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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh51 - Teaching Flash


translator: xiin
editor: celtic

An hour later, Victor did a ten-meter running leap and excitedly jumped into Tyron’s embrace! Bsyv1o

Victor: “Male god, let me tell you! Fighting in e-sports is too much fun! It’s really too fun! I stood there on the stage and cut down anyone that came up. If one came up, I cut down one; if two came up, I cut down both! Hahahahahaha!”

This child was incredibly excited in front of his male god. There was absolutely no trace of the calmness that he had displayed when he stood on stage.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Tyron toyed with Victor’s earlobe and said, “You performed pretty well. I already told you that you would be able to do it when I taught you yesterday.”

Victor recalled how his male god had taught him ‘flash’ back then. xCrFt3


The flash technique itself only lasted for a short time, and the actions required to perform it within the limited period of time weren’t complex. However, it required the entire body to do its part in order to ensure that sufficient force could be unleashed. Only when there was sufficient force to create explosive acceleration could this super high-speed technique be initiated.

When Tyron had taught him, he had split the actions into segments. He had first taught him the hand movements––holding onto Victor’s hand as he said, “Use your fingers to grasp the dagger, hold your hand out a little, wrist straight.”

Victor held the dagger; Tyron slowly and leisurely reached out to touch his five fingers, stroking down each digit from beginning to end before putting them into the correct position. lCysTn

At the time, Victor almost broke out in sweat.

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Then, Tyron taught Victor how to use the power of his waist. He lifted Victor’s shirt, pinching the muscles at his waist as he said, “Use the muscles here. Twist your waist for me.”

Victor’s face turned explosively red!

Tyron took in his state and said in amusement, “What are you thinking about? Focus.” eCKqd9

However, his tone of voice was too indulgent, making it so that Victor’s waist couldn’t muster up any strength. Instead, it softened and he melted into his male god’s arms.

Tyron originally hadn’t been thinking about anything else. How many assassin cubs had he brought up?

However, when he saw Victor looking like this, Tyron found himself a little distracted, too.

. 3toUI9

Tyron laughed as he dropped into a half-crouch. He grasped Victor’s calf and said, “Your footwork is incorrect. You’ll cramp easily like this. It’s not a big deal in the short term, but if it becomes a habit, you’ll damage your tendons.”

Having spoken for such a long time, Tyron had already succeeded in squeezing this elastic calf muscle seventeen or eighteen times. He then said, “Show me again.”

Victor was completely muddled. Seeing that Tyron’s expression seemed to be completely serious, he felt very ashamed and hurriedly corrected his mindset, crossing his two weapons in front of him. Flash––

Fl… Halfway through his flash! tX0Nxu

Tyron, who had been crouched next to him, suddenly stretched out his hand lightning-quick and caught Victor by the waist!

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Caught off guard, Victor immediately felt that his center of gravity was unstable; his right leg subconsciously stepped forward for balance.

Ksgbc abbx jvnjcajuf bo atf ojma atja tlr tjcv kjr ralii bc Olaaif Nlm’r mjio, iloafv eq, jcv abqqifv Nlmabg ab atf ugbecv!

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Nlmabg: “……” n GTX9

Ktflg meggfca qbrlalbcr wfjca atja Nlmabg kjr qgfrrfv bcab atf ugbecv, tlr ifu lc Ksgbc’r tjcv.

Ca atf alwf, ybat bo Olaaif Nlm’r qjiwr kfgf mbnfgfv lc rkfja. Lf vlvc’a xcbk ktfgf ab qea tlr tjcvr. Qtja lo tlr wjif ubv atbeuta tf kjr qertlcu tlw jkjs? Cczlber, jczlber fcbeut ab vlf!


And then, one second later. Mt9ZT3

Tyron had a very solemn expression on his face as he instructed, “Therefore, if you don’t use the power of your waist, it will be easy for you to lose your balance. Opponents just need to trip you up by your feet and your flash will be interrupted.”

Victor was trembling in agitation and finally gave up on the idea that there was any flirting involved in this situation. He could only pull his scattered thoughts back together and say weakly, “So, what should I do?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

“Nothing. Not everyone can interrupt flash this way.” Tyron’s expression didn’t reveal anything. “This is already enough when dealing with clay chickens and pottery dogs.”

After saying this, he glanced at Little Vic, who was still lying foolishly on the ground, and held out his hand. s1XnYF

Victor grabbed his hand and got up halfway…

Tyron suddenly bowed his head and kissed him on the mouth.


Victor blushed. At the same time, he involuntarily fell back on his butt and froze for a moment before raising his head to look up at Tyron. IqY rp

Tyron’s expression was still the same as ever as he offered his hand again.

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Victor: “……” Ahhhhhhh my male god is really a beast in human clothing that poses as a person with high moral standards! So cute! Ahhhhhh!


After that, Victor actually spent the entire night practicing flash. lSOX n

However, when he came to the arena, he acted with a noble dignity and cold elegance as he announced, “Lord Four only spent two hours teaching me. I’m not very good at learning, so I can only barely make use of the technique.”

And even after that, when he left the arena, he exuberantly hugged Lord Four and laughed, “Hahahaha that was too fun! Male god, did you see those people’s gazes? It was like they were about to be scared to death by me! I think I could have a bright future if I participated in e-sports!”

This was the only time where he could use the arena’s special rules to his advantage and experience the rush of fast-paced fighting that existed in e-sports. It only served to make him feel even more worship towards his male god.

