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Very HappyCh110 - Breaking News


Li Zhao didn’t know much about opera but once sitting at the scene, he could still feel a different charm. It was always hard to find tickets for Du Yushu’s performance and the seats were always full. The audience was full of people. Some people were so enchanted by the performance that they clapped excitedly.

At the end of the performance, the performers did the curtain call several times. Then the audience enthusiastically came to the stage to lay flowers and take group photos. It wasn’t much different from chasing stars. jsu1eF

“Teacher Du performed very well today.”

“It is worthy of Teacher Du. This singing style made the imperial concubine come alive.”

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“Our mother is so beautiful.” Li Zhao looked at Du Yushu who was almost covered by bouquets on the stage and whispered to Yan Ting, “It seems that I haven’t inherited her talent in singing.”

Yan Ting glanced at Du Yushu and then Li Zhao. “Perhaps you just haven’t found this talent?” Y9nxp6

His family’s Zhao Zhao was good at everything.

Du Yushu saw the two children whispering in the audience and asked her assistant to take them backstage. The entrance door was already open and she was afraid the cold wind would blow in and give them a cold.

“Wait.” Li Zhao took out a bouquet hidden behind him and told the assistant, “I’m going to give a bouquet of flowers.”

Even wearing a mask, Li Zhao looked too young in the midst of a group of fans. However, he had thick skin. Seeing that he couldn’t squeeze in, he shouted, “Teacher Du, I love you!”


The ‘steady’ theater fans who were usually older hadn’t seen this before and turned their heads to look at the enthusiastic young theater fan. Li Zhao took advantage of this to quickly squeeze in and come to Du Yushu’s side.

Theater fans: So young yet he turned out to be a dog! He actually used such a method to squeeze in front of Teacher Du.

Seeing Li Zhao come over, Du Yushu handed all the flowers in her hands to the staff. Then she reached out to take the flowers from Li Zhao’s hand. “Shameless child.”

“Teacher Du, I still need a hug.” Li Zhao opened his arms. Du Yushu took a step forward and the mother and son hugged. X4TI9W

Theater fans: Even daring to hug the holy and elegant Teacher Du, this young person has a lot of courage and a high level of operation.

The other opera performers were very surprised to see this scene. What was the origin of this little fan that Teacher Du treated him in such a special manner?

Backstage, Li Zhao took off his mask and a young opera actor couldn’t help screaming with joy. “Li Zhao?!”

Some old artists didn’t know Li Zhao but seeing Du Yushu’s attitude toward him, they guessed this young man might be Du Yushu’s nephew and showed a gentle attitude to him. A young opera performer couldn’t help coming up to take a photo with Li Zhao. h8WNdl

“This is my child, who is now an actor.” Du Yushu introduced him to everyone with a smile. “He is still young so please take care of him in the future.”

Everyone agreed with a smile but were shocked in their hearts. What junior was this in Teacher Du’s family that she would value him so much?

The young opera performer heard this and looked at Du Yushu and Li Zhao with surprise. The teachers didn’t know it but she was aware of it as a Li fan. Zhao Zhao… had no family at all.

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“P kjr bglulcjiis qijcclcu ab lcnlaf fnfgsbcf ab vlccfg ja atf fcv bo atf sfjg jcv atfc afii sbe.” Ge Terte rwlifv jcv ibbxfv 10 sfjgr sbecufg atjc ereji. “Lbkfnfg, atlr mtliv lr rb cjeutas, gecclcu ab ulnf wf oibkfgr lc ogbca bo rb wjcs qfbqif.” iWm6v2

Snfgsbcf uijcmfv ja atf oibkfgr lc Ge Terte’r jgwr. Vtf tjvc’a yffc kliilcu ab qea atfw vbkc, wjxlcu fnfgsbcf wbgf meglber jybea Ol Itjb’r lvfcalas.

“As you all know, 21 years ago, I had a child with Old Lin.”

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Everyone was silent. The topic of her child was still painful to Teacher Du and they never mentioned it in front of Teacher Du.

