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The Villain’s Face-Slapping CounterattackChapter 53


Face-Slapping the School Heartthrob and Student Council President (8)

Editor: ghost suHk96


Zhou Xu was washing up in the  the communal toilet because he was afraid to disturb his roommates’ rest, thus providing an opportunity for You Luoqi to dare to forcibly hug him without Zhou Xu’s consent.

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Unfortunately, in Zhou Xu’s eyes, You Luoqi’s crazed behaviour was only particularly laughable.

As if looking at a clown, Zhou Xu said, “Scram.” ql1O7d

However, You Luoqi seemed to have completely lost his mind. The present Zhou Xu gave him too large of a shock. You Luoqi was afraid that he would not be able to obtain Zhou Xu; the current Zhou Xu seemed to have already reached a height he would never measure up to.

He wanted to work hard to pull down the already unattainable Zhou Xu and have him by his side.

“Zhou Xu, can you consider me? I’m not bad, right? You already said, as long as they treat you well, whether male or female you would like them. In the future I will treat you very well. Can you accept me?”

You Luoqi’s voice carried a kind of lowliness he never had before. However, despite this, Zhou Xu could still hear the meaning hidden behind his words: You Luoqi was very good and decided to treat him well, if Zhou Xu did not accept him then, it was Zhou Xu’s fault for having bad judgement.


Facing this, Zhou Xu only gifted him a sentence, “Heh, no.”

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Zhou Xu turned to leave, but You Luoqi unexpectedly threw himself at Zhou Xu.

On instinct, Zhou Xu caught You Luoqi’s arm and did a shoulder throw.

“Dong” The sound was loud enough for everyone on the same floor to hear. gfIBl4

Looking down on You Luoqi who was on the ground, Zhou Xu said, “I’ll repeat myself, no. If you dare come again, then don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Zhou Xu swaggered off.

You Luoqi cut a sorry figure as he lay on the cold floor. He felt himself cool down. He truly could not obtain Zhou Xu, but why? Clearly he was outstanding and the school heartthrob, yet why did Zhou Xu not even spare him a glance?

“It must be that Zhou Xu has someone. It must be.” You Luoqi said to himself, as if giving himself confidence. He repeated this sentence multiple times before slowly getting up. 1KGZDE

After that day, Zhou Xu became an influential figure in X University. Some people worshipped him because he won the special prize in the national design competition; others liked him because in female clothing, his beauty was otherworldly, while some chased him because in male clothing, he was definitely not inferior to any school heartthrob.

There was also another group of people always watching Zhou Xu. This group hated crossdressers and their representative was precisely the Student Council President Chang Shaojun.

On this point, Chang Shaojun was the same as in the original world. His fundamental character had not changed; hate was hate and this kind of hate overthrew the liking he had towards Zhou Xu.

He was disgusted by Zhou Xu. Especially after he saw Zhou Xu’s crossdressing picture, he was even more disgusted. 5XOhB0

In the original world, he pushed Zhou Xu to his death. In this world, Zhou Xu did not know that Chang Shaojun still wanted to push him to death, no, he wanted all the people who liked crossdressing to die. Or at least he wanted them out of his school. Chang Shaojun clenched his fist.

Zhou Xu did not care about these people’s gazes. He was busy working on the design commissions Yang He handed over to him.

The commission was from a certain company that had newly launched a deluxe car model with new functions built in. Zhou Xu quite liked one of the functions–the car had an automatic air purifier.

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Just as Yang He said, this kind of design was indeed not easy to do. Even if he was very clear on the other party’s requirements, he could not guarantee to make them satisfied and because they were paying, the client had a lot of choosing power. If Zhou Xu could not satisfy them, they could find another advertising or design company at any time.

Zhou Xu thought for three days, but came up empty. He decided to let himself relax since designing was just like that. Creativity was the most important; if the idea was not good, it did not matter how beautiful the work was.

Coincidentally, it was the crossdressing club’s activity day. Zhou Xu first went to the club and saw Lu Zhongban-laoshi already there when he arrived. pxGdtC

“Laoshi.” Zhou Xu went to greet him. As a result, he was hit by the teacher on the head. Lu Zhongban asked, “What, you have some matters?”

