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The Villain’s Face-Slapping CounterattackChapter 70.1


Face-Slapping the reborn CEO (5.1)

Editor: ghost eKqFER

Zhou Xueli temporarily put away his doubts and went to look for Wen Chan.

Wen Chan was resting on the table, her brain empty. Even she didn’t know what she thought about.

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There were not many people in the classroom. Except for Wen Chan, there were only two men that were playing video games on their phone.

Zhou Xueli walked to Wen Chan and sat backward on the chair in front. He also leaned against Wen Chan’s table. AeTQzY

Their eyes met. When Wen Chan saw Zhou Xueli’s smiling appearance, she felt very warm.

Zhou Xueli whispered, “What happened? You don’t seem to have any energy.”

“Nothing, I feel good after seeing you. Right, I changed my phone number. Did you call me yesterday night?”

“It just so happens that I have to tell you that my father already knows about us. He broke my phone. It seems we can only temporarily…”


Wen Chan didn’t wait for Zhou Xueli to finish, she hurriedly said, “Then we can do it undercover.”

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“You mean secretly?”

“En, we will use a secret signal each time we speak in the future. For example, I will save your number under the name of a desk-mate in my new phone. That way, even if my father sees it, I can still make something up.”

Thinking a little, Zhou Xueli said, “Okay. I really don’t want to separate.” M9b6cq

Holding each other’s hands, Wen Chan said, “Neither do I.”

“Right, you should not have eaten lunch yet. I’ll go buy you something to eat. What do you want?”

“Forget about it. In the future, when you look for me, be careful. I feel like my father has a lot of informants here, let’s be more careful. No matter how difficult it is, I will always be with you.” Wen Chan sat up to say.

“Okay.” rL8yJl

This couple stayed lying on the table, face to face for a long time. The more they looked, the more they loved each other. When Zhou Xueli walked away, Wen Chan felt her heart become empty.

She discovered that she really liked Zhou Xueli. He was warm and handsome, he was different from every boy in the school. The boys in the school were all from distinguished families. They were as proud as leopards. It was really difficult to find someone like Zhou Xueli, who was born in a rich family, but had an amiable personality.

Especially in comparison to his big brother, Zhou Xu. Wen Chan felt that they were as different as mud and cloud. If one of them was the refined song, White Snow on a Warm Spring Day, then the other was the rustic folk song, ‘Xia Li Ba Ren’.

Remembering Zhou Xueli’s complaint from the previous night, Wen Chan decided to help Zhou Xueli because he was the brightest firework she met in her life. She would like to be a moth for this firework. WKzfmT

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Nia Yuantong smiled before answering, “Of course.”

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“What?” c8wkBu

“To curry favor with you.” Finished speaking, Nie Yuantong took out and opened a lunch box. Inside, there were bright-colored dishes, just cooked sweet corn, cherry tomatoes, fried codfish sticks…

Zhou Xu felt calling it a lunch box was wrong, this was basically a work of art. Zhou Xu was reluctant to eat it.

“You made it?” Zhou Xu asked.

Nie Yuantong nodded and said, “En, isn’t it nice-looking.” NYXPyD

“Not bad.”

“Right, it took me two and a half hours to prepare it yesterday evening.”

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“The lunch box, I did it myself. It has a good appearance ba.” Ogi1EL

As Zhou Xu ate, he felt speechless. In the end, Nie Yuantong laughed heartily, “I’m teasing you. It wasn’t me who prepared it. My mom came by, I want to let you taste her dishes.”

“It’s delicious.”

Each person with a pair of chopsticks, sharing a three-layer lunch box. The atmosphere was peaceful, as if time had stopped.

After eating, Zhou Xu cleaned his mouth before saying, “Well done, you acted fast for the matter of the short film competition.” eUY6gi

“Of course, your husband is not a principal only in name.”

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“Oh right, I’ve got a lot of places where I do well, do you want to try?” Nie Yuantong emphasized the word “do”, the implication evident.

Zhou Xu contained his smile to answer, “No need, even if you ‘do’ even better, I don’t have any interest in it at the moment.” 4hIlrj

“Hahaha, did I scare you?”

“No, if you want to scare me, then you better train more.”

