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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh60 - Entertainment Competition…


translator: xiin
editor: kara

The commentator was already shocked silly. “Hey, hey, hey, what are you guys doing? Why did Lord Four kill his own tank?” ywhpog

The public screen immediately replied with:

“Report! We didn’t do it!”

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“It’s just a friendly reminder about Flower Blower always going off to tease Lord Four!”

Flower Blower resurrected and came back, gritting his teeth the whole time as he watched the public screen…… epSfnC

And on the opposite team…

The Blue Team expressed: “Welcome, welcome. We already have a sniper who shoots at his own team. We’re just short of a tank that will randomly jump to the back for no reason.”

Flower Blower expressed indignantly: “I’ve already locked the skill in order to prevent myself from jumping back subconsciously!”

The two sides clashed and tried to stir things up, surrounding the Red Team’s swordsman.


Commentator: “Oh, the Red Team’s tank, Flower Blower, defected!! He joined the enemy to surround his own team’s swordsman. The swordsman could not bear the humiliation and jumped… jumped off the cliff to his death???”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Swordsman: “I did not jump off the cliff! I just didn’t know that a swordsman’s sprint skill can’t be stopped halfway! This melee profession is too tricky!!”

Commentator: “So, the Blue Team has a sniper that will kill his own team, and the Red Team has a tank who has already joined the enemy. Are both teams back to fighting 6v6? That works, it’s very halal!”


Amidst the chaos, Tyron didn’t even look over at the swordsman who had rushed down the cliff. Instead, he charged straight into the Blue Team’s formation.

The commentator was extremely excited as he spoke, “Lord Four is going to stage another wonderful massacre! Get the music ready! Go!”

On the Blue Team, their tank restrained his impulse to run off as soon as he saw Tyron using flash to charge at them. His hair stood on end as he lifted his shield and held it up to meet Tyron head-on.

But then, Tyron’s flash stopped abruptly, leaving him standing there for a whole second! J2NCAI

The Blue Team’s mage had no experience and smashed an instant cast spell into the ground. He had a dazed look on his face as he continued chanting the next spell.

Following that, there was the sound of a gunshot in the distance––

At the same time, Tyron’s figure flashed, his entire body practically attaching itself to the shield in front of the Blue Team’s tank. He used a simple shadow dance and released the first combo of hits!

Just when the tank was about to take a step back, he suddenly discovered that he’d lost a big chunk of health! ZksagU

Commentator: “Oh my god! The Blue Team’s sniper fired another shot at his own tank’s head! May I ask if you’re a traitor sent over by the Red Team?”


Sniper: “……”

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Snfgsbcf xcfk atja kjrc’a jmaejiis atf mjrf. LQHaz

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Ksgbc kjr atf wbra fzqfglfcmfv bo wjrafg jrrjrrlcr, jcv tf tjv jigfjvs oluegfv bea atf gtsatw jcv tjylar bo atf rclqfg lc pera atgff rtbar.

When Tyron had appeared to be idly walking around near the Blue Team, he had actually already grasped their rhythm. By the time he appeared behind the Blue Team’s tank, the sniper had just been ready to shoot at him––

Sure enough, it hit the tank behind him! TvRwWq

A priest’s attacks weren’t enough; this single shot was really a stroke of genius!

Tank followed up with a windmill combo and landed another 17 consecutive hits, ruthlessly taking away the Blue Team tank’s life!

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Then, as soon as Tyron landed back onto the ground, he used another flash and rushed towards the remaining two melee attackers on the Blue Team.

Commentator: “Ahhhhh a tiger amongst the flock of sheep! If the Blue Team’s healer uses an ultimate move at this time, they might be able to hold on, but he doesn’t seem to know that he has an ultimate move at all?? … Lord Four uses a flash! Followed by another flash! Both DPS are down! The healer can’t be far behind? … The damage is a little short! Only a little bit more! Alright, a third flash! Ah, who can take this priest in hand? He’s already taken over this match!!” 61Zb P

At this time, the sniper on the Blue Team had already put down his rifle and pulled out his bayonet.

