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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh69.2 - The Little Train Is Here…


translator: xiin
editor: kara

TLN: this part picks up from where they entered the hot springs in the 69.1. the original smut scene was edited out on jj for river crab reasons, so you can consider this the alternative PG version. i recommend reading this part too because it adds more context to the smut from before~ 95EDrk

Perhaps because the youth were more vigorous, Victor had a nosebleed on the first night.

He didn’t even realize when it first began and only thought that he had a shameful runny nose. He quickly turned to look for a towel to wipe it with and was then stunned to discover that it was blood. Startled, he hurriedly tried to plug and stop the nosebleed.

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Tyron couldn’t stop laughing. He came over and directly lifted him up, saying, “It’s too hot in here. Let’s go out first.”

He stepped out of the water with Victor in his arms, returned to the bedroom, and tossed him onto the bed. JY84gz

Tyron stood by the bed with just a bath towel wrapped around his hips.

Ah, pecs, abs, and a mermaid line.

Victor had been fantasizing about this scene for a long time––a really, really long time! But! Please, nosebleed, could you stop first?! B5F4sR

Victor was anxious as he flipped over to the head of the bed and dug out a hemostatic spray from the bedside cupboard to spray onto his nose.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tyron, who was still standing by the bed, found it amusing to watch: This child was so flustered that he didn’t even notice that his bath towel had fallen off. He’d flipped over to look for things with his butt exposed to the air.

The master assassin’s inner thoughts: Mm… fine skin, tender meat that could be hurt in a moment of carelessness, tsk.

Tyron reached out with bad intentions, quietly grabbed the bath towel from the bed, tugged it away, and stuffed it under the bed. p70cHO

When Victor turned back, he abruptly discovered: He was naked! Nake…d! Where was his bath towel?!!!


Two seconds later, Victor curled up into a red shrimp and spoke calmly, “What are you looking at? There’s nothing good to see. Help me find my bath towel…”

As he finished speaking, another nosebleed began from his other nostril. y21TLf

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.


Ksgbc abbx atf rqgjs bea ogbw atf meqybjgv jujlc, rja vbkc bc atf yfv, qlcmtfv Nlmabg’r mtlc lc bcf tjcv, jcv ijeutfv, “Gbc’a wbnf.”

Nlmabg ofia kgbcu fnfgsktfgf, jcv tlr ybvs kjr rafjwlcu eq ja j rqffv nlrlyif ab atf cjxfv fsf.

Ksgbc mjgfoeiis tfiqfv tlw rqgjs atf tfwbrajalm rqgjs jcv aegcfv tlr tfjv jgbecv klat atf tjcv atja kjr ralii qlcmtlcu tlr mtlc. Lf atfc rjlv, “Pa’r jigluta, pera j cbrfyiffv.” QpulMm

Victor was too shy to even turn his head. “What else could it be?”

Tyron replied, “I was worried that you’d be ‘swollen’ from the steaming.”

Victor: “Is anything swollen?”

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Tyron only laughed and didn’t say anything else. He casually set down the spray and said, “Eat more vegetables, child. Don’t always eat so much meat, or you’ll suffer.” WLac9n

Victor was left at a loss.

And then… Tyron reached out like lightning and flicked lightly at ‘little Victor’.

Victor: “……”

After his male god leisurely made his exit, Victor stared dazedly at the water stains left on his bed, then suddenly came back to his senses. 1XJoR2

Victor: Eeeee––!!

… The result was that a certain place on Victor did indeed ‘swell up’.

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It was easy for young people to become heated. Ed9D5s

Although Victor only ate fruits and vegetables for the next two days and didn’t dare to eat any meat, he was still heated.

Every morning, because of ‘being swollen’, it was very difficult to go to the toilet, and there was also a ‘delusion of being persecuted’. In the evening, he dreamed that he’d been powerfully [beep––] by a certain monster with sexy abs… it continued to be difficult to go to the toilet the next morning.

––This kind of life really couldn’t continue on!

