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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh65 - Solo Match – Card Summoner 2


translator: xiin
editor: kara

In fact, Goddess’s sense of foreboding came to fruition practically in the very next second! iTwao5

The master assassin rose straight into the air in a hawk-like manner and then executed a dazzling dive attack––like a beam of light from the sky!

In that instant, the blade of the sword was reflected in the Goddess’s pupils, causing them to suddenly contract.

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This kind of dive speed wasn’t something a mage-type occupation could escape from.

––Goddess used his expertise as a high-level professional player to make this judgement, then resolutely gave up any futile and useless escape measures. He waved to signal the little devil he’d just summoned to return to his side and commanded: Attack! Zia1gA

All of this happened in an instant. When the tip of Tyron’s blade reached Goddess’s forehead, an ice shield suddenly appeared.

It was one of the cards that Goddess had used as soon as the match began: Ice Shield, which resisted the next attack and froze the attacker in place for the next 1.5 seconds.

The moment the ice shield broke, it simultaneously reformed around the assassin’s ankles, locking him directly to the ground.

At the same time, the little devil had completed its attack, and a pair of claws stabbed directly at Tyron’s chest. iAJOuL

Tyron was unmoved as he crossed his daggers––

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The sharp sound of impact against metal rang out three times as he completely resisted the little devil’s attack. At the same time, his short sword ran the little devil straight through.

However, the little devil’s body disappeared directly.

Because in the 0.5 seconds of time that the little devil won him, Goddess had placed two of his fingers on the last card he’d obtained in his opening draw and waved it in the air–– UHQcYD

Legendary Card: Sacrifice, Demonic Gate!

Sacrifice the strongest summoned creature on the map in order to summon a demonic gate that lasted for 30 seconds. Every two seconds, a demonic creature would appear randomly from the gate and would attack both friend and foe. The door could be destroyed, and after it disappeared, it would summon a demonic lord who would obey the summoner’s command.

The Emperor of Europe had only drawn a total of four cards, and the only card he had that had fighting power was the little devil with a fighting power of 5. This was basically equivalent to him having summoned a gate that continuously provided a stream of demons at almost no cost.

Goddess’s public screen had exploded instantly, “Who is this assassin!!! Who is he!!” WoN6rv

“Mama lifted up her head and saw a winged god!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh I never expected this ahhh…”

“Four godly cards right at the start! And the Demonic Gate! Who can stop the Emperor of Europe, Goddess now?!!”


But the speed of the commentary was too slow for the pace of the game!

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In the next second, the demonic gate crashed down onto the middle of the field. Goddess had no cards on hand for the time being, and there was still a full second left before his next draw. (Cards could be drawn once every three seconds.)

Cmgbrr ogbw tlw, atf jrrjrrlc Yvlc’r ifur kfgf ralii mbccfmafv ab atf ugbecv ys lmf. Llr vjgx ubivfc fsfr kfgf fnfc mbivfg atjc atf lmf jcv rtjgqfg atjc atf yijvf bo atf rkbgv lc tlr tjcv.

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Ktf liierbgs klcur yftlcv tlw jygeqais rtbbx! QbdgZu

Cc lcmbwqjgjyis qbkfgoei obgmf mjerfv atf lmf ab wjxf milmxlcu rbecvr––atf rsrafw pevufv atja atf obgmf wluta yf qbkfgoei fcbeut ab ufa bea bo atf rlaejalbc. Ycmf, aklmf, atgff alwfr… la kjr pevufv jr j remmfrr!

Less than a second after being trapped, the ice around Odin’s feet suddenly cracked and turned into countless ice crystals, forming what appeared to be a hazy mist that shrouded the two players.

In the next moment, a pair of cyan and gold wings spread out, waving away the hazy mist as he dashed over like a ray of light piercing the clouds.

Even Goddess, a top 3 player in the Star Province, had never seen such flexible, powerful, quick, and exquisite wing movements––this assassin wasn’t like a human with wings but more like a celestial visitor who had come down from the heavens! Xgz9wp

Four consecutive wing flaps. Not only did the third one break him out of the ice, the fourth directly shaved off 20% of Goddess’s health.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Of course, Goddess was very psychologically tough. Others might have fallen into a panic at this time, but he entered a highly tense state of psychological preparation instead. He pulled out the card summoner’s only weapon––a short dagger used for self-defense––and held it out in front of his body.

When faced with an assassin in close quarters, any attack that could be resisted mattered! And it didn’t matter if it couldn’t be resisted, the goal was to delay time until the next drawing of cards! Q2O7Zx

Card summoners had never been a profession that feared losing health, because they had a general passive skill: the cooldown for drawing cards was reduced by 10% for every 10% of health that they lost.

Goddess had already done his mental preparations: there was a maximum time of 0.7 seconds until his next card draw. This assassin wouldn’t be able to kill him in such a short amount of time!

However, when a seemingly ordinary flat dagger arrived in front of his eyes––

Goddess still felt a moment of fear in his heart. RFcLN5

Because it was fast, too fast!

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It was so fast that his audience didn’t even have a chance to respond at all. Only experienced professional players like Goddess, who had trained their dynamic vision, could capture the movements of the blade.

0.7 seconds. What could anyone do in that time? The average person could sneeze, and a professional player might be able to complete a full attack.

But 0.7 seconds was long enough for Odin to attack five times! 1CLN4D

Goddess’s health dropped like a waterfall in an instant, far beyond what he’d expected!


