicken legs then she replaced it with something else. In any case, Li Zhao loved bowls of meat the best.

Xiang Zhen glanced at the bowl in his hand and then Li Zhao’s bowl. He suspected that the big sister’s hand had shaken when giving him his meat and the meat that should’ve been his had fallen into Li Zhao’s bowl.

After the meal, if Li Zhao didn’t have to shoot then he would open the entrance examination mock papers or read his script. The atmosphere of the entire crew was very friendly.

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Apart from Li Zhao, the other others in the crew weren’t very well-known. They had no rivalries and their biggest hobby was to have tea together and chat. VXicAQ

By the way, they bet on how many points Li Zhao could get in the university entrance examination.

For the questions that couldn’t be done in the crew, Li Zhao would ask Yan Ting when he went home at night. In this way, two or three months passed. When it was less than a week away from the entrance examination, the housekeeper arranged for the driver to go to the crew every day to give Li Zhao brain-stimulating foods.

If Director Yang wanted to scold other people, he would subconsciously look over to see if Li Zhao was memorizing poetry or not.

It was everyone’s responsibility to care for students doing the university entrance examination. 4nWm2o

The author has something to say:

Question: How does it feel to have a child at home who is taking the university entrance examination?

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Ting Ting: Accompany him at the company and at home.


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