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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh54 - Individual Competition – Ranger 3


translator: xiin
editor: juurensha

The second match was about to start. It could be said that this match was the one that would establish the championship position within this individual competition. If Odin won, then what was left was for Flower Blower and Tower to determine who could grab the runner-up spot. KXf9yT

Everyone except for the two players involved were nervous.

Even the male commentator was more anxious than the two contestants. He weakly opened the mic and said, “The two contestants are really a bit too calm. They’re even chatting… Hey, what are they talking about?”

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The microphone wasn’t on at the moment, so the audience couldn’t hear what they were discussing.

. TC16uP

In fact, Flower Blower was saying to Tyron, “Oh, it’s been three whole matches! I took out all my cards and still can’t beat you. This match is going to be boring––how about we stir something up?”

Tyron: “You’re very bored.”

The meaning behind his words was actually a politer form of ‘are you retarded’, but Flower Blower obviously understood it differently and said, “Yeah, I have nothing else to do. After all, you have to wait twenty seconds before you kill someone. What should we do in the first twenty seconds? Perform for the audience?”

Tyron: “I’m not as idle as you.” 3g8ShT

Flower Blower refused to let it rest. He encouraged, “In a moment, I’ll use my short sword and only use melee attacks to fight against you. Do you dare to use nothing but ranged attacks?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tyron: “……”

An assassin that only used darts, and a ranger that only used short swords; how did he come up with this god level bad idea? What was so good about watching the fantastical scene of an assassin kiting a ranger?

He could already imagine the audience’s confused expressions, including Victor’s. MYf059

Tyron replied coldly, “No.”


Flower Blower pouted, then suddenly beckoned for the host to come over.

The little goblin host flew over. She had originally thought that there might be some friction or other important issues between the two contestants, but as a result, when she flew over to listen–– ty6UWV

Flower Blower: “May I surrender?”

The little goblin’s expression was dazed.

Flower Blower: “I can’t beat this person. It’s been three matches, big sister! I’ll have a psychological shadow if I fight another game.”

It took the little goblin a long time to recover her wits and say, “D, d, dear contestant, it’s a little too late for you to forfeit the game. The procedures have already begun!” vQhp1

The two of them looked back and saw that the competition match had already been selected at random: Heaven’s Aurora. Tyron had once competed on this map during the team competition. It was a flat map; both mysterious and beautiful.

Flower Blower pointed to the map and spoke again, “Look, this fellow has already killed and slaughtered his way through this map too.”

The little goblin really wanted to ask: As long as it was a map that Lord Four had competed on, which map hadn’t he slaughtered his way through?

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. tAMcQL

Pc jcs mjrf, Mibkfg Dibkfg kjr ralii rlifcais agjcrwlaafv lcab atf jgfcj wjq.

Cr atf mbecavbkc yfujc, atf akb wfc rajgfv ja fjmt batfg jmgbrr atf rtlclcu ilutar.

Mibkfg Dibkfg kjr atlcxlcu: P’ii ralg atlcur eq fnfc lo sbe vbc’a!

Ksgbc kjr atlcxlcu: Pa wluta yf j yla vloolmeia ab gfjmt 20 rfmbcvr atlr alwf. YVOi3d

It could be seen from their thought processes that Tyron was the type of person who very much abided by the local social rules. This was a habit that had been brought about by his profession, while Flower Blower was more of a casual contestant. His intention to play around was clear, and could be seen from both his posture and the way he brought his own special effects every time he appeared.

Meanwhile, the commentators were saying, “Both players have a bit of a heavy expression on their faces, could it be that the previous match affected their mentality?”

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Female commentator: “That’s hard to say! After all, they both wear masks. Especially Lord Four, he always has a type of indescribable feeling during every game. To tell the truth, perhaps Lord Four is agonizing over how to drag it out for 20 seconds?”

