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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh76 - Old Meanie!!!


translator: xiin
editor: kara

Many people, including the commentators, were left stunned at the end of the game. ZfIQUa

Although they all knew that Geng Chen had made serious mistakes, and her mentality hadn’t been right, it was still unbelievable to many people that she would end up falling so quickly and so one-sidedly.

As a national level contestant who was ranked 35th in the entire league, she could at least be ranked within the top 15 for mage-type players. Yet, she’d been eliminated in the group stage matches of a provincial competition!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

This drop was too big, causing Geng Chen’s fans to want to cry.

There were also many people who focused on Geng Chen’s opponent instead–– qTgsNo

Odin was a contestant who had only just started competing this year, and he hadn’t been famous across the entire Second Star Province before leaving the Earth District. After all, the star province was very large, and the Earth District was very small. According to its population, the Earth District was two times smaller than the second smallest district, the Bear District––because of this, the contestants from the Earth District often weren’t paid much attention during the provincial competitions.

However, this year was a bit shocking. The Earth District was able to eliminate Geng Chen during the group matches!

It wouldn’t be overboard to say that he’d become famous with a single game.


What was more excessive was that Geng Chen herself also cried.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The drop that she felt in her heart was bigger than what all her fans felt. The blow came not only from her opponent on the field but also from the upcoming damage to her reputation. Therefore, she was in an extremely terrible psychological state and lost her composure right there on the stage, covering up her face as she burst out crying.

The host hurriedly rushed forward two steps to help her cover up slightly and also didn’t ask her for her comments on the match.

Geng Chen was standing next to Tyron, who simply watched as this little sister’s eyes suddenly turned red and burst into tears before shaking hands with him. x2gR9u

Tyron: “……”

There were actually things that the master assassin wasn’t good at.

Because he’d really never met, and it was also impossible for him to encounter, an opponent who would cry after he’d defeated them! He knew how to be more gentle towards the fairer sex, but he’d just beaten this girl to death with his own hands. If he came forth now to appease her… didn’t that seem to be a little wrong?

Nobody had ever told him: What should he do in this kind of situation? Hm??? NdtyOX

After a while, Tyron took two steps back and distanced himself a little further away from Geng Chen.

At this time, someone offered up a handkerchief from under the stage, but they were too far and couldn’t reach Geng Chen.

Therefore, Tyron took the handkerchief and reached out to offer it to Geng Chen.

Geng Chen accepted the handkerchief, barely managed to stop her tears, and ran off the stage. She hugged her personal trainer and leaned pitifully on his shoulder as she went backstage, still sniffling. wqnvyz

The atmosphere on the stage only recovered a long time later.

On the public screen, the comments were refreshing like a waterfall: “Ahhhhh feeling so much heartache for my little Chen! She was bullied to the point of tears!”

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“The last time little Chen cried was when she failed to enter the National Championships N years ago! At the time, she cried every time she lost a game. It got a little better after she competed more, but I heard that she would still secretly shed tears after going home every time she lost.” BCnF15

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“She’s so cute when she cries hehehehe, she still looks like the smart and charming young girl from back then…”

“Zs tfjga lr ygfjxlcu! Olaaif Jtfc, vbc’a mgs. Vajcv eq jcv xffq ublcu! Qf’ii tfiq sbe yeiis atf yjv uesr!”

Ktfgf kfgf jirb atfrf xlcvr bo mbwwfcar: “Ljtjtjtjtjtj vlv sbe uesr rff la? Glv sbe?”

“P rjk la, P rjk la! P’w vslcu ogbw ijeutafg!” QxDj0c

“Ktf Qjg Xbv kjr rtbmxfv! Lf abbx akb rafqr yjmx! C oeii tjio j wfafg!”

“No way, I seem to have found a way to scare the War God!”

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“I can’t hold it anymore, it’s so cute I’m about to cry…”

“I’m laughing so hard that I’m tearing up…” hPWxBl

At this time, Victor was thinking to himself: He wasn’t afraid of tears QUQ…

There were two consequences that arose from this game.

On one hand, Geng Chen fell directly into the losers bracket. Although it wouldn’t be difficult for her to qualify for resurrection based on her strength, it did have some impact on her reputation. pbQsJ3

On the other hand, Odin hadn’t had an opponent in the first round of the group match and then played such a beautiful game during the second round against a national-level contestant. Many people’s glasses almost fell off and shattered from the shock! Many coaches immediately raised his threat level by two levels, and many provincial competition contestants began to do their homework on him ahead of time.

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Also, Odin picked up another new nickname, ‘Great Demon King’. This was because Geng Chen’s fans liked to call her ‘Little Princess’. Therefore, some people spontaneously started calling him the ‘Great Demon King’ and were particularly fond of saying: The great demon king bullied the little princess until she cried…

They had quite a bad sense of humor.

It also caused the start of the classic ‘Demon King x Princess’ cult CP. x8VFO6

This made Victor unhappy.

The netizens were too fond of new things and had forgotten the old!

That time, when he’d been at the front of the stage, the hottest CP in the War God’s circles was ‘Lord Four x Representative’. This should be regarded as the official pairing for the entire world! rRu6p0

Now that he’d retreated behind the scenes, the official pairing had gone from the ‘Lord Four’ cult to the ‘Demon King x Princess’ cult! Where was the King’s law in all this?

Could it be that Lord Four would have a new CP every time he played a match? Was it that there would be a CP every time someone shared screen time with him? Did these people understand the basic law of YY or not…

Victor was unhappy, and so, he forgot about the ‘hot springs’ matter that night.

Then, it was the War God’s turn to be unhappy. OWpTFP

He’d already prepared everything at the edge of the hot springs: from lubricant to some other interesting things, from flower petals to small snacks. Everything was ready, but a freshly washed Little Vic was missing.

