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Vanguard of the Eternal NightCh47 - “Thief”


translator: xiin
editors: bear & celtic

When they came out of the movie, Victor was still immersed in the last plot climax and his legs were a little soft. Q2cg4w

As they left, two chattering children dashed past him, almost sweeping Victor onto his knees.

Tyron reached out to steady Victor against him, saying in a teasing tone, “How come you’re so easy to push over, hm?”

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Victor really wanted to accuse him and say ‘You’re bullying me again QUQ’, but also felt that the male god looked really handsome when he showed that kind of evil smile! Too attractive! It didn’t matter how he bullied him, he was so happy!

With those thoughts, Victor was happy enough to die once again. He said, “Let’s watch another movie! Or do anything else. There’s still nine and a half hours before I have to go back to work!” FgsIfb

Tyron was amused, “Young people should pay attention to moderation.”

The old antique assassin actually meant ‘pay attention to moderation and don’t stay up too late to play’; but in modern man Victor’s vocabulary, ‘moderation’ was all about ‘don’t have excessive sex’.

Therefore, Victor blushed and stammered, “When I said to continue playing tonight, I didn’t mean ‘that’, ah, it’s too dirty…”

Tyron: “……” Sigh, young people these days. VrgObI

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The two of them had just exchanged a few sentences when they turned a corner and saw those two brats once again.

Brat A’s figurative ears were drooping as he pulled out two candies from his pocket, “I’m sorry, big brother. I bumped into you just now. My mother told me to apologize to you.”

Brat B immediately grabbed one of the candies, and said, “One is enough. Big brother, you can’t eat too much or your teeth will rot!” e95AvY

Then, Brat B ate the second candy.

Brat A took a look, then put the candy in his hand back into his pocket, changing it into his least favorite candy before offering it to Victor once again.

Victor: “……” If this was my mother, you two definitely wouldn’t have to worry about rotting teeth, because she would have very smartly knocked out both your front teeth.

With those happy childhood memories in mind, Victor accepted the unpopular candy. vV3q9B

After the two brats skipped away, Tyron suddenly spoke up, “He’s right, don’t eat too much. You can only eat half of it.”

Victor’s expression was confused as he looked at Tyron.

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After he blinked twice, Tyron reached out to help him unwrap the wrapper on the candy, putting the candy into his own mouth… and then he kissed him!!

… Nlmabg lcvffv bcis jaf tjio atf mjcvs. oA2T6r

Dea la kjr rb rkffa tlr affat kfgf jii jybea ab ojii bea!

Nlmabg: Rb! P vbc’a cffv ws ogbca affat, P kjca ws wjif ubv! Po P tjnf ws wjif ubv, ktja vb P cffv affat obg? Lftftf teggs eq jcv xlii wf klat rkffacfrr!

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Sugar was sent out and caught him off guard; while Victor’s inner thoughts were crying out for another candy, Tyron had already restored his regular appearance. 7r5blv

Victor was being teased and left unsatisfied every day. His heart and lungs were itchy and he was planning to go home and read one hundred classics about flirting with men!

But he was still powerless to resist at the moment. What’s more, he only discovered an hour later that there was a cute little cornflower waving around on his head!

Victor plucked the flower off his head and tossed it to the ground!

Then, two seconds later, he suddenly realized that this was a small flower that his male god had made himself, so he choked and hurriedly went back to pick it up, blowing on it carefully to remove the dirt before adding it to his personal collection of treasures. Ms4ry

One of the most excessive things about his male god was: every time he did something evil, he would act as though it had nothing to do with him.

Tyron later discovered that the little flower on Victor’s head was gone, but he continued to act as though he knew nothing about it as he said, “What else do you want to do?”

Story translated by Chrysanthemum Garden.

Victor thought to himself: I want to fold a man-eating flower and stick it on your head!!!

“We’ll go wherever male god wants to go! (*^__^*)” Victor answered. Cp1rlq


They later boarded a personal sightseeing tour bus that flew aimlessly around the virtual world. It would occasionally crash into the silver-blue aurora in the sky, or skim low enough to cause ripples over the bodies of water in the city.

The bus finally stopped at a little street full of feasting and revelry. Victor looked at a book kiosk nearby and said delightedly, “I see our website! Male god, wait a moment, I’m going to buy a copy.”

Victor’s website, the one called ‘Vicker’, had been in the publicity stage recently, so various newspapers and magazines would feature and recommend it, writing reviews, holding promotions, and so on. bDf9dn

Tyron was actually following these developments, but he now pretended not to know about them at all––after all, watching this child happily share his achievements and even show off occasionally was very lovely and cute.

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It was then that Tyron discovered some people spying on Victor from the corner.

The men seemed to have recognized Victor as soon as they saw him. They stayed at the corner and whispered amongst themselves, believing that they were hidden as they talked for a good while. VdmQht

But there was no way for them to hide in front of a master assassin.

Tyron could see through these people’s malicious intentions with a glance, let alone when two of the men separated from the group and quietly began to follow Victor.

It was basically impossible to commit a crime in the virtual world, and Victor’s personal safety wasn’t in danger, but sneaking behind someone and peeking at their personal affairs or secrets was a crime that artificial intelligence couldn’t detect.

. 6VwCrs

When Victor brought the newspaper with him and returned, Tyron suggested, “It’s late. I’ll take you back.”

Victor was a little disappointed but nodded when he thought about the work that still had to be done tomorrow.

