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The Villain’s Face-Slapping CounterattackChapter 50


Face-Slapping the School Heartthrob and Student Council President (5)

Editor: ghost o5974M


Zhou Xu pushed Yang He away and answered You Luoqi with a question, “Does what we do have any relation to you?”

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Yang He stepped forward to mediate. He patted Zhou Xu’s back and said, “Kid, having a lot of vigour is good, but don’t be so irritable. Students should take good care of each other, not provoke one another. As your teacher, I…”

“Shut up.” Zhou Xu interrupted Yang He. In the end, Yang He unexpectedly maintained his pleased expression and even winked at Zhou Xu secretly. brdzd

“All right, students, I am your loyal servant; you’re welcome to find me if you have any matters.” Yang He grinned, showing his clean white teeth.

After Yang He left, the atmosphere became awkward, especially for You Luoqi. He had pretty much thought constantly of Zhou Xu for the entire winter break–of his confident smile and his arrogant bearing.

You Luoqi felt like he was simply going crazy. In the past, Zhou Xu was always chasing after him yet he did not like him. Now that Zhou Xu started to ignore him, in contrast, he liked him to death–as if he had drunk a love potion, crazily wanting to see him.

Now that You Luoqi saw Zhou Xu, he did not know what to say to him. Perhaps, You Luoqi thought, he had gone stupid, liking Zhou Xu to the extent that his IQ dropped.


“Ahem, Zhou Xu, how come you too returned early?”

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You Luoqi returned early because he could not stand waiting any longer at home. Firstly, he found his parents annoying and secondly, he was thinking of Zhou Xu. But why did Zhou Xu return early? Was there any possibility that it was because Zhou Xu was thinking of him?

“I wanted to return.” Zhou Xu said. He sat at his desk and switched on the computer to do a few designs. He did not want to ask for living expenses from his family. In the original world, at the end of the year, his grandfather would be afflicted with a severe illness, but because it was discovered late and the family did not have money, his grandfather died after a week in the hospital. Zhou Xu did not want such a thing to happen again.

On You Luoqi’s side, he was currently in bitter regret. Why did he have to fight a cold war with Zhou Xu last semester? Otherwise he would not need to think of ways to ease their tense relationship. iUqXY2

“Zhou Xu, I said I wanted to talk to you before we left for winter break. Can we talk now?”

Zhou Xu turned his head and looked at You Luoqi. He had long guessed that You Luoqi probably liked him. This change caught Zhou Xu by surprise He was still thinking about severely face-slapping You Luoqi and Chang Shaojun, but now the story had done a complete 180 degree change–the You Luoqi who should have liked Chang Shaojun now unexpectedly liked him instead.

Thinking for a bit, Zhou Xu decided to first hear You Luoqi out.

“Okay.” Zhou Xu looked at You Luoqi, calm and collected, but You Luoqi became even more awkward and embarrassed; Zhou Xu obviously wanted to hear what he had to say, but he had not prepared for it. 6ym54A

Clearly, if You Luoqi did not take the initiative, Zhou Xu would definitely not talk to him anymore. In addition, Zhou Xu seemed as if he did not care about You Luoqi and this was chief in making You Luoqi so embarrassed.

“Eh… Zhou Xu, do you have any complaints about me? Actually, if you have any, you can tell me. I hope that the two of us can go back to how we used to be.” Perhaps due to embarrassment, You Luoqi’s face turned slightly red.

“How were we in the past?” Zhou Xu calmly asked.

“In the past, in the past we were always together, be it meals, lessons or returning to the dorms. In addition… you only spoke to me.” PR mu7

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Zhou Xu smiled and said, “In the past we often did eat together, but I would go out and buy breakfast for you and at lunch time, I would queue up and place the meal right in front of you. As for lessons, we indeed went there together, but you never sat with me during them. Lastly, regarding me only speaking to you, I want to say that this will not happen in the future.”

“Itbe We, P kjr kgbcu atfc. Mgbw cbk bc, P klii yes ygfjxojra obg sbe jcv sbe mjc rla jcv kjla ktlif P defef obg iecmt. P tbqf kf mjc ralii yf oglfcvr.”

