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The Villain’s Face-Slapping CounterattackChapter 72


Face-Slapping the reborn CEO (7)

Editor: ghost 6Bm0ke


At the end of July, Zhou Xu entered one of Zhou’s construction companies with an internship as a sales assistant.

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Zhou Qiang wanted Zhou Xu to start from the basics. If he could get results, then he would naturally be promoted. Zhou Xu  didn’t oppose this because he knew that in several months, Zhou Qiang’s other two sons would be born.

Besides Zhou Xu, Zhou Xueli was also arranged to enter the company. After all, after the whole affair with Wen Chan, Zhou Xueli kept quiet. However, at that time, Zhou Qiang had already lost faith in Zhou Xueli. Because he was already doing it for Zhou Xu, he added Zhou Xueli in passing and threw the two of them to the same place. lW5UuG

Zhou Xueli’s feet had never recovered its shape. His own father made him a cripple.

He clearly remembered the appearance of his father holding the golf club; frightful, fierce, without any affection towards his children. Zhou Xueli’s leg had been forcibly broken just like that.

At school, there was no Wen Chan and at home, there was Zhou Xu and Zhou Qiang. Zhou Xueli felt that his life totally lacked meaning, he was living like a walking corpse. He always wanted to rise, however he discovered that his first life had become his shadow and that life after rebirth had also become his shadow.

He thought that he had already been abandoned by Zhou Qiang. He did not think that Zhou Qiang still remembered him. Thus Zhou Xueli, who was living like a corpse, once again became spirited, preparing to win against Zhou Xu in business to regain his father’s favor.


Perhaps, it was on this matter that Zhou Xueli and Zhou Xu were different. In front of the same scum father, Zhou Xu wanted to overthrow him, to let him suffer, while Zhou Xueli was thinking about how to gain the love of this scum father.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Both people entered the company at the same time. The sales director was definitely not an idiot. After just a few days, he had guessed the identities of both people and were afraid to manage them. However, the two of them were both very serious.

In reality, no matter how serious they were, the houses they had to sell were really hard to sell because they were too remote.

No matter which businessman, their life was not a smooth sailing. Even Zhou Qiang had times when he failed, like the investment for this piece of land. z0DdgX

When Zhou Qiang went to inspect, it happened to be a rainy day. As he exited his car, he coincidentally saw a rainbow. The air was also fresh and clean, so Zhou Qiang thought it was not so bad and felt that if a set of villas were to be constructed there, then it would sell well. That was why there were currently a dozen unsellable villas.

Of course, the company had other houses to sell, but they didn’t have to worry about those. They were basically all sold before they were even finished.

Zhou Xu asked the manager for the villas’ construction blueprints. He looked at them carefully and understood the general organization.

Because these villas were at the remote outskirts of a first-tier city, the price the company had set was already really reasonable. The price was set around the price for an apartment in the city center. The main point of these villas were that they had their own door and their own courtyard. Each villa also had a two hundred square meter garden. Reasonably, this kind of villa should be easy to sell. Unfortunately, these villas were really too far. tXZhTL

Shutting his eyes, Zhou Xu thought a little. For the time being, he didn’t have any solutions. He would go tour the villas first in the afternoon.

After deciding, Zhou Xu made an appointment with Nie Yuantong because he had heard that there was good rural tourism in the vicinity. Just make it a date with Nie Yuantong. In any case, it was the summer holidays. Nie Yuantong was also bored everyday.

After receiving the phone call, Nie Yuantong didn’t hesitate for even half a second before accepting.

Driving his flashy Rolls-Royce, Nie Yuantong went to the company’s entrance to fetch Zhou Xu. Zhou Xu was already used to it, he sat down without an ounce of pressure and fastened his seat belt. Zhou Xu said, “Go to the eastern suburbs.” Slo7KR

Nie Yuantong immediately started the car, turning east at the front intersection. After turning, he asked, “Why are we going to the eastern suburbs?”

“To invite you for a meal.”

“You finally succeeded in inviting me. Right, what are we going to eat? And also, why are you going there?”