––No more!! It was time to rise up in revolt!! Overthrow that male god, who teased but remained unaffected!!! 0iZ hU

After being teased again, Victor finally couldn’t bear it anymore and angrily picked up a pillow, smashing it against the wall several times.

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After assuring himself of his combat effectiveness, Victor stormed into Tyron’s room in his pajamas, pillow in hand.

Tyron was sitting at the head of the bed, reading a book. He turned his head over when Victor rushed in. Pm15QD

Even before he could speak, Victor had pushed a pillow onto his face.

Tyron: “???”

“You’re an evil little goblin!! I’m here to deal with you!!!” In fact, Victor was very nervous. As soon as the adrenaline rush passed, he became nervous, anxious, and excited, his brain full of chaos.

He bravely climbed up onto the bed and straddled Tyron. wXkMr4

Tyron: “……”

The master assassin sat still and allowed him to press the pillow up against his face. He used both hands to close the book, calmly putting it away near the head of the bed.

Victor swallowed, tugging apart his belt with one hand as he continued to sit on Tyron. He then groped around to try and pull the quilt away, his movements so nervous that he was unable to accomplish his task for a long time.

Tyron’s vision was blocked by the pillow, but his hands caressed over his smooth legs as he said, “Lift.” xreJUl

Victor: 0.0

Finally, Tyron was able to rip the quilt away.

Victor shivered all over, trembling as he sat back down. This time, it was skin on skin.

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Victor didn’t know how to proceed.

No, it wasn’t that he didn’t know how to continue, but that interstellar people had too much learning materials but no practical experience, leaving them easily lost in a sea of knowledge.

Tyron asked, “You didn’t bring anything?”

Victor stiffened his neck and said, “True men do it directly, all the way!!” zuveJS

Tyron pondered for a moment, then said, “Go to the bedside table and look through it.”

… Every bedroom was equipped as expected in this rental spaceship.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Victor’s hands trembled slightly when he pulled out an entire bottle of lubricant. He then asked, “How is it done?”

Tyron: “Lie down.” SFjwxh

He thought for a moment and added, “Bring over that bottle of nutrition liquid from the desk in case you can’t bear the pain.”

Victor: “???”

Victor hadn’t understood then, but he soon came to understand what he meant. fyYTHL

He’d thought that the so-called pain was just “Oh, it hurts, it hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts…” that it would be alright after a moment, but it wasn’t.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Actually, it was the “Wuwuwu I can’t anymore, let’s hurry up and finish alright…” type of pain.

Every time Victor thought that he was going to see heaven, he suddenly found that he was just a little short.

That type of joy that went up and down, despite feeling amazing, was also endless. Every time Victor thought that there could be nothing, the truth would inform him: There was more, and it went on for longer and left him more of a wreck. hYuUVX

By midnight, Victor couldn’t hold up anymore and had finished off the nutrient solution. He cried as he said, “Are we really going to finish or not!?”

Tyron said, “Don’t be anxious. You won’t have enough strength to hold on for the rest of the night if we finish in one go.”

Victor was particularly devastated. He placed his hand in his mouth and bit it, wailing, “Hurry… hurry up… I’m going to die…”

Tyron: No. XnHQM4

Victor: QAQ Really going to die, dying from too much pleasure.

Once upon a time, there was a young man who tried to seduce an incubus hybrid.

He was 24 years old. WMJhkF


Translator's Note

heated – a chinese medicine concept. you can become ‘heated’ if you eat too much fried food, red meat or other foods with ‘heat’ properties. typical symptoms are nosebleeds, mouth rashes, etc. (on the other hand, you can become ‘cool’ by eating watermelon…)

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  1. I love how the author spit(-ish) the river crab by making technically Safe but hot as hell foreplay >w<) <3Thank you very much for translating this!!

  2. Hahahaha the last part was so hilarious.

    Victor the boy who tried to seduce an incubus, died with pleasure. What a fitting epitaph lol.

    Thanks for the chapter