After talking, Zhou Xu turned to leave. He didn’t even thank Nie Yuantong for lunch. However the more Nie Yuantong thought about it, the happier he was. He felt that Zhou Xu was like a wild wolf; no matter the place or the time, his fierce line of sight could always be felt. But taming this kind of wolf was fun, wasn’t it?

Holding his forehead, Nie Yuantong laughed. He decided to change some school rules. For example, the principal could openly date students. If it could be written in the new school rules, then it would be good. JdyFrO

That night, after Wen Chan went back home, she first obediently practiced her piano, then trained her calligraphy. Only after Wen Zhuyao agreed to it, did she go back to her room.

After she closed her door, Wen Chan took out her deceased mother’s portrait, staring at the smiling, gentle woman for a long time. She slowly put the photo frame face down on the table and opened its back. Inside, there was a paper her mother left for Wen Chan. This paper was the ‘key’ for opening a certain safe in the bank.

Wen Chan hadn’t wanted to use this money originally. She always kept it and kept it, because it was the only thing her mother left her. She was reluctant to use this paper, as if this paper represented her mother.

Wen Chan buried her every worry in her heart. She was quiet more and more in front of Wen Zhuyao, silent to the point that except basic exchanges, there were no other sounds in this family. hpHQzc

Wen Chan felt that everything was brought about by her father. She was already grown up, she didn’t want to continue being a puppet.

At that time, during dinner, Zhou Xueli finally asked Zhou Xu, “How did you already know about the short film contest yesterday? The school poster for it was only put out today.”

Zhou Qiang and Ke Tur looked at Zhou Xu. However, both people didn’t take into heart Zhou Xueli’s question. After all, Zhou Xueli’s performance made them too disappointed, especially compared to Zhou Xu.

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Zhou Xu was drinking soup when he heard Zhou Xueli’s question. kSVdwF

Swallowing the soup in his mouth, Zhou Xu wanted to answer, but Zhou Xueli continued, “I asked around; yesterday there was no poster on the school’s billboard, and nobody knew about the short film contest. Everybody learnt about it at lunch break. What you said yesterday were all lies.”

Because Zhou Xueli’s tone was very severe, Zhou Qiang and Ke Tur, who didn’t care much about this matter, also started to listen seriously. Zhou Qiang asked, “Xiao Xu, how did you know about it in advance?”

Taking the spotlessly white napkin besides him, Zhou Xu wiped his mouth. He answered in a not too hurried, not too slow way, “Because this event was something I proposed. I also designed it. Of course I would know about it.”

“You designed it?” Zhou Qiang and Zhou Xueli asked at the same time, disbelief in their voice. oH5aih

“Yes, besides it was directly passed through by the principal’s acceptance. Even the poster was done by me. What, di di, do you have any opinions?”

“Also, indeed there was that poster yesterday, only, in the beginning, what I designed was a ‘short film contest’. However the principal suggested getting rid of the word ‘short’, calling it ‘film contest’. That was why after the posters were pasted, they were removed. The people who took care of the matter definitely knew about it. I want to ask, what are your friends doing? Are they like you, suffering from procrastination, that’s why they only went down when the matter was finished?”

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Zhou Xueli was stifled until he couldn’t say anything at all, and was soundly defeated by Zhou Xu.

This reaction was once again seen by Zhou Qiang. He was more and more disappointed by this youngest son. In his heart, he even started to think that Zhou Xueli was as expected, not suited to be in business, just like his deceased mother. oZfGRc

Even though he thought like this, Zhou Qiang couldn’t speak like that. After all, the deceased were big. Zhou Qiang would absolutely not raise the matter of Zhou Xueli’s biological mother.

“Xueli, eh, learn from your big brother in the future. You have to properly train yourself, don’t waste your thoughts on these kinds of things. You should use it to increase your own abilities, isn’t that better?”

“I understand, father.” Zhou Xueli dropped his head. They just started to eat, however he was starting to have doubts in his heart. In the previous life, Zhou Xu did not do this kind of thing at all. He was basically a hedonistic son from a rich family. Why had this life’s Zhou Xu completely changed?

Zhou Xu was so different that Zhou Xueli couldn’t recognize him. In the previous life, Zhou Xu would bully him everyday, whereas after he was reborn, Zhou Xu’s whole person and even his aura had unexpectedly changed. What was the reason? LGeC1f

A thought appeared in his mind, Zhou Xueli was so startled that he had cold sweat on his body. Could it be that Zhou Xu was also reborn?