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Zhou Xu did not succeed in restraining his smile. Sure enough, Nie Yuantong really understood him. As long as Zhou Xu took the initiative to look for him, then it generally meant that he wanted something. vJaIds

“We’re going there to inspect a residential area. I’ve heard that the rural tourism there is not too bad, so I asked you to come with me.”

Nie Yuantong also smiled, “Very good, you still remembered to call me.”

When both people were together, time passed really fast. So much that even Zhou Xu felt that the hour and a half car ride was not hard at all.

After arriving in the residential area in the eastern suburbs, Zhou Xu understood why there were people coming to look at the villas, but not buying them. First, this road wouldn’t do. 3i0CeA

Don’t talk about how the road was narrow, the most important point was that this portion of road was really bumpy. Because both sides of the road were farmlands, the holes on the road were full of mud. If it rained, it would certainly make people loathe it even more.

At last, they entered the residential area. Zhou Xu discovered that the road inside the neighborhood was not too bad. However, after opening the door of one of the villas, Zhou Xu was even more clear of the reasons why these villas all remained unsold. The promised 200 square meter garden was basically empty talk: there was only 200 square meters of empty land.

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There was basically no decoration inside the villa. This would make people looking at the villas hesitate even more. It was precisely because of all these reasons that these villas couldn’t sell.

Nie Yuantong followed Zhou Xu. After seeing the house, he directly whistled. ImeY3h

Zhou Xu turned his head to look at him, “What do you mean?”

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Rlf Tejcabcu jcrkfgfv, “Ktlr nliij lr gfjiis lcafgfralcu. Po la lr kfii vfmbgjafv, la rtbeiv yf qgfaas ubbv.”

“Qtja vb sbe tjnf lc wlcv?”

Rlf Tejcabcu fzqijlcfv, “Ktf olgra oibbg lr atf ilnlcu gbbw, atlr lr cba regqglrlcu, yea bc atlr rlvf, atfgf lr atf xlamtfc. Jbwf ajxf j ibbx, la’r jmaejiis gfjiis wsrafglber. Snfc atbeut la’r jc bqfc xlamtfc, lo atf mbibg bo atf ilnlcu gbbw lr yijmx jcv ktlaf, atfc lo sbe jvv gfv mbibg ab atf rilvlcu vbbg…” PQ6muF

Nie Yuantong started from the living room to the kitchen, then continued to the toilets, bedroom, study, balcony, he designed them one by one. Even the garden in front–he did a detailed design for all of them. He told Zhou Xu all his thoughts. From the start, Zhou Xu only listened. The more he listened, the more he discovered that Nie Yuantong was really an expert at interior design, so much as the small matter of how to design the plug was all taken into account by him. Moreover, these suggestions had a different approach compared to a certain lover from a certain world, but the outcome was equally wondrous.

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After Nie Yuantong finished talking, Zhou Xu gave the bottle of water in his hand to him, “Drink, you talk so much.”

Nie Yuantong, “…”

“Don’t worry, your thoughts are very good. Anyway, you don’t have anything to do during the summer holidays, come help me with the design.” 6fbRKP

“Why, is this house is yours?”

“No, it’s my dad’s. He can’t sell it, so I’m helping him.”

“Hahaha, very good. If I design it well, after I help you sell all of it, can you leave one to me? Right, you should give me a discount as well–40% discount on the current price, what do you think?”

“Do you think I’ll agree?” zDa9wp

“You will, but your superior may not. However, you will fight for me.” As he talked, Nie Yuantong kissed Zhou Xu rapidly. After he was done, he continued, “I don’t need any design fees, and moreover I frequently give you kisses, treat it as payback. What do you think?”

Zhou Xu temporarily couldn’t find an answer to Nie Yuantong, he could only silently leave. He needed to look at how to solve the bumpy road problem.

That day, when both of them went back, it was already very late at night. Zhou Xu and Nie Yuantong also divided the work to do. Nie Yuantong was in charge of the interior design while Zhou Xu was in charge of the surrounding environment of the neighborhood.

