Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh53 - Individual Competition – Ranger 2


translator: xiin
editor: juurensha

Flower Blower’s next attack was still another chain arrow! 7LnrqV

When Tyron flashed sideways to avoid it, the chain that accompanied this arrow and the one that was still vibrating from their footsteps twined together, forming a double-spiral combination that shot towards Tyron.

Tyron didn’t try to dodge it; his right hand shot out lightning quick to seize the two chains, allowing them to wrap around his wrist as he threw out the dagger in his left hand!

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Following a loud ‘ping’ noise, the mirror behind Flower Blower shattered under the impact of his dagger!

The other end of the chain lost its support and immediately sent the two men who were standing on it falling towards the water simultaneously. ATVcJt

Flower Blower spread out his cloak and attempted to escape towards another chain.

At this time, Tyron leveraged the chain in his hand and twisted in mid-air, sending the other end of the chain to wrap around Flower Blower’s ankle––Flower Blower suddenly lost his balance in mid-air and landed on the ground in a daze.

The two of them stuck to their own side, but they landed at the same time and stood up at the same time.

Only the clatter of chains could be heard when they finally straightened up, having mutually tied each other up. They stood still for a second, facing each other in a confrontational manner.


Despite the chain wrapped around his foot, Flower Blower still shot out another arrow. At this time, his pupils had already contracted to its limits from the stimulation.


However, the arrow only remained in the air for less than a fraction of a second when it encountered a powerful current.

A current of light! NupbRf

“Flash!” The male commentator shouted, “He’s finally closed in! Does Flower Blower still have a chance?!”

It was at this moment that Flower Blower abruptly pulled out his sword!

Within the flash, Flower Blower had no way to see or predict where Tyron’s figure would appear, but he closed his eyes and stabbed forward.

Immediately afterwards, Tyron rose up on his toes and whirled around Flower Blower, coming up behind his back like a ghost.  VRhraS

Female commentator: “I never knew what this kind of move to whirl around behind someone was called! It’s just a shorter version of shadow dance!”

During the course of the female commentator’s two short sentences, Tyron’s short sword had already carried out four consecutive strikes.

Throat slice! Spike!

Fatal blow, critical attack, bleed! bPp4xS

In the blink of an eye, Flower Blower’s health had already dropped by half. Even so, he didn’t hurry to flee but instead shot an arrow up into the sky.

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At this moment, many people, commentators included, didn’t understand what this arrow was for.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

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All the chains had been set up for the sake of this moment of destruction!

Suddenly, in a scene like a hundred flowers blooming together, all the bizarre chain arrangements all linked closely together to form a huge net that aimed straight at covering Tyron.

Countless mirrors reflected this scene at the same time, like a spinning kaleidoscope that reflected the most magnificent of patterns! YaJr x

There was only several black shadows left on the scene, and amongst these dark images, there was suddenly another flash that moved at a speed that was almost indistinguishable with the naked eye.

It was like a ray of light that was caught in countless mirrors and refracted constantly.


Flower Blower leaped backwards, floating up in the air while he pulled back on his beautiful long bow. 34AfPS

“Caught you.” He mouthed.

At this moment, the chains finally finished their collapse, forming a thin and dense fishing net that wrapped itself around its precious prey.

A complex pattern suddenly lit up on Flower Blower’s arm, and a huge force emerged as he shot out a simple and direct arrow that was charged with amazing power.

There was an illusion that the entire scene had darkened, brightness focusing on the cold light at the tip of the arrow that sizzled like a spark in the cold night, dazzling the eye. KL2FEN

When this arrow left the string, the commentator blurted out, “The perfect combination of power and beauty!”


In the moment where the audience were all incomparably nervous, a sword light suddenly shot out from the center of the giant net.

The sword light flashed for only a moment, but everyone could see it clearly that was three streaks of light that shot out in a crisscross pattern to meet the arrow that Flower Blower had shot out! BcQozg

… No, the sword light didn’t come out. It was actually just an illusion of light.

These short sword strikes had actually been trapped behind the net and couldn’t leave, which was why they had finally shown its long-silent edge––this was the so-called final reveal!

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Only at times like these would the short sword in Tyron’s right hand show the upper limits of its speed.

This sword was rarely used this way, because it would send out the sound of the wind when it moved at extreme speeds–– zBPTOV

This sound occurred in the instant when the thin blade broke through the sound barrier. It sounded like whistling, or like a song.

This sword, was named ‘Song of Triumph’.


When Song of Triumph rang out, the commentator was shouting, “Three slashes! It appears as though the three strikes occurred at the same time, but the system judges it to be a combo! It’s a combo from the same sword!” SKlmCu

By the time he had finished shouting, the sword lights were like shooting stars that had long since disappeared!

And Flower Blower’s arrow had been shattered apart, exploding in all directions.

Female commentator: “Just now, when the tip of the arrow entered Lord Four’s attack range, Lord Four sent out three sword strikes in an instant. What kind of terrible speed is this?! Three attacks from a single short sword within the time it takes for an arrow to fly a distance of several tens of centimeters, cutting it apart right before our eyes!”

