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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh55 - Individual Competition Champion


translator: xiin
editor: Xhici

Once shadow dance came out, Flower Blower completely lost his ability to resist. His melee combat ability was far from flexible enough to beat shadow dance. tp6GgA

However, he was very determined; he had said that he would only use melee attacks, so he wouldn’t use long-range attacks even if he died.

Fortunately, Tyron didn’t bully him with shadow dance for too long. When his HP fell to a critical level, he used flash to retreat from his melee attack range in a flash of light.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Flower Blower swung his longbow, wanting to continue the fight. It was obvious at a glance that he hadn’t given up on his evil intentions.

Tyron didn’t get tangled up with him and continued to use his pressing line kite step, constantly keeping him pressured outside of his attack range. wqki9C

The two of them with one in front and one behind seemed to be moving with tacit understanding.

––However, this tacit understanding was based on the fact that Flower Blower couldn’t touch a single hair on Lord Four’s head, leaving him so depressed that he was about to cough up blood.

Male commentator: “Oh, he’s just a little off!”

Female commentator: “What a pity, he can only touch the edge of Lord Four every time.” cVWMUr

Male commentator: “Lord Four’s darts has already pulled his health to a very low point––I’m afraid Flower Blower never thought that he would be bullied so badly by the pressing line kite step one day!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Flower Blower: How frustrating!!!

On that day, he finally realized how fearful it was to be suppressed by the pressing line kite step.

. sCdawM

Twenty seconds into the match, Flower Blower simply had all his frustration ground out of him by the pressing line kite step, and felt that he was really just like a large kite that chased and ran after Lord Four endlessly.

But he just couldn’t catch up!

Then, he suddenly discovered that Lord Four who had been in front of him the whole time had abruptly turned back.

Flower Blower cackled in his heart: After calculating the time, it seemed that they had reached twenty seconds, and he felt that he might not be able to keep his little life in the next second! 1U3Dgq

Tyron no longer kited him and turned around all of a sudden, using a series of darts to take away another portion of his health. In the blink of an eye, the two of them were in close range once again!

The male commentator said nervously, “Is there a chance?! Contestant Flower Blower’s HP is too low now, but contestant Odin’s health is almost intact! Will we be able to determine the outcome in this round of conflict?”

Flower Blower was also very clear in his heart that this was his last chance. He didn’t even try to hide as he directly stuck out his leg to try and trip his opponent, wanting to control Tyron.

Tyron didn’t fall for his control skills at all, executing an elegant back flip right before his eyes and sending out darts that arrived in front of Flower Blower even while he was still in the air! dpPyK0

Flower Blower felt especially unreconciled, continuing to stretch out his hand even as Tyron was performing his flip!

His movements froze just like this as his last sliver of health was taken away by two darts, causing him to turn into a streak of white light on the spot.

Tyron finally landed lightly on the ground in a crouch, and the scene abruptly closed.

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. Vuj9IH

The system announced: Second match was over, contestant Odin won with a score of 2:0.

We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection. If you need to MTL please retype the gibberish parts.

This also meant that the champion of this competition had been determined!

Ktf jevlfcmf tjv jigfjvs yfuec ab mtffg mbcalceberis ys atf alwf ybat qijsfgr kfgf rfca yjmx ab atf rajuf. Pc atlr kjgw jawbrqtfgf, atf ygliiljca jcv ubgufber ilutar bc atf rajuf yfujc ab oijrt jcv ktlgi.

Ktf ilaaif ubyilc tbra obgmfoeiis reqqgfrrfv tfg fzmlafwfca jcv obiibkfv atf qgfrfa obgwjilalfr, olgra tjcvlcu atf wlmgbqtbcf ab atf ibrfg Mibkfg Dibkfg jcv jrxlcu tlw tbk tf ofia. 9Dx1Ro

Although Flower Blower was still wearing a mask, it was obvious at a glance that he was dejected, his ears practically drooping. After he received the microphone, he was silent for two seconds before saying, “I’m sorry, everyone.”