The male commentator laughed out loud, “Your use of this meme is pretty good!” fNHLOc

The two of them didn’t take this matter seriously. After they both laughed about it, the female commentator continued, “Alright, contestant Flower Blower’s expression is a little heavier. I can understand that; after all, his technique ‘chain arrow’ requires structures to support it. However, the only thing that can be used on this map is the aurora, which is a moving thing. This is a big headache for Flower Blower who requires stable structures to maintain his airborne control.”

Male commentator: “For Lord Four, there is also the problem of a lack of obstacles. He might need to break through Flower Blower’s ultimate move once again. In that case, let’s wait and see what the two contestants do.”


The countdown was soon over. cg2HIN

Unexpectedly, Lord Four didn’t go into stealth at the start of the match, and Flower Blower also didn’t leap away to increase the distance between them!

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Flower Blower pulled out his short sword and actually rushed up to engage in melee combat with the assassin!

Both commentators were stunned, the male commentator shouted out, “Wow, what’s going on! Could it be that Flower Blower is actually an assassin in disguise?”

Female commentator: “Wind! Mill! Combo! Flower Blower is simply fearless in the face of death, coming up to Lord Four and starting off with a windmill combo. Lord Four’s reaction is…” eEq3GV

Tyron frowned tightly even as he pulled out his dagger Deep Silence in a backhand grip to defend against Flower Blower’s windmill combo.

There was a series of clanging noises as Flower Blower used his ability to remain airborne to force out an eleven hit combo.

And Tyron actually used a single dagger and pure blade skills to defend against the other party’s windmill combo!

The male commentator sighed with amazement, “I never thought that anyone could use basic attacks to meet a windmill combo head on! Is this what it means when they say ‘let him be strong, I’ll just fight with blades’?” 0GrSoz


The entire audience was stunned; it was really exciting to watch two players come up against each other so fiercely.

However, Flower Blower was a long distance profession! It was enough that he had charged the assassin straight on, but the assassin he attacked was the War God amongst assassins. Wasn’t he just sending himself along the road of death?

Indeed, not only had Flower Blower charged forth to engage in battle, after his windmill combo, he also did his best to perform a series of ordinary attacks. qNDl5O

Male commentator: “Oh.”

Female commentator: “Ah.”

Male commentator: “To be fair, as a long distance profession, these melee attacks can be considered to have been practiced very well, but…”

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Female commentator: “Well, Lord Four blocked all of them with his blade. If we look at this data… Well, it averages at 1.7 attacks per second.” 10Vx3E

Male commentator: “I remember that last time Lord Four had a duel of blades, the record was approximately seven attacks per second. This current speed should be spare change for him, right?”

Female commentator: “Lord Four has only pulled out a single weapon.”

The two commentators: “……”

The male commentator wanted to shake Flower Blower’s shoulder and yell at him: Buddy, why do you have to stir things up like this in the arena?! Can you be a little more serious? A little more solemn? We all know that Lord Four will take it easy for 20 seconds, but we can’t just put it on the table and say it out loud! It’s so awkward now, how are we supposed to explain this?! 7OSvb2


A few seconds later, Flower Blower’s melee skills had all been used up. He reluctantly pulled out the bow on his back and began to brandish it in pursuit of Lord Four.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tyron eyebrows wrinkled in a frown. His dagger swiped across Flower Blower’s throat, but he used the back of his knife––no blood was drawn.

The two men passed by each other in a brief confrontation. ipvh1n

Tyron’s lips moved as he whispered, “Fight a little more seriously.”

Flower Blower responded very seriously, “I can’t win, so I might as well stir things up than fight.”

Having said that, he raised up his long bow and tried to knock it against Lord Four!

Tyron couldn’t bear it anymore. He used flash and passed straight through him! 74Jyra

Flower Blower’s health immediately dropped to 80%, but Tyron didn’t continue to deal more damage after his flash.

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The male commentator spoke up excitedly, “Ohhhh Lord Four is starting his slaughter!” It was now eight seconds into the match!

However, he had just finished speaking when he discovered that after Lord Four’s flash that took him out of Flower Blower’s melee range, he didn’t turn back to get close again!