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

However, since it was like that, Zhou Xueli felt that Zhou Xu may not be able to harm him, maybe it was a good thing. At least, he didn’t have to stay cautious when he went to school everyday. Furthermore, in this way, he could stop attending his taekwondo courses. After all, all his taekwondo courses were in the morning, he would rather sleep more.

Thinking in this way, Zhou Xueli actually relaxed, so much so that the meal he ate was particularly fragrant. Because he felt that if Zhou Xu was reborn, and was focused on improving himself quickly, then he would not care about Zhou Xueli at all. It meant that he could safely and boldly retaliate against Zhou Xu in the future.

If Zhou Xu knew about Zhou Xueli’s thoughts, Zhou Xu would absolutely smile coldly. No matter if he improved himself or not, if Zhou Xueli wanted to deal with Zhou Xu while not changing himself at all, then there was only one outcome: impossible. kuW1RG

It just so happened that when Zhou Xueli thought about this opportunity, Zhou Xu said to Zhou Qiang, “Father, I already thought about a theme. I want Aunt Ke to give me guidance, is that okay?”

“Of course.” The more Zhou Qiang looked at Zhou Xu, the more gratified he felt. Zhou family line had a successor.

“Right, this process may last one or two months. Originally what I thought about was a short film contest, however our chairman felt that this event was really good and apparently started to cooperate with a video website. At that time, the top few will get hundreds of thousands of advertising fees alone. ”

“Not bad, that Nie Yuantong always had a good brain. Xiao Xu, do it and let Aunt Ke cooperate with you. Would you, Ke Tur?” GKhuLm

Ke Tur answered with a slight smile, “Yes.”

Ke Tur knew that Zhou Xu was helping himself, but without Zhou Qiang’s permission Ke Tur would never be able to return to the entertainment stage. However, thanks to this matter, Ke Tur discovered that she should absolutely not rely on Zhou Qiang in the future. She must have her own ability, otherwise she would forever be attached to this loose-natured man.

Maybe it was because Zhou Qiang was taught by Wen Zhuyao, but his abnormal desire for control was very similar to Wen Zhuyao’s.

What Wen Zhuyao controlled was his daughter, while what Zhou Qiang controlled was Ke Tur. zj0yvV

Zhou Qiang actually had never controlled Zhou Xu’s biological mother, and never the next two wives. There was only Ke Tur that he absolutely had to control.

That also demonstrated that among all the women Zhou Qiang had, the one he loved the most was Ke Tur. However, in the two lives, because of his abnormal desire for control, he always forced his beloved into death.

If he didn’t remember wrong, Zhou Qiang should have already started to hook up with the two women who gave birth to his child. This time was also the time when his control on Ke Tur was at its weakest. That was why Zhou Xu deliberately chose this time to have Ke Tur help him.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

In fact, during this time, Ke Tur didn’t have to do anything. She only needed to follow Zhou Xu’s instructions. SbUzgy

After eating, the whole family started to mind their own business. Zhou Qiang went to his lover’s house, Zhou Xueli flirted with Wen Chan online and Zhou Xu started to talk about his project to Ke Tur.

The plan was not very detailed because Zhou Xu was not worried about dealing with Zhou Qiang. Besides, in a few months, he would go do an internship in Zhou’s company. At that time, he would embezzle Zhou’s profits progressively, and finally he would sell Zhou’s whole assets. He wanted to see what reaction Zhou Qiang would have after that, and whether he would still be in the mood to find those messy women.

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  1. I feel bad for Wen Chen and I hope she doesn’t do anything too drastic so that ZX could be a little more merciful in his face slapping. That’s only if she doesn’t cross the line, otherwise she reaps what she sows. And I’m really cheering on Ke Tur to escape that madman.

    Thanks for the chapter~♡

        • even if i didn’t know what would happen to them, i’d still doubt her happy outcome for several reasons. let’s skip from the simple fact that any side-character who’s with cannon fodders, will become cannon fodders themselves. she’s a deeply disturbed person. as a result of her crooked upbringing, it’s sad, but it’s true. when her character was introduced she was described as unfeeling, like she has sociopathic tendencies, which can mean that she can do some really troublesome things and not feel conscious about it. but i’m not spoilering what will happen, it’s going to be a surprize 😏

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