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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh63 - Rehabilitation Period


translator: xiin
editor: kara

After the operation, Tyron woke up inside the recovery capsule. T3udt7

He first regained a bit of his consciousness, and after the doctor confirmed that there were no problems at all, he woke up completely in his new body.

Tyron followed the doctor’s instructions and first tried to move his limbs before slowly sitting up. He finally stood up on the carpet, attempting to move the various joints of his body.

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The doctor told him, “Your situation is very good, but you still need to be careful. Firstly, don’t exercise vigorously. Secondly, it’s better not to enter the virtual world and instead spend more of your time walking around in the real world. The watch on your right arm mustn’t be taken off during the next two days so that we can continuously monitor your situation. If your nervous system feels a little sluggish or sensitive, remember that it’s a normal postoperative symptom. We will evaluate again next week when you come back for your next consultation.”

After that, the doctor smiled and shook hands with him, saying, “Congratulations, the operation was successful. Now, you can call in your family.” csNmUd


The new body indeed felt a little sluggish, but it may also have been because he had remained in the virtual network for too long and was no longer used to the feeling of a physical body.

Tyron changed into a set of clothes from home and walked slowly out of the ICU to see that Victor had been waiting outside.

Victor smiled and said, “Welcome back to reality, ‘Lord War God’. How about I take you to see the kingdom of human beings?” txdnyK

Something about him looked different.

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Tyron narrowed his eyes, looked Victor up and down, then said, “Sure.”

Victor was wearing a solemn white suit as he drove Tyron around in a suspension car that flew up in the air. He pointed to the view outside and said, “This place is the planet I had lived on the longest as a child. The temperature is good, and the duration of night and day here is also very good. We can stay here for a little longer. I saw that there’s still half a month before the provincial competition officially begins.”

Outside, a white star was halfway through its rotation, its large surface area covering up half the sky, while a man-made satellite also moved in orbit at the same time from the other side. 3GKgvy

This planet was like a vast stretch of blue. Due to a peculiarity in the minerals, even the trees were blue like azure gemstones dotted on the brown soil.

The wind that ran through the equator would blow up the substances that stuck to the plants, creating a translucent drizzle formed from crystal powder.

Tyron stuck his hand out the window and gently scooped up some of the fine powder into his hand. “This is what reality feels like.”

“This world is very big, and it’s very beautiful.” Victor said, “It’s just one of the tens of thousands of planets in the Alliance. If we have the chance, we can go to the top 10 tourist planets to play.” 635j H

Victor parked his car outside a villa. “This is where I lived when I was a child. It was renovated last month, but there are some parts that weren’t touched on purpose.”

They walked past two rows of trimmed shrubbery, two sets of gates, and when they stopped by the door, two mechanical maids bowed to greet them and said, “A family doctor has already been hired. Would you like to make an appointment now?”

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Nlmabg rjlv, “Qf’ii ub lc pera j wbwfca. Catfcj, atf wjq.” iosDjN

‘Catfcj’ kjr atf nliij’r yelia-lc jgalolmlji lcafiilufcmf yeaifg. Qtfc rtf tfjgv atf mjii, rtf lwwfvljafis rewwbcfv eq j tbibugjqtlm wjq jcv vlrqijsfv la lc atf tjii.

Ktf tjii kjr ja ifjra olnf wfafgr tlut. Kkb gbkr bo megnfv rajlgmjrfr kfgf ogjwfv klat qbgagjlar, jcv atf mgsraji mtjcvfilfg tjculcu ogbw atf tlutfra qjga bo atf mflilcu fwlaafv j rboa iluta,  liiewlcjalcu atf qjatr yfibk.

First, the map of the villa, then the planet, then their current star system, the star region their star system was located in, and finally, the entire star province.

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“This is already the Alliance’s Third Star Province. This planet used to be the administrative capital, but later, the capital was moved to a more centralized place, so we could only move with Mommy.” Victor said. YglSWh

Tyron looked quietly at the star chart that had countless stars dotted on it, each about the size of a pea.

“I never told you…” Victor began, “My mother is the deputy governor of the Third Star Province. My father is from the Phoenix Empire, which was why they chose to live here all the time. This place is very close to the Phoenix Empire. The Chaoyang-Phoenix United First General Hospital is also set up here, and my mommy has invested several sums of money there, so… I hired a doctor from the hospital and asked him to stay nearby to watch over your recovery period. Is that alright?”

Tyron raised his eyebrows, then nodded.


After serious illness or injury, it was always necessary to recover slowly. Otherwise, it was easy for hidden injuries or problems to remain.

The master assassin was very familiar with this process.

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That evening, Tyron went out alone and slowly walked around the villa.

He asked the artificial intelligence, Athena, to broadcast the news for him so that he could learn more about the Third Star Province. bAvezG

In the news, he saw the Deputy Governor, Madam June, who was also Victor’s mother. She looked very similar to Victor but was very solemn and serious in manner, and had two deep lines around her mouth. The news that was being broadcast was about her views as a member of the Alliance on the topic of a social hot spot. She was discussing the current copyright law with experts.

Tyron: “Athena, is there any other news about her? Regarding her family.”

Athena provided a list.

Tyron saw a news report from over a decade ago, when June was still a small planetary official. On one occasion, she had taken her son, who had been just over one year old, to attend a program, and spoke seriously about the impact of the internet on the growth and development of children. EAscGM

The one-year-old little Victor had a confused expression on his face as he was held in her arms. He was very restless, constantly reaching out to try and grab the host’s microphone.