The public screen flashed with a series of comforting words, “Flower, don’t cry, stand tall!” “Flower, you did well!” “We’ll be waiting for you here next year!”

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And then, Flower Blower continued, “I’m sorry, everyone. I was unable to reveal Lord Four’s real identity!”

Tyron really didn’t want to pay attention to him anymore by now! UpvaK2

Host: “……”

Audience: “……”

Only the commentators were able to respond relatively quickly, “…Ah! No wonder Flower Blower was so obsessed with melee combat. Originally, it was because he was deliberately trying to pull off Lord Four’s mask…”

. AbTdp

Flower Blower clutched at the microphone and said dejectedly, “I wanted to give everyone something good before leaving the arena, but unexpectedly, I was unable to do even that. I’m really a failure of a melee ranger.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

There was suddenly a series of appeasing words on the public screen, “We can all feel your sincerity, Flower!”

“It’s okay, Flower. It’s completely OK if you want to pull down your own mask instead!”

Flower Blower completely ignored the words on the public screen, letting out a dispirited sigh as he turned to shake hands with Tyron, “Congratulations, champion. I had a hunch that it would be like this as early as the first time we fought together in the competition.” dkNuWv

Neither party had used their real style to fight during their first match, but Flower Blower had said back then that he could feel the birth of the champion.

And now, the champion was really confirmed!


All of a sudden, fireworks exploded in the air, the lights flashing on in unison as the huge screen changed to show the replays of the most wonderful scenes in the fight between the two championship contestants. 126VBm

The audience performed a spontaneous standing ovation, the clapping eventually transforming into a wave of cheers.

This kind of heated, frenzied scene was something that Tyron had never seen before. Even the coronation of a King, and the ascension of the Pope hadn’t been like this.

He strongly felt that as long as he waved, thousands of people would call out his name in unison.

At the moment when all the cameras were focused on him, and all the audiences’ gazes were following him, the special guest for this championship event came up to hand him the trophy cup. IQ DRc

Tyron accepted the trophy, squinting because of the overly bright lights, and noticed Victor who was sitting in the front row smiling like a blooming flower.

As though aware of his gaze, Victor cupped both hands around his mouth and mouthed, ‘You are the best! The world’s first invincible, undefeated super male god!’

Tyron’s mouth raised in a smile, and he suddenly felt that being the champion was really quite joyful.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

He glanced at the trophy in his hands, then suddenly stretched out his arm and threw it towards Victor. 6euwHk

The trophy was hollow and fell straight into Victor’s arms. The latter’s expression was completely muddled, swallowing nervously as he faced over a dozen cameras that all turned around in unison to face him.

Tyron crossed his arms over his chest, unable to hold back his smile as he watched Victor be completely at a loss while holding the trophy, finally making a trembling, uncertain ‘V’ sign with his hand.

Victor: …Oh, oh, yeah?

Over a dozen displays had recorded this scene, and the public screen that had been constantly filled with ‘Congratulations on winning’ messages was suddenly interspersed with a lot of laughter. NQAor2


The atmosphere was so enthusiastic that some spectators even burst into tears as they cheered.

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Even the director didn’t try to deliberately guide the mood, allowing this joyous atmosphere to continue on.

And the little goblin host then excitedly handed over the microphone. She finally had the chance to loudly ask Tyron once again, “Lord Four! Congratulations on your championship! Do you have any comments to share?!” YLMP4l

Tyron had only just accepted the microphone when a series of loud cries came from the audience below: “Just say one sentence!” “Lord Four, just one more word!” “War God wuwuwu!”

Although Tyron was also smiling under the mask and didn’t mind saying a few more sentences to them, he really didn’t know what to say.

Tyron-old antique-master assassin-Odin was silent for half a beat, then finally said, “Thank you.”

Host: “……” SbV5Wx

Audience: “……”

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The two commentators were still wearing their headsets. At this moment, they laughed and said, “Oh my, the iceberg male god will always be an iceberg male god!”

“Other people’s acceptance speech go like : Thank you to my parents, companions, coach, XXTV… The iceberg male god’s acceptance speech is condensed to the absolute essence: Thank you!!”