“En, I have a design commission, but I don’t know where to start.”

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“Then leave it for now. We are doing designing, don’t forget that. It’s not a task and it cannot be done as if it is a routine and follow a fixed method. Otherwise, your work will not have any new concepts and thus no influence,” Lu Zhongban-laoshi took out a pen-like object and opened it before saying, “What is this?”

Lu Zhongban was definitely holding a makeup product. After that day’s beauty contest, the crossdressing club received many sponsorships. Vj194s

In the end, they received four drawers of makeup products.

Zhou Xu did not know the classifier for such items, hence he could only use “drawers” as an estimate.

Zhou Xu opened the first drawer. It supposedly contained foundation and other base makeup products. He asked, “Did you take it from here?”

Lu Zhongban shook his head. Zhou Xu proceeded to the second drawer which had makeup products. He asked again, “Did you take it from here?” yQN6aq

Lu Zhongban nodded. Zhou Xu also nodded and said, “This item is a makeup product.”

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“Pa.” Zhou Xu was hit on the head by Lu Zhongban.

“Of course I know that it’s a makeup product.”

“Right, that day, the makeup artist seemed to have used it when drawing something under my eye.” KzSv9L

“Then let’s try.”

Lu Zhongban-laoshi used the pen to draw under Zhou Xu’s eyes. A bright and sparkling trace was left on his face.

Lu Zhongban-laoshi clapped his hands and said, “I know, this must be a glitter pen.”

Zhou Xu thought for a while and found it possible. rid2T8

“Pft, that is a highlighter pen.” A bright and clear voice sounded. Zhou Xu turned and found out that the voice belonged to none other than Yang He.

Yang He snatched the highlighter pen away and gently drew under Zhou Xu’s eyes. He said, “As the name implies, the highlighter pen highlights the bottom of the eyes. Since those with plump lower eyelids are said to be very lucky, many women would specifically use this pen to create the illusion of one.”

Zhou Xu and Lu Zhongban looked at Yang He as if he was crazy, “Why do you know such a delicate thing?”

“That’s right, Little Yang. If you didn’t say then I wouldn’t even know what it is.” ckMheg

Yang He opened the drawers one by one to see the contents before saying, “I wasn’t good at photoshop in the past so I specially went to work at a studio, editing hundreds of pictures a day. They were all pictures of women, hence I know about these things.”

Lu Zhongban continued to ask, “That’s photoshopping pictures, why would you know about makeup products and how they are used?”

“Because that studio had ten makeup artists but six left on the same day, so I had to step up. Ha ha ha, right, I’ll tell you something: the first girl I did make up on, I shaved half her eyebrow away. Ha ha ha, it had to be drawn in afterwards.”

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Zhou Xu looked at Yang He’s merry appearance and could not help but laugh, “Weren’t you beaten up?” lLQ9yk

“She didn’t,” Yang He continued, “her boyfriend hit me.”

“Hello laoshi, Da Da and He-ge.” A neutral voice sounded in the activity room, interrupting Zhou Xu and Lu Zhongban-laoshi’s laughter.

The three all turned their heads. It was a handsome figure. Zhou Xu asked, “You are?”

“Da da, I am Su Kang. He-ge asked me to come and help with the makeup.” nMqsBQ

Zhou Xu nodded. No wonder he had not seen him when he had been recruiting new members. “No need to call me Da Da, Zhou Xu will do. Right, the club members should all arrive within ten minutes. I’ll be troubling you then.”

“No problem. I like to do it anyway. I’m happy to meet others who share the same interests. Right, I’m a girl but I’m used to this appearance I have now.”

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Zhou Xu and Lu Zhongban-laoshi were both a bit shocked, but also somewhat gratified. They looked at each other and smiled. There was no discrimination nor bias, only the most honest admiration for each other.

The members gradually arrived. There were sixty people in total, thirty boys and thirty girls. Lu Zhongban and Zhou Xu took turns to first say a few words, encouraging self-respect and self-confidence. They did not say anymore since everyone was equal when they participated in this club. 048f C

The makeup session began and Zhou Xu was awfully busy.

When he had a break from the hectic gathering, Zhou Xu looked everywhere before realising Yang He had already left and Su Kang was helping the club members with a smile.