During dinnere, Zhou Qiang asked his two sons how the work going. Zhou Xu and Zhou Xueli both answered that it was going very smoothly. Zhou Qiang was very pleased, then looked at Ke Tur who was smiling like a flower at his side. He felt that in this life, he was very fortunate, especially as his two lovers were about to give birth. Thinking until there, Zhou Qiang was even more unable to conceal his happiness. Wctufd

Zhou Qiang thought that Ke Tur was so happy because she was following him. What he didn’t know was that in reality, Ke Tur had really started to work as a secretary, and she also already understood a lot of the secrets of Zhou’s conglomerate.

The others didn’t know about it, but Zhou Xu was really clear about it. He looked at Ke Tur and smilingly said, “Dad, after Aunt Ke followed you, she looked like she’s very happy. In the future, both of you should be as sweet as now.”

“Hahaha, don’t worry, son, we will.” Zhou Qiang’s mood was very good, he even accepted one of Zhou Xu’s requests, which was to let him use his connections to contact the local governor of the eastern residential area to widen and repair that bumpy road.

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Zhou Qiang was happy at the moment, so he answered, “Xiao Xu, just do it without worry. Even if you suffer a financial loss, it could still be considered earning experience.” u6ph02

“Okay, thanks, dad.”

Zhou Xueli, in order to regain Zhou Qiang’s favor, also put extra effort on selling these villas. He even went to other villas selling places to do publicity. Only, this kind of action of his was very dishonest. After the sales director received several complaints, he could only tactfully tell Zhou Xueli that this kind of method was not okay.

Zhou Xueli nodded and started to think of another way. He started to advertise the villas in a lot of ways, and then did publicity on the web. Only, no matter how well he advertised it, as soon as the customers went to look at the houses, they would be completely speechless.

Zhou Xueli’s every conduct and deed also troubled Zhou Xu. Thereupon, Zhou Xu went to the sales director and directly said, “A total of 46 villas, I took responsibility for 23 of them, and Zhou Xueli should be responsible for the other 23. I don’t want him to scare away my customers.” z9Bduc

The director nodded and answered, “Okay, it happens that the villas are divided by a road, each side having 23 villas. Zhou Xu, you’re responsible for the east half, and let Zhou Xueli be responsible for the western half.”

“Good, let’s do it like that.”

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From then on, Zhou Xueli was busy selling houses all day long. After one month, he really did sell two villas, Zhou Xu did not sell even one.

Perhaps, he felt that he was really strong, Zhou Xueli started to mock Zhou Xu. Even during meal time, he started to point out that Zhou Xu was lazy. He obviously already sold some, but Zhou Xu still hadn’t done anything. OTkcmj

Zhou Qiang also thought it was strange, why did the sensible Zhou Xu become so slow this time. The puzzled him said some sentences to Zhou Xu, “Xiao Xu, don’t let me down. At the beginning, I had a lot of confidence in you. Now, your way of handling things is not good, young people should be full of energy. You should communicate more with the customers, you are sure to sell some. Look at Zhou Xueli, didn’t he sell some.”

Zhou Xu nodded, and respectfully said, “I understand.”

However in his heart, Zhou Xu did not have any respect. He knew that this father of his was selfish. Zhou Xu and Zhou Xueli were not raised by him, they were raised by the nanny. It could be said that all his life, Zhou Qiang had never held his children. In his impression, as long as he had money, he did not have anything to do and the children would grow up.

It was precisely because Zhou Xu understood Zhou Qiang that he despised him. K5SZCG

Another month passed, Zhou Xueli already sold 5 villas, while Zhou Xu unexpectedly still did not sell any. However, he used Zhou Qiang’s connections and finished repairing the bumpy road outside. Only because of this did Zhou Xueli sell another villa.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The week before the end of summer holidays, Zhou Xu suddenly told Zhou Qiang, “Dad, in the eastern suburbs there is a rural restaurant, the taste is not too bad. Do you want to call some of your friends to take a tour?”

“Rural restaurant? Is there any interest?”

“There is. Furthermore, you can still visit more than 20 gardens, they’re really beautiful.” sX93Ed

“The easter suburbs has more than 20 gardens? How come I never heard about it?”

“It only finished recently. Dad, call some of your friends tomorrow. You can take it as opening some networks for Zhou Xueli and I.”

Zhou Qiang looked at Zhou Xu, then looked at Zhou Xueli at his side, and nodded.