“Ktfc qifjrf olgra agfja wf jr j ‘oglfcv’.” Itbe We ragfrrfv atf kbgv oglfcv. Itbe We kjr nfgs mifjg atja Tbe Oebdl jmaejiis xcfk rlcmf ibcu jub atja atf bglulcji tbra tjv ilxfv tlw. Tbe Oebdl abbx mjgf bo Itbe We ktbiis yfmjerf tf fcpbsfv Itbe We’r jvwlglcu ujhf, jr kfii jr tlw qeaalcu lc foobga ab agfja tlw kfii vfrqlaf yflcu remt j delfa qfgrbc. Lbkfnfg, la kjr vloofgfca cbk.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

After being silent for a few minutes, You Luoqi solemnly replied, “Okay.” Rqfxht

Zhou Xu extended his hand, expressing goodwill. You Luoqi extended his hand too and the two shook hands and made peace.

Afterwards, Zhou Xu and You Luoqi would sometimes talk in the dormitory. Although polite, it was at least not strained like the previous semester.

Before school restarted, Zhou Xu went to find Yang He a few times. However, Yang He seemed to really be quite busy so they would only speak for a bit before Zhou Xu left.

Two weeks later, X University started lessons again. At the same time, Zhou Xu received Teacher Lu Zhongban’s news: “You’ve entered the final round, congratulations.” Q2XDvG

Only now did Zhou Xu remember that he had entered the national design competition. He lightly laughed as he replied, “Remember to approve of my request for a club formation.”

“What if you don’t win the special prize?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Don’t worry, I definitely will.” Zhou Xu said. He was not only very confident, he was also very clear on his capabilities. Hence he had the guts to say what he said.

“Ha ha ha… Kid, you are really bold.” UM IdV

Zhou Xu laughed along.

Meanwhile, a post appeared on the intranet. In a few days, the post became the most seen and commented post on the school’s intranet.

The post’s topic was clear-cut and crude: Crossdressing – who can do it better.

At first, the comments were about how the original poster was bored and stupid. However, when some uploaded pictures of handsome men, the initial comments stopped; people photoshopped these pictures and they turned out unconventionally beautiful. EG40Re

Following that, each and every department began to frenziedly compare and compete against each other. For example, some department’s heartthrobs leaned towards the soft, gentle type. They received an explosion in popularity.

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Afterwards, there were unexpectedly men who would really upload pictures of themselves crossdressing. From one picture’s compliments, more and more crossdressing pictures were posted.

In the end, the post’s standard comment was: So beautiful, it must be a man.

Three days later, there were teachers starting to comment. One of them was precisely Teacher Lu Zhongban. His comment was simple: We may be able to organise a crossdressing beauty contest. 7dBJrE

Many responded with agreement. Following that, a teacher from the Chinese department also commented; a handsome student from the Chinese department was in the photoshopped picture and he received the most cheers.

Afterwards, the students of other departments refused to accept this result hence there were even more photos uploaded.

There was not one person in the design faculty that was not a master at photoshop. In the end, they began to photoshop pictures of You Luoqi. The result was indeed beautiful, but in comparison to the handsome man from the Chinese department, it was a level lower.

This greatly stimulated the design department girls’ self-esteem and they began to hunt for a suitable person in the department. In the end, they naturally set their eyes on the  somewhat soft and gentle Zhou Xu. The key point was that Zhou Xu had long hair and upon discovery, the girls went mad. uL0W1d

As a result, on the fifth day since the post was up, he was stopped by a group of girls in the classroom after his lessons.

Appearing quite shocked, Zhou Xu looked at them, “What do you want?”

Behind Zhou Xu were a few classmates and they said, “Zhou Xu ah, we need your help in something. Could you let us take pictures of you?”

Zhou Xu turned back to see a group of boys and he made a surprised expression, “Why?” GJe8rx

“He he he, because we find you handsome.”

Zhou Xu reluctantly agreed, but once he did, the group of girls that came in began to fish out various things: lip gloss, foundation, eyeshadow, concealer, et cetera. The boys observing were stunned, and so was Zhou Xu.

That post was originally put up by Zhou Xu. He was the one who guided the thread towards a crossdressing competition. However, even though he had transmigrated into so many worlds, he had really never worn women’s clothes before. hThus despite having some knowledge of makeup products, he had never had such intricate know-how.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“It’s only a photo, surely there’s no need for makeup?” Zhou Xu was no longer acting when he said that line. Although it was makeup, he still did not like the feeling of being controlled by other people. pkhla5

A female upperclassman smiled, but under her sweet expression Zhou Xu could sense her hidden agenda and excited heart, “Junior, this is for our department’s honor. If we are defeated, I would feel very sad ah.”