Following Goddess’s shout 0.7 seconds later, he only had 40% of his health left when a row of golden hands appeared in front of him. J8WD2e

When card summoners drew cards, there would be a special effect between the summoner’s hands for the brief 0.3 seconds it took the cards to appear. For those 0.3 seconds, the cards that appeared were inviolable objects.

And Goddess had a unique ability where he could use the 0.3 second invincibility resist a melee player’s attack, allowing him to bear direct attacks for a maximum of 0.5 seconds.

It was precisely at this fleeting moment!

The special effects of the golden hand flashed by like a golden torrent around Goddess–– ZAIsNf

But at this same moment, those lightning-fast blades were pulled back without a trace. It was as though there had been no inertia at all, and it completely went against Goddess’s expectations.

Instead, it was that pair of cyan and gold wings from nightmares!

The wings flapped!

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As flashes of light went by and dispersed, the system determined that both sides had exchanged attacks using ‘invincible objects’ and sent both players a meter back simultaneously.

Goddess retreated three steps back, but his ultra-high psychological stability allowed him to calm down instantly as he pulled out the three cards he had just drawn (he had drawn a support card at the start that allowed him to draw two more cards during this draw, meaning that he once again had three cards) for a quick look.

At the same time, Tyron retreated backwards and went straight up into the air. His movements weren’t disordered at all as his wings spread out in an instant, preparing to charge down again for a hit at an appalling speed.

Almost nobody could keep calm in the face of his predatory aura. Blue veins had appeared on Goddess’s forehead from anxiety as he picked up a card with two fingers and quickly shouted, “Shiva’s Sigh!” 0idcCa

Shiva’s Sigh was a control card that didn’t differentiate between friend and foe. Its effect was: Freeze the actions of all players on the field with an effect similar to ‘stopping time’, duration of 2 seconds.

As soon as the card came out, there was a faint sighing sound from Shiva, the God of Ice, and the two players fell into a stationary state at the same time.

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It wasn’t until then that the audience on Goddess’s side could finally recover from their stupor, and their brains were able to deal with what had just taken place over the past few seconds. WMsuy6

It was also at this time that the chaotic scene became a quiet one.

At that moment, fine ice crystals were still floating in the air, and a small fragment had just landed onto one of Odin’s lashes, twinkling in the light.

The scene was as exquisite and beautiful as a painting. The assassin with the Roc wings appeared like a statue of a fallen angel as he held his daggers in a reverse grip, his wings spread out, giving off an irresistible aura of madness.

The audience experienced a thrill and exclaimed, “My god!! It was just a few seconds just now! It was so wonderful that I couldn’t even react!” QdIoRk

“Who is this! Who the hell is this!! I’ve become an instant fan, I want to go up and lick him!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“My mouth dropped open just now and I forgot to close it. My god, I only just discovered that my saliva was dripping onto my leg…”

At this point, however, the illusory wings behind the frozen Tyron flashed and then disappeared completely. fzOjHX

One Roc feather only provided 7 seconds of flight.

They had just reached the time limit.

Audience: “Oh, damn, this card of Goddess’s, it doesn’t differentiate between friend and foe and froze him too! However, firstly, this helped him delay time until his next draw, and secondly, the assassin’s feather effect has disappeared. Thirdly––which one of you guys still remembers the Demonic Gate ahhhhhhhhh!”

Because the game was so thrilling, the Demonic Gate, that was on the sidelines and required time to summon, had become much less impressive. 9B5bGh

And now, the first random summon of the Demonic Gate had appeared.

A flame whip slashed out of the gate, followed by the heavy sound of footsteps…

What came out was a fire demon. (One of the strongest demonic creatures.)

The audience collectively looked like they were about to scream. c4vnLk

Audience: “Fuuuuck! Directly summoned out a fire demon at random!! Damn, it has less than a 0.01% probability of showing up! Are you still giving other people a chance to live!”

“Motherf*cker, it’s like the entire galaxy’s luck is concentrated on the Goddess alone! If I could only get a tenth of it, I would’ve already won a five million credit lottery ticket!”

“I’ve followed the Goddess for four and a half years, four and a half years!!! Even for Goddess, this is the first time summoning such a powerful fighter randomly from the gate!”

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“Hold on, you guys! This randomized demon will attack anyone, remember? Now, both of them are frozen. What if the fire demon slaps the Goddess to death?” bSXYxs

Everyone: “……”

“Why aren’t you guys talking?”

“Little brother, there’s a 50% chance of being hit. Do you think that the one with bad luck will be Goddess?””

“……” 4IE2UP

The fire demon came out the gate and acted like he couldn’t even see Goddess as he charged straight at the master assassin.

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At this moment, the short yet long two-second freeze was finally over.

In the same moment that the two players emerged from the time stop, the fire demon’s whip lashed out like a snake, billowing with hot flames. uDfAtg

At this time, the audience’s thoughts were full of: the Yellow River is roaring, the sky is falling apart! This game that’s progressing at the speed of a rocket is too tense and exciting ahhhh!!!

Goddess’s inner thoughts: If I give the opponent another chance to land a combo, I’ll definitely be done for! Fortunately, the God of Luck loves me!

Tyron’s inner thoughts: … I haven’t seen a fire demon in a long time.

Master assassin: recalling the past.jpg mOYuVp

happy holidays!

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

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