A warm feeling roused from his heart. Zhou Xu felt happy.

Yes, happiness, was this not what modern people hoped to obtain? JZQoW8

The design appeared in his mind. Zhou Xu could not wait any longer; he wanted to put his idea onto paper.

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“Laoshi, let me use your computer for a bit.” The activity room only had one computer and it was brought by Lu Zhongban-laoshi. Zhou Xu went over to the computer.

“I’m still using it though.”

“I’ll use it for a bit only.” Zhou Xu already pulled Lu Zhongban-laoshi aside. Dtk61b

His fingers danced on the keyboard. Zhou Xu put that feeling into his design. The picture had water droplets, a stream, some grass, circles of flowers, the sunlight and also a pair of lovers. Within an hour, the general framework and most of the content was done.

Saving the image and sending it to his own email account, Zhou Xu exhaled a breath of air, “Hu.”

“Pa.” A palm smacked Zhou Xu’s shoulders. He then lifted his head and saw Lu Zhongban-laoshi’s grin, “Not bad, remember to treat me to a meal if it is accepted.”

“En?” kjtodv

“I saw it. An advertisement design for a certain car. If it is chosen, you definitely will not lack money. Remember to treat me.”

“Me too.”

“Yi, club president wants to treat? Do we have a share?”

“Seems like all the members can go.” 3dR5U6

“Wah, that’s great. I want to eat fish–the canteen’s fish doesn’t taste good.”

“But I want to eat mutton hot pot.”

Speechless, Zhou Xu looked at Lu Zhongban. Lu Zhongban shrugged, then smiled as he said, “I’m rooting for you, jiayou jiayou.”

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Zhou Xu looked at the members’ situation in the activity room clearly. Those that were originally boys became girls and the girls already had the appearance of handsome young men. Perhaps there were some that were still a bit ignorant, but participating in this club was an improvement to Zhou Xu. Wq2xhc

Afterwards, Zhou Xu spoke, “I will accompany those who have the courage to go outside. Others who still need more time can stay here and chat with other club members or do assignments. Our club will not force anyone to do anything. Whenever you need to, you can come to this club room.”

“Pa pa pa pa pa….” After the applause, Su Kang said, “Da Da, your makeup is not done. What do you think of a seductive look?”

“En, it will definitely look good. Su-shuai ge  quickly do the makeup for the club president.”

“Yes yes yes… we want to see. Su-shuai ge quickly do it….” DGitLy

Zhou Xu, “…”

Thus Zhou Xu was again pushed to face the mirror. Closing his eyes, Zhou Xu thought, nevermind, take it as a way to make the members happy.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Except, when he opened his eyes again, he himself was stunned. The seductive beauty in the mirror was him?

A smokey effect had been applied on his eyes and together with bright red lips and curled long hair, Zhou Xu felt that any man would like such a beauty. Of course, excluding gays. 60THYh

Only ten people left the activity room while in crossdress with Zhou Xu. However, all ten people were filled with confidence; they knew that their excellence was the best way to shut people up and all ten of them were outstanding to the point where other people bristled with jealousy.

A genius from the English department, male. He obtained the nation’s highest translation credentials in his second year of university and could do simultaneous interpretations in his third year.

Another was a talent in the computing department, female. Her height was a tall 182cm and she was already hired by the country’s ministries to fight cybercriminals.

There was also a gifted student from the fine arts department, female. When she was fourteen, her art could already sell for millions. YguX0e

When these ten people appeared, the most beautiful scenery was shown.

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Calmly, welcoming the crowd’s eyes, they smiled.

At night, after everything, Zhou Xu was still thinking of his design, but since it was not convenient to do it in his dorm room, Zhou Xu made a call and headed to Yang He’s design studio.

Yang He had long given Zhou Xu the key, so he was not concerned about the door. UHKpIy

Only, Zhou Xu did not expect that the moment he opened the doors to his office, Yang He would be there. Zhou Xu without a doubt saw Yang He swallow a few mouthfuls of saliva as he looked at Zhou Xu.

Translator's Note

addressing Zhou Xu as someone more senior and respected

Translator's Note

same as ganbatte(japanese) or fighting(korean)

Translator's Note

means handsome man if you haven’t watched enough chinese dramas!

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