“He is the biological child I’ve been separated from for many years.” 1tWlq7

The young opera actor: !!!

This news was like thunder striking out of the blue for everyone. By the time Du Yushu left the theater, they still hadn’t reacted.

Li Zhao’s act of giving Du Yushu a flower confession made her smile and the smile never disappeared as she went downstairs.

“Zhao Zhao, Xiao Yan, it’s so late. Come to our place tonight to sleep?” She looked at the two children sending her home. U1jJzi

“Mom, young people need private space.” Li Zhao waved at Du Yushu. “I won’t disturb your love with my father.”

“I think you’re afraid that I will disturb your love.” Du Yushu gathered her hair to one side. “Go home for dinner tomorrow night. Xiao Yan is busy with work and I will ask your father to make pigeon soup for you.”

“Goodbye Mom, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Li Zhao cheerfully said goodbye to Du Yushu, saw Du Yushu go upstairs and then leaned on Yan Ting’s body.

“Ting Ting, seeing my mother publicly condemn Zhao Junnan, I have found the real feeling of having parents.” tpv9CX

Yan Ting patted him on the back.

“Sometimes it is like a dream.” Li Zhao muttered. “God sent you to me and then gave back my parents.”

If it was a dream, he wasn’t willing to wake up for the rest of his life.

“It isn’t a dream.” Yan Ting pinched Li Zhao’s neck. “If it is a dream then I will accompany you in it.” ZiPdy4

“It isn’t easy to fall in love with me.” Li Zhao sat up and smiled at Yan Ting. “We eloped and you even have to accompany me in my dream.”

“Yes.” Yan Ting nodded.

Li Zhao, “???”

Yan Ting kissed him on the corner of his mouth. “But I love it.” qBt gw

Li Zhao, “……”

Who taught Ting Ting this love routine? The atmosphere in the car gradually warmed up. The two people were just spreading sweet honey when Luo Rong called.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Zhao Zhao, do you know Teacher Du, a famous opera actor?” Luo Rong couldn’t wait to speak as soon as the call was connected. “Did you go and watch her perform?”

“Eh? Right.” Li Zhao leaned back against Yan Ting. “I went with my boyfriend.” j6cqMO

Luo Rong almost couldn’t breathe. He took his boyfriend to see an opera performance and also showed his love to a performer. It was really fresh and refined. It wasn’t an ordinary slag style.

There was silence for a few seconds before Luo Rong spoke calmly, “Someone broke the news that you have an unclear relationship with Teacher Du Yushu. This is why Du Yushu publicly condemned Zhao Junnan on the Internet and supported you.”

On some anonymous forums, people started to compile materials about how Li Zhao pleased Du Yushu privately and how he didn’t have any dignity. However, these words would only dirty Li Zhao’s ears and he wouldn’t say it at all.

“Brother Luo, there’s something I haven’t had time to tell you. I do have a relationship with Teacher Du.” Li Zhao hadn’t expected the gossip marketing accounts to dare make up any black material for the sake of traffic. sx5JH3

He was an entertainer who was used to being blackened but it was disgusting to apply this method to low-key traditional artists. If they didn’t have a mother-child relationship, this rumour would become a joke that people mentioned after tea or dinner. Few people would care about the truth.

Unclear things about well-known artists or young traffic stars would make them more exciting and interesting. As for the traditional artist’s reputation, who cared? Rumours without a bottom line were invisible blunt knives.

“Ting Ting.” Li Zhao turned his head to look at Yan Ting. “I heard that Canghuan has a world-famous team of lawyers?”

“What do you need them to do?” Yan Ting saw that Li Zhaow as extremely angry and didn’t even ask for the reason. He directly said, “I will arrange for them to work with you immediately.” S4ispP

“Help your dear boyfriend relieve his anger. I am furious right now.”

“Okay.” Yan Ting took Li Zhao’s phone. “I’ll relieve your anger.”

“Hello, I’m Yan Ting.” Yan Ting spoke directly to the person on the phone.