The two of them slowly made their way back. Victor was constantly praying that time would pass a little slower as he thought about ways to make Tyron happy.

Tyron had an indulgent smile in the corner of his mouth, letting him talk as he liked while occasionally giving one or two sentences back in reply. It was impossible to tell that he was simultaneously paying attention to the two stalkers behind them. 5drzYK

After he took Victor upstairs, he said, “Pay more attention to your safety. Don’t go out at night.”

Victor could sense that Tyron was being serious and asked, “Did something happen?”

Tyron stretched out a hand and pinched him, “It’s because you’re too cute and can always attract bees and butterflies outside. It’s a little troubling.”

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Victor blushed and laughed, “I, I don’t go out to play. I’m only ever at the company or at home.” Mj4Eh8

In fact, Victor had secretly vowed to become precisely that kind of bee and butterfly attracting man. He was the type of learning tyrant who was very capable of staying at home all day. In other words, he was a natural homebody that never wanted to go out to play on his own!

Right now, his biggest dream was to sit at home and make money for his male god. He would earn billions of dollars and first help his male god with his terrible illness, then they could switch professions and specialize in traveling, eating, drinking and playing. They could play for decades before performing another body-changing operation to go back to their youth, and then continue to play…

After Victor went upstairs, Tyron noticed that the two people who had followed them had left as well. V3jGU8

The master assassin casually blended in with the crowd, backtracked and followed the two unsuspecting men for a while.

Eventually, the two men seemed to coincidentally reunite with a person he had seen before: Precisely the man who had attempted to pick him up at the cinema.

If you're reading this, this translation is stolen. Please support our translators at chrysanthemumgarden.com

When they spoke, they specifically made it a point to use the system to block their conversation from prying ears.


Tyron sat in a car outside for a while and very naturally appeared in the man’s line of sight, pretending that it was just another chance encounter.

The man indeed noticed him, running over to knock carefully on the car window. He then said, “Yo, handsome guy, we meet again! My name is Qi Xun! What a coincidence, in fact, I just accepted a job from my boss and was thinking about you. Would you like to come to our website and shoot a video together?”

Tyron narrowed his eyes. He went along with the conversation and asked, “Do you know what level my appearance fee is at?”

Qi Xun said, “Our boss said that your avatar is particularly good. If the final video is published, five hundred dollars per minute isn’t a problem at all! 0dJEdC

… What kind of joke was this? Lord Four’s current price was already far more than five hundred dollars per second, okay?

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Tyron’s expression was very cold and indifferent. “Oh.”

Qi Xun was almost shivering from that cold expression as he hurriedly added, “Our website is really great. Tens of millions of dollars in funds were injected when it just started, and it’s expected to be able to seize all of Earth District’s literature, illustrations, comics, videos, and other media’s market share. If you don’t join now, it will be difficult to sign a contract with them in the future…” UGFokI

Tyron immediately thought of Victor and understood why Qi Xun and these others were following him. He deliberately said, “You aren’t the first to want to do something like this.”

Qi Xun immediately laughed and said, “I know what you’re talking about. Aren’t you talking about that Vicker? They have an opportunity to make money but still want to do things on a first-come, first served basis! Only a fool would hold on to the stinky feet of that group of art and literary youths. Only things that can be sold for money are good things. I’m telling you, my business here is much better than that Vicker, you’ll definitely make a lot of money and won’t make a loss…”

He really knew a lot about Victor and the Vicker platform. They had clearly been deliberately targeting Victor earlier, and encountering him wasn’t a coincidence.

“I also know what you’re talking about.” Tyron said, “The so-called making money without making a loss only has one meaning from ancient times until now, which is, stealing from other people’s property.” wdnz8y

Qi Xun lowered his voice, “Hey, it’s not worth it to do too much on your own. Steady profit can only be made by stealing, ah, just look at how Lord Four’s fan content is. But those authentic goods are expensive, and even if they aren’t expensive, money still has to be spent. How many people are scared away because they don’t want to pay money? As for us, we’re doing something good by helping Lord Four gain ‘publicity’ free of charge! Isn’t that a great thing for the public? We’ll just take a bit of advertising money, but it’s really not easy, either. Sometimes, I don’t get to sleep for three days straight for the sake of fixing up a piece of Lord Four fan art, just waiting for an artist to release their artwork…”

Tyron thought to himself: How did you manage to live for so long?

If this was changed to his own world, the grass on the grave of this kind of fool would already be as tall as he was. T14Ggk

Tyron replied carelessly, “Do you have any intention of giving a fraction of these earnings back to the original creator or licenser?”

Qi Xun retorted angrily, “Why would we give anything to Lord Four! Are you kidding me? I worked hard to scrape these images, remove the watermarks, and replace them with my own logo. It’s hard on me! Can’t I earn some labor fees?! That Lord Four has so much money, what right does he have to bully an ordinary worker like me and rob me of my money when he’s so rich?”

Tyron looked him up and down and thought: Tsk. Was life so difficult for him? Looking for death in front of him all day long?

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If this group of evildoers was only stealing bits and pieces, then forget it. The master assassin had seen too many of these kinds of people and wasn’t going to concern himself with them––were ants capable of harming a tree? They were simply hanging off the trunk and lifting their heads for a bit of light. 8pwEAR

However, they were threatening Victor, which caused a thread of killing intent to rise up in Tyron.


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