At this point, the fans had just let out excited screams. rzOvy4


When the three fleeting sword lights disappeared, Tyron himself also emerged from the giant net of chains.

There was still a chain wrapped around his left arm, which was the choice that he had had to make in order to avoid being caught within the trap of the huge net.

However, this didn’t seem to affect his speed the tiniest bit. Tyron had already arrived in front of Flower Blower in the twinkling of an eye! bOX2mq

All of Flower Blower’s arrangements had been for that moment of brilliance. His experience had told him that he would only be able to shoot the assassin and land his arrow if he captured Tyron in his net.

And then, he had still failed!

Flower Blower pulled out the sword at his waist to make a last ditch effort to fight, spinning around in mid-air.

Male commentator: “Windmill combo! It seems that Flower Blower actually also has a windmill combo!” 3RSi8u

Female commentator: “It’s rare to see a ranged contestant with melee skills, alas!”

She let out an involuntary sigh, because the most unfortunate thing for Flower Blower was that his opponent was Tyron.

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Who was Tyron? He was someone who had once casually taken out a seventeen hit windmill combo to kill someone instantly! He wasn’t an opponent who could be made to retreat by a windmill combo at all!

Sure enough, there was another flash as Tyron actually shot forth to attack Flower Blower in the air! iAdd Y

This attack angle blocked up any possible route of escape for Flower Blower, leaving him no way to escape his blade.

Then came another flash, coming down like a tribulation from the heavens as it directly nailed Flower Blower to the ground!

As the white light flew out, everything else in the field seemed to slow.

Tyron’s figure slowly rose up from his single knee kneeling position, his short sword still held in a stabbing position. By the time he stood up, his short sword had already slid back into its sheath. 9gQKJr

Amongst all players, he was the only one who would definitely sheathe his sword after every match, like an assassin on a real battlefield protecting his precious weapons.


At the end of the first match, Odin VS Flower Blower: 1:0.

The total time for the match was close to a minute. Most of the time was spent during the period when both contestants had first entered Mirror City. The images had been so complicated that even Tyron had had to just observe for a while. Pmf3qO

When the two players entered the break time between matches, the public screen was still replaying the most exciting scene from the match:

The chains were collapsing like a landslide, Flower Blower’s brilliant arrow cutting through space in the twinkling of an eye, followed by the three sword lights that were almost indistinguishable to the naked eye that cut everything to pieces.

The system showed that the arrow had been flying at 46.8 per second; Tyron’s blade had moved too fast and exceeded the camera’s capacity to capture it accurately, but the system estimated that it was at approximately 0.01 second per slice.

After seeing this data report, the audience on the public screen had been shocked to the point of peeing themselves and said, “Are you motherf*cking kidding me? Is this a speed that human beings can achieve?” E7RP9h

“Humans definitely can’t do it. This kind of heaven shaking data can only appear in e-sports!!!”

“This f*cking means that it first took half a second to judge the position of the arrow tip, then 0.06 seconds to make three sword attacks that each hit the tip of the arrow! 0.5 seconds my f*cking god, if I was the one on stage, that would just be the time required for me to twitch my fingers!”


It was indeed impossible for humans to reach this speed; their thoughts might not even be able to keep up and control such speed, but who said that Tyron Odin had to be human? 7MS8lG

And who made it so that the data from this e-sports arena was all analyzed by the system? Tyron hadn’t chosen to use any of the system’s skills and hadn’t used any equipment other than two daggers and a coil of wire, which meant that the so-called balance of the game could only fall back on his basic stats––

Without skills or equipment, the system could only use his attributes to measure the data! The system was suffering too, you know?!

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There had once been people who, on a whim, hadn’t chosen to use any items, and had adjusted the values of their stats to the minimum so that the system could push their speed to the theoretical maximum. At that point, he could run at over several tens of times the speed of sound, but his consciousness was simply unable to keep up. Finally, this kind of stats distribution method could only be used for entertainment.

E-sports was precisely such a fantastic arena. As long as someone had enough of an idea, there was a foundation available for achieving all sorts of miracles. LGFQBc


Tyron slowly washed his hands during his break. This was one of the habits he had developed over the past thousand years.

At this time, Flower Blower also came in. He leaned against the door in a fearless posture that clearly radiated ‘since I can’t win anyway, losing is just losing’. 

Tyron tilted his head to glance at the other party. lA50St

He wasn’t as cold when he wasn’t on the arena; his dark golden eyes looked a little lazy.

Flower Blower suddenly felt a little smitten. He unconsciously stood a little straighter and asked, “You still wear a mask while resting? Doesn’t it feel uncomfortable?”

Tyron finished washing his hands and slowly began to dry them as he said, “It’s none of your business.”

Flower Blower felt that his answer was quite dull, but he still meditatively rubbed his eyebrows and thought to himself: What if it was my business? Would you kill me? Ahaha… BqfXy0


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