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Very HappyCh105 - Who Is It?


Even a fool could see that Lu Hao’s answer was mocking Zhao Junnan. It was just that he didn’t mention anything else. Why talk about a double? There must be melons to eat.

Netizens always liked watching excitement. They urged Lu Hao to speak more clearly. F TU7K

Unfortunately, Lu Hao didn’t satisfy the curiosity of the netizens. He threw a bomb and ran away, completely ignoring how curious they were and how eager they were to see excitement.

Of course, the happiest one was Zhou Mei who was still fighting with Zhao Junnan. She had been angry with Zhao Junnan for a long time. Now seeing Lu Hao come out to implicate Zhao Junnan, she quickly took advantage of the heat to disclose some things.

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Zhou Mei V: Some cheap people are cheap. If they see a sexy woman, they want to sleep with her. If they see a pure woman, they want to take advantage. Bah, sexy is just the appearance. If you want to sleep with a man then that is your choice.

Zhao Junnan, this hypocrite and bastard, entered the crew and felt she was a woman who played casually. Therefore, he made various ambiguous hints towards her. Once she refused, he made trouble for her everywhere in the crew. The other day in front of the media, he hinted that she tried to seduce him and it didn’t work. RmJQZC

Zhou Mei couldn’t bear it and publicly fought with Zhao Junnan. Such a disgusting man. Even if all the men in the world died, she would rather sleep with women than him.

Originally, Zhou Mei’s words were believed. However, after Lu Hao stood up to speak, everyone was in a subtle mood. What if her words were true?

Everyone wouldn’t believe it if a general traffic star came out to speak but Lu Hao was different. He had a strong identity and was currently a big brother of Strawberry Entertainment. Since the broadcast of Sky Song, his popularity was even higher than that of Zhao Junnan. There was no need for him to tell such a lie.

If Lu Hao didn’t lie then did it mean Zhao Junnan had a problem?


In order to prove that Lu Hao wasn’t lying, Lu Hao’s fans searched around for Zhao Junnan’s black materials. After checking, they found that Zhao Junnan had done many things when he was young and just became popular. In today’s entertainment circle, these actions would cause him to be scolded until he left the circle.

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Of course, not too many people cared about these old materials. The fact that Li Zhao was a double for Zhao Junnan in the Heroic Ruler crew was the focus of everyone’s attention.

Heroic Ruler was filmed two years ago and all Li fans knew that Li Zhao was still running around various crews at the time, bleeding in order to make a living.

The Li fans pulled out the collection of clips of Li Zhao’s minor characters. Every time they watched this video, they felt sad. They hadn’t expected Li Zhao to act as a double in the Heroic Ruler and that he didn’t even deserve to have a name. In addition, Zhao Junnan shamelessly said in front of the media many times about how much he suffered and how many injuries he received when filming Heroic Ruler. Ek1POz

The result? The fight scenes talked about by the audience weren’t shot by himself but by Li Zhao! It was no wonder why Li Zhao said in the interview that his first cooperation was in Heroic Ruler, not Sky Song. No wonder why they didn’t see Li Zhao’s name when going through the cast list. It was because he was a double who shouldn’t exist.

“An emperor is worthy of being an emperor. He is so good when lying.”

“He really set himself up well as a dedicated person. As a result, he wasn’t even willing to participate in the script reading before the startup. Wow, really great.”

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“Ol Itjb mbeiv yfjg la jcv vlvc’a ygfjx atgbeut Itjb Aeccjc’r ilfr. Po la kjr wf, P kbeiv’nf pewqfv eq ibcu jub ab afjg boo Itjb Aeccjc’r ojirf ojmf jcv qecmt tlw ab atf ugbecv.” P8fuNm

“Qtja lr eqrajlgr atlcxlcu? Ol Itjb lr nfgs tba gluta cbk yea tbk mjc tlr rajaer lc atf mlgmif yf mbwqjgjyif ab Itjb Aeccjc? Po atf tsqbmglaf rjsr j ofk kbgvr jybea j sbecu jmabg cba yflcu vfvlmjafv ab tlr kbgx jcv yflcu vlrgfrqfmaoei ab tlr rfclbg, vb sbe xcbk tbk wjcs qfbqif kbeiv afjg ja Ol Itjb? Ktf kjafgr lc atf mlgmif jgf vffq. Po j xlcvfgujgafc raevfca refr j afjmtfg, ktb vb sbe atlcx kbeiv klc?”

“There isn’t a real hammer. Everyone is scolding Zhao Junnan now. Has Zhou Mei hired a water army?”

The melon eating netizens, all types of fans like drama fans, face fans and CP fans were fighting, making it very lively.

It wasn’t until the Heroic Ruler crew exposed a 30 minute long video that #Zhao Junnan#, #Zhao Junnan double#, #Zhao Junnan and Li Zhao# and other related topics detonated the entire network. p9LY8q

The video was full of undisclosed behind-the-scenes footage. The person who released it was well-aware of the hobbies of the people who ate melons so it was all related to Li Zhao.

Li Zhao was dressed in the costume of the protagonist of Heroic Ruler. He sometimes held a sword and sometimes a fan. He played smartly and neatly. On a cold day, he wore a beautiful and elegant white costume and hung from a wire again and again. After the shoot, the staff didn’t take the wire off him in a timely manner. Everyone could see on the screen that Li Zhao at the time was shivering with cold.

