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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh61 - Tyron’s Childhood


translator: xiin
editor: kara

Regardless of whether it was the players, the commentator, or even the audience, they all felt very content after the entertainment match. It was as though everyone had participated in a grand carnival. schfAW

It was perhaps both a carnival and a farewell, because everyone knew: an assassin at Lord Four’s level would be very unlikely to come back and participate in the district competitions ever again. It was more likely that after entering the provincial competition, he would continue to fight all the way to the peak––he would always have a place in every competition.

Many more forum threads had appeared on Lord Four’s official site, and many fans were saying:

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“As the first batch of fans following Lord Four, there’s now a kind of sour feeling that my own male god is about to be shared with others…”

“However, it’s very inspiring to watch Lord Four walk towards the star-studded big stage.” byDwL1

“Be more open-minded! We’ll be known as the War God’s hometown in the future! When people talk about it later on, our Earth District will have not only produced Vantico. Even Odin will have come from here!”

Fans had started to make a new series of expression packs.

There were some of Lord Four wearing priest’s robes and carrying a staff, paired with the words ‘Learning medicine won’t save the people of Earth’; there were also some of him taking off his mask with the words ‘Make way, I’m going to split the sky with my handsomeness’; and other people made some very cool animated images, putting together more than ten scenes of Lord Four using flash and making a continuous loop of flash.

The upsurge of interest from the district competition finally faded, but the fans were still laughing and playing amongst themselves every day, spreading the word and sharing content. They would occasionally even be bold enough to tag the venerable Lord Four. bfUiy6

The old antique master assassin had never been able to experience this kind of joy, but he was now able to feel it a little bit and therefore let them do as they pleased.

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After Tyron’s entertainment match, Victor, who had been waiting for a long time, came over and pounced on him.

Tyron caught him. “You little villain. Was there some secret black-book operation behind this randomized profession selection in the entertainment match, hm?” 2nTbdm

Victor stuttered, “Tra, trade secret…”

Tyron continued, “The doctor contacted you to arrange a relaxing itinerary, so you secretly came over to egg me on, did you really think I wouldn’t be able to tell?”

Victor had suddenly been seen through. He guiltily looked left and right, then suddenly said, “Ah, there seems to be a vase missing at home!”

“……” Tyron grasped Victor with both hands and set him solidly against the wall for a kabedon, speaking from above him, “Honestly admit to it and you might have a way out. Otherwise…” QGuxAl

A little evil spirit suddenly popped up and took over Victor’s instinctive reactions. Victor shrank into a ball and trembled as he asked for mercy, “Save me! Male god, I didn’t do it on purpose! But it wouldn’t work if I’d mentioned it beforehand! The doctor also said that they might arrive ahead of time…”

The doctors had indeed arrived ahead of time and spoken with his ‘family’.

Because they were going to move a seriously ill body and would begin the operation immediately, they worried about the patient’s mental state; that he would be anxious, irritable, and so on. The mental state of patients with mental diseases was very important, so the doctors would tell the family members to find a way to allow their patients to relax their body and mind so that they could quickly and quietly transfer the body. fadTLt

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After a series of health checks, the doctors would then place the body into cryostasis ––this was the only way that could ensure that patients could make it through the ultra-light speed channel safely.

Qtlif lc atlr rajaf bo mgsbrajrlr, lo qjalfcar mtbrf cba ab jiibk atflg mbcrmlbercfrr ab riffq, atfs mbeiv rqfcv alwf lc j rqfmlji nlgaeji rqjmf.

Nlmabg rjlv, “Ktfs rjlv atja ufcfgjiis, ktfc qfbqif fcafg mgsbrajrlr, atfs klii mgfjaf j rmfcf atja wjxfr atfw offi rjof. Mbg fzjwqif, atf rjofra tberf atfs tjnf tjv ogbw atflg wfwbglfr bg atflg tbwfabkc ktfc atfs kfgf ilaaif. Ktlr lr jirb j rmfcf atja klii tfiq atfw wjlcajlc atflg wfcaji rajylilas. Zjsyf la’ii tfiq sbe gfmbnfg wbgf bo sbeg wfwbglfr…”

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Tyron thought about it for a moment, then said, “That’s fine.” v73fpy


Later, while the ship was crossing through the ultra-light speed channel, they encountered a small bit of turbulence.

The AI system warned everyone to enter their sleeping cabins as human bodies would otherwise find it difficult to bear the next level of engine acceleration.

So, even before Victor could speak, he had been crammed into the cabin by the doctors and linked with Tyron–– vTkjd4

Who had asked him to put himself down as ‘family’ to avoid a certain younger sister causing a disturbance? Family members were usually the ones expected to calm their patient’s emotions at this kind of time!

As soon as Victor went to sleep, his consciousness immediately went straight into the memory space Tyron had constructed.

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Victor saw a little Tyron as soon as he entered. He was still young, his dark red hair curling slightly, holding a short wooden sword in his right hand as he looked at him. LRdjOE

In that instant, Victor was struck so hard by the cuteness that he couldn’t breathe––he didn’t notice that anything was wrong at all!

The little Tyron spoke to Victor, “I haven’t dreamed about being a child for a long time. Don’t disturb me.”

Victor covered his mouth and nodded vigorously.