“Hello Mr Yan Ting, this is Luo Rong, Li Zhao’s executive agent.” Luo Rong hadn’t expected that Yan Ting would even help Li Zhao resolve the sensational news he provoked. If this wasn’t love then there was no true love in the world. OVeRy

“I understand. I will immediately arrange for a team of lawyers to contact you.” Yan Ting poked Li Zhao’s still angry face. “Zhao Zhao has been resting with me for the past two days and hasn’t told you something. Not only is Du Yushu a great opera performer, she is also Zhao Zhao’s biological mother. Regarding these false rumours on the Internet, I will arrange for the team to collect the derogatory comments on the Internet and make them bear the legal responsibility.”

“Huh?” Luo Rong thought he had a problem with his ears.

The opera artist Du Yushu was Zhao Zhao’s mother? Even TV dramas wouldn’t dare have such a strange thing.

In order to discredit Li Zhao’s image, the water army compiled various absurd rumours and spread them on the major entertainment platforms. They spoke like they had seen the black materials with their own eyes. k37S1N

The Internet was never lacking people who didn’t think. They held the greatest malice for people who could never be reached. As long as they saw a bit of maliciousness, it was like an evil switch was turned in them. They mocked and insulted the person unscrupulously as if this was the only thing that could bring them spiritual pleasure.

Zhao Junnan happily watched as more and more black materials about Li Zhao and Du Yushu spread online and took a sip of his wine with satisfaction.

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This bullshit artist, this bullshit young actor, was it possible to escape?

Some people couldn’t wait to accuse Du Yushu of cheating and Li Zhao was the third person. However, some rational fans felt this wasn’t right. It was just watching a performance at the theater and giving a bouquet of flowers. How did it become a relationship? Sunspots should follow the basic laws. There weren’t any real hammers yet they jumped so happily. It was obvious that a water army was hired. yF5 pB

The thing that made the Li fans feel strange was that the studio hadn’t responded to such an obvious rumour. Fans with short tempers already started scolding the studio. Previously when tearing at Qian Jiao, they were so full of momentum. Why were they pretending to be dead today?

In other people’s view, this silence was a default guilty conscience! Seeing that the studio was silent, the sunspots jumped higher. The major forums were full of remarks like ‘if he isn’t guilty then why is he remaining silent?’

At four in the morning, when Weibo’s programmers were still asleep, the servers were paralyzed by an explosion. Reporters from various media crawled out of their warm blankets to follow up on the heat and grab traffic.

Don’t blame Weibo’s servers for breaking down in the middle of the night. The news was too powerful. tqe6Ox

#Abused child reunited with biological parents#

#It turns out learning genes can be inherited#

#Du Yushu Li Zhao#

#Du Yushu: Li Zhao is my son# 3jhMW0

The entertainment reporters wanted to cry. Big people, this was such big news, why burst it in the middle of the night? Can you sympathize with entertainment reporters and programmers?

It wasn’t over yet. Li Zhao’s studio issued a tough announcement stating that it would sue certain marketing accounts for slander. The announcement also stated that the legal matter was assigned to the Cangwei Lawyers.

The Cangwei Lawyers? Wasn’t this the team of lawyers of Canghuan? This lawyer team was very powerful and famous. Even ordinary netizens had heard the name of Cangwei Lawyers.

There was a saying that people who were afraid to fight shouldn’t leave any clues behind. Previously, some people joked that Cangwei Lawyers shouldn’t be called Cangwei. They should be called Dichlorvos because they were too lethal. uZdDcb

Now there was a problem. Why did Canghuan’s golden lawyer team help Li Zhao’s studio? It wasn’t because they were good people, right?

The author has something to say:

Baby Zhao Zhao was bullied. Early the next morning, Ting Ting took his royal hired men and looked coldly at the naughty children of the kindergarten: Do you know why flowers are so red?

The naughty children tearfully shook their heads. YwVgo4

Baby Ting Ting: It doesn’t matter. You’ll know when you get hit.

Please visit chrysanthemumgarden (dot) com

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