Lord Four’s fans’ eyes were practically full of tears. QC tB8

––For an entire year, they had collected only a sparse amount of material showing their male god speaking, and they were starving to the point of death! They were going to cry themselves blind!


Everyone was very happy, very excited, and many people couldn’t help but scream in order to vent their emotions.

Finally, the little goblin host was unable to hold back and said, “Male god, can, can, can I take a photo with you?” vKdMgC

Tyron signaled that she could, and the little goblin immediately flew up to his shoulder, blushing as she went.

Two cameras pointed at them and faithfully recorded a photo.

On the public screen: “Ahhhhhhhh envious! Jealous! Hate! Come take a photo with me if you dare!” “You’re a torturous little goblin! You’re using public matters for private use! Faking public interest!”

They weren’t finished being jealous when Flower Blower also came over and deliberately copied the little goblin, “Male god, can, can, can I take a photo with you?” Vp79Z6

Tyron reluctantly signaled that he could.

Flower Blower squeezed himself into the frame, and then sighed emotionally and suddenly turned around to give Tyron a bear hug!

All the cameras and everyone in the audience were looking at them––Tyron thought about it and ultimately chose to endure it.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Flower Blower leaned close for a hug just like that, and when he loosened his hold, he suddenly stretched out a dragon-like claw–– dBuQkA

He latched onto Tyron’s mask and ran!

Everything happened in a flash.

In the moment that Flower Blower dashed away like lightning, Tyron turned around and presented his back to all the cameras.

Everyone: “!!!!!!” rmXTtP

Host: “What––?!!”

Commentators: “Oh, my, god!!! This is an amazing counterattack!!!”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

Fans: “Ye––ea––ahh!!”

. bAeBlo

Flower Blower snatched away the mask and rushed towards another corner, full of excitement as he exclaimed to the audience, “Fortunately, I didn’t fail in my task! Hahahahaha!”

Flower Blower was about to die from laughter as he ran two laps in ecstasy, but he suddenly noticed that something wasn’t right.

Audience: “……”

Flower Blower: “……” =口=! Where’s my mask? Why is my mask missing?! pw9O2V

Fans: “Hahahaha! Flower, you’ve revealed yourself!”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Flower Blower was very young, and his face was rather childish, but his eyes were narrow and slightly uptilted, and only when he wore a mask would he appear romantic and stylish.

The audience laughed for a good while before everyone’s attention was caught by the other side!

. Qp6YNq

Because on the other side of the stage, Tyron let out a sigh. He was holding Flower Blower’s mask in his lowered left hand.

“It was a good performance.” Tyron said to Flower Blower.

After that, he turned around without dodging or hiding and faced all the cameras present. He said, “There’s nothing to see. Set aside your curiosity now that you’ve seen it.”

After reshaping his avatar in the team competition, Tyron had already changed his appearance in all the places where his avatar was shown. This included his universal appearance in the virtual world. kOTaeb

So now, there could be no doubt that this was his own face.

At this time, everyone: “……”

This assassin had never felt that showing his appearance was worth being nervous about, and he didn’t understand why everyone else would be so persistent about it, so he said these words very calmly, waited for two seconds, and then put on Flower Blower’s mask and stepped down from the stage.

It wasn’t until the mask was firmly in place that someone finally reacted, “Geeaaaaaaaaaaaahhh––” t7lj1S

Following that loud scream, the entire audience exploded!

“Mama, I saw God!”

“You call that ‘there’s nothing to see’? If that’s the case, there’s nothing in this world worth seeing!”

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

“Fry up that mask and eat it!! Ahhhh I want to kill that mask!” zcWAQ0

“Don’t go! Male god!!! I’m begging you, let me see it again! I’m going to die!!!”


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    kite step one day!”] I do believe it should be Male commentator, not contestant.

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    • hey rose – i usually don’t really comment on users’ opinions on the novel (because everyone is entitled to liking/disliking whatever they want) but i do want to say that the plot is coming up! if you can hang in there for a few more chapters, there’ll be a lot of character and plot development very soon!

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