This was the most classic bamboo forest martial arts fight in Heroic Ruler. It was cut by many editing masters and was a hot material for countless video editing clips in the past year. Zhao Junnan relied on this classic scene to become the white moonlight in the hearts of many female fans.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Yet he didn’t even shoot it! The footage the obsessed girls all screamed over was shot by Li Zhao! wvJoA9

Zhao Junnan just took a close-up of his face or struck a few poses to supplement the shots that needed a close-up.

Many of Zhao Junnan’s current fans became fans after watching Heroic Ruler. Now this video was telling them that they were fans of a fake and inferior product. They were a bit irritated and couldn’t respond at all.

Fans had the strong ability to bear it. Although they were stimulated, they were still strong and continued to watch the video.

The more they watched, the more sympathy they had for Li Zhao. During the time when he ran to the Heroic Ruler crew, Li Zhao was probably 19 years ago. His voice was still childish. One time, he was hit on the calf by a rebounded bamboo and fell to the ground. The staff around him saw his embarrassing appearance and laughed. Li Zhao lay on the ground, wiping the dust on his face and laughing with everyone, but he never released the hand covering his calf. he7wPL

The camera swept to the side to show Zhao Junnan sitting on a chair and playing with his mobile phone. He didn’t even look at this side. The fans who originally wanted to scold Li Zhao saw this scene and couldn’t do it. It was because in the video, Li Zhao was too miserable.

If Li Zhao looked a bit uglier then at most, they would sympathize with him after watching the video. However, Li Zhao looked good. Thus, compassion turned to love. Once an audience showed love for an entertainer, it wasn’t far from becoming a fan.

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Zhao Junnan’s public opinion overturned and a large number of people stopped being fans. He was too anxious and his team tried every method to contact Li Zhao’s studio. The only answer they received was ‘please wait. We will consider it.’

This type of black material was spread all over the Internet. The sooner, it was resolved, the better. However, Li Zhao was unwilling to cooperate and they had no choice.” Mdoli1

“Brother Zhao, think about the benefits. At least… Li Zhao didn’t throw a rock at you.”

Zhao Junnan, “……”

At this point, it didn’t matter if Li Zhao didn’t throw a rock. Just dropping a stone into a well was enough to kill him.

It wasn’t that Li Zhao didn’t want to throw the rock, he just didn’t have time. As a close friend of Yan Ting, Li Zhao was taken to the research institute for the staff to extract his genetic information. XJECMZ

The news of the gene bank completion hadn’t been announced to the country but Li Zhao knew that when the relevant departments in various regions formally launched the gene bank, it would bring new hope to many parents who had lost their children.

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The staff were very polite to Li Zhao to the point of enthusiasm.

The moment that Yan Ting took Li Zhao to the door of the institute, everyone in charge of the project knew that this was the golden doll who allowed the sponsor to invest a large amount of money into the research.

Looking at him… he was a bit familiar. Wisocf

“Isn’t this Li Zhao?” A researcher who usually liked to watch dramas saw the approaching person and excitedly told his colleagues, “It is Li Zhao.”

How much money and technology was invested for the sake of a friend? What a touching brotherhood. Where was a writer of Jinjiang? The pen was ready. Come and write!

Once the information registration was completed, the director of the institute personally received Yan Ting and Li Zhao.

“Mr Li is the first one to be officially registered after the completion of the gene bank.” The director wanted to be humorous but it obviously wasn’t very successful. “The other day, the relatives of an internal staff member were going to register but I arranged them for this afternoon.” qLt6F4

Arranging for the gold father’s friend to be first was the institute’s most sincere act.

“Thank you,” Li Zhao said. “I troubled you.”

“No no, I should be thanking you and Mr Yan Ting.” The director touched his smooth head. “The completion of the gene bank is a good thing for the people. Thank you both.”

If it wasn’t for Li Zhao, they didn’t know how long this project would be delayed. The funds allocated by the state were limited. In addition, the institute had many research projects and there was insufficient manpower. Their technology was still immature. If it wasn’t for the selfless help of Mr Yan Ting, the gene bank project might’ve been suspended and then delayed to five years later. He couldn’t even see any hope of success in 10 years. 6FBtQZ

In those 10 years, it was unknown how many parents would’ve died hopelessly and how many children wouldn’t be able to find their biological parents. Fortunately…

It seemed that God couldn’t bear this cruel thing to happen so he sent Yan Ting with a golden light.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Shortly after sending away Yan Ting and Li Zhao, Lin Hong came with Lin Shen and Du Yushu. The staff took the genetic samples, carried out the storage of the samples and the genetic data processing. Once the data was transferred to the system, the system suddenly made a noise. Nwx70Y

“This sound…”

All of them were stunned and even a bit disbelieving.

“Isn’t our system perfect? Is there a bug?”

This was a very important function of the gene bank. Once the gene data was inputted, if there was a suspected genetic data match in the database then the system would automatically give a prompt. GVTNw6

However, weren’t there only two data points in the system?

“Who is it?” Lin Hong grabbed the collar of his colleague excitedly. “Who is the person brought by the gold master?”

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“Professor Lin, don’t be anxious.” The colleague was startled. “According to the confidential agreement, we can’t disclose other people’s information. This matter has to be handed over to the police.”

Lin Hong wasn’t that controlled. As an internal employee, he had the authority to read the data. He pushed away his colleague and the moment he reached the computer, he couldn’t wait to enter his employee number and clicked on the back-end of the system. 5nA9IT

Li Zhao?!

Lin Hong stared at the name in a dumbfounded manner and felt like he was dreaming.

His nephew was really… still alive?

The author has something to say: vgLr0I

Baby Ting Ting led Baby Zhao Zhao to the grove and said generously: I want to let everyone know that I planted this green forest for you!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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