Zhou Xu pretended as if he did not understand and asked, “Our department’s honour?”

“Yes, it’s a photoshop competition.”

“Oh.” pNskIS

The female upperclassman naturally knew that this was not a photoshop contest. Zhou Xu also knew. The girls planned to do Zhou Xu’s makeup and choose a few good angles before using photoshop. Even if it was not crossdressing, they could still achieve the effect of a fairy maiden descending to earth.

You Luoqi had already left at first. However, after ten minutes he realised that Zhou Xu had not come out so he had returned to the classroom.

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He found Zhou Xu surrounded by people doing his makeup and asked the nearby students what was going on. Connecting the dots with the post, You Luoqi understood what was happening, thus he sat on the side to wait. He wanted to see Zhou Xu’s appearance after makeup.

An hour passed and Zhou Xu’s makeup was finally done. Looking in the mirror, he felt a bit speechless. Even though he was still in male clothing, the mirror reflected an astonishingly pure and beautiful appearance. UW06Nx

The girls helped put his hair into place. They had no time to curl his hair so they prepared to take the pictures and use photoshop to style his hair and change his clothes.

You Luoqi walked to Zhou Xu, intending to look at his face. As a result, he was stunned. Zhou Xu was too good-looking: red lips, pearly teeth, a picturesque face. There was no point that was not exquisite and there were no imperfections.

Heart pounding, You Luoqi unconsciously blushed. He realised he was growing to like Zhou Xu even more.

“Come come come, take a picture…” KiywnN

Zhou Xu followed their requirements, doing poses and actions. After dozens of pictures, he became tired.

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“Are you done? I’m hungry.” Actually, Zhou Xu was annoyed.

“Done, done. Come, I will treat you to a meal. What do you want to eat?”

Zhou Xu was not polite, “Pork steamed with glutinous rice, crispy fried chicken leg.” xW8 r4

“Sure, I’ll treat you.”

At the time, a bright and clear voice sounded, “No need, you all should return. I need to find Zhou Xu for some matters.”

Everyone looked up. Zhou Xu’s classmates obediently bowed their heads and greeted their teacher. The female upperclassmen then knew that this person was Zhou Xu’s instructor.

“Everyone first disperse.” rHWMva

The crowd dispersed, except for You Luoqi. He had held some doubt since the day they returned from winter break. Why would Zhou Xu and the teacher be in such an intimate position? Moreover, Zhou Xu had  even gone to find Yang He a few times. You Luoqi cared about this point.

At present, Yang He unexpectedly came to find Zhou Xu alone. You Luoqi felt that this teacher definitely had some intentions towards Zhou Xu.

“Why aren’t you leaving?”

“Teacher, why are you looking for Zhou Xu?” fLKaFm

“Oh, I want to eat a meal with him, why?”

The teacher’s straightforwardness made You Luoqi feel cornered. Thinking quickly, he said, ” Can I join you two? I’ll pay for what I eat.”

“Sure, no problem. I will treat you too since you are Zhou Xu’s roommate. Take it as thanks for taking care of him. Ha ha ha ha….”

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Zhou Xu stepped forward and stomped on Yang He’s foot, “Have you asked for my opinion?” tbWSlY

“Ha ha ha, don’t be angry. I’m here to specially ask for forgiveness since I haven’t properly seen you in a while.” Yang He put his arm around Zhou Xu’s shoulder as he spoke. Seeing that Zhou Xu had no reaction, Yang He extended his hand to rub Zhou Xu’s face, “Your face has a mess of makeup products, I’ll clean it for you.”

“Teacher, please do not casually touch Zhou Xu.” You Luoqi could not continue watching. He pulled Zhou Xu from Yang He’s hold and spoke in a righteous tone.

Yang He was stunned. Zhou Xu also momentarily blanked. At first he thought that You Luoqi would quickly fall in love with someone else since the person he liked in the original world was not Zhou Xu. However, now Zhou Xu realised that You Luoqi was possibly genuinely in love with Zhou Xu.

At this moment, a handsome student walked past. When this student saw Zhou Xu, he went into a daze. 40ncoL

Seconds later, this person grabbed Zhou Xu’s hand and said, “Student, I’ve finally found you.”

Zhou Xu shook his hand off and coldly asked, “Who are you?”

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“Ah, I’m Chang Shaojun. May I ask what is your name, department and class?”

Zhou Xu coldly laughed inwardly. Ke ke, really good, all the protagonists have gathered–how will the story progress now? JMcVlj

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