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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh48 - Mutual Declaration Of War


translator: xiin
editors: bear & celtic

Tyron laughed shortly, hooked a finger, and said, “Come here.” s43TVy

Qi Xun had originally been a little wary, but when he looked into Tyron’s eyes, he suddenly noticed the night lights were reflected within them––the scene was too beautiful, too amazing.

Qi Xun couldn’t keep himself from leaning over, swallowing excitedly as he asked, “Are you joining? Come in with me now?”

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Tyron sneered, and his dark golden eyes were as hard as glass marbles as he narrowed them, the increasing chilliness only adding to their beauty.

He asked, “Is the sky very high?” Ma4dLk

Qi Xun subconsciously looked up at the night sky.

“Look clearly at the night sky,” Tyron continued. “It is very deep, and very far away. You slowly begin to feel your own insignificance…”

His voice gradually slowed down and evened out, drifting deep into Qi Xun’s eardrums like the sound of an intangible cello.

Qi Xun felt a trickle of uneasiness rise up in his heart, but it was soon crushed under Tyron’s voice.


“… You are slowly losing your consciousness, and have no way to move your limbs. The sky is getting further and further away from you, and you can’t hear or see anything except for me.”

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As Tyron said this, Qi Xun’s eyes completely lost focus.

He had been hypnotized.


For an assassin, the most basic skill was to avoid attracting attention. This was something that could only be achieved after understanding other people’s subconscious behaviors;

Furthermore, an assassin also needed to learn how to gain the trust of their targets. They would go from spending many days or even half a month to barely build up some semblance of trust, to being able to directly instill trust in others through their words, movements, and demeanor, which required years of practice;

Taking it even further, some master assassins were able to use their skills to bewitch others, guiding and even directly manipulating their minds.

Similarly, creatures like incubi were born with the gifts of seduction, hypnosis, and manipulation. jNrIZU

For a master assassin like Tyron, who had both a racial advantage and experience, hypnosis was nothing special. It just required a bit of spiritual pressure and insinuating some cues.

He had once used the same technique to make a certain foolish enemy fall to their knees in front of him––

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Krx, tbk mbeiv erlcu tsqcbrlr ab vfji klat rqlglaifrr rmew ilxf atlr yf vloolmeia?


Qlatbea jcs vloolmeias ja jii, Hl Wec kjr cbk rajcvlcu kbbvfcis ys atf mjg ilxf jc byfvlfca gbyba.

Ksgbc jrxfv, “Qtb vb sbe kbgx obg?”

Hl Wec: “Qtlaf Ktberjcv Gfugffr.”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Ksgbc vlvc’a gfmbuclhf atf cjwf, rb tf jrxfv jujlc, “Qtja’r tlr gfijalbcrtlq klat Nlmabg?” wvPddm

Qi Xun heard this prompt and said everything he knew: White Thousand Degrees had originally intended to cooperate with Vicker to boost his popularity, but Victor had urged the people of the company to reject this cooperation. White Thousand Degrees became angry and wanted to teach Victor a lesson by forcing him to suffer a loss and retreat.

The ‘lesson’ that White Thousand Degrees chose to use was to send someone to track Victor and find something from his private life to threaten him. At the same time, they created a new pirated website that specifically targeted Vicker and stole their traffic.

Tyron laughed sarcastically and asked, “Why does he think he will win?” Rx90Tq

“The boss said that he has two advantages,” Qi Xun explained. “One is that he has very low costs and can pirate images and videos directly from Vicker; the other is that he has multiple channels to make money from. He placed a lot of advertisements and viruses on the website, and has already contacted people so that he can sell the customer information from his website…”

Tyron asked, “Is the customer information from a website like yours valuable?”

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Qi Xun was still obedient and explained in detail, “Many people will register on pirated websites and forums. They often use the same or similar account names and passwords when they do so. Hackers will come to us to buy account names and passwords, then put together a ‘database’ that they can use to try to log in with all over the web––that way, they will obtain more accounts, ranging from blogs to online banking accounts. Even if they can’t transfer the money out directly, they can still use the information to make scam calls.”

The old antique master assassin felt that he had once again touched upon the shadow of the grey area. 20cPWn

Wasn’t this the modern version of an intelligence dealer?

Unlike Bluebell, which was a large political organization that had its own beliefs and a level of discipline in all its actions, most criminal organizations in the world were only motivated by money.

Many thieves, robbers, or even darker people, would purchase information regarding their target in advance before committing a crime. What they relied on was precisely the information networks similar to this shady website.

Unfortunately, most people didn’t know about the existence of intelligence dealers even when they encountered misfortune. They often believed that they had just been unlucky. g5DH1w

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

A bright and aboveboard person like Victor wasn’t very good at dealing with these kinds of flies and dog like scum.

But, Tyron was different.

These people had threatened Victor’s safety, which made Tyron very unhappy. After asking all the questions he wanted to ask, he leaned back in his seat. k7ZPQH

His voice was languid and slightly hoarse, “You are still looking up at the sky. You’ve just had a dream that is hard to remember. When you wake up, you will have forgotten everything.”

Tyron paused and thought for two seconds.