Female commentator: “Lord Four took out his darts, Lord Four… Lord Four is sniping at Flower Blower from a distance!” m9oc0u

Flower Blower brandished his long bow and rushed over to hunt him down, while Tyron expressionlessly jumped backwards, flying up into the air––

The male commentator was surprised, “Do both of these contestants have special airborne techniques? Lord Four’s air time is also very long!!”


Tyron floated in the air for three and a half seconds, shooting out three darts in the meantime. oisSYe

Flower Blower followed suit, still looking for opportunities to attack. The two of them maintained the same speed, moving in sync.

Each of Tyron’s steps was just enough to keep him outside of Flower Blower’s melee attack range.

Whenever he slowed down as he turned back to release a dart, Flower Blower would approach and prepare to attack, only to find that Tyron had drifted away in the next moment.

Flower Blower: Isn’t this my favorite technique?! 8UFNXM

Female commentator: “Our contestant Odin is now using an advanced technique that belongs to the ranger promotion––the pressing line kite step! In the so-called kiting, a ranged profession will usually take advantage of the fact that their attack range is longer to keep close-combat opponents from attacking them while launching attacks. It is a tactic that continuously reduces their opponent’s health. The pressing line kite step is also known as the limit kite where each step is just enough to stay out of the melee attack range––this is a must-have skill for any ranged profession on the A-list. It requires powerful calculation, movement, and attacking ability!”

Male commentator: “I really never expected that I would see an A-list assassin using the pressing line kite step against a ranger… Are there any techniques that Lord Four can’t perform?!”

There was still something that was out of his imagination.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

That was when Flower Blower jumped backwards, then cleverly made use of his own escape skills to get close to Tyron! tG0uqv


At this moment, both people were half a meter apart. Flower Blower didn’t hesitate to use the bow in his hands to launch an attack, the delicate bow string and bow forming a ring that directly circled Tyron’s neck.

Then, Flower Blower’s left hand shot out like an obviously ill-intentioned claw. 

Male commentator: “What is this? A locking technique? Did Flower Blower use another close combat technique?” zM3wiC

However, Flower Blower failed to catch Tyron.

Tyron’s body abruptly dropped down, unexpectedly bringing them face to face before he spun around in front of Flower Blower––

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Female commentator: “Lord Four used a simple shadow dance, and back winding! Back winding!”

The male commentator slapped the table and shouted, “How can it be a good thing for Lord Four to be at his back?!” eu0I1X

Everyone believed that Tyron would pull out a dagger and take away Flower Blower’s life with a series of blows, but he unexpectedly didn’t pull out his weapons and instead continued with a string of darts––

He shot him at close range!

Darts had limitations on their speed and damage, reducing Flower Blower’s health to less than half!

Immediately after he arrived behind Flower Blower, his long leg stretched out to trip him! MoZ8dm

“Flower Blower’s attack didn’t land! It’s all due to Lord Four’s shadow dance!” The female commentator cried out excitedly, “This casual, skillful shadow dance is simply like engaging in a face-to-face dance!”

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Shadow dance was a gorgeous yet cold-blooded slaughter technique.

Tyron’s figure seemed to be meld into Flower Blower’s shadow, his movements ghostly yet close.

His darts flew in from all directions, aiming at Flower Blower at the center. They sought every break in his defenses, relentlessly taking away his health bit by bit. kXmHvj

Those swift and elegant movements were just like an eagle that was circling up above, a beast stalking its prey, causing the audience to burst out in excited screams.

The commentators also hadn’t expected that a ranged assassin and a melee ranger could display such a skillful, good-looking match and simply wanted to cry out with a face full of tears: what profession are you guys playing?! How are the ranged professions supposed to continue on like this? How hateful, the assassin that you play must be the type that becomes the textbook War God of assassins, right?!



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  1. Poor Tyron, he’s trying so hard lol !

    “Darts had limitations on their speed and damage, reducing Flower Blower’s health to less than half!”

    At this point, hadn’t his healt already been reduced by 80%? Did he regenerate?

    Thanks for the chapter!!! ❤

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