He gathered together with the resurrected members of his team and discussed with them, “We have to get rid of Lord Four.” “We can lose this group match. This entertainment competition is nothing anyway, but Lord Four must die!” “Let’s surround Lord Four. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity…” “We have to be fast. Priests don’t have much stamina, we need to take advantage of that and beat him up before he recovers hehehehe…”

“Wait a minute? Why is there an extra person amongst us?” “I’m Flower Blower! I’m telling you, you need to use up all of Lord Four’s stamina, and then, I’ll go up and hit him. I’ve already fought against Lord Four four times…” “Ok, ok ok. You’re in charge of striking when he’s caught off guard. We’ll take turns fighting him and tire him out!” dxRI1c

The people of the Blue Team were determined to make trouble, talking about tactics as they ran across the map.

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The audience on the public screen was also wracked with anxiety. They quivered in panic as they went to report to Lord Four while advising the Blue Team to capture Lord Four alive.

Commentator: “…What’s the matter with this era? Where is the most basic level of trust between people?! Which side are you scheming people trying to help?!”

With a group of spies like that mixed in, the positions of both sides became exposed. WCQ5vg

Instead of hiding, Tyron stood on an overpass, looking down from his vantage point as he waited for the Blue Team to come and kill him.

The priest’s robe that he wore whistled as it moved in the wind. Lord Four stood alone against the enemy, giving off a different sense of boundlessness.

Many members of the audience were won over by his handsomeness, “Yingyingying, it’s too tragic…”

“Previous poster, what are you talking about! This is called heroic! Heroic, got it?! Tragedy is for martyrs!” M0QLbY

“When Lord Four was fighting in aerial combat back then, he was also one against many––Lord Four isn’t the tragic one, the tragic ones are probably his opponents…”

As it turned out, tragedy belonged to someone else. Tyron simply stood there––there would always be people who would create an atmospheric scene around handsome people.

If it was someone else who was about to go through a continuous battle, they would at most be able to make it through one or two opponents. After all, nobody had experience in fighting continuous battles in this era, so everyone would find it understandable if they failed. CoxZUq

However, Tyron was an assassin who had come from a real battlefield and was experienced in strategy. They weren’t on the same level at all.

Following the commentator’s shout, “Face-to-face battle! Charge! Whoever catches a wild Lord Four will be the MVP of the whole scene!”

Other than the Blue Team’s priest, the other five along with Flower Blower all went up, sword lights instantly covering Tyron’s figure.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tyron used flash, not even looking back as he went straight past Flower Blower’s shield and following up by using shadow dance! oTENqD

Commentator: “I’m losing years of my life in shock! This priest is using shadow dance!”

Following the gorgeous shadow steps and combo attack, Tyron avoided the encirclement and took down the two ranged DPS from the opposing team. When he himself was down to the last sliver of blood, he used flash and moved away from the crowd.

Flower Blower: “Don’t let him leave the battlefield!”

The Blue Team saw that Lord Four was already in critical health, and their blood boiled in excitement. They chased after him, wanting to continue the fight. 09QfG2

However, by the time they’d managed to block Lord Four’s way, the remaining four of Red Team’s players suddenly emerged from the shadows!

Blue Team: “……”

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Red Team: “Hey, hey, I heard you wanted to beat up our War God priest. Did you think we were dead?”

The scene turned extremely awkward all at once. cNikQF

The commentator exclaimed in horror, “Ahhhhh Four big men showed up behind Lord Four!! It’s over, it’s the Blue Team’s turn to get beaten up this time!”

At the far end of the battlefield, Tyron casually waved his staff and gave himself a heal.

His calm and peaceful appearance made it obvious that he had schemed this a long time ago. He was just waiting for them to get caught up in the moment before leading them to be caught in the trap.

Commentator: “Did you really think that our Lord Four was that easy to bully? Let me tell you, when Lord Four was playing in the Team Competition back then, he was famous amongst the general people because he would win against many with a few. But amongst those in the industry, he was an imba player who dominated the entire game with his strategic thinking!” Gx4OoU

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

The Blue Team panicked, but even if they weren’t good at manipulating their characters at the moment, their consciousness was still there.