Little Tyron pushed the door open and was about to walk out. He thought for a moment, then came back and looked at Victor, “What you’ll see in a moment will definitely be different from what you expected. I won’t deceive you, but if you tell anyone about anything you see…” ajXfkr

Victor was in a daze, “Why would I tell it to others? How can anyone else see male god when he was a child! I promise to keep it a secret!” He was too anxious to speak seriously!

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Little Tyron looked at him thoughtfully, then walked out a moment later.

Victor hurriedly followed him out and then saw a scene that he had never imagined before:

A medieval city. kCj7oN

It had been a long time since Tyron had dreamed of his childhood. After all, it had been thousands of years ago.

In fact, with his level of mental strength, he could force himself to spend this period of time sleeping in a blank scene if he wanted to; but he occasionally wanted to go back and revisit his memories.

So, he recalled the time when he was still young, when he and his mother had lived together in a Baron’s household. X5928x

His mother had been a half-elf mage, and she couldn’t be out in the open in an era where mages were being chased and killed by the Holy See; however, she was so beautiful that no man wouldn’t yearn for her, so she had been hidden in the mansion by the Baron.

But a beautiful half-elf like her already had a child, and that child was named Tyron Odin. ‘Odin’ was a surname given to a prince of the First Empire after he had been deprived of the right to inherit the throne; ‘Odin’, in human mythology, was also a powerful, dignified, and just God.

But nobody liked this little oil bottle surnamed Odin.

Humans believed that this child’s father must have betrayed the country and had therefore been deprived of his right of inheritance; the elves looked down on any mixed race and felt that the blood of despicable creatures flowed within him. PO39g7

Young Tyron spent ten years in that kind of situation.

In Tyron’s memory, his half-elf mother almost always appeared in a scene like this:

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There was a small pool in the backyard with a swing made of vines. She would sit on the swing, the edges of her snow-white gown occasionally skimming quietly over the surface of the water. 1UNl6F

The half-elf was beautiful, almost illusory, seeming as though she wasn’t alive at all. She didn’t look at her own child because she had stopped thinking when her husband left, leaving behind only a beautiful shell.

Little Tyron still remembered the time when his father left.

After all, it was the first time he’d been abandoned by a relative.

At the time, little Tyron had also shed tears, but then he’d been educated by this man, “Feel your fangs. You and I are of the same species, a species that comes from hell. We know how to crawl and bite as soon as we’re born, and can fend for ourselves. Boy, you will die miserably in the future if you cry like a weak elf.” LGjx6C

Little Tyron slowly smoothed out his sharp teeth in order to survive in human society later on, making himself appear weak like the humans. Attractive, but not aggressive.

However, he knew that half of his blood was the same as his father’s.

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That man had left behind a human nanny. She had been very good to little Tyron and hadn’t been as indifferent as his mother. 981ak

However, it was hard for good people to live long in their world.

When the nanny died, little Tyron didn’t cry anymore. He just watched her leave in silence.

This was his second loss.


Later, little Tyron was stolen away by a squire because he had inherited extraordinary beauty from both of his parents.

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He killed for the first time in the squire’s bedroom and calmly concealed the scene, taking away two pieces of valuable silverware and pretending to be a passing farmer who had killed for the sake of stealing money.

That year, little Tyron wasn’t even yet ten years old, but the people of Bluebell were already tracking him. His skillful means had almost frightened those experienced old men.

Only, by the time Tyron returned home, he discovered that his mother had died. C8SoYb

A messenger had come to her with a letter saying that Tyron’s father had died in battle.

So, the half-elf had chosen to die in the lake. When the white veil floated up to the surface of the water, it was as beautiful as a night-blooming cereus flower. But this flower only bloomed for a short moment.

This was the third time that Tyron had been abandoned.

However, he had already become numb. He had always known that his mother would leave him. XnoEfd

So, he hadn’t invested much emotion into his mother.

He had become smarter.

The people from Bluebell then contacted little Tyron. 8hZR4T

His first teacher had been very kind to him, but little Tyron didn’t have a deep impression of him.

This teacher had said, “You are a good seedling. You experienced and had to bear with the pain of being abandoned several times at such a young age, so it will be hard for you to trust others and invest in them. This way, you won’t be hurt by being abandoned again and can live for a very long time.”

Indeed, that teacher had later died during a mission.

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Little Tyron wasn’t sad; he had already become as strong as his father. GFLPvW

However, the amount of hate that he had felt towards his father for his coldness was now exactly how much he hated himself for the same coldness.

Later on, Tyron had grown up, rising up in ranks like a comet and becoming one of the top assassins.

By this time, he had become a strategic weapon that could deter the royals and aristocrats alike. l2EPnO

He was no longer ignored, people were no longer indifferent to him, and it was even to the point where every word he said would be recorded and analyzed.

It was easy for him to sneak into the palace and whisper in the sleeping Emperor’s ear, causing him to panic and raze the first Baron’s mansion according to his instructions, thereby obliterating all traces of his childhood.

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By the time he grew up to be invincible, very few people in the world dared to look him in the eye, and nobody dared to praise his appearance.

People feared him and wouldn’t even dare to criticize his father. RExW7T

However, there were also a lot of people who were pursuing him romantically.

But he would always say, “I’m not the right person. There will come a day when I will abandon you without looking back, and I won’t invest any emotions into you. I will not love you.”

Translator's Note

little oil bottle – a burden, someone who drags others back

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