Then, the corners of his mouth slowly pulled up into a wicked smile, hiding the unique evil that belonged to demons who lurked in the abyss:

“Every time you encounter this kind of darkness, you will naturally believe that you aren’t a person. You are merely a dog, a dog who lives by stealing human food. When faced with anyone who wants to take anything from you, you will instinctively bite them and never let them go.” INdpPY

“You like to eat rotten bread. You like it very much. Remember this point, because only after eating it will you be able to temporarily forget that you are an old dog.”

“You are now dreaming, but when I count down to one, you will be awakened by the snap of my finger. Now, ten, nine, eight…”


By the time Qi Xun returned, it was already quite late. His boss,White Thousand Degrees, lifted up a stack of papers and flung them across the room at him. “Is it so hard for you to find a group of actors? You came back so late!” IcWhAX

For some reason, Qi Xun’s eyes were a little unfocused and confused. It took him a while to react, and he finally said, “Boss, that man didn’t agree… I, I’ll go find you someone better tomorrow.”

“What’s the point in going tomorrow!” White Thousand Degrees sneered, “That Vicker really rejected my proposal.”

Qi Xun: “Ah? Those publicity conditions were really good. Is there a problem with their company’s brains?”

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“Isn’t it all because of that stumbling block Victor keeps bringing up––copyright! They’re giving up on making money for the sake of copyright, and are also unwilling to let others make money! They’re just envious because I’m making money so easily, right?” White Thousand Degrees ranted, “I’m so angry! There’s something wrong with that Victor Li person!” m RLBQ

Qi Xun: “Then, Vicker won’t cooperate with you anymore. Boss, do you still plan to make pirated videos about Lord Four’s techniques?”

White Thousand Degrees spoke viciously, “Of course! Why not?! We should hurry up and make them while the topic is still popular! If they have the ability, they can come and sue us for infringement! Let them sue! From today on, I’m on a collision course to crush them! Everyone’s overtime bonus is doubled from now on, have them watch the Vicker platform and steal every single work that they put up on their website. I’m going to ruin them and their families, and make them cry for mercy in front of me!”

Starting the next day, the pirated website called Leway really began to work overtime, locking onto the Vicker platform that hosted original works and copying everything. sIA2S5

Last month, millions of dollars in commissions had poured into Tyron’s account from the usage of the ‘Lord Four’ label alone.

But by the middle of the current month, it was obvious that the income had been cut in half.

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Based on Victor’s previous calculations, as the usage of the label continued to increase and more and more creators created content, the income was likely to become enough to cover the full cost of the body replacement surgery in approximately two months.

Tyron’s new body was already being nurtured, but there were follow-up fees that must be kept up for at least the next six months in order to prevent any difficulties from arising during the recovery period. Had it not been for Pei Rong’s extremely delicate physical condition, he wouldn’t have been in such a hurry to initiate the operation. E z5bu

The 60 million dollars required for the operation was a lot of money. Victor had tried his best and even planned out a series of promotions in order to increase the licensing fee income for Lord Four.

But now, it had been stolen.

Victor was so furious that his fingers were trembling as he said, “Has the lawyer already sent the letter?”

“It was delivered a long time ago,” his subordinate responded. “The other side said that we can sue them as we like. Leway will close soon, and they will open another site called Weiway two months from now…” SzCOI2

Victor was so angry he was about to explode. He blurted, “Isn’t he just taking advantage of everyone’s attention on the competition and the time interval between the games in order to rob people? What’s the difference between this and a thief?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Everyone was anxious to come up and comfort him.

After a while, Victor realized he had been overly concerned about Tyron’s affairs. He said, “The copyright lawsuit has dragged on for too long. I’ll go over there and talk to them directly. We’ll get as much out of it as we can first.”


However, White Thousand Degrees refused the call and said: It’s too late to regret now.

Victor’s secretary asked, “Boss, what should we do? Should we go to court again?”

Victor was now so angry that he wanted to stomp through the floorboards and drill his way over to White Thousand Degrees to strangle him to death. After a while, he finally spoke again, “You guys go out first. I will write a letter myself.”

He sat down and slowly began to draft a letter that he planned to send to White Thousand Degrees directly. 4mKny0

Victor’s letters were always very polite. In his letter, he wrote very courteously, “… You and I have no direct interest disputes, but you have insulted the vast majority of humanity, including myself, with your intelligence and personality. I don’t think I have the right to forgive you, because having you fly up into the sky and explode into fireworks is a heavenly duty.

Tomorrow, I will hold a press conference and expose everything so that the world can give both of us justice together.

I hope that you will take good care of yourself when you go out. When you turn glossy black from being struck by lightning, requiring an archaeological team three years to peel off your outer skin only to discover that you are still tender inside, or when you are run over by a fifty ton truck, your body pressed into the asphalt, unable to be peeled off even with a steel shovel… We will definitely feel pain for your sake.”


This elegantly worded letter passed through the mail system’s curse word filtering system and was sent out intact.

White Thousand Degrees thought that it was a letter asking for mercy. He was enjoying a massage as he read it but as a result… He was almost angered to death, stamping about in a rage as he ranted that this matter wouldn’t end like this.

Victor wanted to express: It’s fine if it’s not over! After my male god’s competition is finished, I will make my move and kill you all one by one!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.


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