Someone immediately thought about exchanging a life for a life: They were going to lose the team fight, but if they were willing to use their lives in exchange and took away Lord Four’s remaining health, wouldn’t they still have won in some sense?!

Therefore, the Blue Team’s tank once again turned hot-headed and rushed towards the critical health Tyron. dbOlNS

Tyron: indifferent.jpg

A gorgeous flash appeared and dissipated like a flicker of white light.

Blue Team’s tank, down.

Commentator: “Ahhhhhhh three flashes! The War God must be out of stamina, go, Flower Blower, go!” D6MOR5

Flower Blower: “Wait a bit.”

He’d only just finished speaking when the critical health sniper from the Blue Team saw that Lord Four’s health seemed to be so low that a strong gust of air would kill him––all the blood rushed to his head! He charged towards Lord Four!

Two seconds later. Blue Team’s sniper, down.

Public screen: “Flower, go! The War God definitely doesn’t have flash this time, can’t you see that he’s gasping for breath?!” zcSFjf

Flower Blower hesitated slightly and saw that Tyron only had ten health points left. He was just about to go up––

As it so happened though, the Blue Team’s last DPS rushed out of the Red Team’s encirclement with the last bit of his health and charged at Tyron head-on––

Less than two seconds later, down.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Public screen: “We guarantee that he doesn’t have flash this time! The War God’s first-ever death is in sight! Flower Blower, can you do it or not?!” LOPQV1

Flower Blower burst out angrily, “Take a look at that priest! Look for yourself, is he someone that others can win against?”

As soon as his voice fell, everyone watched as Lord Four looked Flower Blower over for a while.

Seeing that Flower Blower didn’t seem to have any intention of coming over and taking advantage of the ‘easy pickings’, Tyron inevitably felt a little regret. At this time, he slowly cast a series of spells, healing himself back to full health. He left without a single glance back.

The Red Team were like the stars around the moon, surrounding Lord Four as he left. xGwqFA

Public screen: “……”

Flower Blower: “… Did you see that? He was just acting as bait! If you can’t even hit the War God, then what’s the difference between him being at critical health and him being at full blood? There’s no difference at all!”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Commentator: “Tsk, tsk. Lord Four is really tricky. You young men are too young and simple. You guys were all too hot-headed just now and sent your lives off to Lord Four…”


The entertainment match continued on, but the Blue Team, who only had a few deaths remaining, were all anxious.

The player whose original profession was sniper simply went and fought a melee battle since he didn’t have a gun; the ones who were originally melee professions pushed up their sleeves and charged straight in. In any case, since it wasn’t easy to make use of the current professions they’d been assigned to, they might as well play the way they were used to––hadn’t everyone seen the other side’s bug-level priest who was actually a War God?

Those who had originally been melee professions could simply pick up their staffs and fight, but those who had originally been mages couldn’t simply start chanting with their current professions and could only continue to melee.

Therefore, in the last group fight, the sword lights flew back and forth, and everyone fought a straightforward hack ’n’ slash. If they didn’t have weapons, then they’d use their fists. 7YWUAM

––This was really too worthless!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

The master assassin indifferently looked on, not wanting to join in at all. He simply sent out several spells from a distance.

Commentator: “233333 Did the culprit of all this decide to just stand by and watch?”

Public screen: “War God, are you putting on an act again? You killed everyone off just now. Nobody will believe that you’re weak even if you’ve now washed your hands clean and are acting like a healer!!” dLO3 h

“Wait a minute. The black-hearted priest is actually a martial arts expert who has been retired for many years or something… I feel that this kind of setting is quite interesting?”

After the team match was over, the entire group of contestants were all in a sorry state; only Lord Four, who had ‘given up healing and picked up arms’ had gone back and picked up his priest’s mantle, once again restoring his solemn, holy appearance. He waved his broken staff,  seemingly very pure.

Commentator: “I really have nothing left to say about this War God…”


Translator's Note

imba – imbalanced/overpowered/bug-level existence

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