Zhou Xueli originally wanted to refuse, but after hearing about the possibility of letting them do some networking and the fact that Zhou Qiang would go, he decided to go there to observe. Maybe, it would let Zhou Qiang see his achievements of selling some villas. FZh Yz

Full of pride, Zhou Xueli said, “Dad, you should go. The villas in the eastern suburbs were all sold by me. You could go over and have a look.”

“En, alright. Then let’s do it tomorrow at noon. If it’s too early, my friends may not be too used to it.”

“Ok, dad. This way, I’ll tell the rural restaurant to prepare some foods. It’s all homemade, the meats and vegetables are all very clean.”

“En.” GJZ79t

That night, it rained so the next day was not that hot. The weather was cool, letting people feel really comfortable, as if the sizzling hotness of summer had ended and the sticky feeling following summer was also gone.

After arriving in the eastern suburbs, Zhou Qiang and a group of successful public figures all treated it as relieving boredom.

Zhou Xu originally thought there would only be a dozen people, he didn’t think there would be more than 30, not taking into account the small children and family members.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

When the party went there, a group of 20 to 30 luxury cars simply became a sight on the road. GPAFke

After arriving at the rural restaurant in the eastern suburbs, Zhou Xu took charge. Nie Yuantong acted as Zhou Xu’s helper. Next to Zhou Qiang was the sales director in charge of the area and Zhou Xueli.

They heard Zhou Xu say with a loud voice, “You should not know, but there are more than 20 new gardens that just opened here.”

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, they really had not heard about it.

Zhou Xu continued, “Uncles and aunties, today, take it as coming here for a trip. Follow me, I’ll take you to look at these gardens.” 1cxoy9

Zhou Qiang also knew nothing, the sales director at his side said in a small voice, “President Zhou, everything was done by Zhou Xu. It was also him that made the price of these villas double, you’ll understand when you’ll see.”

“En? It was Xiao Xu’s doing? What did he do?”

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“President Zhou, I was told to keep the secret, that’s why I can’t say it for now.”

“Alright, then I’ll just follow you to take a look.” qosegt

In this way, a group of people followed Zhou Xu to the villas’ area at the side. After entering, there were people who joked, “Zhou Qiang, aren’t these the villas you developed last year?”

Zhou Qiang answered with a smile, “Yes, currently, it is my sons who are managing it, hahaha…”

“What’s the matter with you, father and son?”

“That, I really don’t know. All was done by my son. As we are all already here, just take it as giving me face and take a look at what my son did.” graLTH

Zhou Xu smiled a little and said, “In fact, I did not do much, all was done by other people. I only wanted to let people look at it. Now, I’ll open the first garden.”

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Everyone had been teased. When the villa’s door was opened, they were all shocked. How was it a garden, this was obviously a wonderland.

The 200 square meter garden had been organized in a clean and tidy way. At the far left there was a big cherry tree. Even though at the moment there were no cherries on it, however in spring, it would be very beautiful. Besides, this cherry tree had another purpose, it was a shelter from the sun.

Under the cherry tree, there was a white stone table. The chair besides the table was also white. 9ie1o6

In front of the stone table was a blanket of pink Chinese rose, it just happened that it climbed a trellis.

In front of the Chinese rose, there was a pool of flowing water. Under the water were several koi fish swimming leisurely. The flowing water went towards the south.

Walking along the slow stream, there were all kinds of colorful flowers growing alongside the water. The uneven flowers were arranged distinctly. In the end, the flowers and flowing water stretched to the entrance door. However, there was a sudden sharp turn, the flowing water extended to the north again while the flowers stopped at this place. However, if one was to look at it carefully, they would discover that there was a row of tiny blue flowers, crossing the stone road in the middle, arriving at the other side of the yard.

The other side and this side subtly enhanced both side’s beauty. No matter if it was the color or size of the flowers, even the flowing water had something to contrast with it on this side, it was a small fountain. If one listened carefully, the fountain seemed to follow the music of a piano, transforming into different high and low sounds. oPSAQK

The visitors were either speechless with their mouths open or astonished. Such a beautiful scenery could hardly be found in this noisy city. So peaceful that it was like a beautiful paradise. After people came in, it was as if even their heart became quiet.