And, Little Vic didn’t show up!

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The War God coldly pushed open the door and saw Victor reading in bed. 3opgMe

Victor: “???”

Tyron: “I don’t feel well.”

“!!!” Victor was surprised and hurriedly got out of bed. He asked him nervously, “What’s wrong? Do you have a fever?”

Tyron expressionlessly shook his head, sat down on the chair indifferently, and said calmly and quietly, “You, pour me a cup of hot water.” HYGLXD

Victor rushed over to pour him a cup of hot water.

Tyron: “Tastes bitter.”

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Victor became even more anxious. He thought that Tyron must really feel uncomfortable since he would also taste a bitter taste in his mouth sometimes when he had a fever. He quickly said, “I’ll go call the doctor!”

Tyron’s expression was colder than ever as he grabbed Victor’s wrist and ordered, “You’re not allowed to call for anyone else. Go and pour a cup of hot chocolate.” qV tMJ

Victor thought about it. Hot chocolate was very high in calories and might be effective––Tyron himself understood food very well. Perhaps he was asking for more calories?

He swept into the kitchen like a gust of wind and found a bag of cocoa powder, then asked rather awkwardly, “Have you seen where the sugar is?”

He was given a start when he looked back. Tyron had soundlessly moved over to stand behind him, his face expressionless as he stared at him.

Tyron placed his hands around Victor’s waist and comfortably bowed his head to set his head against his shoulder, but his voice was still chilly as he said, “I don’t know.” 9cRZJH

Victor was surrounded by Tyron and wrapped up in his body temperature. He felt very comfortable and let out a sigh. Knowing that Tyron ‘didn’t feel comfortable’, he was very understanding of his cold and indifferent tone. He even thought: Yingyingying how cute…

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He was like a large, moving iceberg, but even while he let out cold air-conditioning, Tyron was hugging him and asking him to make him something to eat.

Victor reluctantly extracted himself from his inner thoughts and said tentatively, “What exactly doesn’t feel comfortable? We’d better go to the hospital first and get it checked out…” L0knwy

He grabbed Tyron’s hand and gestured for him to let go of him first.

Tyron stubbornly held his waist in place and said, “Chest feels tight.”

Victor struggled anxiously, “Ah, that sounds quite serious. We should hurry and go to the hospital, alright?!”

What kind of strength did Tyron have? If he wanted to stand still and not move, it wasn’t a level of power that Victor could break free from. l08cNI

Tyron: “I want hot chocolate.”

Victor tried to break free a few times but was unable to extricate his waist. Instead, he ended up so tired that he was gasping for breath, his face red. Finally, he turned around and continued to soak the cocoa powder.

The fragrance of hot chocolate spread out as soon as the hot water mixed in.

Tyron stretched out a hand to pick up the cup, sipped it experimentally, then said disdainfully, “Too bitter.” O3r52X

“That shouldn’t be, logically speaking, it should be sweet when it’s brewed directly like this…”

Tyron set the cup in front of him and gestured for him to give it a try.

Victor touched the edge of the cup and tasted it carefully, but he couldn’t taste anything out of the ordinary.

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Tyron took the cup back and drank a big gulp before saying expressionlessly, “It’s sweet now.” s2v7Cf

After that, he ignored Victor and took the cup with him as he left the kitchen. He was like an iceberg who had finally condescended to express his satisfaction, leisurely drifting away like a glacier.

The flushed Little Vic, whose heartbeat had sped up and who had been left behind: “……”

After a while, Victor found the iceberg War God holding the hot chocolate while sitting on the sofa in the living room. NHi3YG

“Is anything else uncomfortable?” Victor asked carefully, “Does your chest still feel tight?”

The War God sat there noble and cold on the sofa, his long, straight legs folded up, as he held the remaining half cup of hot chocolate in his hands. “Yes.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Victor asked, “Is… is it because you were too intense while outside today? Did you eat something you’re allergic to? Or, did you get hurt?”

A pair of dark golden eyes stared at him. Half a beat later, the War God said, “A certain person forgot the promise they made six days ago today.” VRx90z

Victor: “???”

Tyron: “Being stood up can lead to chest tightness, shortness of breath, irritability, insomnia, and sudden iceberg syndrome.”

Victor abruptly understood!

He instantly started to try and fix it even though the damage was already done, “I, I, I was wrong! I didn’t mean to!” cSDzOm

The War God squinted his eyes and looked coldly at him.

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Victor was suddenly struck with inspiration and went up to kiss him hard, “Is there any cure for iceberg syndrome? How is it cured? Using…”

Victor blushed a little and continued, “Using fiery hot flesh and body?”

Tyron: “……” G SdZl

The old antique still hadn’t figured out how modern children could be so dirty? And, this perversion was completely natural, clean, open, and free from any vulgarity, making it so that people couldn’t endure it…

Victor set the hateful cup of hot chocolate on the table, then draped himself over Tyron, whispering into his ear, “Do you choose to eat chocolate or me?”

The iceberg continued to maintain his expression and didn’t speak. vM2VAy

Victor thought about it, then his face abruptly turned red as he leaned into the other’s ear and moaned twice.

Tyron’s pupils began to contract.

Victor adjusted himself for a moment, then let out a slightly nasal whine.

Tyron suddenly flipped Victor over, picked him up, and carried him to the hot springs! djzWdn

Victor: QUQ You really [beep––] me until I cried on purpose! You got so excited listening to me! Yet, you pretend to be so calm every time! Old meanie!!!


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Translator's Note

YY – slang for 意淫, which means to ‘obtain pleasure by imagining a sexual act’, but in general usage it’s toned down more to basically indulging in the pairing of your choice~

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