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In this era, the microphone was basically a device that served to symbolize who was currently speaking. The host teased little Victor several times, then handed it to him to play with.

Little Victor grabbed the microphone and like his mother who was still talking, he spoke two phrases of that extraterrestrial language exclusive to children, then his face suddenly scrunched up––

“Poof”, he farted. qDE3C

The sound came out through the microphone and was very loud! Little baby Vic was even shameless enough to laugh!

Mother Vic was a little dazed, but she set her son against her shoulder and pinched his nose to educate him, “Victor, you should be serious. Your current attitude isn’t correct.”

Little Victor stopped laughing, his small face straightening out immediately. He gave a very serious ‘oh’ sound, then behaved very properly for the rest of the program.


Victor’s father was also a famous man. His name was Lu Chao, and it was said that his full name was actually very long, something unique to the Phoenix Empire people. He had been abandoned as a child but was picked up and raised by a Phoenix person, so he was a human of Phoenix Empire nationality. He had studied psychology and had been very famous at the time. Later on, he spent a lot of time doing social work and won many awards.

Mother Vic, June, later stepped up onto the stage and became the Deputy Governor. Out of concern for her reputation and potential negative comments, Father Vic quit his job and decided to become a ‘full-time cook’ at home while slowly raising Little Victor.

So, at first glance, Victor’s character was more like his father’s, frank and gentle. Victor was a little afraid of his mother, but he actually also adored her, and mother and son were particularly competitive. For example, Victor had run off to Earth to get three degrees (one of which was on the history of the people of Ancient Earth).

In short… kg21Se

From Tyron’s point of view, this was a perfect family.

It was no wonder that they would produce a child like Victor––his bright personality could only have come into being in an excellent environment where he could grow up well without experiencing setbacks.

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After watching the news while he walked, Tyron actually sweated a little. It seemed that this new body of his was very sensitive. 62V7zO

When he returned to the villa to wash up, he discovered one thing by accident:

His fangs were back.

––This was one of the few appearance traits he had inherited from his incubus bloodline.

They were very similar to vampire fangs, but they weren’t long, nor were they hollow. They weren’t much different from those of normal humans, but they were very sharp. Incubus fangs were recognized as very sexy with a touch of naughtiness, but they made it more convenient for incubi to tear into and eat meat. F7peR

In his old world, Tyron had grinded down his fangs when he was a child. However, this new body was made entirely from his genes, so the two fangs had appeared again.

Tyron tested them and found them very convenient. He decided not to concern himself over it for the moment.

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Victor soon discovered the two small fangs and trembled all over from cuteness, “Did you always have them?”

In fact, Tyron wasn’t quite used to them. He curled his tongue and licked them, then said, “Yes, but they were too troublesome, so I smoothed them out.” UYCD7M

Victor: Don’t grind them ahhhhh! They’re cute and provocative! I almost wanted to die from that lick just now…

Tyron seemed to be thinking of something and (not out of any good intentions) left the fangs alone.

By the fourth day, Tyron was already completely used to his new body. jSl IH

Victor was stunned as he watched him perform his ‘rehabilitation’ exercises––because Tyron had actually used flash in the real world.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Although things like technique had never relied on the virtual world system––being able to perform such an exquisite technique in the real world was really too imba!

Two flashes in a row. Although they didn’t have the same cool lighting effect they had in the arena, it was impossible to cover up Lord Four’s high appearance value effect!

The War God, who was invincible on the battlefield, took off his mask and stood in front of the flowerbed, using the moves he was famous for to work out his body. After that… He stretched lazily and casually asked, “What’s for breakfast?” pC0gQd

Victor just wanted to say: Eat you, eat you, eat you, okay?!!

The patient needed to maintain a regular routine of exercise and rest during the rehabilitation period, and their family doctor checked his physical condition every day. Other than that, there was nothing else he needed to think about.

This kind of life could be considered the most relaxing and happiest time the master assassin, who had lived for so long, had ever experienced. dYRuJZ

Tyron was no longer a young man. He knew very clearly that if a person’s life was very easy, it must mean that there was someone behind him who was working very hard to arrange everything for him.

It was Victor who had become more mature.

Tyron had foreseen this a long time ago: As early as when they first met, he knew that a little bright sun like Victor was honing himself every day, and becoming a better and better person every day.

As he watched this child grow up, Tyron also felt very happy. XbGUiN

… Except for one thing:

Victor followed the doctor’s advice to the letter and was determined not to let him go online into the virtual world.

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But! The master assassin, who was used to a bloody life, could also feel bored! Even if he was living in seclusion in the countryside, he couldn’t just be cut off from going online completely! Was he really not going to be able to touch his Song of Triumph and Deep Silence before the provincial competition? pnjKRJ

After enduring for seven days, Tyron had already started to perform flash in mid-air. However, as an older, mature person with self-esteem, he was determined not to take the initiative to raise the issue.

… Finally, in the middle of a quiet night, the old antique master assassin snuck online.

In the Third Star Province’s virtual arena, he casually created a new account and, as usual, didn’t bother to make any modifications to his appearance and stats at all. He used his real image along with a short sword and dagger, and dove straight into playing a 1vs1 single-player match.


Translator's Note

basically childhood babble

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