Eventually, people gained back their spirit and asked Zhou Qiang, “Brother Zhou, wasn’t your villa still being sold? I’m buying this one. Has this house been sold, if not, then I want it. I don’t care how much it is, I’ll buy it for my daughter, she really likes this kind of thing.”

“No, no, brother Zhou. First give it to me. My son will marry next month. His new house is in the city center, isn’t it really boring. Isn’t this place a good wedding gift for my son? Isn’t it right, brother Zhou?”

Everybody talked at once, all these people stumped Zhou Qiang with a question. He looked at the sales director at his side and asked, “Has it been sold?” iZRvhV

The director shook his head, “It had all been prepared by young master Zhou. He did not let anybody look at it during the process, he said that it would be sold to the fated people.”

After hearing this, the people loving this house looked at Zhou Xu again. Zhou Xu said with a slight smile, “Don’t worry, this is only the outside yard after all. Let’s first look at the situation inside before talking.”

Following Zhou Xu, a group of people trod on the cobblestone path and entered the house.

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The entrance hall was clean and tidy. It appeared as if there was nothing interesting, but when one entered the living room, they would all turn silent. This decoration was simply too pleasing. mxXDhL

There was no superfluous place whatsoever. The colors were white and black, however between the white and black, one of the walls had been painted a deep indigo, matching the indigo tea table. With a few decorations, the whole living room became more elegant.

There was also the kitchen, very beautiful.

The bathroom, perfect.

The bedroom, perfect. M0iR3z

The balcony, the peak of perfection.

After finishing the tour of the villa, the people who originally didn’t need to buy a house also joined the procession asking the price.

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After finishing the visit of the house, Zhou Xu and Nie Yuantong smiled at each other. They both knew they had succeeded. These 23 villas should be all sold in not even half a month.

“Everyone, don’t be anxious. Let’s look at the next house. The decoration there is also different, the garden is even more different. Besides, there are a lot of choices, 23 styles, everyone can choose at will.” h3qvzK

The group of people followed to visit the 23 villas. They indeed visited 23 gardens. Afterwards, they sat down at the rural restaurant. Even Zhou Qiang also fancied two of them. No matter how other people wanted them, he would not sell.

Zhou Xu was wrong, it was not in a half month that the houses would all be sold, but in a half day. All the 23 houses were booked out.

Some of these people brought it for themselves, some to give to their children, some wanted to give them to their old parents, and some of them brought it as a vacation home.

Besides, people all had a group psychology. If one person brought it, then they wouldn’t feel anything. But if a dozen of them brought it, then the rest would also follow to buy, especially this group of really rich people. JWZYVU

At the dining table, Zhou Qiang’s mouth couldn’t close because everybody was praising how well he had educated his children.

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Zhou Xueli lowered his head, not uttering a sound. From start to finish, Zhou Qiang had not even looked once at him. No one around thought he was Zhou Qiang’s son. He was once again defeated by Zhou Xu, moreover he was thoroughly beaten.

Clenching his fists, he really wanted Zhou Xu to leave this world.

Why did he have this kind of brother, who was better than him in every aspect? Being born to the same household, how would he live? dnHQdh

While Zhou Xueli was biting his teeth, not daring to speak a word, Zhou Xu had been pulled away by Nie Yuantong.

“What’s the matter?”

“Didn’t you promise me that you would keep one for me? The last one, I thought we would be the one living there, did you also sell it?”

Zhou Xu couldn’t help but want to smile. He said, “You really want to live in the same place as these people?” uXb9MD

As he was talking, Zhou Xu glanced at the people in the room, Nie Yuantong also looked at this group of people. He then shook his head, “However, the last bed, I already…”

“What’s the matter?”

“I already, cough, that is…”

“What?” dp2EA4

“That is, I, I already put the lubricant and the condoms under that mattress.”

The author has something to say: The bored author kept eating all day long, preparing some fat in spring and summer to keep warmth in winter.


Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

T/N : I’m so sorry for my lateness. >.< I’ve been to the countryside and just came back from there… Next week, I’m going to travel to Portugal, I hope I’ll finish the next chapter before going. #busysummer OiUbd

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