“I just flashed, and whoosh––the opponent died!” Victor was saying, “Male god, your technique is too amazing!” tb18P5

Tyron was amused, “It can’t be considered mine. It’s a set of techniques that has been around for many years, and it has been constantly improved and enhanced. I only happened to make some improvements to it.”

Victor’s curiosity was piqued.

He rarely heard Tyron speak about his past. However, Tyron had no intention of hiding anything.


Tyron: “When I was young, I followed my teacher and joined Bluebell. This was the first technique that he taught me. It’s quite easy to pick up, and all of the rookies back then learned flash first so that they could use it to escape…”

Victor thought that this was the training that his male god had received as a child. Had he had a teacher who taught him how to participate in e-sports from a young age? No wonder he was so strong now!

“I was different from them.” Tyron’s tone was leisurely, “My teacher was quite cunning. He didn’t teach me to become tougher, but rather to deceive people by appearing young and ignorant.”

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Victor could suddenly imagine a scene: After failing at a task, a large group of little radish heads were all using flash to escape in a panic, leaving only a miniature version of his male god standing in place, blinking open a pair of big, innocent eyes and acting cute. qA643s

Victor: “Psh!”

With just a glance at Victor’s expression, Tyron could tell what he was thinking in that brain of his but didn’t bother to correct him. He just said in amusement, “Most creatures, including humans, generally have two instinctive reactions to imminent danger. One is to mobilize all of their bodily functions to resist or escape, and the other is to relax completely and avoid any semblance of resistance to avoid infuriating their attacker. This leads to two types of people in the world: one type will rise up to meet danger head on, while the other type would have their brains empty out as soon as they encounter danger.”

Victor nodded.

Tyron continued, “So, they learned flash in the beginning in order to train the first instinct of resistance. And I was forced to train my instincts so that I would stand steady.” X78HGo

“Ah?! Why?!” Victor exclaimed.

Tyron: “Because my instincts and human beings… and other human beings are different. While my brain is blank, I’ve often already carried out a form of excessive resistance.”

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Victor thought to himself, this sentence seemed to say: the average human had hamster instincts that would play dead when poked, while his male god had poisonous snake instincts that would bite someone to death when poked?! A9xPCV


Victor thought about it, then slyly sprawled himself across Tyron’s shoulders, shouting suddenly, “Ahhhhh! There’s a ghost!”

Tyron: “……”

Victor had discovered that the average person would definitely have some reaction when they heard a loud noise. For example, they would cover their ears or blink their eyes in a kind of shocked reaction. UFPd0d

However, Tyron didn’t do any of that. His eyelashes didn’t even flutter.

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One second later, Tyron said, “Yes, just like this kind of training. Now, I won’t overreact before my brain processes the information. However, if this was back when I was young, you might already have been subconsciously choked to death.”

Victor: “……”

Victor blinked twice. Tyron thought that he had scared him and stroked his cheek. hzOIyT

He heard Victor say, “How cool! Can I train to become like that too?”

Tyron thought to himself: … I still don’t understand these interstellar children, tsk.


Later, Victor chattered on, until he finally fell asleep on the sofa. GQ6eFi

He had only had a few hours of rest over the past 48 hours, and it had all been for the sake of practicing flash and not letting down his male god’s reputation.

In fact, Tyron didn’t care much about the provocation of some jumping clowns, but Victor cared very much and wanted to go up and try to fight no matter what.

It was probably because when Victor liked someone, regardless of whenever or whatever happened, he would always subconsciously want to protect them, not wanting them to suffer even the slightest grievance or harm, and nobody was allowed to say anything bad about them.

Even if they just caused Tyron to show the slightest frown, it would make Victor secretly feel bad. Gh 0K2

However, Victor wouldn’t show it.

Tyron crouched down next to the sofa and looked Victor over carefully: over the past few months, Victor’s tender youthfulness had gradually receded, and there was a hint of tiredness between his brows. It seemed as if the god of time had used his hands and gradually outlined his maturity more clearly.

Tyron stretched out his hand and touched Victor between his eyebrows gently. He murmured, “What are you trying so hard for? You’re already learning fast enough. Child, aren’t you tired?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

…… o6CmgG

When Victor woke up the next day, it was already nine o’clock in the morning. Someone had turned off his alarm clock.

Today was the last match of the individuals’ competition! The champion would be determined today!

He had missed the chance to send his male god off before he played his last match!

Victor was incredibly mad as he snatched up his phone and prepared to run out the door. It was then that he saw an envelope that Tyron had stuck to the door. qyEjYA

Victor opened up the envelope and saw a virtual ticket for the final match inside.

––A ticket for the players’ relatives.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

It was a front row seat, where if the player won, the camera could immediately pan over to see their reaction… A seat for relatives.

. 7t3kaP

Victor became incredibly nervous. He really wanted to just run out the door and announce to the entire world: War God is mine! He’s my hubby!

But after carefully thinking it over, he was still a little scared that he might be killed by fans or drowned by their tears. He thought about it for a long while and finally brought a mask to wear to the match.

While waffling between the feeling of ‘scared of being found out’, and ‘it won’t be on purpose if I’m discovered’, Victor went and sat down in the relatives’ section reserved for Odin.

Before the game began, some attentive people discovered that there was now someone sitting in a certain seat that had been left empty from beginning to end of the individuals’ competition…? NvjqHd


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